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Many of us know the importance of taking care of our physical health. As a survivor of a major medical misdiagnosis, I can vouch that health is indeed wealth. And while we try to take good care of our physical well-being, we sometimes ignore our mental health.

It is therefore quite refreshing to read in the news that there’s been calls for insurance companies to cover mental illnesses as well. Right now, Malaysian insurance firms do not cover conditions like depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. As a result, these conditions are not properly addressed.

Having a good mental health is a prerequisite to healthy living. Researches have shown that those who have a more positive outlook in life tend to fall sick less whereas those who suffer from depression or have frequent anxiety attacks tend to have weaker immune system.

As an employer, it is paramount to have a positive atmosphere at the workplace. Just as negative vibes can be contagious, a vibrant and happy environment can get around quickly, and even lead to higher productivity or draw more clients.

It is time we place more focus on our mental well being. Often times, it is the root cause of our physical ailments and having insurance companies expand its coverage into mental health is something worth considering.