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Many people think that money is the sole factor that motivates people to scale greater heights. This is not always the case. Taken from my Facebook posting on 11 July 2018:

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU IN LIFE? You’ll be surprised to know that most people have no idea what motivates them in life. They have no inkling why they’re doing the things they do each day. The average person wakes up in the morning because he has to go to work, in order to get paid, so that he can pay his bills. Herein lies the problem: if it’s only about earning a living, we’ll never have a real motivation in life. It’s only when we’re pursuing our dreams that we’ll feel energised and are raring to go all the time. I think money’s only a means to an end. People want bigger cars and other luxuries because they want to feel and look good. It’s really about a sense of accomplishment. Former PM’s spouse, DS Rosmah M, might have in her possession all those cash and bags, but did she feel fulfilled deep within? People may get rich, legitimately or otherwise, but their life could be anything but satisfying. I think we’re in fact motivated by the desires within us, not by the smell of money out there.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ab Salim: Through reading (and practising) about health and martial arts since young, I learned of Chinese philosophy of life, i.e. we must take care of ourselves first, then we must take care of our society. Though having problems in life, I learned that helping others uplift my spirit and outlook towards life. Nowadays, I volunteer for the Blinds (and other disableds as well), while maintaining my healthy lifestyle i.e. no smoking, no alcohol drinking, healthy eating and regular exercise, plus religious activities. Yes, my purpose in life is to help those less fortunate than I am. By motivating them, I am also motivated and be positive.

Lawrence Lee: I absolutely agree with you Tan Sri Clement HiiI. Having been through the path of health journey, starting 25+ years ago, I’ve learnt that the purpose of our existence is to uplift humanity. Acquisition of wealth is not a bad thing, but if done in a manner that harms others would be against the cosmic law. Also, what does one do with the wealth? Is a portion is used for philanthropic purposes. Many aspire to attain the higher echelons of society, some will be lost in their own self-serving agendas, some will contribute back to society. Last year, I asked a young person who wanted very much to study medicine why she wanted to pursue that, she could not give me a convincing reason. If the pursuit has been for the status and money, that is misguided. Not everyone is destined for riches in life, there are many who are just content with what they have and still share positive energies. The benchmark by which the society use to measure success is wrong. Years ago, I watched a documentary “The Beautiful Minds”. That shifted my views of people who are deemed as abnormal (autistic, introverts, etc). Mad scientists are typical introverts, they are in their own worlds. Without them, we don’t have the huge breakthroughs. They don’t rely just on their left brains, ironically, it is the intuitive side that led to the “discoveries”. Back to the point of our purpose in life, many of us play different roles, not everyone is meant for the route of wealth and riches, but that does not deter us from a purposeful life.

Emil Lee: Good morning and a beautiful day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my platform buddies herein. My dream is to travel and see the world in my mellow years but unfortunately I could not wake up to work on my dreams. Other obligatory responsiblities has take toll on my dreams and I have to appreciate the blessings that is at hand as I believe that every cloud has its silver linning. The world is beautiful to see whether it is in its gloom or gleam, it depends on yourself alone.


My other FB postings between 9 July 2018 and 15 July 2018:

9 July 2018

WHEN TRADE & FRIENDSHIP FLOURISH: Foreign investors became jittery in the weeks after the new Harapan government took over, due to fear of policy changes. Many of my associates from China now want a clearer picture of the new political and business climate. My Group has a couple of mega deals with Chinese partners who have hit the “pause button” but I’m confident the private projects, based strictly on merits, will proceed when confidence in our economy and the new regime builds up. On the education front, we’ve in fact made greater progress, with the Chancellor of Shangdong Jiatong University, Mdm Sun Xiuli and her delegation recently agreeing to new academic collaborations. I’m sure the strong business ties and friendship between Malaysia and China will continue to flourish, as bilateral trade hits RM100 billion per annum. Many of our parents migrated from China, and in fact those extremists not too long ago were asking Malaysian Chinese to “return to China.” It’s almost like we’re inextricably intertwined.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: It will take a while for us to forget the statement “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” (What else do the Chinese want?) made in the past when what all Malaysians want is a clean, progressive and prosperous Malaysia. Nothing more, nothing less.

Frankie David Chieng: It’s unbecoming of ministers or politicians to call on particular community to return to their ancestral homeland. It just shows their capability deficit to govern and administer. As international trade increases friendship between countries flourish. Prospering trades always enhance relationship. May the new Malaysian government continue to implant good trades polices and fair governance to it’s multi racial society. Monday a great awakening to all buddies.

Andrew Chan: China is now fast becoming the leading world economy n to ignore her will be sheer foolishness. Many non Chinese parents are now sending their kids to Chinese schools n with good foresights. Even my youngest son remarked lately he will pick up the language soon after his SPM this year. Cheers to embracing of progress n openness. Pray this PH Federal Gov’t known as the New M’sia Gov’t is truelly be what their supporters hope for ie pragmatism as the hallmark n not dogmatism. UEC should high time be recognised for entry into local universities n the Civil Service. M’sia must transcends the race n religious divide to be truelly united n progressive.


10 July 2018

TRUST THE POLITICIANS? YOU MUST BE KIDDING! Is it any surprise that politicians are the least trustworthy institution in Malaysia? Centre for a Better Tomorrow (CENBET) in a survey found only 16% of those polled trusted them. The average citizen feels the crucial attribute of honesty is sorely missing in our politicians. CENBET (I’m founding chairman of its board of governors) conducted the polls before the 9/5 elections. Why can’t politicians be trusted? There might be myriad reasons, but the common gut feel is that politicians lie – about things substantive and trivial. They count on followers who believe their lies, even in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. They think if they repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. I’m hopeful if the same survey were to be done now, with a new crop of leaders in place, the trust level would be better than the paltry 16%. Do we need better politicians or do we need to better appreciate the ones we have?


Selected followers’ comments:

A fine Tuesday morning as the sun lighted up the cloudy sky and calm breeze blowing the cool and refreshing of the morning. A good beginning of the day and SMILE.
Trust is to earn with much repect and apparently with much appreciation.
But, i think the society is to be blamed for just trusted those involvement with politicians. At least whenever they let us down, their leader should have at least let known some action over those who lie about then allowing to get out of the hook without much regrets just because most of us are fast to forget over the calm smooth sailing over trouble water.
That is nothing worst, to inherit such ancient Tidak Apa attitude rules as it doesn’t matter at all that is not me. Many selfishness endlessly supported their best politicians who help them regardless of trust or lies. Transformation of trusted politicians or self gained is within the society approval. SMILE.

Rose Kho: Good morning Tan Sri
“Trust the politicians”
Not at all. Most of the talk talk, promise after promise but never materialize. Just like in Sarawak. During campaigning, promise heaven & earth, end of the day, they are all deaf.
Yes, can say that public is always the foolish ones to have voted for certain good talking politicians.

Teh Lawrence: The first lie told caused the guilty conscience mind to react. The second one becomes easier. After that telling lies is like singing a song.
As there is no perfect company there will not be a perfect government. Democracy allows one to make his choice now or in the future.
We have not even hit the 100 days yet after the takeover of government. Because of our past experience with the old one we are a little impatient with the new . Rome takes a while to be built. Some people didn’t do it in 60 yrs.
There will be mistakes made. Wrong decisions sometimes as would be made by humans. Let’s give hope a chance. It’s hope in everything else that keeps us going.


12 July 2018

OUR LEARNING MOMENTS IN LIFE: The initial batches of students at the tiny college I took over almost 2 decades ago were working adults who weren’t too fussy about the sparse facilities but were more concerned about lecturer quality. I myself had graduated with a law degree at age 35 while running a F&B business. I didn’t enter legal practice but it was the start of a love affair with lifelong learning. Trying to learn something new each day can be challenging and fun. Most people unfortunately think that learning is for schoolchildren, and out in the “real” world, there’s no time for such “trivial” matters – there’s serious work to be done! But we’ll meet with learning moments every day, ranging from the simple to the complex. I step into a lift, and I wonder how it works. An employee throws a tantrum, and I’m curious about the psychological aspects of it. Learning helps us make more informed decisions and fuels our creativity – and it certainly makes us more interesting to others. The more we learn, the more we’ll realise how little we know.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “The more we learn, the more we’ll realise how little we know”
-Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. Our wisdom and understanding of things in this MISERY and MYSTERY of Creation, certainly can only be meaningful by non stop learning and practice the profound ideas to live the life to the fullest. Cheers another sweet gorgeous Thursday

Jeffrey Cheah Kwet Hiong: Tan Sri, I have been waiting for the right time for you to post a topic/ a subject or an article that I can articulate on the subject which I will have something authoritative to say about on that subject and which I can comment on and which you can authenticate! Tan Sri, on this subject of private education and tuition centre, I can arrogantly and at the same time humbly say, I am in quite a unique position to talk about!
I was one of the pioneers as an academic and professional to play a role in the private education sector!
I started to be involved in private education when I graduated from the University of Malaya in the late 60s!
At that time there were 3 major private education Institutes cater for the Arts stream students, namely Goon Institution, Stamford College and Vanto Academy!
The founder of Stamford was Elias Periera, Goon was one Goon Koon Leong and Vanto Academy was by the two brothers Varghese and Antony!
I was a friend of Antony!
In 1970 , Malaysia just experienced the infamous May 13 of the racial riots which as a result prompted the Razak government to introduce the National Economic and Education Policy to correct the imbalance of the economic cake which was biased and favour the Chinese!
Starting in 1970 quota system was introduced in the public education system to give more opportunities for Malay students to get into higher education as a result many non Malays could not get into government school doing Form 6!
Thus many Form 5 leavers sought places in Stamford, Goon and Vanto!
I, then being a graduate in Economics have ample choice to pick from these three Institution!
My friend, Antony had invited me to join his Academy but I felt it was never a good policy to work for a friend who would be my boss if I joined him! Basing on that reasoning, I joined Goon because the boss was Chinese! Ten years later with Goon, I was offered a partnership and that was history!
Goon was booming in the 1970s and the early 80s!
Its success in the private education sector drew many new comers, the first one was Systematic Business Centre, the forerunner of SEGi University & Colleges which is now the flagship of Tan Sri!
Systematic was founded by three young men, one a Malaysian who graduated from the University of Singapore and worked for Systematic in Singapore!
He recruited two of our Goon Institute graduates to start Systematic KL!
Systematic within the first few years of its establishment was a threat and a predator to Goon!
After Systematic came KDU (Kolej Damansara Utama), Informatics, INTI, Prime College, HELP and Sedaya which is now UCSi.
Of course in the 70s, in the country there were FIT (Federal Institute of Technology) which catered for poorer Form Five school-leavers who were not so academically inclined but towards hard and technical skill!
Then we had Taylor College which catered for the richer and affordable group who eyed for overseas studies like in Australia especially and UK!
Many of the aforesaid founders have faded away through the passing away or through retirement, saved the founders of HELP and UCSi, Dato Paul Chan and Dato Peter Ng respectively!
Surprisingly, one by the name of Clement Hii suddenly came into the private education scene outshined people whom I personally know such as Dato Dr Paul Chan of HELP, Dato’ Peter Ng of UCSI and Dato’ Seri Kee Yong Wee of Prime College!
Before I became a fan of TSCH in this platform I thought he must be the son of a billionaire timber tycoon as I could not imagine how an unknown player with the name of Clement Hii became the majority owner of SEGi University and Colleges!
After reading his articles and postings I have come to know he started with a humble beginning!
I do know of people who started as tuition centre operators and became edupreneur, one of which is one Dato MS Tan, he started with a tuition centre and then became the owner of Metropolitan College which twinned with RMIT, Australia!
I have observed he did very well but what happened later, his Metropolitan was absorbed by INTI!
The original founder of INTI has also cashed out from the education scene!
Looking at events over the last 40 plus years, I have seen the rise and fall of many private education players!
Tan Sri, I really salute you for your ” brilliance”, your capability and your capacity to navigate your Institution to be one of the leading ones in this country, knowing that you started with such a humble beginning!


13 July 2018

WHEN DISTRACTION IS GOOD: We sometimes get up on the wrong side of the bed. And as the day drags on, our mood starts to fade even more. There’re days when I look at my work schedule and feel that life’s all about rushing from one obligation to another. We get cranky for the slightest reasons, and added to that, we’ve to deal with the irritating behaviour of people we see as unreasonable. I’ve figured out that distraction is a quick-fix when we start to get the blues. A VVIP recently kept me waiting for an hour, and I was stuck with a few annoying guests the other day. On both occasions, I took out my iPad to do drafts for future FB postings, and then made surprise phone calls to distant friends. When we distract ourselves from the small annoyances, we create room for the good mood to shine through.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: My husband is good at using the power of distraction. Whenever he senses a conversation may lead to eruption of volcano, he will divert the topic of the conversation, quickly, naturally and skillfully. Success rate is 98%! 😉

Alice YokYuen Wong: Caught up in the mundane routines of work, distractions are sometimes welcome.
Like I am in the midst of a financial year-end closing now and my mind is full of thoughts of the umpteen entries yet to take up to ensure the accounts are prepared properly for audit, the distractions of some hot news is indeed a channel to relieve my stressful mind.
Work never ends but we are stuck with it to supply our daily needs. So if we have nothing but the thoughts of meeting deadlines then living becomes a chore. So listening to colleagues chit chatting over trivial matters while engrossing on our jobs can be a good form of distraction.
Happy Friday everyone, we have the World Cup finals to “distract” us this weekend so enjoy the France vs Croatia showdown.😀😀

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: But we are already easily distracted! We got debt of RM1 trillion (supposedly) and our education system needs major overhaul. But little things like dress code, etc make us focus our attention wrongly. How to be a developed country like this?


14 July 2018

WHAT’S NATURAL & WHAT’S NOT: You may not even realise it, but what comes naturally to you doesn’t necessarily come naturally to other people. I believe we all have innate talents and abilities which make certain tasks easier than others. I’ve met people who play musical instruments flawlessly, have supernatural memory, or able to create great designs effortlessly. In fact, for a long time, I thought there was nothing I was specifically good at doing. Later, I realised I was OK with a pen, and my branding sense had helped my businesses. I’ve friends who can make friends with everyone and anyone, and it’s not something they’ve practised on, but something they’ve always been good at. I on the other hand have always struggled with widening my social network. There’s no question we can all improve in different areas and acquire new skills. But it’ll take great efforts to do something well if we don’t have a natural inclination for it. I dance like an elephant and I’m hopeless at remembering names and numbers. Do you know what comes naturally to you?


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning all.
What comes naturally to us. The first thing l can think of is motherhood. From cooking, cleaning and mothering it all comes naturally to a mother. Between career and home or both depends on which is our priority is on the women.
To me what I like, love to do, wish or wanted to do is not so important, l choose home. What comes or have been thrown on my way, able to handle and gave my very best.

Susan Quat: I am more of a good listener than a talker but but when meeting someone either young or old l can carry on a conversation with them , even strangers . Cooking too I can dish out something that is nice even on first attempt ( simple dishes ) . I don’t like numbers so language and writing , are what I can say I do enjoy doing . It’s true certain things come naturally but for others , it is an acquired skill .

Khoo Kah Hin: I am naturally honestly naughty and have a flair for mathematics. Failed all my subjects in primary school except mathematics which I always scored top marks. In Form Five I performed well in Pure Science subjects and came out to work in a chemical plant which suited my naughtiness. Naughtiness has creativity creativity that keeps on the edges despite the 3D works. Few dare to work in 3D job in the ‘70 but now no local takers, only foreign employees. Perhaps, life is your own adventure as you go with natural talents in exposure, experience and first job entry.


15 July 2018

SHARK FIN SOUP UNDER ATTACK: The recent online outrage sparked by a video of a shark being kept in a KL restaurant’s aquarium reminded me of an occasion when my Aussie guest declined a bowl of shark fin soup at a dinner I hosted. I must admit I was grossly insensitive by asking (jokingly) if his action was of any help, as the shark had already been killed. He felt I was right in a way, but his decision not to eat shark fin could encourage others to follow suit. The dish is a coveted Chinese delicacy and is symbolic of affluence. Much of the flavour comes from the broth while the fin itself is tasteless. I’m not a big fan, but I’ll go along with the crowd if it’s on the dinner menu. A friend has since punched a hole in my argument that not eating shark fins won’t help those still alive in the seas. He said by eating the shark, we’ve created a space to be filled by another fin, and that piece will come from another shark to be killed for its fin.


Selected followers’ comments:

Doris Wong: I don’t like sharks, esp after the movie, Jaws. I love sharkskin soup. Some years ago when it was trendy to say NO to sharkfin soup, my then teenage daughter was posting a spread at dinner with sharkfin soup…lo and behold, people she doesn’t know on FB blasted her for partaking it! Come on! We were guests at a wedding, for goodness sake! And what do you say to those taking porcupine’s bile? It too was cruelly killed for its bile. I don’t condone cruelty but I also don’t critique for its sake.

Ong Phaik Kim: To eat or not to eat.

It was never a problem until the release of the ferocious china 1.2 billion (?) populace descend on us!

They eat everything till extinction! Moderation is the way to go!

Education is a slow process! I keep telling them to tapau n not waste!

Recently the bill at noble house for 2 tables came up to 5k!

Unfinished food I told the waitresses to pack! Took back to bus!

Advise the leader to cancel the oversea Restaurant dinner that I had book earlier with the , sir, still got so much food left Lei! Don’t waste.

At the end took them to wong ah Wah n get them to finish their leftover lunch! N order some new dishes!

They over order all the time! From having nothing to become wasteful!

Our action reflects our country! Have to evoke their inner pride to do the right thing! From Restaurant to at airport! Mine q orderly.

Some will asked me, are you the volunteer? Helping tourists to check in? No! I am the tourist guide, I help my group check in! Sometime others whom were abandoned by their guide n tl because sale no good! When you are slave to money. You loss your sense of humanity! n job responsibilities towards your charge!

With new found wealth comes with new responsibilities or irresponsibilities?

Quah Poh Lin: I have stopped eating shark fin soup for a very long time. I believe that is at least the little effort that I could do even to make a difference.