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Sometimes, we are so caught up in the rat race that we do not know how to take a break. A break can do wonders when the journey gets tough. Taken from my Facebook posting on 19 Aug 2018:

WE NEED TO RELAX. PERIOD. If you’re feeling stressed out, I’m certain you’re not alone. Most of us carry some physical or psychological tension, regardless of who we are or what work we do. Business tycoons I know have a lot on their plate, and I’m sure they’ve to cope with work stressors that could be emotionally draining at times. Even retirees and housewives have to deal with the stress of life. I’m mindful I need to relax more and opt for a slower work pace and lifestyle. To relax their mind, people will exercise, meditate, listen to music or avoid stress triggers like social media or arguments. Stress will obviously cause wear and tear to our body and mental state over time. I recall after my medical surgeries in 2010, I used visualisation to imagine and focus on peaceful scenes and places, to get through those months of painful ordeal. I think we all need to find methods that work for us and practice them often so that in time, we’ll be able to relax quicker and easier.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Choon Lan: Different people react differently to stressful situations. Some people only feel stressful with big issues whereas some feel stressful even with small little things.
Regardless of whether we are still working or retired, we have to deal with many things everyday n that can trigger stress including job issues, financial problems, relationship, bereavement etc.
Chronic stress like ongoing poverty, unhappy marriage n traumatic experiences can be very harmful to our health. If one is not aware of it, and never seek for solutions, it may cause breakdown which can lead to suicide, that will be most miserable!
We have to find our own destressor when we come across such situation. Maybe we can talk to our close friends, to ask for help or joining some charity n meaningful events or sports activities.If we feel that don’t help, then we had better seek for professional advices but l think self-help is very important too.
Life is short n precious, don’t stress ourselves too much. Try to be relax a bit.. go for holidays when you feel stressed, get in touch more with the nature, breathe in more fresh air, that will lead us to a healthier life. Happy Blessed Sunday to Tan Sri n dear all, stay blessed always!🤗🌻🎶🏊📖

Teh Lawrence: There are times when we feel overwhelmed. Unlike hunger the mental pain is most wrenching and there is a line of tolerance if crossed attracts suicidal thoughts.
Truth is there is no one solution to this as everybody responds differently.
For me the sounds of the waves from the sea accompanied by the serenity of its place helps me to refocus both on the issues at hand and recollection of the promises of the Word. It puts fear behind me to live on what’s ahead of me.

Jasmine Ang: Good afternoon all.
A busy morning for aunties especially homemakers. Housework, marketing and preparing food for family dinner gathering. Can’t say I don’t stress out. Need to do my personal answering work too in between. There are times just feel like not answering but the mind and hands still go to the phone.
Those working years between office, home and house work, is quite killing, stressful. Thinking retired won’t be so uptight, wrong still the same except I do not have to face paid target time. Now I do at my pace, no need to rush, can’t do, it’s ok 😂. Who dare to scold me at home 🤣. Can relax with loud or soft songs depending on the mood then. Physically it’s more challenging to be a full-time homemaker than a career woman. The only thing I miss most is my own income to spend and save, stress too here 🤣. Oh! one more, I miss dressing up nice, nice to work. Happy family gathering friends.


My other FB postings between 13 Aug 2018 and 19 Aug 2018:

13 Aug 2018

THE CHALLENGE OF SETTING NEW CHALLENGES: More often than not, I’ll get puzzled looks when I ask employees or friends what challenges they have set for themselves lately. A related question such as “What’s the most recent accomplishment you’re proud of?” can also prove to be tough for them. Most people don’t realise how important it is to constantly set new challenges for themselves, fixing the bar higher than the one before. A longtime assistant shall be leaving his “comfort zone” and going into business with friends. I shall miss his loyalty and services, but maybe the only way for him, and many others, to make progress is to step out, complete new challenges and grow alongside with them. They’ve to be resolute to reach further and higher than they’re used to, otherwise they would never change for the better. Is setting new challenges for yourself something you don’t do enough of?


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: At different stages of our lives we will have different sets of challenges.
During schooling days it’s getting the best results. Joining the employment market it’s climbing up the corporate ladder. Thereafter it’s working towards having a more comfortable life. When the kids come along it’s ensuring we give them the chance of a good tertiary education and then seeing them have families of their own.
Now into my 6-series it’s making sure I can keep healthy. Having a persistent neck pain due to cervical spondylosis and knee cap problems due to lack of “lubricant” it is my biggest challenge now to keep Pain manageable. Sigh…so challenges are there always!
Happy Monday everyone, it’s another brand new week so what is your new challenge? I had mine, the Pain Management challenge!
May God bless you all with the strengths to face your challenges head on. There is no escaping from such in our journeys of life.

Krizian Lim: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t improve you.

I may not be taking risk in business or going back to advance my career journey, now. But like what’s shown in the picture. I discover a new version of me.

I was never a sports woman. In fact I hated PE classes during school time. It’s changed completely.

In 2016, I completed my first fun run, 8km, for the very first time in my life.
The same year, I joined my first obstacles course race, Spartan Race, Sprint.
2017, I completed three categories of Spartan Races, and achieved my first Trifecta, an accomplishment for Spartan Racers.
2018 – I am going to get another Trifecta, soon. Together with my son, first-time Spartan Racer.

I am planning to climb another mountain, literally. Let’s just say, if it makes you feel enthusiastic, it makes you feel alive. If you repeat doing the same thing long enough, you can only be better in doing the same thing. Whatever we do, pour our hearts into it.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Most people don’t realise how important it is to constantly set new challenges for themselves, fixing the bar higher than the one before”
-Clement Hii
Journey of millions steps, begin with one step, and it applies to all our area of life, it needs to be constantly set new challenges for the better, but billions only know how to better their financial, but poor in Health and Spiritual, that makes them many times meaningless challenges for the Soul and Spirit. Cheers another sweet gorgeous Monday.


14 Aug 2018

WHEN SOCIAL MEDIA IS A BANE: Social media is very much a part of our daily routines. I used to feel guilty about spending too much time online, until some researches say a person spends an average of two hours a day on social media. That translates into 5 or 6 years in our lifetimes. Most people check or write on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter throughout the day. I’ll be at it early morning and late evening, besides reading trending news, for probably less than a hour a day. I guess the total time most people spend online exceeds the time spent on watching TV, eating, drinking or socialising. Even if you’re not an addict yourself, it’s a good reminder that your friends and customers are spending a lot of time in the digital world. The footprints we leave behind can’t be erased. That’s why we need to be wary and cautious of what we say or do on social media. All our mistakes or missteps could be framed and displayed infinitely.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: A very good morning TS and everybody.
Those working years I only need 10GB of data usage mainly to converse with my children. Now that I’ve retired I’ve gone from 20GB upgraded to 25GB. Mainly spending time on Facebook, Instagram, Line and WhatsApp. Without these I’m totally out of touch with social media and happenings. We can watch online movies, reconnect with friends and also get to know some wonderful people out there. Knowledge gain and help me pass my days. All I need to do is to be careful with whom l befriend and not to trust too easily or much especially on FB.

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, modern people has lost the ability to do physical things, ask them what to do without their electronic gadgets and they will be extremely lost without a clue, they’ll probably choose to sleep past the time or go out to the mall and “lepak” away the time.

People who still have the ability to live without electronic gadgets are rare, they spend their time building things, like a housewife spending time to make their home nice, and making stuffs like cookies or dresses or others, and a man builds a hobby like mechanical, engineering or science, or maybe just fixing and repairing things in the house, that makes a lot of fun and achievements. But definitely not they younger generation, they prefer to sit around the house. And there goes our garage geniuses like Serve Jobs, Bill Gates, The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and so on. I think we’ve ran out of Geniuses.

Yvonne Keong: Good afternoon Tan Sri Clement & friends. Social media is a good inportant tool in our lives now even more so in working life as i see my kids always armed with their laptop everyday. The setback is if we are too open with our thoughts & vocal we give people a wrong impression. We have to draw boundaries & i’d prefer few really close mature understanding friends online. Its the quality not the quantity that counts. Its also a good tool & means of contact with my family members & friends staying abroad. Last time when we wrote letters it took time to receive news now its only at a touch of a button we can skype & chat – so good indeed. But some people abuse such goodness & spoil its actual use for their own selfishness. Being too dependent on social media has its setbacks – we lose personal interaction with others, communication & expressing oneself is being ‘retarded’ to sone extent therefore people cannot ‘fellowship’ so well like we used to in our era without such tools. We missed that – actually there are the pros & cons to it ya.


15 Aug 2018

THE INTRICACIES OF PERSONAL MAGNETISM: I’m always amused to see crowds surging forward to greet our leaders and kiss their hands. Do these people (Tun Dr Mahathir now and DS Najib Razak during his hey-days) really have such inexplicable magnetism that everyone reaches out to them? In our superficial society, power and wealth are big draws, and could dictate the size of crowds around those who have them. But commoners like you and I can have our own “attractions,” and they don’t need to have anything to do with looks, status or money, but everything to do with our personality. The personality traits we admire in others could be the same traits which could draw people to us if we have them too. I think we can attract or draw people with confidence, passion and leadership. Attractiveness, like it or not, is the basis of all human relationships.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Choon Lan: I like a bubbly person.A bubbly person normally can attract the attention of many regardless of their status or wealth.
By mixing with bubbly persons, we may appear more confident, lively, think positively and exude an attractive charisma as these are the characteristics of a bubbly person.There will be more fun when they are around as they will keep on laughing or smiling while telling you some silly humor stories. They are intelligent n witty too.
Hope l can meet more with this kind of people, so that life will be more interesting n full of excitement!

A warm Wednesday morning as the sun lighted up the grey sky and the breeze pushing those green grinning leaves dancing in its reflective gold. A grasp of clean crisp air with a thought of life’s all about is much better today and SMILE.
In Malaysia, it is the majority consciousness and is a culture when meeting those vvips, to bow down their heads to kiss with respect on to the right hands.
For those powerful super rich society much pending to drawn a much bigger crowds around them wherever they are.
To me, honour and respect is to earn which cannot to compare with them, those past leaders. Their crowd gatherings were mostly money and makan orientated than attracted admiration which is different from human relationship. They are like a servant to a master relationship with no string attached. SMILE.

Ong Phaik Kim: True. You don’t need money or status to attract people or crowd

My present group. A 9 yo boy whenever he sees me will call me nai nai n give me a hug.

He took my hand n lead me to the Hotel sofa n say
Nai nai come to Beijing . I buy you a house to live in.

My reply – hou hou.

There are times we met soulmate of all age! People we have affinity to.

Same when I was working with a hospital account dept. 6 of us ends up good friends from the moment our eyes connect for the 1st time! Like we have know each other for ages!


16 Aug 2018

CHANGE MY HAIRSTYLE AFTER DECADES? After a recent haircut, a friend recommended a few “hairstylists” who he swore I could trust to do a better hair crop. But my few past experiences with the “professionals,” including those at A Cut Above, didn’t yield fashionable results. After each round of snipping, they would wash my head in the basin. Somehow it felt lighter after each visit, and that’s because I lost a lot of hair from those needless rubbing. So it’s back to my Indian barber for my RM11-ringgit haircut (though I always give a generous tip). As a bonus, he’ll trim my moustache and give a brief shoulder massage. It doesn’t matter if we have fine hair, dry hair or little hair – I mean, it’s the only crowning glory we have. Of course there’re other priorities in life other than hairstyles. I would rather work on turning bad hair days, when we feel downright cranky, into stylishly better days.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: When my boys was in the Chinese primary school , haircuts for them is just easy , just say No 2 , and the barber knew exactly what to do. Indian barber is still the preferred choice for my hubby and the 2 boys for their haircut minus the massages or the neck twist. At times hubby still ask for a shave although he already had it , oh .. the shaving using the knife is a different experience he said ..well that’s pampering session for him I guess.

Cornelius Lo: I used to have my hairs cut at Saberkas by a barber in his 50s. This guy is not consistent in the time he opens shop so I tried other barber shop few months ago, and the new barber happened to be a lady at her 40s. There is no much difference between the two barbers in term of hairstyle, but the lady’s tender touch definitely won my favour. So now I patron the lady barber and the male barber is a history.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: I shared this here before… a bald friend once told me, “The good looking ones, God allowed to be, the ugly ones, God covered with hair.”


17 Aug 2018

ANOTHER HII WHO STARTS A SCHOOL: My daughter Adeline and I are on the same wavelength. Like me, she thinks education is a worthy and noble business, so she has started Belle & Russell Kindergarten to provide kids a safe and inspiring space to grow, learn and play ( With 2 kids of her own, Adeline feels both parents and teachers need to help children feel confident and competent, and develop a sense of passion and purpose. Though her siblings Clifford and Audrey are also in business, I think the entrepreneurial streak isn’t hereditary. Adeline, who’s a qualified accountant, knows it takes hard work to realise her dream of building a reputable homegrown kindy chain. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a born entrepreneur. People plunge into business because they’re bold, creative and innovative. It’s having the right mindset and a strong belief that what they want can come true.


Selected followers’ comments:

Timothy Finian: You have proven ‘like father like daughter’ true, congratulations to you both, may many young children be blessed by your daughters efforts. A good fruit fallls from a good tree 👍👏God bless

Emil Lee: Good morning and an incredible day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my forum buddies herein. In my opinion I think this is not hereditary it is more of a passion and a sense of fulfillment that keeps us going.

Andrew KH Hoo: Not a cup of tea/coffee being an entrepreneur and it is certainly true that we are not all born to be one. That spirit of working well on any given task and ensuring our children are better educated than us had have been taught to us since we were young. We spent a fortune bringing up our kids and our hope is for them to lead a less taxing life than ourselves but whatever will be will be. We can only paved a proper road for them to travel and where they eventually ended up, it is all up to them as our shoes may not fit them at all. There are schools/Uni that trained entrepreneurship but to me the person himself/herself must be willing to sacrifice many things in life to learn the rope of it. Have to be persistent in their goals and a willing heart to learn from others who are had have been successful in those areas. There is no short-cut to the mountain top and with proper planning, training, one can achieve all that our heart desires if we do it with enough passion. The journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step,……..If one wants to have a life where daily challenges are a tonic to health, go into business otherwise just stay employed with less headache to manage. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur or a businessman.


18 Aug 2018

THE END OF HUMAN INTIMACY? You’ve probably seen it. Everyone seems to be on their phone no matter where they are. You might even catch me glued to my mobile, but only if I’m alone. It’s painfully obvious that smartphone addiction is growing at an alarming rate. I guess it’s because people nowadays feel disconnected, and being on the phone gives them a false sense of being connected to someone or something. Many people don’t even know how to have a real conversation anymore. My weekend dinners at restaurants with family members have become precious moments to talk to each other. During weekdays, in our busyness, we actually communicate a lot by WhatsApp! Having phone-free zones in public places may in fact not be a bad idea. Imagine having to listen to loud phone conversations of strangers nearby – I mean, we don’t need to know their personal problems. Our phones, meant to keep us connected, is ironically killing the intimacy that we humans need.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: 10 years ago, you would be reprimanded by your boss for even taking a look at your mobile phone during meetings or at work. Today, the perception is, the busier you are with your gadget the more productive you are at work.

John Tan: The search for intimacy and connectedness goes on. People might condemn the internet for scandals, scams and even causing death because of something that was posted therein. But the internet can also save a person’s sanity, heal his soul, and save his life. It depends who you are connected to, and what you do. Think about it. Everybody has a prayer, a prayer that is in his heart, and the first thing good that he can do is to listen to his prayer in his heart. When he does this, when he is connected through the internet, he is connected to real persons because he is connected to them through the heart, just the same if he was face to face. He carries along with him the best of himself, and this quality is catching because people can’t help but detect it. His life becomes a course in a series of miracles.

Andrew Chan: Addiction to the mobile phone is a present phenomena n nowadays not only are diners hooked to it but drivers at traffic lights as well. One literally has to hon to inform them that the light has turn green. Nay, life is beyond our play toys ; precious are those moments in deep meaningful face to face conversations with love ones n friends. The mobile phone can never replace the real human interactions, not even tele conferencing.