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One doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur to know that a common complaint within the business community these days is poor consumer sentiments attributed to an uncertain economic outlook. The public is now more circumspect about how they spend their money, resulting in many businesses suffering from dwindling turnover.

But an enterprising businessman should not let external factors get in his or her way. What others see as hurdles, an entrepreneur should turn into opportunities. This is what SEGi University & Colleges did when it last week inked an agreement with iCOOP College, a subsidiary of the Co-operative College of Malaysia.

Under the five-year agreement, iCOOP College will provide the Certificate in Entrepreneurship for working adults under SEGi’s Centre For Continuing Education, where graduates can obtain dual certification papers from SEGi University and iCOOP College.

This is an example of how we need to do things differently under different circumstances. A business cannot operate the same way in bad times, the way it did so in good times. When the economy is bad, workers are getting laid off and some of them would want venture into business. Meanwhile. some employers would want to upgrade their own entrepreneurial skills.

In other words, demand to upgrade entrepreneurial skills will rise. This is where SEGi University & Colleges comes in to meet the increased demand to enhance one’s entrepreneurial skills. There was a gap in the market and we seized the opportunity to to fill up the gap.

The agreement was signed at SEGi University at Kota Damansara by the Acting Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of SEGi University, Professor Dr Patrick Kee and the Chairman of iCOOP College, Datuk Professor Mohd Yusof Kasim.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship programme will be conducted for 4 weekends at the SEGi University campus at Kota Damansara and also at iCOOP College at Petaling Jaya, Participants may be eligible to claim from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to attend the programme. Anyone who may be interested can contact SEGi at 03-6145 1777 or iCOOP at 011-2917-6552.

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Prof Dr Patrick Kee (left) exchanging documents with Datuk Professor Mohd Yusof Kasim after the signing ceremony last week.