Mr and Mrs Tan are a recently retired couple who live in a large bungalow on a family plot in Muar, Johor. Of late, they have been pining for their children and, more pertinently, their grandkids who are based in Kuala Lumpur.

The big old house now seems empty and somewhat desolate with so many empty rooms. Realising their parents’ less-than-cheerful mood, the Tan’s children hatched a plan to convince them to consider moving to the Klang Valley.

Upon the senior Tan’s next visit, their children brought them for a meal in Subang Jaya, highlighting the vast array of choices available within the suburb. This appealed greatly to Mrs Tan who wants to spend less time in the kitchen.

More importantly, there are a number of top-class health facilities in Subang Jaya such as the Subang Jaya Medical Centre and Sunway Medical Centre.

With their parents getting on, the children knew quality healthcare is a must. It was preferable to the current scenario where their parents had to drive some distance into Johor Bahru for specialist medical treatment.

After the meal, the party took a drive to edumetro – a mixed integrated development in USJ 1. The children wanted to show their parents the convenient lifestyle available within the suburb.

Mr and Mrs Tan were sufficiently impressed and found the smaller layouts to be more suited to their current lifestyle as retirees. There was certainly no need for a large bungalow just for the two of them.

With the idea firmly planted in their minds, the children left their parents to mull on the decision. They were certain that a lifestyle in a mature suburb replete with all the relevant amenities would sway them into making the move.

They also made sure to include brochures for edumetro’s The New Duo and Lakeview Suites for their parents to peruse upon their return home.

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