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Desire is a very powerful force. People who have burning desire tend to achieve what they had set out to do. Taken from my Facebook posting on 22 Sept 2017:

A MATTER OF DESIRE: We all want to do well in our pursuits, and the desire to do well is one attribute that can elevate our performance. I’ve personally learnt over the years that if I want something badly enough, I somehow will find ways and means to get the desired objects or results. I notice that employees who show a great desire to deliver given targets could even outperform their own talents. We see singers, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs doing their stuff and it seems they’re succeeding with little efforts. The great ones make it look so easy – but in reality, we’ll be amazed at how much hard work and persistence they’ve put into making things happen. They’ve a mindset and set of habits that are driven by a desire to excel and prevail.


Selected followers’ comments:

Low Keng Lok: We must focus on whatever we are doing to excel. Focus, focus, focus…

Krizian Lim: Yes, “When you have the desire to achieve something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” We will somehow find a way to do it. We will tend to notice hints or read messages that give us clues. We will tend to meet mentors who will guide us, friends and family who motivate us, and we can feel the fire burning inside.

When we find the fire within, not many things can stop us from moving forward.

You are right, Tan Sri, sometimes things may seems to be performed easily, but it takes a lot pf efforts and persistence to practise and achieve it. There is a saying in Chinese, “3 minutes of performance onstage, requires 10 years of practice offstage.”. 🙂

Willson Tan: able to perform at our best in a blessing because that inner potential is lies within each one of us…failing to utilize it only make the talent buried inside…


My other FB postings between 18 Sept 2017 and 24 Sept 2017

18 Sept 2017

DECIDING TO BE GOOD: There are individuals who seem to be so gifted that they’ll succeed in every endeavour that they embark on. They’re good at juggling workloads and have the golden touch. But I think the formula for success isn’t that different across different fields. When you are “good” at something, it just means that you’re better than many other people at that thing. These overachievers have learned what it takes to be better than most people, and they know how to apply the same methodology to new situations or initiatives. Their recipe is to cook up a storm of passion, persistence and well-crafted strategies. Everyone is capable of it, but what happens is most people simply decide they can’t be good at it and stop trying.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: When we put out hearts n souls into something ,it will nomally turn out successful . Same principle applies into all areas in our life , of course some people do have inborn talent like playing musical instruments , crafts , drawings etc , the important thing is we never stop learning n improving ourselves.

Emil Lee: Good morning and a cheerful day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb friends herein. In my opinion passion and hard works beat them all. Practice makes perfection rings a bell here. If you have a God given talent you have the edge.

Frankie David Chieng: The ultimate goal should be doing your best and enjoying it.
To achieve a goal of life get a clear vision of the end result… the elation, the satisfaction and the joy. The faith and passion of that ecstatic feeling will bring realisation to your goal .


19 Sept 2017

WHEN SPACE IS CLASS: It’s one of those rare occasions when I took the trouble to head for Malaysia Airline’s first class lounge before a flight. I won’t usually bother, either because it’s a bit out of the way or there isn’t much time before boarding or I just prefer to sit around and watch the world goes by. As expected, the food at the lounge wasn’t that great, service was slow and the few passengers I knew were politicians and prima donnas. I think what’s more important is what we get not on the ground but in the air. I love those jumbo jets on long flights, where the greatest luxury they offer you in the business or first class is space and privacy. The scarcest resource on a plane is footage, and it’s when we’ll realise every inch counts.


Selected followers’ comments:

Soo Min Vai: I was an ex crew… we have the luxuryyyy of double bunk beds way before they invented all those lavish room space.. hahahaha.. plane is one of the most uncomfortable place on earth to travel no matter what class!.. u r confine to just a small space even in first class…. for the next freaking 14 hours ..or more.. that sucks. Being a crew is slightly more fun cos u the plane is your playground.. u get to do stuff etc… so I don’t agree that space is luxury .. and travelling on a plane is not luxury…. butttt when we touch down in our much awaited destination for our much needed holiday ( not for work) .. in that moment its luxury.

Cherie Tan: When we have none, we yearn for more space. When we have space, we do something to keep the space appear smaller. Human always like contradiction😊

“Sometimes you have to go really high to understand how small you are.” – Felix Baumgartner

“He is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Krizian Lim: What I appreciate most for long flight is “Quiet Room” in Doha, Hamad International Airport, during transit. We don’t sleep well in the plane (in that awkward siiting position) but it’s the first time I could take a nap in “Quiet Room” during transit. A good rest is what I crave most for a long haul flight, more than anything else, be it food or service. 🙂


20 Sept 2017

POSITIVE PRESSURE: There’re times when big demands are made of us, and we’re required to achieve or overcome something difficult at work or in business, within a given timeframe. On bad days, I could find many things not going right all at once, or employees messing up crucial tasks, or major decisions made based on wrong input. I’m sure you’ve, at some stage of your life, experienced pressure and know exactly what it’s like. I think what’s important is to not let stress overcome us when we’re under pressure – that might mentally choke us. When we feel we’re under the gun, we should focus on the task, not the outcome, allowing us to overcome adversity step by step without worrying about the possible end-results in the meantime. For me, the creative juice somehow flows faster and freer. Pressure can become a positive force and motivating factor if we treat it as a challenge and not a life-or-death threat.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lily Mathews: We need a little stress to bring out the best in us. I love reading your posts, Mr Clement Hii. 😊 and a wonderful Good Morning to you.

Alice YokYuen Wong: Pressure is something that everyone faces in life.
During school days it’s the pressures of completing assignments and getting well prepared for a major examination. Later it’s the stress of getting employment. And then at the workplace it’s the pressure of meeting deadlines.
It’s challenging to encounter pressures but when you come out of it jubilant….ah…. that’s most rewarding. That’s positive pressure!
Good morning friends, don’t be overcome by taxing pressures. As long as we have breath there will be pressures. Just do your best and let God do the rest for whatever will be will be! As long as you have given your all then you can live life without regrets.

Molly Toh: Good Wednesday morning,Tan Sri Clement n to all my fb buddies here. At times,we do have negative thinking.Why things are not running smoothly, pressure from our daily lives,why,why why,we are not getting there.But all these,we need to challenge n have a positive thinking to makes us a better person.Now I m facing much much problems,but I highly hope n praying hard that they will go away soon n make me a happy person.Cheers,everyone, Smile n the whole world will Smile back.


21 Sept 2017

GOLD OR CRAP: People have the misconception that only rich people or bosses have the Midas touch. I think everyone, regardless of his trade or job scope, can turn everything they touch into pure gold. I’m talking about business people or employees who routinely deliver more than what’s expected of them, not those who deliver only the bare minimum, or worse, turn everything they touch into crap. My type of “Midas person” could be the driver who makes sure the car is air freshened daily, or the sales agent who calls a client not to make another sale but to ask if anything can be done to keep the fun experience going, or the secretary who ensures the boss’ desk and calendar are splendidly organised. I feel it’s just a matter of constantly thinking about the situation around us and actively improving it. The small things we do to put a smile on our stakeholders’ faces will determine if we have that golden touch.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Gold or crap,
Whether we’re told,
Or sold to be pricey,
Yet tricky to determine so;

Gold or crap,
Whether we’re valued,
Or devalued to be priceless,
Yet useless to mean more;

Gold or crap,
Whether we’re apple,
Or staple to be seen,
Yet unseen to polish so;

Gold or crap,
Whether we’re excellent,
Or turbulent to be stormy,
Yet rainy to drop off;

Gold or crap,
Whether we’re treasure,
Or pressure to be burst,
Yet cursed to face off;

Gold or crap,
Whether we’re nobody,
Or somebody to be appreciated,
Yet depreciated to scrap off.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “I think everyone, regardless of his trade or job scope, can turn everything they touch into pure gold”
– Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. Countless of humans has the golden midas touch in their chosen field, but the businessmen always put to front page, making the big news, whilst the others is unsung heroes with their midas touch. Don’t get me wrong, the unsung heroes with their midas touch, were well received by God the Creator, whilst the wealthy with their midas touch, had already rewarded in this planet. Opss! Not Hell or Heaven, i don’t condemn those rich or the poor people.

Most politicians, inform us that they has midas touch after they were voted into the office, but some how Malaysian politicians, were CRAP, most of them only after the POWER, FAME, MONEY and HONOR. The Federal Government, were stealing natural resources from states likes SABAH and SARAWAK, and never care their true Partnership.

Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Thursday


23 Sept 2017

THOSE SIMPLER DAYS: Congkak reminds me of those childhood games when we made do with whatever materials we had, as we weren’t born in the luxury of iPads, smartphones and Playstations. Congkak is played on a wooden block with two rows of holes, mainly with Malay friends. When we ran out of marbles, we used stones and sea shells. Games aside, we had lots of time to goof off with friends after school. Our parents let us roam in ways we wouldn’t let our kids roam today. Oftentimes, they didn’t know where we were or what we were up to, because they were too busy trying to make ends meet, as blue-collar workers. Modern kids do have advantages – better playthings, safer environment, and there’s the Internet. But I wouldn’t wish to trade my simpler childhood for theirs.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: Teaching the children from 3 years old to 6 years old the joy of fishing! Make kites or make trumpet from coconut leaves. Then took them to the klong or water canal n have fun. Mandi time! Or hose down to remove mud! N the communal bathing experience for the children! Worst is trying to catch them when they refuses to leave the padi pond! I end up cake with mud too!

Letchimy Kanan: Kids these days miss so much of such indoor and outdoor activities. I really pity them!

Teh Lawrence: I was more into playing the gasing or tops and for good reasons too as those were sold by dad in his shop – therefore free ! Then there was the ‘la la li tan prom’ and endless ‘ one two som’ . Those were the days my friend 🎷we thought they never end, we sing 🎶 and 💃🏻 dance …No, no trade offs for those things!


24 Sept 2017

SURVIVING BAD MOMENTS: There are times when we run into a harsh situation in life and wish that we’re better prepared to deal with it. I think there’s absolutely no way to prep anybody to explicitly respond, with military precision, to every possible event that could conceivably happen. But that shouldn’t stop us from reflecting on all the difficult moments we’ve encountered in the past, and how we could have dealt with them better. By learning from past experiences – and visualising all possible challenges we could potentially confront in the future – we could gain the confidence to make better decisions moving forward. When the time comes to face the real thing in the real world, we’ll be more prepared to calmly and positively handle difficult circumstances.


Selected followers’ comments:

Nancy Loh: As we age, Experiences, good or bad make us a more knowledgeable person. I think that’s why we often hear from the oldies the saying ” I eat salt more than you eat rice” 🤣

Philip Lim: Everyone does have a fair share of difficult moments in life be it in health, finance, career, relationship etc.
One good thing that can derive from these difficult moments is that we are able to know who our true friends are. There are people around us who are just known to be the devilish angels or the angelish devils (terms borrowed from a columnist) and whom we need to ignore in life and move on.

Kent Yee: A Beautiful Sunday, SMILE and be a blessing than blessed. Tan Sri, your advancement in to a greater height than survival into the future. Most have no chance to gain survival experienced or just green to stand against any storm in our economy or practices. The smooth sailing may result a storm is coming, those seriously aware but inexperienced are like the New Born without mum’s milk. What a fact that won’t change to gain. SMILE, a wonderful day ahead.