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When we are in a foreign land, we should always observe local norms and respect the sensitivities there. This is more so in China, which has a long history. Taken from my Facebook posting on 8 Aug 2017:

GUANXI & THE CHINESE WAY: Of late, I’ve made a few business trips to China, where discussions could drag on until late nights. I get to practise my Mandarin, and try to talk like one of them. I find the Chinese takes time to close deals, for properties or other investments, as they prefer to build up relationships (or guanxi) before making big decisions. We can be expected to be wined & dined, though I always let my hosts know beforehand that I don’t drink, to avoid misunderstandings during toasts. We Malaysians may find it frustrating when the Chinese routinely ask for modifications to a deal even after a contract has been signed. While ventures should succeed on their own merits, we can’t help but do business in China the Chinese way.


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung: You look like one of them, Tan Sri, and you look like the one giving instructions and taking the lead. That is what leaders do, wherever they are.

Susan Quat: In China it is common that drinking and toasting during a business meals that makes a non drinker / occasional drinker drunk as they did it in many rounds. Business is still business and we respect their the way they practiced but when it’s gonna affect our health n well being then I think we should draw the line.

Terence Wong: When in Rome, have to blend in with the Romans…it takes effort to close deals with them, but once closed, you see numerous doors open with money flooding in when yr brand and reputation resonates with them.😀😀


My other FB postings between 7 Aug 2017 and 13 Aug 2017

7 Aug 2017

LUXURY’S AN EXPERIENCE, NOT A BAG: A few days back, I was sipping tea at a quiet cafe with nice deco & light music, and I remember thinking “this is luxury.” It was, even though the drink cost only a few bucks. I think if you define luxury properly & fairly, you can experience it even if you aren’t rich. All our lives, we crave for luxurious experiences, by creating them ourselves or buying them. I’m blessed to be able to afford the comfortable trappings of life, but I’m also mindful that luxury isn’t necessarily something we’re born into or need to purchase. Luxurious living is in fact an experience that can be acquired regardless of the size of our bank accounts.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: To some people, luxurious living is having branded LV handbags, Rolex watches, expensive Porsche cars, a mansion, or jet hopping all the time. These are material things to proclaim “I am rich!”. To such people this lifestyle is luxurious.
To me, I find having peace of mind is what matters most. With a peaceful mind, just taking a simple meal or a walk in the park gives me great pleasure. So, “to each his own” applies!. Having enough to sustain leaves me without worries, thus making everything I do a luxurious living! Good morning everyone.

Fong Kl: Thanks for sharing reminder…now an all alone in Aonang Beach..simple luxury on a plastic chair underneed a shady tree facing the unrelenting gushing of wave from the Open Seas..yeah..with 1 bottle of plain drinking water.. .

Teh Lawrence: For some eating musang king durian is a luxury ( only when others beside him are eating just have D24). Some thinks it’s in the mode of transport and class seats they are in. Some it’s about health. So the list gets very little long for different people. But all will eventually converged to the state of the mind and not the size of bank account as rightly said Tan Sri. Luxury is within reached. Don’t benchmarked it beyond.


9 Aug 2017

ARROGANT BUT NO CLASS: We sometimes cross path with characters who’re rude and downright arrogant. They’re so full of themselves that they can be a source of potential pain. They appear to know anything & everything. I recently interviewed a job candidate for a senior position who seemed to know more about my businesses than I did. “If I were you, I would do this …” was how he began his sentences. Most arrogant people adopt a “know it all” attitude because of their disdain for others’ ideas or inputs. Many think they’re actually being confident. I’m not against people who allude confidence – it can be a great personal trait. But when they take it too far, they’re merely being conceited. You might have a lot of self-love, money or intellect, but it doesn’t make you a person with class.


Selected followers’ comments:

Emil Lee: Good morning and an evaluating day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb associates herein. In my opinion arrogance is nothing but a manifestation of the human ego minus the touch of class. When a person starts using the phrase “if I were you” I would just politely end the conversation, telling the other party “but in reality you are not me” and that would be his wake up call. As far as I am concern this is a flaw in his character.

Cherie Tan: Erm.. just wondering will it be better if the heading if “Arrogant = No Class” or perhaps “Arrogant And No Class”. Cause I just feel that arrogant and no class belong to the same negative category of characteristics, and “but” is usually use for contradiction purpose so the heading seems a bit weird to me. Anyway, just my 2 cents worth 😊 maybe you have your own reason for using this headline 😉

“Class is knowing what to say, when to say it and when to stop.” – Unknown

“Knowledge make people humble. Arrogance make people ignorant.” – Unknown

Andrew Chan: ” Pride comes before a great fall. ” The really great folks are usually having a teacheable spirit, listening more and talking less or when necessary. They definitely will be respectful of those who are seniors and successful; eager to pick up nuggets of wisdom, thus improving themselves in the process. Cheers it easy to spot a fool n a wise kid. Be wise.


10 Aug 2017

ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DELAYS: My property development guys regularly keep me in the loop of work progress at our ongoing projects. I also make site visits, as I do here with Foong Peng Yew, CEO of the HCK Group’s properties division. We recently had to appoint a new contractor for one of our projects, incurring many millions $ in extra costs, because the previous team was behind schedule. I can’t tolerate delays & late deliveries. I think businesses spend insufficient time on perfecting the one element that arguably matters a lot to their clientele: timely delivery. It applies very notably to the properties market. Late deliveries by developers will cause credibility issues, apart from the cost of damages that purchasers are entitled to. Time is what we all have the most in the beginning, but what we use the worst in the end, because we didn’t realise its value.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Hmmm… your commitment to delivering promise… ever thought of running for public office? I think you can put a lot of ministers to shame. And we can help canvass votes for you and vouch for your sincerity and commitment!

Alice YokYuen Wong: In property development especially, time is of great essence because of the late delivery clause protecting the buyers. That’s why even though their prices may be higher, it is still more worthwhile to choose a reputable developer considering the financial burden the buyers have to bear when the project gets stalled midway.
I am glad I had used this criteria when buying my first house in 1987 from Sime UEP and my 2nd one in 2002 from IOI Properties. Both were handed over to me before the deadline of vacant possession.
Now coming to another aspect (of time being most important) is the question of full settlement of our loans. The longer you take to pay up the more you incur on bank interests. I wouldn’t have been able to buy my second house if I hadn’t settled my 20-years repayment first loan within 7 years. Basically, I don’t like the feeling of owing the bank huge long-term debts. So likewise for this 2nd loan (15 years repayment) it was also paid up in full within 6 years. Hahaha….. so basically, on the interest factor I had indeed made huge savings.
So, today’s topic on delays is very appropriate. Delays not only involve money (for both developer and buyers) but it also robs us of peace of mind.
Good morning everyone.

Rohaty Majzub: Good Morning Tan Sri time is so precious yet i see teenagers wasting time at the mall: some dont know what to do with time because they have no priorities :Steven Covey have quadrants on time management ;he said when people are bored they waste time idlying gossiping about others : planning is critical if not one ends up putting off the fire at the end
Always exceeding datelines : ok Tan Sri just back from China (Xian Urumqi Turpan Hami Lanzou ) where facebook and Google are blocked by chinese government


11 Aug 2017

BITE MORE BUT DON’T CHOKE: There’re many people, including my employees, who live by the idiom of not biting off more than they can chew. It makes great sense, as we shouldn’t end up trying to do too many things at one time. But people often use it as an excuse not to plan too many goals in life, and that’s when the line gets blurred. True, there’s a limit to what we can achieve in one lifetime. But who’s to say what our true limit is? I feel unless we try, we’ll never know our own capability and capacity. With practice, our jaws become stronger. In any case, if we find we really can’t chew it, we can always spit it out. When we take on more than we think we can accomplish, it’ll will push us to use our utmost creativity to avoid choking, and to grow and learn.


Selected followers’ comments:

Agatha Tan: My eldest boy who is quite a perfectionist, he had anxiety in his early tertiary before fitting himself well in his third year. I will tell him to do his best but he asked me back in return ” How do you define your best?” You have to try out first and need to pick up along the way before you say you are not fit for a particular endeavour. Have to agree with him.

Nur Ainee Muhammad: Haha. I have the opposite “problem” .. I have so many goals. I’m often told to focus on one but I feel if I dont that one goal only, it would be too slow. What I need to learn is to prioritize.

Christine Muk Kim Lee: One must know his own limit and not to be greedy especially when one gets older and weaker physically, mentally and spiritually


12 Aug 2017

OUR CHILDREN SUSTAIN US: My accountant daughter Adeline & her engineer husband Dr Dennis Ling are senior team members of the HCK Group – she’s in corporate finance and he’s in the property division. They gave up promising careers in Brisbane, Australia to answer my call to return to Malaysia. Our country has been losing talent to other nations, and it usually takes some doing to lure the migrants back. Of course, as parents, we’ll have the added advantage of a better peace of mind & sense of security when children are close nearby. There’s the chance to see & be part of the lives of the grandkids as they grow up. Even the most successful people in the world are only able to sustain themselves with the moral support of family & loved ones.


Selected followers’ comments:

ALex Tan: Tan Sri, you’re right. Our country are losing talent due to many reason, I.e. low paid grade, unattractive currency rate, over the bridge we get triple, and fed up with politicians.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: Gorgeous!
“Even the most successful people in the world are only able to sustain themselves with the moral support of family and loved ones”
-Clement Hii
Bold and beautiful pic! Definitely true, Sir. The support of family and loved ones, makes our world go round. Trial and Tribulations is there to teach us lesson and makes us more wiser, but it is beautiful and gorgeous if our family is with us through up and down in our personal and business.

Wow! How fortunate you are, having a faithful wife and having your children to continue your legacy in building a Business Empire. Not many and not all successful businessmen having their family with them. Freud and backstabbing is happening with the immediate family of many Rich and Famous family, around the planet.

Divorce, up and down in court, legal and illegal children, legal wife and illegal wives, and many more the games of the Rich and Famous. Not include, the many more “secret bad deeds” which is the favourite games of these successful businessmen.

Congratulations, Tan Sir. Even i don’t know you, but seeing from your post and having read other information of you. At your age right now, i am sure there would be many more blessing you are going to have, in future.

Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Saturday

Christopher Tan: Both your daughter Adeline and son in law Dennis are qualified professionals. That is their greatest gifts in life, being educated at tertiary level, and then working in sectors that bring out the best in their expertise. You are blessed, Tan Sri.


13 Aug 2017

THEY INSIST ON BEING POOR: It’s often said that rich people get rich because they’re frugal and stingy with their money. The reverse can also be true. There’re poor people who insist on being poor when they have a chance to accumulate funds and become better off. They do things like buying expensive RM15,000 bags and other useless status symbols. I’m incredulous that many new graduates and medium wage-earners are living beyond their means, instead of saving for rainy days. Years back, a young guy I knew asked me for a RM5000 loan while he was driving around in a Porsche. The greatest resource poor people can have to get them out of the hand-to-mouth existence is a good education, and that includes knowing what to spend on.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rosli Din: I agree. My engineer son who just started working, saves some hundreds in a few months just to get a pair of expensive boot for 800 bucks… I’ll be dam…

John Tan: Being poor is an issue that is a thorn in my side. What would you do if you happen to see a destitute person in the street roughing his day out on a park bench? What goes on in your soul when you encounter such people? These are questions that one must ask and for different people, I believe there are different answers. I don’t think that every person who is poor is ‘into poverty. But I concede that education usually widens the scope of opportunity, especially for the next generation, although the previous generation might be living from hand to mouth. Seeing a beggar in the street might cause one to be affronted, scandalized that there are those among us that hints the failure of our society in supporting its members. For me, having money is nice, but there are things more important than being rich. That you, Tan Sri, are rich and I am poor is because our karma leads us to travel along different paths. I write books and I have been trying to make the next one better than the last, and keep on revising the previous ones if I am in the mood so that hopefully, I shall be judged by future generations by their quality rather than whether my books sell in my lifetime. Artistically, I am fulfilled but not in terms of making money. For that, I must be grateful.

Jonathan Keung: what we need and what we desire is different . living beyond thier means has become a norm among the X and Y generations