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This week is the final week of June. Whether you realise it or not, half the year will be gone by the time we are done with the week. It felt not too long ago that we just welcomed 2019. And I am quite sure it also won’t feel very long before Christmas is around the corner.

As we grow older, time seems to pass you by faster. Many often lament about the goals that they had yet to meet and how little time they had. The same people sometimes do not get their priorities right when they spend time doing other things instead of working on their goals. For example, at the start of the year, they may have set a goal to lose weight but somewhere along the way, they start finding excuses to skip gym or indulge in unhealthy food.

It is also very important to live in the moment instead of being overly goal-centric. This includes being grateful for whatever little or abundance one has. Spend more time with our loved ones, because we will never know how long more we can enjoy their company.

As we get ready to spend the second half of the year, we ought to look forward to each day and each moment with renewed enthusiasm. Get our priorities right, because in no time, we’d be complaining again about how fast 2020 is here already.