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Nobody deserves to be homeless. But it’s tempting to oversimplify the problem, which can be very complex. Take from my Facebook posting on 8 July 2017:

ABLE-BODIED BUT HOMELESS: There’re still too many people who’re homeless or in dire need of proper shelter. I saw a cluster of men, probably in their 40s & 50s, within KL city centre who make do with pavements to get through the night. My first impression was they were able-bodied & should just get a job. But the assumption that most homeless people are lazy can be wrong. I’m told while many are jobless, those who have jobs could still lose their homes or are unable to afford housing. The gov’t’s PR1MA homes are pretty out of their reach. As a community, there’s a lot that needs to be done to help the shelterless get off the streets. Being homeless is not something which anyone deserves or asks for.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alwin Yao: More Msians will lose jobs from retrenchment and new graduates are jobless soon. Later they will be homeless people too. This is one main reason that many people become poor to poorest.

Secondly more Developers focus to build more high end properties to enrich their directors and shareholders but they failed to think abt corporate social responsibilities in helping to build more affordable housing schemes for the Rakyat. Minority Rich people become richest now. This is the main reason Developer stock prices and REITS surged higher and highest soon. Invest in HCK stock gained higher capital appreciation and faster profits than current properties glut unrented and unsold now.

The state bodies like DBKL, PKNS and related GLC’s developers shld focus to develop more affordable housing schemes like PPR flats and PR1MA homes below RM100,000 each for poor income families earned below RM3K pm. ( For instance , I bought my first 900 sq ft apartment below RM50K with a graduate basic salary at $1200 pm in 80’s from DBKL but today new graduates’ basic salary is $2500 pm can’t buy an apartment below $400,000…so how?)

Lastly, poor governance, weak currency, corruptions, nepotism, abused power ,social problems, high inflation and etc are also biggest contribution to homeless people due to lack of initiative to improve the living standards of the Rakyat now…very SAD!!

( Latest Horrible news: BAT price continues to fall $56 to $42.26. BAT is closing down end 2017 and 230 employees will be retrenched..OMG!! 😭🔥😱🔥🙈🔥🙊 Stop Smoking!!)

More Global Factories In Malaysia Will All Shut Down By The End Of 2017….why?😱😭🔥

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Nur Ainee Muhammad: It always tug at our heartstrings when we see children also on the streets.
I always wonder if they will live out the rest of their adult lives on the streets too. I sometimes wish i can adopt one of them but I’m also afraid. Sometimes I also wish I can get one or two companies to help in any way they can. Food ..shelter .. education..
Im one person but I guess every little bit helps
You are right Tan Sri. We should not judge them as nobody wants to be in that position for whatever reason.


My other FB postings between 3 July 2017 and 9 July 2017:


3 July 2017

THE PLACE TO GROW: There’re some mornings when I would drink at the cafe at SEGi University and watch the students roam the campus grounds. I would wonder if they’re even aware how lucky they are, to be able to pursue tertiary education. My parents, like so many millions of poor families worldwide, couldn’t afford to send their children to university. I had to attend law school part-time as a working adult, many years later. On campus, the possibilities for discovery and growth are everywhere. It’s where you hone your analytical skills & expand your knowledge base. Most young people who know how to test their own boundaries will grow into the confident & spirited individuals they’re always meant to be.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: Those whose parents can barely afford it will be the one to be grateful for the opportunity to pursue the tertiary education while those whose parents can afford it will most probably take it for granted. Though this does not mean that all rich people children are ungrateful and poor people children are grateful type. There are and always will be exception depending on how well the parents educate their children at home as character building at home will determine the children future and how they handle situation in future.

“People grow through experience, if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is build.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Nothing is so sour that it can’t be sweetened by a good attitude.” – Woodrow Kroll

Andrew KH Hoo: Being born poor is indeed tough but if we are positive enough it does bring out the best in a person as poverty is a benchmark that we never want to go near it anymore. Many successful people today had once travel that path of poverty and learned great lessons from it. We cannot choose whether to be born poor or rich but we can make a difference in life by having the right attitude to make the best of one’s life.

Soo Min Vai: My parents couldn’t afford to put me through tertiary so I came out and work …first job as a flight attendant with MAS … see the world and landed a ground job as a sales exec and climb up the corporate ladder for 10 years and now pursuing my mba with segi and a full time wealth planner with prudential. We all have choices.. and we need to take full accountability for our own life and decisions we make. If I were to turn sour and turn against my parents for not providing the basic foundation of education for me I wouldn’t have taken the first step but just walk around like a sour puss and expect free hand outs … nothing is free in this world. U want it… go work harder than anyone else and go get it. Don’t be angry for what u have not work hard for… so that’s life. No short cuts


4 July 2017

SMOKE GETS INTO MY EYES: Everyone knows how dangerous cigarettes are to health, and yet society tolerates smoking. I personally find it a disgusting habit, and the smell is terrible. Still, I don’t discriminate against people who smoke. (It seems my bodyguards & drivers are heavy smokers, as they often bring the odour from their smoking, even done elsewhere, into my cars). Tobacco use is obviously a major cause of premature death & disease everywhere. 2nd hand smoke affects others and pollutes the air. My nasal sinus will start getting worked up whenever someone nearby lights up. Of course, I accept banning smoking is impossible, and might even cause chaos. But I still think more could be done to quell or reduce smoking. I’m unsure if you’re a smoker, but what do you think?


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: My late dad had a sundry shop in a village. Cigarettes n cigars were sold.
One day, when I was seven years old, he lined up each cigarette of each brand and the cigars including the hand rolled ones. He told me to take a puff of each. I did . I puffed n coughed, puffed & coughed. Then dad said ” nothing to be curious about now. don’t try ever again”. And I did not ever again.
I even dislike people who comes into lifts , not ‘smoking’ , but carrying a lighted cigarette and pretended that all is fine.
In restaurants with non smoking signs all over , the die hards will still smoke as if to tell you they have as much rights to die than you to live .
Honestly in Malaysia we have good policies for many things. The problem is always with implementing and enforcing. But for smoking I must be fair and say it’s getting a bit better now than before. People are slowly acknowledging the rights of non smokers.

Kp Fong: I was a smoker for 32 years. I find it annoying when everytime I light up, people around started to show gestures like staring, in my mind “hey, I got right to smoke too”……well, 6 years ago for whatever the reason not known to me, I just stop smoking, no lozenges, no cold shower, no urge. My tastebuds are back and from that moment onwards, I finally realised the smell of cigarettes are so unbearable.

Tuck Meng Choong: I cannot tolerate the smoke too. Used to have management meetings where all of them smoked (it was before smoking was discouraged), and I was subjected to second-hand smoke constantly …. but never felt the urge to take up smoking.


5 July 2017

THE TREES ARE DYING: I still meet many Peninsula Malaysians who haven’t been to Malaysian Borneo. The cities aside, Sabah & Sarawak will be fascinating for anyone who share a love for plants, wildlife & adventure. As a young journalist decades back, I explored many remote locations in the interior for human-interest stories. The rainforest is said to be many millions years old, there’re hundreds of species of flora, and both natives & wild animals continue to roam the jungles. But the timber trade has flattened many areas, no thanks to the many timber tycoons (and I happen to know a few). Old habitats die hard, but they still die, unless the felling of trees is drastically reduced.


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung: You are able to write on such a wide variety of topics, Tan Sri. But I notice you don’t talk about politics at all. To be on the safe side? Hehe! And your followers are increasing in great numbers by the day. I notice, coming to 2.5 million!!

Beng Lin Lee: Never been to Sarawak but been to Sabah. Guess it is the cost of a return air ticket which was a deterence then and lack of publicity on the attractions of East Malaysia. Also the inconvenience of carrying our passport between East and West Malaysia. With more publicity and felling of our forest we no longer hear Westerners asking us whether we still live on the trees. Yes we need to protect our forest as we can feel the temperature rising and more flash floods occuring.

Alice YokYuen Wong: Good morning Tan Sri. Ah….your topic is on Trees today…
Everyday in the name of development, our jungles are being raped barren. What a pity! Without the consistency of governmental control, the felling of tees all over the world is resulting in global warming.
I love trees!
Trees always fascinate me. Having spent my growing up years in rubber estates environment but now 40+ years working in the city, I see “concrete” trees only! Somehow wherever I go, abroad or locally, I can’t resist taking photos amongst trees. It’s the greenery plus the wide branches providing the shades that exudes a calming effect on me.
Tan Sri, your Borneo of the World photo is really beautiful. I haven’t been to East Malaysia but I had hiked the hills and visited the caves of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Jeju Island, as well as the Bamboo Forests of Japan. I can only vouch that trees are a very essential part of our nation’s landscape. We hope and pray that the authorities will act more forcefully on this aspect.


6 July 2017

BEING GENEROUS WITH OUR TIME: We’re taught since young that helping people is the right thing to do. Random acts of kindness can change a person’s life in some cases. Over the years, I believe I’ve given more than my fair share of unconditional help in various forms, to relatives, friends and even strangers. As I grow older, I start to feel that perhaps I should stop being over-generous, at least with my time, which’s a precious commodity. People used to invite me out for coffee to “pick my brains” on business matters. They went rummaging through my head, sometimes for hours, without even a “thank you” later. (I often ended up paying for the coffee too). People will exploit you if you allow them to. We won’t have the time for all & sundry, only those who deserve our time.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: By writing a meaningful post everyday, you are giving part of your precious time away to your readers, unconditionally. Thank you, Tan Sri, I am one of the close to 2.5m people who like and follow this page.

When we gift our time and attention away, we are giving others part of us that we can never recover. Yes, do small kindness whenever possible, we never know, sometimes a small act of kindness means the world to others and may even aspire them to change their lives.

Time is a commodity too precious to waste on people who doesn’t deserve it, especially those who tend to drain our energy away and those who thought they have great ideas to share, (but we just don’t think alike). Be a little “selfish”, love ourselves more, spare the energy for self and people who derserve it more.

Josephine Morris Enchana: Good morning, Tan Sri. Your writing religiously early in all the mornings and observing myraid characters around you reminds me of Jeffery Archer when he was incarcerated. There were times when he felt indignant and frustrated by circumstances to the point of hopelessness but he kept writing his diaries and short stories every morning starting at 5.30 am without fail.

Kpo Junnie: This is a fact of life. We learn as we grow. Being exploited by those we have helped is a very good lesson learned. At times it is hard to say no. Whatever happened do not regret helping others. If we are exploited for our kindness just believe that we must have owed them somewhere along our life and it will not hurt so much but definitely no regrets.


7 July 2017

HE WANTS THINGS DONE YESTERDAY: My colleague Datuk Mohamed Azahari Kamil will shortly move on to assume leadership of F&B giant QSR, which operates KFC & Pizza Hut outlets in the country & makes about RM300 millions in nett profits a year. As President & Executive Director of SEGi University & Colleges, he has spearheaded many new initiatives & helped to extend market reach for our institution. Even before he joined my team, I’d known Datuk Azahari for many years, during his tenures as CEO of Amanahraya & later, Asian Finance Bank. I consider him a great friend to have, a go-getter and an intellectual elite. (He will remain as SEGi director & corporate advisor). The guy’s always brimming with ideas & enthusiasm, and his staff know he wants things done yesterday. Doers like him can easily beat their peers on both brains & heart.


Selected followers’ comments:

Azahari Kamil: Tan sri . Tq for your kind words. I am what I am today is because of your leadership and wisdom. I am honoured to have serve you as my boss and I am not shy to say that you have been my inspiration and motivation for my success. Your support and most of all the team we had in segi have made me a success. The team at Segi both from operations and academic are excellent people who are a source of my encouragement. Tq Tan sri and Segi management and staff who have been instrumental for the success of segi. I am merely part of the team that make the impossible possible. Tq to all my colleagues and friends at segi for making my experience at segi a joy and memorable one. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Can you please ask Datuk Azahari to give out KFC and Pizza Hut vouchers to your loyal FB friends? :p Or perhaps, we can hold our “fan club meet TS Clement Hii” session in one of his outlets. While at it, the two of you can share stories of your corporate journeys then!

Michael Peter Goviind: Late today we are organising a political event in Sabah. Will use Your Quote On “…wants things done yesterday. .” Tq


9 July 2017

DON’T HOLD ONTO ANYTHING TOO TIGHTLY: Everything has an end. Your life, my life, our wealth or possessions, and even some friendships. It’s said that the universe is born from nothing, and one day, it’ll become nothing. We shouldn’t hold onto anything too tightly because nothing is permanent. In life, we must be ready to give up on some people and many things. For entrepreneurs, they might have to give up businesses they’re passionate about, either for the right price or when they couldn’t take the losses. Whatever your situation is at the moment, it’ll also change. There’s no need to be arrogant when things go your way, or be depressed when times are hard. Quite simply, nothing lasts forever.


Selected followers’ comments:

Betty Bigai: The tighter you hold the faster it go. Speaking from own experience the daughter that I loved, dotted and cherished so much eventually left me at the age of 22yrs. The day she died I felt that my world was crumbled into pieces and life had no meaning for me. Until now the blow is still unbearable..

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Nothing is permanent,
It does come and go,
What can be preserved,
No other than memory,
Perceived to be in existence,
As if we’re still attached;

Something is permanent,
It’s about experience and knowledge,
What can be conserved,
No other than story,
Conceived to be in coexistence,
Even if we’re detached;

Don’t hold onto anything,
Too tightly until suffocating,
Things have their nature,
When time comes,
They’re mature,
In their ordinary expectation;

Don’t hold onto anything,
Too tightly till stifling,
People have their destiny,
When fate arrives,
They’re ushered,
Back to their original.