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Running public listed companies and several privately-held ones in diverse areas during this challenging times requires one to stay focussed. During the course of daily operations, invariably obstacles and hiccups would crop up. This ranges from personnel-related problems to regulatory changes to staving off competition.

As these problems arise, it is very easy for one to get distracted. In the process, we may miss the forest for the trees. When we lose focus, we tend to lose our sense of direction and end up deeper into the woods, so to speak.

It is when the seas are rough that one needs to have a skipper with steady hands on the rudder. We need to always ask ourselves “what are the end goals and what are the best ways to get there?”. When our goals are clear, we will not get too carried away by hiccups and obstacles along the way.

Likewise, the revelations of the explosive sex videos purportedly involving a Minister last week should not distract us from the main issues in nation-building. There are other more important issues at hand, such as raising the standards of education in this country or battling rising prices of goods and services.

Leaders who know how to prioritise and will not allow the scandal to distract them from running the country. But unfortunately, it seems that some of our leaders are already caught up with the political maneuvering sparked by this, to the detriment of the people.