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Technology has allowed us to stay in touch better but also resulted in us becoming more stimulated than before. Sometimes, we just need to unplug to have some time for ourselves. Taken from my Facebook posting on 27 Aug 2018::

STILLNESS IN A WIRED WORLD: Once, I was watching a movie solo and an associate met me and looked puzzled as to why I was alone. People tend to equate solitude with loneliness or isolation. In our pro-social society, we’re constantly interacting with others, physically or through social media. By not giving ourselves the minutes or hours free of outside influences, we might lose our inner self where there’s room for reflection and silence. I find the one hour alone in my study room after work to be a good time to mentally sort through issues and explore my own brand of creativity. As we become a wired world, we’re losing ourselves to a global machine that’s driven by noise, speed and urgency. But we shouldn’t lose the ability to sit quietly for 15 or 30 minutes without external stimulation. In the madness of modern pursuits, we still need a mental attitude that knows how to protect and value stillness, privacy and slowness.


Selected followers’ comments:

Kpo Junnie: Watching movie alone time well spent. You do not have to entertain anyone and can enjoy the movie properly. When I watched movie with my family I do not talk at all. I am totally lost in the screen. During my young days I used to go to the cinema alone.

Betty Nuab: I love having my family around and the occasionally playtime with my grandkids. But I also value my alone me time. Too much activities around me tends to stress me out at times. Once in a while, I think it’s good to just spend time by yourself and enjoying some private moments, collecting some thoughts, especially in a calm soothing environment, can actually do much good to your soul.

Doris Wong: My alone time is trekking up a hill, takes about 45 minutes up and down. Marvellous feeling with drenching sweat. Does it as many times a week as I can and feels in tip top shape. ^^


My other FB postings between 28 Aug 2018 and 2 Sep 2018:

28 Aug 2018

THE WORLD ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT US: I haven’t been to Paris, but I saw a smaller version of Eiffel Tower at the Parisian in Macau. This global cultural icon of France is on my travel bucket list, which I’ve promised myself I shall fulfil with a vengeance once I’m semi-retired, hopefully soon. In the meantime, it’s my friends and employees who keep posting pictures of their travels to faraway lands on Facebook and Instagram, while I make do with nearer destinations. Travelling can put things in perspective for many people. It makes us realise there’re far bigger things than our daily challenges and problems. So what if a key manager has quit, or the latest car repairs cost 5 figures? Seeing new horizons first-hand will induce us to agree that the world is not always about us. Some of the places I’ve seen, in both rich and impoverished countries, have humbled me and broadened my insights of life in so many ways.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cornelius Lo: I was often advised by friends and colleagues, even family members, to spend sometime and money to go for overseas tours. Remarks like you can’t take your money to your coffin etc. were often one of their main reasons to back up their advice.

I think this world is too big for anyone to finish visiting every place of interest; and I prefer exploring people to places.

Christine Muk Kim Lee: When one can still walk steadily, go traveling if you have money and a few friends or family members going with you. You are sure reaping a good harvest of knowledge and life experiences in a wider scope in life.

Good morning and smile with ❤️

Philip Lim: There will come a time when we realise it is actually not about the world, it is about its people.


29 Aug 2018

WE CAN’T CHOOSE OUR FATHER BUT … He tried hard to be his own man, but Dato’ Nazifuddin Najib had always been better known as the son of embattled ex PM, from his 1st marriage. It didn’t help that he attracted the wrong crowd when his dad was in power, which got him involved in some corporate missteps. The few occasions he visited me in my office to discuss business proposals didn’t advance beyond that – it made more sense to just stay as acquaintances. The media hounding of his Taipei outing with actress Celia Chang shows that moral policing still exists in Malaysia. I think Nazifuddin, like everyone else, is entitled to his privacy though the timing of his rendezvous wasn’t exactly great. His political statements against Tun Dr M and in support of his dad prior to the recent elections didn’t earn him brownie points too. We can’t choose our parents, but we can choose what kind of children we’ll become.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: We cannot chose our parents but they can choose not to give birth to us! 

When ever my mother complain to my sister about me. I will tell her she can chose not to give birth to me! 

I got no choice! But I only got choice to stay away!

Christopher Tan So you know the son of then PM but didn’t do business with him? I consider that being far sighted,

Tan Ching Hua I read an fb post, If you were born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, then it’s your mistake.The smart alec modified the statement to, If your father is poor, it’s not your mistake. But if your father in law is poor, then it’s definitely your mistake.


30 Aug 2018

THE ANIMAL INSTINCTS IN US: I’ve always been fascinated by incidents of instinctive animal behaviour which are out of the ordinary – especially just before disasters strike. Wild animals have been known to head for high grounds in advance of a tsunami, and pets behave bizarrely prior to an earthquake. So have the “civilised” humans lost most of our animal instincts, which could sense trouble and protect us? I think we’ve actually retained some of those instincts but most times, we’ll override them to our own detriment. Many of us would have “bad feelings” about certain individuals but chose to ignore them, only to find out later those perpetrators were up to no good. Though we’re driven by instincts, we also have the ability to make choices, which differentiates us from animals. But let’s admit it, there’re times when we can’t be as smart as our stupid pets.


Selected followers’ comments:

Emil Lee: Good morning and an amazing day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my forum buddies herein. Looks like you are in a masquerade party Clement with a Cheetha mask. In my opinion most of us has thrown our SIXTH SENSE into the drain because of many factors, greed, ego and self interest. Advancement in technology has weaken our inborn defense system too. I would say it was a survival mechanism for our human race. This is the price we have to pay for development.

Teh Lawrence: Is it instinctive , intuitive, prophetic or visionary?

Hard questions but we seems to be embedded with one or more of these when situations call for them to react to.

God gives us the best of these attributes but when we misused them we fair no better than the animals who can teach man a thing or two of their prowess.

Eric Wong: We’re living in a highly distracted World today 

Check ourselves from time to time Animals are still ahead of us Stay sharp in mind and outlook Good day!


31 Aug 2018

SWEEPING AWAY THE BROKEN PROMISES: The BN gang of politicians had an innate talent for making promises. I know a few who would say “Considered done” or “Aku janji” to everything but could never deliver. Let’s hope the Harapan leaders won’t go the same way. In business, I’ve been bitten many times by people who don’t keep their word. They obviously don’t place much value on their personal integrity or subscribe to the idiom of “as good as our word.” I agree a promise isn’t a legal contract or a legal obligation, and is merely an indication to do or abide by something. But when our words don’t match our actions, our credibility and self-worth will suffer. So what happens to people who habitually make so many promises when they couldn’t even keep one? Nothing. We might as well just use a broom to sweep away the broken pieces of those worthless promises, stay away from these characters and move on.


Selected followers’ comments:

Aaron Yap: In business world, say what u mean and mean what u say… If ur words carries no weight then ur just as good as gone in the business world….. Ur spot on, Tan Sri…

Chay Kah Kiat: I have yet to see any progressive policies for the future of this country by this new govt other than the foolish 3rd national car and now the Petron deal. It is deja vu all over again.

John Tan: In the heat of the moment, people might make sweet promises, then, afterwards, they just shrugged their shoulders and moved on. Moreover, they blame the ones who believe them for being so gullible. They might cross fingers with you, and say, their word is as strong as an oak, but later avoid your eyes, or proffer excuses. Lame duck excuses!  😷😷


1 Sep 2018

ARE SNACKS TO BLAME FOR OBESITY? Snacking is when we consume food or drinks between the 3 regular meals, and it certainly isn’t a new thing to most of us. I only need to look at my workplace – there’s the well stocked pantry, vending machines and cafes in the building, and great stuff to munch at every meeting. Snacks are often processed, high calorie foods like chips and cookies. Hunger could be the main motivation behind snacking, but at anytime, it’s hard to resist when there’s appetising food around. It’s not surprising that Malaysians are getting fatter and fatter. A doctor friend argues, unconvincingly, that “smart” snacking may prevent us from overeating at meal times. As I munch on my fries, I’ll agree we have an unhealthy problem with eating the wrong stuff at the wrong time.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: The problem is we don’t exercise enough. Our modern lifestyle means we have very little time to do so. When we don’t burn the calories we consume, something’s gotta give. In this case, our health.

Teh Lawrence: Feeling all guilty talking on this topic. My ‘pregnancy ‘ is advancing . When will it end if I don’t change my lifestyle? Ok ok, I’ll be more watchful. I envy bro Andrew. 

Talking about storing snacks in the office. It looks like my staff think World War III is breaking out and they need to stay alive within for 3 months!

I know I am a hypocrite advising people to eat rightly. My constitutional right , okie😊

Latha Ravindran: Hahaha you like fries too like me. I am a fan of potatoes in their various avatars and vanilla ice cream. No wonder I look like a potato too. I tend to snack when I am marking or on fridays. But now I have cut down simply by not buying unhealthy snacks. Snacks like nuts and fruits are fine but they are boring. Indulgence once in a while is permissable. Happy saturday everyone!


2 Sep 2018

A FINAL CHANCE TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS: The mantle has been passed to UMNO’s new president Dato’ Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi to prove its continued relevance after its disastrous outing with its BN partners at the recent elections. It’s difficult not to be tainted by the same 1MDB brush, given his close association with fallen leader DS Najib Razak. As long as they’re in power, political leaders would always project themselves as clean and pious as a saint, but that do-no-wrong pedestal won’t be available once they’re not in the power equation. DS Zahid has top-notch people skills. The last time we met, before a flight, the then DPM was hugging me like a long-lost friend. During his earlier years in the political wilderness, he was dabbling in businesses, including an ailing college which my Group later acquired. His daughter Nurul and son Khairul worked for me for a while – I found them to be articulate and ambitious. DS Zahid has a herculean task ahead – for starters, he has to rein in party members, like MP Tajuddin Rahman, who harp on racial and religious issues. Many people have written UMNO off, but I still think it’s never too late for its new leadership to finally do the right things and do things right.


Selected followers’ comments:

Richard A. Gontusan: The right thing would have been for the members to vote KJ as the party president. The current leadership is old wine, same bottle…

Ting Chiew Yee: Ability is not the issue. Trust deficit with is. A man with ambition but no conviction and principle and integrity. He can sell his soul for the right price as the saying goes.

Timothy Finian: They have allowed themselves to be blinded by an illusion of ‘invincibility’ brought on by pride and arrogance. I really do not a way out without a drastic overhaul. Ethnic politics have no place in a multi ethnic Malaysia.