HiiChiiKok Foundation

The Hiichiikok Foundation stands as more than a charity organisation, but a firm statement that the ultimate solution to poverty is education. Under its umbrella lies three pillars, the first being the Hiichiikok Home For Children.

It is not a mere shelter, but a home that aspires to provide children with the holistic living requirements for them to become successful individuals and productive members of society.

Via the Hiichiikok Foundation, scholarships are also awarded to needy school leavers to pursue their education. This is in line with the creed that financial obstacles should never get in the way of self actualisation.

Also, the “Bridge to Literacy” project provides underprivileged school children with additional classes. Tutors are assigned to give supplementary lessons to students in various locations.

“Children are like seeds. Tend them right.
Water them well. Then watch them grow into the mighty trees that raise our proud nation,”
- Clement Hii