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There are 32 men who made it the prestigious Bursa Malaysia’s billionaire club this year with a combined wealth of RM156.1 billion as of 12 Oct 2018. However it seems the more money you make, the more detached you are from it. Taken from my Facebook posting on 28 Oct 2018.

WHO ARE THOSE WITH A BILLION? Who are the Bursa Billionaires? Our weekly paper, Focus Malaysia, has just published a list of entrepreneurs whose stakes in listed companies exceed RM1000 mil in value. We can see most are familiar faces who’re prominent Malaysians. This wealth survey doesn’t take into account their private holdings and assets. Most people can wrap their head around the idea of millions, but are hazy about billions. When I first started out as a journalist, I couldn’t imagine having RM1 million. Now in my corporate work, big numbers have become normalised in routine dealings. Wealth provides a sense of security on the material front, but will those millions or billions guarantee happiness? I’ve realised when we have the monetary means, we could ironically become more distanced from our wealth, and it becomes something we don’t think much about anymore.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Life is such that the rich seek happiness and the poor(er) ones seek wealth. But we often forget that wealth is a means to happiness. If asked to choose between the two, I’d choose happiness in a heartbeat.

Timothy Finian: Learning to be content with all that God has given is a blessing. Too much wealth can be ‘dangerous’ and the cares that come with it may rob you of your peace of mind.

Shenna Dot: All those lists may not be accurate, because many rich tycoons have their funds put away in offshore accounts.


My other FB postings between 22 Oct 2018 and 28 Oct 2018:


22 Oct 2018

BENEFITING FROM A BORING SPEECH: Hey, wake up! So there you are, sitting through yet another boring speech. Surviving such events is an important skill, because falling asleep would be the ultimate insult to the speaker, and not gaining anything for your time spent there would be a disservice to yourself. I think I’ve found ways to get something of value out of a boring speech. I used a recent session I attended to determine what not to do when giving a speech. I felt the speaker was giving too many statistics, making it too complicated for the layman, and should’ve repeated the questions from the floor before answering them. The excuse that people aren’t attentive or are dozing off because the topic is dull doesn’t hold water for me. I’m of the opinion that there’re no boring topics, only boring speakers.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jennifer Chan: But we sometimes get carried away with good oratory with little substance. That’s how some CONsultants operate. They come up with nice charts and use fancy words but it’s mostly all from thin air.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Let me paraphrase a quote I had come across: A speech should be like a skirt; long enough to cover all the essential parts, but short enough to sustain attention. 😛

Latha Ravindran: Speeches cannot be like leeches sucking the energy from your audience. Short , succint, and sweet with some humour. Otherwise people like me will start day dreaming.


23 Oct 2018

CREATING BUSINESSES, BUILDING FAMILIES: My Sibu siblings and their families made a recent trip to KL to celebrate the birth of twins to my son Clifford and his wife Julie. We also arranged visits to my offices, campuses, projects and even a yacht cruise. This was the 1st time they were given a peep into my corporate life in the federal capital, and they appeared surprised with the extent and scale of my business initiatives. Family members are people you couldn’t choose, and neither could you trade them, but I believe they’re the ones who’ll always cherish you, and whom you should cherish in return. Many entrepreneurs could build extensive enterprises, but not all of them could build an extended family that’s close-knit and uncomplicated.


Selected followers’ comments:

Sally Soh: Big congratulations for becoming a grandpa to the twins of your son n daughter in law. You always hv this trait of been a very kind person to yr families. God will bless you dear.

Shir Teo: Congratulations, TS, you and your family are so blessed with the twins. May God bless the little ones always.

Roger Ong: Great to hear that TS Clement is doing very well in both professional and family relationships. Exemplary for Sarawakians like myself to emulate…


24 Oct 2018

TOUGH TO DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS: Couples often think differently about what’s fair in a relationship, and resentment could build up when one party feels wronged or neglected. Fairness in this case isn’t an accounting system, and there’s no fairness code that could be spelt out in detail, as it involves a flexible give-and-take balance between spouses and partners. With business relationship, however, the lines are clearer. But I’ve learnt we should avoid, where possible, doing business with close friends. Business is about getting the best deal at the negotiating table. Friendship is different, as it involves an emotional connection. When the other party realises you won’t want to hurt their feelings or be blunt, believe me, the balance is quickly tilted to their side. They’ll gain an upper hand and you’ll lose your advantage.


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung: How did you find such photos? This reminds me of the photo you had shared earlier of the man on a motorcyclist carrying huge vases.

Chai Moi Moi: Yes, I agreed with you. It’s very tough to do business with friends, unless agreement is clear and well managed. Then, business will be growing bigger and getting more profit for the share holders.

Christopher Tan: Important thing is, you allow differing views and comments to be written and published on this platform.


25 Oct 2018


THE MONEYMEN WHO GO THE EXTRA MILE: Singapore’s OCBC has been listed as one of the world’s strongest banks by Bloomberg, with its Malaysian operations alone hitting about RM950mil in net profits last year. Next stop: a record profit of RM1 billion. That’s no small feat for a local team that has to deal with a challenging economy and diversified clientele. Key principal officers like Dato’ Ong Eng Bin, CEO (left), Jeffrey Teoh, head of Corporate & Commercial Banking and Tan Ai Chin, senior banker for GLC & Conglomerate Coverage won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for their customers. As one of my Group’s main bankers, it’s financing some of our major projects and business initiatives. I find the institution to be strong both in personal service and the digital sphere. Dato’ Ong and his team understand the local needs and they innovate with real knowledge of what’s likely to work. By becoming more people-focussed and placing society at the heart of what they do, banks like OCBC are helping to create a sustainable economy.


Selected followers’ comments:

Roger Ong: Banks are very important in the well being/health of the country. But do they have to make so much money 💰? Among the top banks in Malaysia, they make net profit in excess of RM20b per year!….

Vijay Kumar Victor: Very impressive numbers sir, they employ a great number of deserved Malaysians too. I’d imagine a very happy bunch of people by early next year

Kuan Hock Lee: It’s my company’s principal banker too! Must say that somehow “overseas” bank are better in their services. Perhaps it’s due to their interrnational exposure or is BNM giving them more scrutiny?


26 Oct 2018

WHO’S THE ROCK OF YOUR LIFE? I suddenly felt a burden on my shoulders when an acquaintance told me I’ve been his “rock” as he had always looked to me for interpretations on what’s going on, and for hints to overcome challenges coming his way. I didn’t realise those informal chats could have an impact on someone I thought was just eager to find some shortcuts in his many endeavours. I guess most people have someone in their life who’s a tower of strength. Your pillar of support is likely to be a supportive and emotionally strong person, and it could be a family member, peer or colleague. Who holds your hand when you’re down, or who do you call first whenever there’s good or bad news? There’re definitely times when we need a rock to get us to a better place.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: We seldom talk about “the rock in our life” in our daily conversations. But we often bring up individuals whom we want to tie with a heavy rock and throw them off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean eg nasty bosses, double-crossing friends etc 😜

James H K Ooi: At different phase of my early years, I have different “rocks” to hold on to, as I have grown up, I m my own rock for my family. I think I have set sailed into unchartered waters.

Vijay Kumar Victor: I totally disagree Sir, it’s when we learn to let go of the rock that we can truly swim, even the gulf stream super oceanic highway


27 Oct 2018

FORMING BONDS, ACTUALISING DREAMS: I woke up at 5am to take a flight to my hometown Sibu last weekend, gave a speech to about 1300 people, handed out awards and hopped on the plane back to KL. For 15 years, I’ve been part of this annual event where students and teachers of my alma mater Sacred Heart Secondary School are recognised for good results and further encouraged to do even better. It isn’t easy to come up with new topics each year to motivate the same audience. I shall however continue to share my experiences, as I believe bonds are formed when we open up. It’ll show that we’re all human beings going through life making mistakes and learning from them, regardless of our status. Dreams by nature seem futuristic and give the wrong impression that there’s always time to make them come true. I always tell my young listeners it’s never too early to work on actualising their dreams.


Selected followers’ comments:

Mohd Razak Abdul Karim: Yes TS, I salute for what you have done because you still remember your roots.

Latha Ravindran: The school is priviledged to have you and they must be extremely proud. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. We all should work to achieve our dreams and shouldnt be afraid to dream big and chase new dreams.

Linda Cheung: I have a dream…. no need to work and no need to worry about finances! Can teach how? 😝