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When we launched the residential component of edusentral @ Setia Alam in the middle of this year, all 505 units were snapped up within hours. Due to overwhelming response, we will soon be launching new phases. Taken from my Facebook posting on 20 Nov 2017:


More residential towers at Edusentral @ Setia Alam will open for booking soon, after all 505 serviced suites at the first two blocks were sold out within hours at their recent launch. In a short span of time, the HCK Group has become the country’s top creator of education cities. Besides Edusentral, our “stay, shop & study” concept extends to EduEnclave in Ipoh and Edusphere at Cyberjaya.
The 3 projects have a combined gross development value of RM3.8 billion. Our Group is planning a few more multi-billion ringgit education cities across Malaysia. In the end, it’s not just about bricks and mortar, as it’s the communities that are at the heart of everything. We want to create communities that can function at their best, and where people have a sense of belonging. That’s my ultimate dream as a builder.

Posted by Clement Hii on Sunday, 19 November 2017

Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Congrats, Tan Sri. Not many developers can lay claim to building a community. Most build homes or commercial buildings. You not only build both but have an added education component. Surely, it’s a synergistic arrangement as students provide demand for homes and retail traffic for shops while students enjoy convenience of stay and shop near campus.

Susan Quat: Very impressive watching the video, good locations n providing all the amenities besides the main project , sure will attract investors . Looking at the increasing demand for private education , and the dismay education system that we had now , the concept that you had and the foresight will bear fruits n bring success. Congrats!

Andrew Chan: Congrats, Tan Sri for bringing HCK to the forefront as the leader in the education business in the nation. Your concept of education, homestay n all the conveniences within the enclave itself is indeed innovative n attractive. The education business is indeed a much welcome concept especially during difficult times like now, parents are looking for alternative choices for their children’s quality education as national schools n public tertiary entities are of low quality n the level of English used is sub standard to say the least. HCK will fulfill that need n yet at affordable prices compared to expensive overseas education which is beyond the abilities of most middle income families today as our ringgit shrinks.


My other FB postings between 21 Nov 2017 and 26 Nov 2017:

21 Nov 2017

WHEN PATHS DIVERGE: I recently got to reconnect with a couple of old friends through social media. Out of the blue, a guy from New Zealand wrote and asked if I could remember him as my very first friend in Kuching decades back. A childhood friend from Sibu who I always fought with said he has settled in USA after university. I always get a hint of nostalgia and a feeling of warmth when long-lost friends come a-calling. It’s fascinating that our paths diverge over time, taking those who were once close to us, to different parts of the world. We all get to eventually tell our own stories – many stories will have similar beginnings, but the middle parts and the endings will differ greatly. Knowing their stories will allow us to see the world in a new light, and not just rely on our own narrow perspectives.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: “See the world in a new light”

The more we know, see or experience will change our way of seeing things. Our experience shapes our perspective. Our perspective is our reality. We are very much, what we think.The possibility of dying made me realised that it’s great to simply feel alive. I see things differently from the way before the experience. Also, watching my Dad taking his last breath, somehow enlightened me. Everything shall come to an end, good or bad, Following a closure, people come together, forgive and forget each other’s past. Come with nothing, go with nothing. Nothing left, except the positive impacts we made to others, will be remembered.

Ong Shuh Chien: It’s even more intriguing to have a stranger sharing table with me for breakfast last weekend in a coffee shop I normally frequent. We started a get-to-know-you conversation when I noticed that he ordered a shredded chicken noodles soup, Taiping style which the stall operator ( who also hailed from Taiping) would only prepare upon request. So I ventured to enquire the stranger if he were from Taiping, my hometown. He replied Yes! From our conversation I learnt that he knew my cousin brother because they were from the same school in their primary and secondary education in Taiping. We then exchanged contact nos before we parted our ways. I then contacted my cousin brother and he later got in touch and got reconnected to this long lost school mate. Imagine, had the gentleman requested to share table not from me but someone else, the contacts would not have occurred!
Till now I still marvel at this wonderful miraculous opportunity of having played a role to reconnect two long lost childhood friends as a result of me taking my usual breakfast on a beautiful Saturday! 😍

Susan Quat: It’s always a joy to meet again with long lost friends from our childhood . The stories n life experiences shared indeed will be treasured as they are unique to each individual.


22 Nov 2017

FARAWAY LAND: The vast majority of people think wealth is something that’s “too far away” and out of their grasp now and in future. A childhood friend who’s an accountant all his life told me when he looked at the numbers, he would never be able to “stockpile” enough money to consider himself rich. I think If we are reasonably smart and we work hard, there’re opportunities everywhere. Many tycoon wannabes aren’t working on getting wealthy, but are wasting their time on unproductive things, spending more than they earn and not investing wisely. A lot of it comes down to how and where we spend our time and our money.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: Wealth is defined by many people in many different ways. But for most it’s the $. Chasing after it at the expense of everything else is torturous and filled with anxieties. Having enough will bring convenience and perhaps a sense of achievement and purpose.
But most can agree that there’s more in life than just money 💰.

Lynnet Lai: Being wealthy is different from being rich, which many people always think that both are the similar thing. Being rich is having money in abundance but being wealthy doesn’t have to worry anything regarding money. Success and wealth were inexorably linked. Being wealthy, one is maintaining his/her standard of living, where he/she is earning more and physically working less. Wealth is measured in time, not in dollars. Wealth is not about making a lot of money, yet the monies flows out of the “expense” column with nothing much left to go into the “asset” column. Wealth is where a person don’t work for his money but let money works for him. An individual can become rich but only financially intelligent people can become wealthy. Above all, wealth is having financial security, living with a purpose and a healthy mind and spirit to fully manifest.

Lily Mathews: Someone once asked me how much should a person have when you retire. It’s very subjective cos’ people have different lifestyles. If you live a lavish life you need many millions to maintain that lifestyle until your death. A person who leads an average life may not need that much but can still live very comfortably with what he has accumulated. There are people who get a high in making more and more, investing in properties etc etc. If they aren’t stressed, healthy, and have a happy family life as well, good for them. Otherwise, is it worth it? At the end of the day we can’t carry our huge wealth along with us. It will be passed on to others who might just flounder it as they did not earn it themselves. Having said all that, we must work hard to achieve what we want, however, we should also learn to be contented and not to compete with the Joneses.


23 Nov 2017

BEAUTY & THE BUILDING: My buddy Dato’ John Hii and I were in Macau, the self-dubbed “City of Dreams” to mainly enjoy its cuisine – and the casinos for a while – because we’re unsure what sort of dreams it had to offer. I personally like the place also for the fine architecture of its old Portuguese buildings. Like this exquisite hotel lobby, some of its building facades and interiors could be provoking and inspiring. As a builder who’s hands-on with the design of my own property projects, I feel we can somehow give an emotional character to physical structures. When the buildings are beautiful, we feel good in them, just as we feel at ease with people who’re beautiful on the inside.


Selected followers’ comments:

Nobin K Chaudhury: Agreed Tan Sri…

You can surely take note of this and design future projects with British , Dutch , Portuguese influence..apart frm our own architecture….This will bring in the added value to the project itself.

Ron Juliet: Awesome,State of the Art interior. This type of cosy atmosphere will definetely make a person to have a feel good feeling,complete with excellent recipes.

Emil Lee: Good morning and an incredible day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb friends herein. You are right Clement we should feel at ease and comfortable in our nest. It is good to travel if one can afford and at the same time bring home what the world has to offer. It is good to have a home with an international flavours.


24 Nov 2017


Rude people are everywhere, and there’re situations when it’s impossible to avoid them. There was a Tan Sri entrepreneur who kept his arms crossed when I wanted to shake his hands on being introduced to him at a function. He probably thought I was one of those hangers-on trying to get close to a mighty individual like him.
I don’t think we need to match their rudeness by responding with more of the same. The best way to defuse their lack of civility is to stay friendly and polite, and to give them a chance to adjust their behaviour to match ours. I know it takes a lot of restraint, but taking the high road is always the best thing to do.

Posted by Clement Hii on Thursday, 23 November 2017

Selected followers’ comments:

Teresa Dian Chew: Haha such a great video to illustrate. Well said about ‘Why some people are so rude’. Civility is never ‘ out-of-date’ but mindset of some people is.

Kent Yee: Good Morning Sir, SMILE.
In the quiet wonderful morning, there the sun rising in perfect beauty, shines over every animal, bird and all that in it.
A Happy Thanksgiving to all, SMILE.
Don’t think about but just be happy of who you are, just do what makes you happy.
On my past experiences, there were many people who play as if they are the best among those best. i have to bend over because there isn’t any wall between us and the best listener always well accepted by all.
If you can think it, do it and be blessed, SMILE.

Sharon Chang: Good morning. We inevitably deal with rude people throughout our lifes but we have a choice about how to react. Keep our dignity in tact by not letting their behaviour provoke is into a tantrum of our own. Staying friendly is a good way of giving the other person a chance to adjust their behaviour to match yours. Have a wonderful day ahead..


25 Nov 2017

MORE GOOD THAN EVIL: A senior staff in a meeting referred to a competitor as an “evil” person for using unethical business tactics. That word caught my attention, and made me wonder what makes an individual good or bad. I’m no saint and don’t intend to judge anyone, but I think our universe is messed up in many areas – senseless killings, the failing environment and unscrupulous leaders. I’m however convinced the great majority among us are inherently good people. But that’s hard to visualise, since we see more negative than positive stuff in the media. Generally, people are law abiding and they’ll demonstrate pro-social behaviour and do the right thing when faced with conflict. There’s still hope for humanity.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Generally, people are law abiding and they’ll demonstrate pro-social behaviour and do the right thing when faced with conflict”
-Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. There’s hope for humanity, because God had promised that there were great great Trials and Tribulations in near future to comes because of humans evil, “there were many will be purified, I will shortened the destruction for My Chosen sake” not only a verbal promised but written for us all.

Funny but the truth, “if the good people stay away from party politics, than the evil people have to do it” there is truth to this saying. Which been time after time been proven by the elected behaviour to be in the control position, manipulation of many weaknesses of the common citizens.

Definitely, greed and all kinds of Physical and Spiritual corruption creep into our minds nowadays without much resistant from our blood and soul. And many and most of the time we justified our actions for pursuit of materials development. Billions failed to see the Spiritual side of our Soul that makes us peaceful and harmonious living in these beautiful and gorgeous planet.

Cheers, we all needs something to do good, live in Love, belief in God and the highest hope of humanity in glorious future.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

We see evil in front,
Negative perception formed,
Generalisation sees all are bad,
There’s no good people;

We can’t see good upfront,
Positive cognition deformed,
Reaction sees no good,
There’re all bad things;

Drawing greater perspectives,
There’re inherited thoughts,
Shaped by experiences,
From past brought to present;

Diversifying deeper dimensions,
There’re thoughtful inheritance,
Shared by preferences,
From good to better;

More good than evil,
We can see positively,
Leaving behind historical burden,
We’re certain to be optimistic.


26 Nov 2017

WITHOUT REASON: Among the regrets I’ve in life is losing touch with a few childhood friends who made an impact on me during my growing-up years. I could have made an effort to stay as friends, but I didn’t. They simply faded away, as we chose different career paths and locations of domicile. But decades later, I would realise they were good people, and good people are hard to come by. Most of us are lazy creatures in this sense. We leave things, including friendship, to chance and let them fizzle out, or we simply cut them off. When we burn a bridge, we should only burn it with a reason.


Selected followers’ comments:

Eric Wong: People change. Circumstances change. Life changed.

Once I bumped into my good buddy during my college days. When we reconnected, he told me he helped donate money to orphanage in Penang. He asked me to just pass the 💰 to him. I asked him for the name of the orphanage. He couldn’t give me the name and I didn’t donate any 💰. I stayed away and ignored him and let that friendship fizzle off.

Some things are not meant to be. Let’s move on.

While waiting at A&W for a friend, I was excited to order my favourite root beer float. This iconic A&W restaurant will be demolished to build a office tower.

After placing my order, I waited and was thoroughly shocked when they served the root beer float in a paper cup instead of the iconic cold mug. As I sat there looking at that root beer, it hit me on the head.

Eric you’re too sentimental. Nostalgic? It’s not the same anymore. Move on Bro. Get a hold of yourself. Lesson learned. Thank you God. Life’s still good. Good day!

CK Jacky: When i was young, we thought it happened by chance. But, getting older to 30, i realise, i could make an afford to maintain this kind of friendship which could barely be found in any other places. Thanks, Tan Sri for reminding me again 😊

Marla Senu: I’m very thankful and very fortunate I am now in touch through facebook with almost 30 of my friends from boarding school days in England. Something so unexpected because these are friends of different nationalities and live in different countries and we were all the time wondering about what happened to each other and suddenly we found each other and true these are wonderful friends, some were close friends before, some were not but now we are all thankful we are in touch and are good friends.