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Some people believe horoscopes determine their fate. And then there are also those who don’t believe in the alignment of stars, choosing instead to take fate into their own hands. Taken from my Facebook posting on 20 June 2017:

IT’S NOT IN THE STARS: We walked the same path but we wore different shoes. Fellow SEGi board member Dato’ Amos Siew and I go back a long way, when we were both directors of public-listed Ecofirst. He’s still an independent non-executive director there, while I’ve left the group many years back. Some shoes are big, some are small, or shiny or sporty: whatever it is we wear, our obstacles can be different in similar quests for success. And our lives & those of our friends can never be the same. We have our own ambitions to fulfil, and our own futures to build. I don’t believe our life patterns and details are pre-written in the stars or horoscopes. Our fate lies in our beliefs & behaviour, and how we respond to life events.


Selected followers’comments:

Susan Quat: Different people different strokes, the path we take might not be the same but we have the same goals/ ambition .Truly the stars/ horoscope or feng shui to me doesn’t play any role in the life decisions , we still need to plan n work hard and take the necessary actions as we face any obstacles.

Kelvin Phang: What I can share about Dato’ Amos, indeed a very long time back like 50+ years ago. One needs to admire his determination and perseverance to succeed. Rise from Accounting Firm self study passing CPA at one go, from an employee to owning an Accountancy Firm and later moving into Directorship plus expanding his core business. Nevertheless, one thing need to admire of him, was though successful, he never forgets the ‘ Chean Chin’ for his family and close relatives. Humble and caring to aged relatives. Amos that I knew is a person who didn’t forget his roots. Amen.

Latha Ravindran: Tan Sri for many Indians everything from married life which is match made to business ve tures its in the stars. Its itertwined with religion and culture. The modern Indians have stopped followi g this. A good number of them still do. I am somewhere in between


My other FB postings between 19 June 2017 and 25 June 2017:

19 June 2017

BEING OPEN & TRANSPARENT: All types of businesses depend on the public for its success, so keeping it informed is important. Listed companies are required by law to make public announcement of major events that might affect their bottomline. Each year, SEGi comes out with a pleasing glossy report that I feel is transparent & informative. I think in business & most aspects of life, transparency will invite trust, and show that there’s nothing to hide. Some people may feel nervous about being too open & vulnerable. The choice is whether or not we want to publicly establish ourselves as credible companies or individuals.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: On the business and governmental matters transparency is a must to have integrity. However, on the personal and individual level there are times when we cannot allow our lives to be an open book as that may invite unwanted relationship problems. For example, a moment of anger if left to cool down may save your friendship. If that moment of anger is publicly announced the scar would have been permanent. Hence caution must be exercised especially in the social media. On this aspect, it’s always wiser to think and rethink before blaring out your feelings.

Andrew Chan: Most folks kept things esp personal thoughts/experiences to themselves n can be clearly seen in FB who r transparent n who aren’t. Fear of judgement by others prevent them from sharing. Only those who like TSCH n a few felt confident to share their real life experiences albeit with tact n wisdom as some r deemed sensitive but with the real motive to motivate n encourage others. Cheers n let’s learn from our/others successes n failures too. TSCH’s page manage to have a strong following n is growing still is because many find the sharings invaluable which r frank n truthful.

Weeloun Quezon Lomantas: Businesses being private company run by private individuals need not be more transparent as if sharing informations publicly,so you could always have an edge to your competitors.


21 June 2017

OUR HIDDEN STRENGTH: There’re times when we feel fragile, weak & insignificant. But believe me, we’re stronger than we think. I can recall the never-ending challenges I’d to overcome in the early part of my rat race. There’ll always be dreadful moments when we’ll think we can’t cope or face the onslaughts any longer. But somehow, the world doesn’t end and we all survive to tell the tale. There’s a hidden strength inside us that allows us to bounce back, using our emotional, spiritual & physical resources at our disposal. Things can be amazing or awful at different times, but we should be able to stand up to almost anything that life throws our way.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Fears are to be overcome. In life we all face many challenges, only when we took up the courage to overcome them we realize our courage is stronger than our fear.. My medical journey, the fall of my dad are the biggest challenges in my life. My medical journey turned out to be a test that I passed and made me a stronger person. My family at one point of time couldn’t cope with the “fall” of my dad, physically and emotionally,. I learned that it is part of life and we gather the strength to do the best we could in order not to have regrets in future. Four years have passed. I have incident to illustrate how I could help to lift my papa who weight approximately 70-80 kg to get out of the swimming pool (with some help from the caregiver), while other physically strong man (the security guard etc) unable to do so. It is the power of love that helps me to help my papa.

It is the obstacles and how we faced them that make a difference in our life. Life is not meant to be easy, but it is not as tough as we initially think. When we learn to face it with equanimity, we find peace, grace and joy.

Chris Cheong Ean Hwa: TS Clement, as always thanks again for your encouragement. All that you mentioned here is Survivors Instincts. I hope and pray we all will have the courage and strength to lift ourselves up, dust ourselves off, hold our heads high and continue the fight to survive and thrive again and again. It is easy to write this but when it comes to actually endure the hardship and challenges, not all men are equal. Some people kill themselves. Some people turn their lives around completely. Bless you always TS for being an inspiration. You never know , sometimes what you just share could be a lifeline for someone….

Teh Lawrence: There would be very few , if any at all, who would not have ups and downs in life. Never mind if some of the downs are self inflicted. To move on we must draw from the mental strength, the persevering spirit, the spiritual comfort and wisdom in order that we are not pushed to the edge of the cliff and give everything up. Self pity does little or none to help. That little prompting within you that gives you hope will the beacon to give you another chance to move on once again. Don’t deny self that hope.


22 June 2017

Selected followers’ comments:

Sharon Chang: We ourselves have to define our maximum potential and then set to achieve it. But never neglect small successes. It’s these small successes that finally make the big one. Enjoy them and push yourself..

Philip Lim: The video is super cute, Tan Sri. There is now a new menace called ‘Mat Lajak’…young teens pulling stunts on their bicycles while speeding dangerously on the roads. These are the future ‘Mat Rempits’ who could be more annoying or dangerous than the current ones.

Christopher Tan: The most difficult race is definitely the one against ourselves. We want to be better than the Joneses and yet we are not prepared to work harder than they do. The problem always lies within ourselves.


23 June 2017

GREED & MODERATION: Believe me, chasing after money is like dancing with the devil. It takes efforts & time to acquire wealth – no one can say getting rich is going to be easy. But money can simultaneously make us patient or impulsive, humble or greedy, and confident or hopeless. It depends how our tango with Satan goes. I think if we know how to manage our time and money in moderation, we might find the comfortable financial results we seek at the end of the rainbow. Money isn’t the “be-all” of life, as it’s the cause of more failures than successes. In the end, how we conduct ourselves with money may be more important than just the reckless pursuit of it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: Sharing another 2 quotes here, and 1 of them is funny 😄wish everyone have a happy raya weekend

“Coins always make sounds but paper moneys always remain silence. So,when your values increase, keep yourself silent and humble.” – unknown

Money is not the most important thing is the world. Love is. Fortunately, i love money 😃😄😆 – Jackie Mason

Poh BP: True Tan Sri but when our pocket Is empty we are in poverty , chasing money is hard. Money come chasing us is easy. When you have good luck millions will also come chasing us to cash it. We you have no luck not even one bowl of rice you have to eat. Life is great struggle like inside the big ocean. If you don’t do well you drown inside this bitter sea. If you done well you are the sailor of your own ship you can go anywhere in this world too. Human being must not be greedy too. Too rich also headache, too poor also stomach hungry. Stay strong all the time be your own sailor and the boat will sail even if your boat is small and strong . Thank you 😊

Molinjang Bosinggul Banting: Luke 12:15 (KJV) And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.


24 June 2017

Selected followers’ comments:

Zaidi Lipu: Ordinary folks have no issues with these diversities. In fact many families, have for a long time, embraced multiracial, multi religious culture as a way of life. The current situation of intolerance could be traced back to politicians who advocate “divide and rule” as strategy to win votes. For example, there is no need to have slogan such as “1-Malaysia” which serve no purpose, except political to win votes with emotional issues.

Nick Lmk: Great nations are build by its citizens irrespective of race,religion and ethnic cultures.In order for us to be among the top in the world,nobody with regards to earlier mentioned should be sidelined and not utilised to the fullest in intellectual capability and leadership to lead and guide the rest all the way!Together,United We Build,Divided We Fall!It is as simple as that!Selamat Hari Raya!

KK Aw: To achieve national unity, we need strong bonding among the races. One important way to achieve this is through interdependence. See…/.
Festivals, sports and so on help us to feel good but they only create a weak bonding that can easily be disrupted by the racists elements.


25 June 2017

IS LIFE EASIER WITH TECHNOLOGY? Once in a while, I would go to an Apple Store or other electronic outlets to check out the latest tech gadgets. Modern technology has made life more convenient, and it’s hard to imagine what it would be like without computers, tablets, smartphones, internet & video games. While there’re infinite benefits, problems can also arise when we’re addicted to those high-tech devices. I believe an excess of anything is bad. So, has technology made your everyday life better & more fun or more stressful & complicated?


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Technology does make,
Our life easier,
But we’re not eased,
By technological freedom;

We’re in serfdom,
As if we’re serving the technology,
Enslaved in kingdom;
Thinking we’re kings and queens;

We seem to be master of technology,
As if we own the control philosophy,
Encaved in trend,
Meaning we’re servants and servers;

We’ve little choice,
Technology has made our life,
Yet we’re still with pain and joy,
Mixed together in our own kind.

Chai Moi Moi: Good morning Tan Sri. You are right, I agree with you. I must check with my smartphone once I wake up from bed. I can’t miss my Facebook friend. My data always finish very fast before the end of the month. That’s why I am not active by that time.