Regardless of who we are, poor, rich, young, or old, there is no excuse not to love our country. But more than that, this noble expression is the lifeblood of every successful country. 

When people are able to collectively sacrifice, work and drive the country forward, everyone benefits in a holistic manner. With that in mind, the Hiichiikok Foundation is always searching for opportunities to plant the seeds of patriotism into the hearts of the children.

The 10th of Sept this year marked a wonderful chance, presented by the Bahai Merdeka Unity Devotional & Social Group Action. The gathering at the Bahai Center was organised to foster greater unity while spreading joy and patriotism in conjunction with Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. 

The event was attended by 27 people from the HiiChiiKok Foundation, which consisted of 23 children, 2 caretakers and 2 drivers. The children performed three songs that evening as requested by the organiser, among them being Tanggal 31 Ogos by Sudirman. It was a sea of red and white stripes with the children waving their flags in the air.

“The crowd enjoyed the performances so much that they requested an encore to one of the songs and our children even added another one of their favourite songs,” said Frieda Ngui, Guardian at the Hiichiikok Foundation.

One of the girls even stepped up to entertain the crowd with several Malay poems when the other children backed down. The performance may be over, but the spirit of nationalism lingered through the art canvas painting session.

Each child was handed a square of canvas with a semicircle drawn on it. They ran wild with their creativity, producing rainbows, homes with figures, or abstract art that speaks of their boundless imagination.

Smiles lit their small little faces. Cute hands were anointed with vibrant colours. Everyone had a wholesomely, good time. Undoubtedly, the children will carry the memory of their beloved country home through the songs and artwork.

This fun-filled evening is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to:

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