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There has been little exposure on how hardship stemming from the MCO (movement control order) is impacting the lives of our children. This primarily centres on how children cope with having to be confined to their homes or how they embrace the new experience of remote learning. The above issue was recently addressed in the maiden HCK EDU WEBINAR which forms part of the HCK Group’s COVID Challenge webinar series.

Moderated by the Group’s Executive Director (Education Division) Felix Lee, the webinar entitled “I Can’t Teach My Son! How to Overcome This?” was telecast over Facebook Live.

It featured Vice-Principal (Secondary) of Setia Alam-based Peninsular International School Australia Malaysia Campus Adam Collings and Acting Principal of Ipoh-based Imperial International School Katherine Beadle. Both institutions are part of the HCK Group’s educational arm.

During the 40-minute webinar, the trio enlightened parents with tips on how to manage their children in the event of a meltdown as the younger ones try to fit into the unprecedented online or virtual learning routine.

Adam advised parents don’t be too harsh on both themselves and the kids as emotional flare-up can easily occur with the whole family ‘having trapped’ in their homes under unique circumstances.

“This is altogether a new environment with little choice for everyone … while remote learning is a challenge for the children, the teachers are there to provide support,” assured Adam who possesses 20 years of teaching experience in physical education, health & science, mathematics, VCE coordinator and as a form teacher.

Katherine encourages parents not to shout back at their children for throwing their tantrums, but instead sit down together to find the root cause of the issue.

“We are in some unknown situation which nobody has expected … teenagers are naturally missing social interaction with their group of friends while going through physical changes,” attested Katherine who has taught in Malaysia for five years as head of performing arts and being part of the SLT (school leadership team) for teaching and learning.

All-in-all, the following are some invaluable insights shared by the panel:

  • Parents must view online or virtual learning as an ideal platform “to tide over” the temporary freeze on normal schooling;
  • Parents must put themselves in their children’s shoes while trusting the teachers to fulfill their role;
  • Amid a confined home environment, it is essential to find a balance between physical and mental health for both parents and the children;
  • Parents should trive to spend as much quality family time together while allocating reasonable social media space for their children.