Potential investors who are patient with long-term strategies for their properties should consider Cyberjaya, being an education hub with a burgeoning number of students, both domestic and international.

This demographic was hugely stifled during the pandemic as campuses were closed and large numbers of foreign students returned home.

There is a high concentration of institutions of higher learning in Cyberjaya. Each has large dedicated campuses serving thousands of staff and students, many of whom will require suitable lodgings.

The list includes Lim Kok Wing University, Multimedia University and University of Cyberjaya, the last of which is located within a development known as edusphere – a mixed-integrated development by HCK Capital Group.

It is part of the education city series where each development is anchored by an education element, allowing for steady footfall into the vicinity as well as boosting demand for residential options.

At edusphere, the residential components are represented by the Covington, Foster and Northwood suites. The units come with a fully-fitted pantry, washer and dryer and air-conditioning.

The smaller units will feature a studio space and a bathroom occupying 450sq ft of space. This self-contained design is ideal for students who value privacy. The larger dual key units will have a built-up space of 790sq ft.

Type B layout will feature a living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Type C will feature a studio, a bedroom and two bathrooms. The dual key arrangement also allows for greater privacy if the premises are shared.

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