SEGi Education Group

Established in 1977 as Systematic College, SEGi Education Group now boasts a flagship university campus in Kota Damansara and five college campuses across Malaysia.

The Group has diversified into K-12 education in the form of Peninsular International School Australia and Imperial International School. Joining this holistic makeup is the FutureEdge College, which caters towards vocational education and training.

SEGi Education Group is also going strong with its digitalisation effort. Among them is the MetaMentor, an online platform offering a range of courses in a traditional classroom setting.  

Through SEGi University In The Metaverse, students and visitors irrespective of geographical borders can visit and learn at the flagship university campus within the virtual realm. Underlining all these is the instrument to make education accessible via Unilenders, a leading provider of student loans.

HCK Capital Group

HCK Capital Group Bhd was originally listed on Bursa Malaysia on 21st August 2000, with its core business in industrial engineering and rubber trade before a change of nature in business to property development.  

The group is most notable for its education city series which leverage on well-known education brands to increase the desirability of the developments.  

Stemming from this success are the smart cities, where technology and nature plays a central theme in its upcoming projects.  

Underlining all these is the Platform division, the technology arm of HCK that drives the group’s system, processes and digitalisation.

“When you do not change,
the change shall change you."

- Clement Hii