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In the charity home run by the Hiichiikok Foundation, we not only provide a roof over the heads of the children, but also make sure they learn crucial life lessons, such as not wasting food. Taken from my Facebook posting on 22 Apr 2017:

WHAT THEY LEARN AT THE FARM: The children from the home run by Hiichiikok Foundation were recently taken for a tour of greens at a Rawang farm. There, they saw the hard labour that had been put into the planting & harvesting of crops. Our manager Diana Ooi used the chance to tell them to never waste food. The homeless kids under our care are given good education, love and are very well-fed. But it’s never too early to also teach them the hard facts of life, like the massive food waste around us. It’s a global shame of great proportion, and yet everybody is waiting for somebody else to take action.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: Nowadays many bakeries when they closed at the end of the day are giving away their unsold breads to the homeless , orphanage or the old folks home rather than throwing them away . Same goes for eateries , restaurants n those in the food business, this helps to prevent food wastage. At home too young children should be taught to finish their meals and being grateful that they don’t have to feel hunger .

KK Aw: I see a lot of city folks here who have never worked on a farm. Plants take their own time to grow, and it is not easy to speed it up. The dirt that people despise, is nutrients to the plants. If the vegetables are not harvested in time, it can all go to waste.

It is etched into my memory, to see a field of chili, all matured and ready to be harvested. My cousin decided that we will harvest it the next morning. That night there was a thunderstorm. It was a devastating view for me to see the chili crop completely destroyed. If only…

Latha Ravindran: Good morning to all my FB friends here. Values learnt at a young age will stick with us for a life time. We should teach kids to not waste food at home. Many kids around the world are deprived of food. Lets inculcate good values and practice them.


My other FB postings between 17 Apr 2017 and 23 Apr 2017:

17 Apr 2017

THE CREAM OF THE CROP; Before they flew off to America last week, we got together for some light banter. Dabraj Sing, Eizaz Azhar and Navein Naidu are doing the last lap of their MBA program. I’ve no doubt these bright young men will make it in life, with the top-notch education they’re getting at MIT, coupled with their passion to succeed. When you’re among the cream of the crop, chances are you’ll eventually rise to the top, like the cream poured into your coffee. A talented person can’t go unnoticed for long.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: We wish all these soon to be MBAs the very best. Make Malaysia proud. Chase your dreams. Be mindful of the people who helps to get you there. It’s just the beginning. But you have what people in the stock market say – strong fundamentals. Just continue to enhance them.
Salute you guys for making it this far! Cheers.

Eizaz Azhar: Always a great pleasure to catch up with you sir! Thank you for your time and mentorship

Emil Lee: Good morning and a cheerful day to you Tan Sri Clement and all my fb mates herein. Diamond will sparkle once they are polished there is no doubt about that.


18 Apr 2017

KEEP IT SHORT: As time passes, I realise that I’ve begun to appreciate the short & sweet things in life. Short naps, short flights, short waits for food or Google searches. Naturally, this preference is creeping into my work & daily routines. Short meetings, short speeches, maybe also shorter postings on Facebook. Gonna be fun.


Selected followers’ comments:

Raveendran Subramaniam: Well, despite advances in modern day medicine, nutrition, healthcare, knowledge and what have you, the average life span of man as a species is reported to be shortening too. This especially so in cities, no thanks to modern day life style diseases.I will leave it to one to ponder as to what that means. Not going to take away the thunder there, frightening though its reality may be. And to make it worst, it has already been established that Man’s attention span is even shorter than that of Goldfish. So now we are even worst than fish. There goes Goldfinger!

Andrew KH Hoo: “2get and 2give” creates many problems. So, just double it…….”4get and 4give” solves many problems. How true indeed as in life it is better to hold fond memories than to have bitterness of unforgiveness.

Krizian Lim: Just yesterday, i reminded myself to keep things simple, focus on the essential – people that matter most to us, things that we passionate about.

Yes, keeping it short and simple. Focus on the essential. Thanks for another reminder


19 Apr 2017

THE FINAL TALLY: I’ll be amused, rather than flattered, each time someone tells me I’m a successful person (or tycoon, etc). That’s because I believe success is a journey, not a destination. It can be temporary, and the final tally only comes in when we’re done with life & living. If you want to stay “successful”, I won’t recommend that you rest on your laurels or take your eye off the ball (or the screen). The moment we lose our edge, we might become a has-been.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: The fear of losing wealth, power n fame is real for many. It’s all boils down to personality n how one look at life in totality. Life on this earth is but temporary. Material wealth, fame n accolates r but temporary also. What’s important is satisfaction n contentment. Be amongst those who r blessed with wealth, fame, power n respect n be able to play supervisory/ advisory roles once age is catching up. Politicians n business folks who have such attributes r living an abundant life n left behind living legacies impacting many lifes.

Mustaffa Kamal Haji Omar: Cant agree more….comfort Zone its a nice idea named…but it werent to be a lasting impression….been there done that and still though in a quicksand….the more you move…the more sucker you be….need some gesture from some good soul….to give me a hand…lift me up….kindness anyone…

MarknJo Ang: Success is a very controversial topic. Can mean different things to different people
Whatever the success lies in. It has to give a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling I have achieved what I set out to accomplish. A personal satisfaction. Most of all a feeling of fulfilment
Reminds me of an interview I heard over the radio. A son wanted to convey his grateful thanks and tell the whole world what a great woman she was. It was a Mother’s Day greeting.
His widowed mother was a rubber who educated her children (can’t remember 7 or 8 ) despite all odds ,each one became a professional. Among them a surgeon,a lawyer graduate teacher and so on
That is a beautiful success story


23 Apr 2017

THE HAPPY DOERS: Some people seem to be naturally and perpetually cheerful & happy. But there’re others who would swing between happiness & depression. I’ve noticed that the happy folks are the doers. It’s the “thinkers” who spend too much time dwelling on the past and contemplating on the possible future. While they sit there, musing & not acting, it takes a toll on their present. Their inaction may lead to a feeling of worthlessness.


Selected followers’ comments:

Syed Kach AlHabshee: During an interview, I was asked what will happen if I do not get the job. By that time, I know that I will not get it.

My answer is ‘Life will have to move on.’ I did not regret.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Some people are thinking too much,
To the extent that they’re called thinkers,
Dwelling on the past,
And contemplating on the possible future;

Some people are doing too much,
To the fullest that they’re blind and blinded,
Doing and just doing,
Without thinking why and how to do;

The happy doers,
They’ve no many things to think,
If they’re to think,
They just think shallow in silo;

We need both thinkers and doers,
In our own reality of circumstances,
Ensuring that we’re thoughtful,
Of every step to be taken care of;

We need pragmatism,
Putting right conceptualisation,
Into right contextualisation,
Making things happen or else we’re dampened;

Whether we’re happy doers,
Or happy thinkers,
We’re to have equalisers;
Of both strategy and execution.


21 Apr 2017

THE ART OF BUSINESS: I grew up thinking art was all about paintings. Then I got into business and realised that I have to behave more like a driven artist rather than a driven entrepreneur. We have to learn the rules of the game and then, like an artist, create new lines & contours to the landscape. Whether it’s education, media or property development, I find we have to use our creativity to the utmost, to create things that people need & want. It’s a matter of art, and whether we choose to use a crane or a pen.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: Very true, Tan Sri. To be successful in whatever we are doing, creative and critical thinking is very much needed. Something that is given much focus in our school curriculum today but without much success.

Choon Pin Yoong: Many cookbooks provide recipes and describe in detail, step by step how the cooking is done. Vivid photos of the dish and ingredients accompany too.
So everyone can cook like Yan can cook?
If cooking is a science, then the food franchises are run by scientists using a proven formula.
But cooking has to be an art that only one’s mother knows best how to please her fastidious child.
Business, like war, needs brilliant generals to plan the coup de grace. It’s the insights borne from wide experience and honed with perfect intuition.
Science is for mass circulation and production. Art is for perfection.

Frankie David Chieng: Everything under the sun has its limitations. Check and balances need to put into place into activities where human treads. Country needs Constitutions and Rules of Laws and justice. Human needs to be free and constrained to bear responsibilities of what they do. The trend seems to tell us the more man enjoy power and riches they would imagine themselves are gods and demand blind loyalty. Let our wisdoms and creativities flourish the peace, harmony and just atmosphere in our society.


23 Apr 2017

THE OLDEST ARE THE BEST: In our WhatsApp group chat, a few ex-classmates are rallying for another reunion. I think it’s long overdue, as the last one was in 2014 or 2015. It’s always good to once in a while, get detached from our present hectic life and revisit the slower pace of days gone by. With our material possessions, the newest are usually the best. With friends, the oldest are always the best. While we’ve to be smart to thrive in our businesses or careers, it’s only with old friends that we can afford to be stupid.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tuck Meng Choong: It’s true that we can really be ourselves with old school friends. It is amazing how 5 or 6 years of school friendship can be worth much more than 30 years of being work colleagues.
But there are some school friends who have changed and choose to remain aloof and are afraid of appearing ‘stupid’ as they have to maintain a certain air and decorum at their level of social standing. These old friends eventually do not get invitations to reunions.

Su Kiang Heng: Couldn’t agreed more. The only thing we can afford to be stupid is our old GOOD friend because they will not take advantage on us. Today’s world/ businesses became nasty as everyone busy looking for money. Finding every possible way to make money by compromising on important value like integrity.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “With friends the oldest are always the best”
-Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. Reunion with old friends, especially that we had together from childhood to adults and not been intouch for many many years due to commitment and hundreds/thousand miles apart, is really fantastic and can’t wait to look forward the next reunion. The jokes, the silly stupid, that had been done during the teens, was the main conversation and that alone will rekindle our soul and spirit of good friendship. Cheers, another fantastic gorgeous Sunday.