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Experienced investors know never to put all their eggs in one basket. This is why my investment division has a broad portfolio. Taken from my Facebook posting on 21 May 2018:

A DIVERSITY OF OPPORTUNITIES: I was in the lobby of an office tower in Brisbane with a signage that says the property is owned by HCK (Australia) Pty Ltd, part of my diversified HCK Group. Overseas investments can be tricky for both individuals or companies, but I’ve been drawn by Queensland’s capital city’s supportive and cost-competitive business environment, apart from the fact my family members had lived there for many years. My investment division has also taken advantage of Singapore’s expertise as a financial hub with its robust capital market, and has invested substantially in bonds, equities and other financial instruments there. Having a broader portfolio can reduce a company’s risk of single market exposure. One economy may undergo a recession, while another economy in a different region may experience a boom. Like many things in life, it makes sense not to put all eggs in one basket.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Congrats Tan Sri! Wow, a global entrepreneur, that’s fantastic.
It’s always wise to have diversified investments for business people so that if one fails you have another one to fall back on.
In life too we need to have foresight to anticipate at least the not too far future. Those with excess funds can invest in the equity market. As for me I am more down rooted. In my late 40s with what was left over from my VSS package I changed my small 2-rooms compact terrace into a normal sized 22×75 freehold terrace. As a salaried employee I will plan only on how to sustain myself upon retirement when all my EPF savings had been used up. Ah….. when the time comes I will then sell off this current property and buy a cheap 2-rooms apartment and use the balance of the proceeds as living expenses. Hahaha….. this is my Diversification plan! 😃😃. Salaried people usually don’t have much excess funds so that’s the best we can do as a fall-back retirement plan.
Happy Monday everyone. Just sharing my simplified views on Diversity of Opportunities.😃😃

Ron Juliet: Blessed Morning Tan Sri Clement Hii and All the Buddies here.
It is true that in different countries the economies differ, some may be booming but others may go through the downturn.
Therefore,it is wise for big company like yours to invest in other countries which have consistently good trade policy.
Having said that, in whichever country one invested,there is always risk of sudden change of policy that caught investors offguard so much so it may also causes unnecessary losses.
Take for example like Malaysia, every year we have the tabling of Budget in Parliament,there are times the implementation of Policy made, that does not favour foreign companies and they have to bear with it or have no other choice, therefore are forced to ship out to other destinations.
Other than that, investing in different parts of the world may cushion off heavy losses if the economy differs from various countries the company invested in.

Philip Lim: It is wise not to put all eggs into one basket and that is very true. But that applies only to those who are privileged with choices.

On the other end, for some of us, it may not be a matter of “eggs and baskets” but more often than not, we are confronted with the “chicken or egg” situation.


My other FB postings between 22 May 2018 and 27 May 2018:

22 May 2018

CHOKING ON OUR WORDS: It was an awkward moment for those of us in the front row. The guest speaker on stage was choking on his words, and he started to hesitate and stammer. Either he was panicking or stage fright had got the better of him. I think it’s something that could happen even to an eloquent orator. In my early corporate days, I remember stuttering through a few speaking engagements. Choking could occur when we know exactly what to say but somehow are not able to say it. Something snaps at that crucial moment. Everything we know rushes to our head all at once, overwhelms us and suddenly we’re at a loss for words. I’ve learnt to overcome those moments by slowing down, choosing one idea at a time and speaking slowly. Have you ever met those few seconds of eternity, when you’ve so much to say and yet just couldn’t get the words out?


Selected followers’ comments:

A beautiful Tuesday morning, the dawn break free into the clear sky, the cool breeze whispering across the path, greeted with the joyful songs of birds in the morning air. It’s refreshing and SMILE.
The common side effects when choosing words up on the stage with hundreds of eyes watching and they wanted more from you.
My experience started with a few words of appreciation for my dad’s memorial service, the emotional overwhelming and words stacked at my throat. My lips and eyes opened wide, my prepared loving note went missing from my mind. i stood there for minutes of silence, all my relatives stood up too.
As suddenly this realisation of myself of why i am standing, i SMILE and continue with changes made or u-turn back to my usual route to finish up that without requesting them to sit.
This is the first and never but yet keep reminding me today, there is nothing prefect than beautiful people that stand with you, SMILE.

Krizian Lim: Public speaking and overcoming butterfly in the stomach.

I have been wondering why I am nervous to deliver a speech on stage. After few rounds of practices in Toastmasters Club, these tips help me to speak more naturally and confidently:

,- It’s okay to fail or make mistakes. Just calm down, repeat or clarify what we intend to say. Situation may happen and I think it’s okay not to be perfect. It’s not going to die.

– Practise for prepared speech. For impromptu speech, do a mental preparation for few points and just speak slowly. Words will come naturally if we are calm. Those words are what we have been saying and using in our daily conversation or writing. We don’t need anything new at that last minute. Organize our thoughts.

– Be sincere. People can feel our sincerity when we speak from heart. No need to exaggerate…. It’s not my style, no matter what other evaluator says. I think it’s different when you speak with intention to share and speak as a toastmaster of the evening or entertainer. The former requires sincerity, little exaggeration, the latter, a lot of skills to exaggerate.

Lawrence Lee: From my little experiences, confidence and fear are the two key factors. Confidence stems from my grasp of the topic being presented. It is not just the facts and knowledge we know but the passion and the feel of the topic that is the overriding factor. Also, engaging the audience is an important aspect. Fear of how the audience will react, especially there are those who are more knowledgeable, but more frightening would be those who are “troublesome” one, who have the habit of challenging speakers. It is very useful to learn from seasoned presenters how to handle difficult situations.


23 May 2018

FEELING SMALL AT THE TOP: There are times when we feel we are on top of the world. Words that may describe the feeling can be elation, pride, happiness and exhilaration, and it usually occurs when we have overcome a tough obstacle or achieved a high goal. Whenever I accomplish more than I’d anticipated, the sense of satisfaction can be immense. It’s like having climbed a mountain and standing there, arms open and taking in the fresh breeze. But staying at that height all the time isn’t easy, as other external obstacles can pull us down to earth. I think we’ll also feel good more often than not if as a person, we’ve a constant sense of gratitude, good health and the sincerity to help others. When we’re high up there, it’s when we should feel humbled and insignificant, not arrogant or invincible. I can tell you being on top of the world means a lot more to a person who knows what it’s like to be at the bottom of the pit.


Selected followers’ comments:

Emil Lee: Good morning and a beautiful day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my platform mates herein. Yes he who humbles himself shall be exalted and he who exaltes himself shall be humbled. Our present political scenario is self explanatory as most of us are part of this change.

Cornelius Lo: The higher we get the humbler we should become. Everytime as the plane flew higher, I sensed how minute we human beings are. That’s why the scientists say, the more we discover, the more we know there are so much we don’t know.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “When we’re high up there, it’s when we should feel humbled and insignificant, not arrogant or invincible”
-Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. But humans always think that they deserve to be arrogant and invincible, with their wealth and power in hand. Hypocrites, is like the golden coffin, but dead body inside. Cheers, another sweet gorgeous Wednesday.


24 May 2018

WHERE DR M FIRST SAID IT: Tensions were already building up between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and the then Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak at the time. But it was at a forum called “The Malaysian Dilemma” organised by the Centre for a Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) on 12th Feb 2015 that Dr M first publicly asked DS Najib to resign over the 1MDB scandal. An attendee told me he nearly fell off his chair. I founded Cenbet ( with like-minded individuals in 2014 and am chairman of its board of governors. The committee, including its co-President Datuk Lim Chee Wee (seen in pic), has been vocal in promoting moderation and good governance. I believe tasks-driven NGOs could act as effective watchdogs. Like guard dogs that bark at intruders, civil groups can sound the alarm early when an anomaly is detected. The history of Malaysia’s immediate past hasn’t been that great, but with society’s checks & balances now in place, the dreams of the new future now look very promising.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

He said it,
He really did it,
No hint was given,
Only words uttered;

He did it,
He has really done it,
No nonsense to sense,
Only action to show;

He has done it,
He’s going to do more,
No rhetoric to colour,
Only reality to face;

He’s going to do it,
He transforms and reforms,
No care more about populism,
Only striving for pragmatic realism.

Birtha Blasius: Everyone is looking forward for a better tomorrow, for a better future for our next generation. Thanks for the change, could there be a change in mindset of the people too. Good afternoon TS and all.

Ong Phaik Kim: People suffering after gst was implemented n this rage turn the tide of voting patterns beside off course fence seater get alarmed that someone promise coffin to indian community if he won!

Today many openly try to support gst! N wrote about its greatness!

But time we consumers learned why I am so damn vocal against gst n refuse to buy anything unless no choice. Wear clothes until thread break when scratch! Yes I can be damn stubborn!

With gst consumers pay even tax for companies gross profit!

Why? Because you pay tax on the final sale price which include companies mark up or gross profit!

On top of that government collect corporate tax on net profit again!

It is double taxation for the same good!

(((Ps: this is gambling tax structure! Every rm1 about 60 cent paid to ministry of finance!

On top of that if company make money. There is a corporate tax on net profit!)))!

This is the part many people all over the world fail to realise!

Good for governments but not for consumers n rakyat!

SST – tax collect at arrival points at port n factory! Corporate are tax on net profit!

There is no double taxation!

Beside under previous system many items are tax free! Now? Medical also gst, die also gst!

Try to fool the layman that gst is good for them? Go fly kite!

Only tiga suku consumers support gst!


25 May 2018

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A GOOD PERSON: I nearly choked on my drink when I saw an old video of a controversial politician telling an audience: “I’m a good person, really.” It makes me ponder: what does it mean to be a good person? I’m not surprised if this question results in many blank faces. But in general term, we’d all like to be considered as good people. I’ve yet to meet someone who’ll admit he’s a bad individual, out to do evil deeds. We surround ourselves with people who we think are good. Most think that the key positive traits are empathy, charitable acts and being kind. I think the real measuring stick is more complicated. It’s not merely serving other people at our own expense, to be classified as being “good”. It’s seriously more about our attitude and approach to life than the things that we do. By your own reckoning, are you a good person?


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Choon Lan: Good afternoon Tan Sri n dear all. Whenever l saw people helping the old folks or the disabled people, l feel that they are real good people n l will do the same whenever l met those people on the road or in the shopping center. I never think much, just do what l think is good for others. But to be frank, what l did are all small little things, like giving a smile, a hug to those who are helpless n sad at the very moment.
Nobody is perfect, l have many shortcomings too like not caring enough, not alert, careless n so on. “To err is human, to forgive is divine” . So always give other people a second chance if they confessed they are wrong n willing to change like our 7th Prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir. Not forgetting the 2 wise men, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim n Lim Kit Siang who are willing to forgive n work together with Tun Mahathir instead of the unpleasant records in the past.

Teh Lawrence: Am I a good person? If I am not a bad one does that make me good? Who gets to decide if you are good or not? We know in the fake news act people asked the same question- what’s fake? Who decides it?
Is attitude and empathy enough? Should we be doers as well?
Known of hypocrites who will say good and bad things of same person all in one breath.
I guess if we are principled, honourable, charitable and humbled we are close to being a good person if not already one.
Final judge would be your Creator.

Kuan Hock Lee: Only God knows, I suppose…Man look at outward appearance but God look at the heart… Anyway, just do good whenever we can and wherever we can.


26 May 2018

REVERSAL OF ROLES, MALAYSIAN STYLE: How the tables have turned! The ex PM who was all-powerful during his time is being probed for corruption, those fired as ministers are back in power, investigators unceremoniously removed are back in action either in their previous agencies or task forces probing their previous tormentors. This is like a movie script that even Hollywood or Bollywood couldn’t rival. In real life, there’s times when situations do get completely reversed and positions switched. My ex English teacher became my deputy editor when I was chief editor of the Borneo Post, my superiors and bosses at a listed company ended up working for me and my earliest critics later became my biggest supporters – I however regard those reversal of roles as positive but humbling experiences for laymen like myself. It’s anything but positive for those politicians who’ve recently fallen from great heights. The hunters have become the hunted, and they now must answer for their crimes and folly.


Selected followers’ comments:

Michael Stanley: Tan Sri, I am still searching for a soul called as Nazri. Anyone seen him? He challenged Robert Kuok and Robert Kuok is here but Nazri became “Nozri” now. In life, we need to learn being humble and kind to others. Nozri is a classic case. Can be a good case study for subjects like Moral and Malaysian Studies in schools and universities.

Daniel Chan: The evil intentions and misdeed of anyone to act above the law will be exposed sooner or later. The self proclaim “i am king and i know all” taking its course to prove anyone someone is watching and to bring forth justice at a time you least expected.
Hard to be humbled and to defy the God will meet the punishment for your sins so to speak.
The higher you are the harder you fall.
God knows all and He acts in His mighty way to comfort the people who fear Him.

Christopher Tan: It is amusing how you describe that your teacher became your deputy, and your critics became your supporters. Life is full of ironies, and this all the more reason why we should remain humble. If only Najib knew that.


27 May 2018

LOVING MALAYSIA, LOVING MY LAKSA: My quest to hunt down the best bowl of Sarawak laksa is not limited to Kuching but also includes the Klang Valley. For a dish whose ultimate secret lies in the prawn-based broth, the search seems to never end as new eateries I’d tried out seldom matched the few favourite stalls whose offerings I’ll always use as the benchmark of quality and delicacy. Food host Anthony Bourdain said it best when he called S’wak laksa “the breakfast of the Gods.” To avoid disappointment, I mostly stick to Foody Goody and Fat Cat cafes both at Stutong or Choon Hui cafe at Ban Hock, in Kuching. Their flavours are about right, with delectable potions of prawns, chicken, sambal, coconut milk and a medley of spices. The creaminess, richness and spicy punch of the meal is one reason that makes living in multi-racial Malaysia such a satisfying experience. A so-good bowl of laksa clears my head, lifts my spirits and dominates my soul.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Choon Lan: Malaysian food not only loved by Malaysians alone but also by many other foreigners. Malaysia has one of the top cuisine in the world with heavenly dishes such as rendang chicken nasi lemak, satay, roti canai, chao kuoy teow, assam laksa, curry laksa n so forth.
Like Tan Sri said, a good bowl of laksa clears his head, lifts his spirits n dominates his soul. Many of us enjoy eating the delicious Malaysian food very much but make sure don’t overeat, always remind ourselves illness find its way in by the mouth. So, please take care of your health my dear friends. Have a wonderful Sunday Tan Sri n all my beloved friends herein.💞

Mohamad Abdul Rahman: Talking about hawker food, one shouldn’t miss out the Swee Kang ice kacang, rojak, and squid with kangkong, all to be found at the Open Air Market opposite Electra House. My favourite light foods since the 50s.

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, a bowl of good laksa at Chong Hui once a week is a must n as Datuk Dr. Sim HK said, it’s his weekly sinful food. ” The way to a man’s heart is his stomach/ food. ” is indeed true ; having a hearty meal is the best start of a blissful day. Cheers to S’wak laksa. Many live to eat while the smart ones eat to live. Eat smart n you will live long to savours all kinds of food even the sinful ones once a while moderately.