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Because I come up with a Facebook posting everyday, many are curious why I write. Taken from my Facebook posting on 8 July 2018:

THERE’S ALWAYS A GOOD REASON TO WRITE: I’m again asked this simple question the other day: “Why do you write?” I answered simply “Just for fun” to avoid a long discourse with a stranger. The truth is, I think sharing and creating the written word is the entire purpose of the internet and this platform. It’s an excellent outlet to express myself, and since I think I write better than I talk, writing is like talking without a conversation. Doing the drafts gives me a lot more control. I could edit each FB posting a few times before I publish it. No one would know. There’re of course days when we don’t feel like a writer. The ideas seem terrible, and the structure won’t form easily. But when we’re in a literary mood, words make us feel. Many other things make us feel too, but once the right words start to flow, we can be emotionally immersed in the topics we write about. Writing is also my own roadmap – it often helps me find my way. Whatever reason you have for writing, let me assure you it’s a good one.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Ah. . today’s topic is absolutely Mine! I share the same views that Tan Sri has just mentioned!
Oh yes, I also can express myself much better in writing than speaking! My spoken words don’t flow out that smoothly as my written ones. On paper my thoughts will flow out automatically as I finger on the tiny keyboard on my smartphone. When I tap on it my thoughts will really “run”….. hahaha. .
I am not a writer like John Tan but I just love the English language!
There’s always a good reason to write, definitely! When I come back from each holiday abroad, I will journal my experience on paper just to ensure I can recall all my wonderful memories when one day my memory fails me. No I am not compiling materials for a book but only notes to record my wonderful travelling days.
During my earlier days before the advent of the Internet, I used to write my Views to my favourite newspaper, The Star. My first letter to the editor was about my plea to employers to give freshies a chance in getting a job. I had been exasperated by many failed attempts to clinch a job then because I lack working experience though I was academically qualified, or so I thought 😀😀😀! And to see my letter being published really motivated me!
That’s the start of my writings! So each time I feel strongly about a certain subject I would write to express my views! And every time it gets published I would be so proud! It’s not the “glamour” of being able to point out to friends that my article was published but more of a personal satisfaction that my writings are good enough to be published!
Good morning everyone, this platform provided me with just the right forum to daily pen my thoughts. I love it but I hope that my sometimes lengthy sharing didn’t bore you all. Happy Sunday everyone and God bless!

Ong Shuh Chien: Writing provides an outlet to express one’s emotions. It can have a calming effect too as we write.
Much like drawings.
I remembered my indescribable joy when I won a prize (though it was just a certificate) in an essay competition organized by Nanyang Siang Pao when I was in my teens. My late dad proudly framed it up. It was that feeling of achievement that provided the impetus to continue contributing my writings to the same newspaper in return for a token reward. I jumped with joy when I received my first payment for an article published and took my beloved grandma to a coffee shop nearby for a treat of coffee and some cakes. And I couldn’t stop talking about it when my dad returned home on weekend from his work outstation. My dad just listened with an amused look. My ambition then was to be renowned author. Of course the ambition fizzled out over time as I grew up. Those childhood schoolmates whom I had lost touch would comment ‘ Oh….. that one who was good at writing essays….. ‘ when they met with those whom I still had contact. You see back in my hometown at my school, I have two other schoolmates who shared the names of same pronunciation but written in different characters (淑贞,淑珍,素贞) and different surnames. Sound complicating? Only those who know Mandarin can understand.🤣
Though I didn’t realize my childhood dreams, I nonetheless enjoy writing and sharing thoughts in this Page and get to befriend the lovely fans of TSCH whose regular contributions are an inspiration and a joy to read.
Happy Sunday, my friends! 😁

Emil Lee: Good morning and a beautiful sunday to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my forum buddies herein. I always believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Writing is an art of transformation of an abstract expression to a visible form. I believe this is the best legacy to leave behind eg writer like RK Rowling who wrote Harry Potter, her books have been immortalise into movies and such is the power of writing. There are other avenues of expression too, for example arts and dancing.


My other FB postings between 2 July 2018 and 7 July 2018:

2 July 2018

THE HUMOUR & PAIN OF MEETINGS: There’re meetings which are necessary and others which are a waste of time. I’m still trying to cut down on those which are sorts of information dumps. We call them technical updates or progress reports, but people often walk away without any idea what the actionable or follow-up items are. Chairpersons obviously need to manage the behaviour of those attendees which can undermine the true purpose of meetings. I will find myself having many glassful of drinks or making mental to-do lists in draggy sittings where people talk too much. It’s amazing how some individuals can come to the table without a solution to an issue, but have an uncanny ability to identify more complex problems. Many companies’ own internal staff often make fun of what they see as unproductive meetings. I guess laughter is still the best medicine when everyone in so much pain sitting through those long sessions.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: All meeting minutes, I have 2 separate columns side by side
– the main problem column n the action column!

This way at least even a lazy bum or fools know what action to takes!

Many ceo or companies I worked in end up adopting the method of reporting.

If problem still not solve the fool in charge will find his ears torn off!

A rainy Monday morning as opened my ears to the sweet scattering rain showers the roof top and the pelting on the floor outside. Rain gives life and SMILE.
Too much meeting become a routine of working lifetime than with inspiration for more. As norm is mostly depends on production or sales meeting daily and their projections, efficiency with cause and countermeasure may be once a month meetings. Also the management meeting, the director meeting with shareholders and their annual report.
HAHAHA, there are more meetings if you are performing poorly, or in crisis. All summing up with varying levels of information and about acceptance.
A trouble maker will be penalise and some of favorable will needed to praise and rewarding that seldom happened in lifetime. But, beware of those dead wood who love boosting and did nothing interesting because all informations are not done by them. Keep up your good work, be happy and SMILE.

Susan Quat: Meeting can be a drag and more so certain individuals are dominating and keep on talking and making others bored to death and wish it can conclude soon. Before a meeting all attendees should be well prepared , so that time is not wasted and follow the agendas and not deviate or trying to mix up / repeat what already being said by others without offering a solution to the matter .


3 July 2018

IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER, REALLY? A business associate was full of praise for his “beautiful” wife at the birthday bash he threw for her. While I saw an overweight woman, he’s more likely seeing the love and aura in her. A tycoon asked me to visit his new corporate tower that’s a “great architectural piece,” but I thought the building was squarish and oddish. To invoke silence when we can’t agree if someone or something is beautiful or not, I guess we just need to say that “beauty lies in eyes of the beholder.” Once that phrase is uttered, further debate on the visuals in question may come across as rude. But I believe in the adage only half-heartedly. I agree there’re legitimate differences in taste, but it would only be within a reasonable spectrum. Wouldn’t we be quite off the mark to assert Datin Seri Rosmah M (as she is now) is a gorgeous woman, or a rubbish dump is a lovely place? Maybe it’s not the beholder who should have the final say. Maybe it should be ourselves who get to decide how beautiful (or ugly) we are.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: The phrase ” Beauty lies in eyes of the beholder” suggests that beauty is a result of what we see. I think beauty is a not a result of what we see but what we feel. It doesn’t , or at least not solely, rely on what we see. It’s a result of what we feel, with all our senses, our hearr.
I think a beautiful lady is intelligent, courageous, confident and kind-hearted. So, it’s a beauty that blind can see.
They say good people are always beautiful. 🙂

Ron Juliet: Happy Morning Tan Sri Clement Hii and All the Buddies here.

The day we met our wives since the day we courted her made us to fall in love with her from head to toe. And every moment we looked at her we admired her so much that we often used the phrase “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

But do we ever take into consideration that “behind every successful man, there is a woman”.
Very often it is very true, that our spouse brings blessings of good fortunes to the husband.
So much so, most wives had neglected their own wellbeings to put priority to the husband’s interests first.
This is indeed very true whether it’s good or bad, all depend in the trades or tricks they are involved in.

As I mentioned this, many of you may suddenly come to mind and start thinking of Rosmah.
She was once upon a time brought fortunes to her husband until the law caught up with them.
She has stashed up a mountain of fortunes that it might last for many generations.

To me, I look at the brighter side of a good wife who has satisfied her own wellbeing to look after the family and be a woman who is always behind her man.

Wong Choon Lan: Kind people always appeared beautiful in the eyes of the beholders. They tend to speak in a very tender n caring way. They are patient n usually are good listeners. We find peace n harmony when meeting with them.
I think that’s the reason we sometimes find a handsome guy married to someone who is not pretty at all but kind enough to make him happy. Same goes to the pretty ladies who are willing to marry to an ordinary looking guy who can take care of them with much love.
I totally agree with ” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. ” Different people has different view in beauty. For instance, when we buy houses, l may choose design A, n you choose design B because both of us find that the design we chose looked beautiful to us. That proved that we have different angles of judging the beauty. Good morning Tan Sri n all my dear friends, have a beautiful day ahead, smile with your beautiful heart!💛❤💚


4 July 2018

BEHIND ONE MAN’S DOWNFALL: Will Malaysians shed tears over the arrest and charging in court of DS Najib Razak? More charges are expected to follow, as the story continues to unfold and the public is treated to more intriguing details of the 1MDB saga. The rapid fall of the former PM probably surprised no-one more than DS Najib himself. Before 9/5, he was so confident of his invincibility that he and his wife didn’t bother to stack all those cash, handbags and jewellery in a safer place. The question on many people’s mind is whether there’s enough evidence to implicate DS Rosmah M. There have been allegations she’d played an active role in all the wheeling and dealing when her husband was all-powerful. During Najib’s early years as PM, he did try his hands at reforms, but after a while, other priorities, like that of Rosmah’s, obviously took precedence. They say behind every successful man is a good woman. I’ll say the downfall of a good man is usually due to a woman up to no good.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning TS and everyone.
Behind every successful man stands a good woman and every downfall man there’s a woman.
TD Mahathir was all praises for his wife who has been by his side whether the good or bad times.
Can’t say much about DS Najib because it’s all in the news for all to see. His wife DS Rosmah definately has a hand not finger in the pie. Look at the extensive amount of cash and expensive goodies she possess, one wonder who could say she is not involved. Whatever the news or we say, just put the two of them behind bars for good and retrieve the stolen money to save our country.
For those who still support him, wake up, go get a decent job and earn your pay. Be a good and responsible man to your family and rakyat to the country.

Jeffrey Cheah Kwet Hiong: Wow, a good one, one of the best of TSCH write-up that I have read from your forum that automatically “incites” me to put my comment!
My guess is as good as Tan Sri because D S Najib never ever thought he would be defeated i n the GE 14 which befell on 9/5, the date which he chose, I presume with the advice and counsel from his wife and many aides close to him that that date would be his most fateful day that would make him more powerful and successful!
But on the contrary that day was the most ominous fateful day of his downfall!
Surely, he never had dreamt that he and his party would be defeated as he beliebmved his party was invincible with all the money, machinery, manpower and manipulative strategic resources at his disposal!
The rise and fall of DS Najib, his story would go down in history like the emperors of old that the fall of a great man/ruler/ general was because of one woman!
One man in history who fell and met his defeat and death was Mark Antony. the great Roman general because of his love of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt!
DS Najib’s downfall will go down in our Malaysian history for his love and subservient to his wife Rosmah, just as Marcos of the Philippines to Mrs Marcos!

Jennifer Chan: I still think politicians are inherently selfish. Look at DAP complaining about not getting enough Ministers. No such thing as people first!


5 July 2018

DR M SPOILS MY RETIREMENT PLANS: I last met him 15 years ago. Now 75, the ex high-profile entrepreneur said apart from his daily walks and high dosage of caffeine, he’d stayed away from new challenges. I noticed my old friend didn’t have opinions about things anymore, unlike his previous outspoken self. It’s like he has retreated, and is coasting towards the end. That seemed fine, until comeback kid Tun Dr Mahathir M at 93 redefined the parameters of old age. I think there’s a big difference between growing old and growing up. It doesn’t take talent to grow older, but the idea of growing up is to always find new avenues to change, for the better. When we stop asking the “why and how,” it’s when our body and mind cease to be active. Dr M is a great example of a man who keeps his body in motion, and his mind in action. It’s people like him who’re spoiling, and making me rethink, my retirement plans.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Dr M didn’t just spoil ur retirement plans. He also spoiled others’ early retirement plan eg Riza Aziz, Jho Low. They can’t stop work and enjoy life now. They now have to work hard either fighting court cases or running away!

Meho Melanau: And by the way…there’s no retirement for me with backyard gardening, crocheting, reading books and facebooking for as long as I can do all these, keeps me sweating physically and mentally. ✌ Cheers folks.

Kelvin Phang: Age is jus a number, as long as your mind and body tells U that can manage it.
As for Tun, he can lead a active life and not working circumstantial situation leading him to involve back in politics. A Statesman who can’t stayed sidelines and let things crumbled down.
Retirement in working life or active life are different in perspective. One can retire from working life doesn’t meant one cannot live active. It’s all about different path in life, starting with the day U are born, schooling, teenager, adult, family, grandchildren.
Tis boils down on how one view what Retirement is all about in life.
Puzzled, politicians, entrepreneurs and professionals tends to outlived the retirement age set by the authorities while those going to retirement appear needs to extend their working life not of wanting but circumstantial needs cite majority of Malaysians who even have a minimum of 200K retirement funds.


6 July 2018

MY PROBLEM WITH “NO PROBLEM”: I have a problem with people who keep responding with “no problem.” At work, when I ask the staff to do something and they reply with “no problem”, I feel they’re implying my request should have been a problem, or that I’ve imposed upon them. With friends, I would feel my gratitude have fallen flat if my “thank you” is received with a “no problem” reply. I know of many politicians of the previous regime who would say “no problem” to anything, because they thought anything could be done, with no legal limits. Maybe replies like “It’s my pleasure” or “I’m glad to help” is a more optimal way to acknowledge gratitude or to show more intimacy. In our busy lives, we often miss good opportunities to connect more deeply with others. For a start, you’ll know the two words to avoid using right now.


Selected followers’ comments:

John Tan: The teenage mutant Ninja buffoon is in his unabashed and unenviable head foremost position, looking positively ridiculous because I supposed he said, “No problem” once too often, and believed he must stick with it thereafter; as if changing one’s mind is forbidden or it involves a great loss of face. Therefore, here he lies in that roundabout and embarrassing position, kicking the air with his portly legs, a figure to poke fun at, because he probably didn’t mind being ludicrous, with an innate stubbornness which, if he thinks he regaled others by such display, his mind has run away with him! No, he should wake up, realize his compromised position, apologize for non-delivery or non-completion of assignments or projects and make amends!

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, years back in 2006 when the new Principal Mr. Thomas Lau called me into his office n requested me to continue the Chief Disipline Teacher job, I didn’t said, ” No problem .” but agreed on condition he could fulfilled my 3 conditions ie back me up 100%, let me do it my way n call the police when requested !😂😂 Now that was astrocious but he knew my style ie being truthful n knew why those 3 demands were necessary as students then were brave n rebellious.
Wonder TSCH will accept such demands ! Mr. Lau agreed n thanked me for accepting the thankless task which yours sincerely was willing to do whole heartedly for the parents n studen’s sake.

Frankie David Chieng: “No problem” is the common Chinese colloquial phrase. To me I really mean it. I will try the best to fulfill the command of the good boss. If I find difficult problems in the process then I’ll discuss with him. Do first problems is another matter. Unless the boss wants to discuss the foreseeable problems before launching the projects.
Maybe Chinese needs to be educated in the ways Westerners standard answers of “I’m glad to help.” or ” It’s my pleasure.”
I use to answer “it’s my pleasure. ” when I’m hosting. Have a good Friday folks.


7 July 2018

MALLS AREN’T ALL ABOUT SHOPPING: There are weekends when I’ve time to waste, so I go mall walking. I’ll vouch it’s a good form of exercise. It also gives us a chance to window-shop or observe the world passing by. Most people walk around the neighbourhoods or at parks but I think the malls have their advantages, with roomy corridors, air conditioning, clean washrooms and ample eateries for drinks, food and rest. They’re more pedestrian-friendly than any fitness centre or jogging track. Shopping however is a different ball game for me – I don’t wander from outlet to outlet, but go to specific shops to get the specific items and quickly leave. Though I walk around and stare through the windows, it’s unlikely I’ll find anything stimulating enough to make an unplanned purchase. So the big malls instead provide an unorthodox option to indulge in long-distance walking. They say true enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and the body. Shoppers might get the best of both worlds at the malls.


Selected followers’ comments:

Sebastian Simon Lim: I guess that’s how men go shopping. We don’t shop like how women do. Men just go buy a specific thing and leaves. But for me, after many years of influence from my wife, I learn to shop like her. Haha

Raveendran Subramaniam: Nope. Being outdoors in the quiet of nature taking in fresh air is still the best form of exercise for mind, body and soul, spirits and all. And minus all those sugary high cab food, din and drinks so enticingly found in malls. And how does one reach max. heart rate to achieve cardiovascular fitness by merely strolling along, if i can say so? With short bursts here and there, but generally slow. Yeah there is some limb movement but not at the desired pace. Give me the park or the woods anytime. So rejuvenating. Unless intentions be to ‘cuci mata’ which i confess i too indulge in every other Sun. at Atria Mall, Damansara. The sights being better there that i come back home with my eyes obviously clearer and chirping ‘I Can See Clearly Now’. But i suppose you wrote this to test your audience Tan Sri. Hehe. 🙂

Ron Juliet: Happy Morning Tan Sri Clement Hii and All the Buddies here.

Shopping Malls are places usually crowded on weekend especially on Sundays or Public Holidays.
Not that everyone who goes there is actually shopping, maybe to have meal there but definetely not always shopping.

For us, spending times at the mall are just to walk about and at the same time enjoy the air conditioning especially when the weather is extremely hot.

We are not impulse purchasers, therefore we are quite discipline as far as shopping is concern.
Sometimes, we were at the mall without purchasing anything, just to have our meals most of the times.
Mall is a place to unwind, by just looking around and with the pleasant atmosphere, it does help to relax the mind.