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My Facebook page had been listed as among the fastest-growing in Malaysia for celebrities. I am not a celebrity and uses social media to engage with friends and followers. Taken from my Facebook posting on 19 Oct 2017:

NOT A CELEBRITY: I am bemused when a social media monitor website lists my Facebook Page as among the “Fastest-Growing Celebrities Pages in Malaysia.” For one thing, I wonder how they categorise people like me as “celebrities” because I’m only an entrepreneur who has created a platform for FB friends to regularly share our thoughts online. I won’t even put my status as “Public Figure” like many peers who have a sizeable following. I don’t envy those real celebrities who attract loads of fake friends, get judged by people all the time and lack even an iota of privacy. And popularity in this society can be very fleeting – here today, gone tomorrow. We hardly remember those once-famous movies stars, politicians and sports figures who’ve since fallen from grace. Maybe we shouldn’t just yearn to be popular or famous. I think it’s better to be exquisite yet disruptive, and different yet humane.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: With the recent incidence of your “fans” taking photos of you from afar, having your “fans” recognised you in public place and and asked to shake hand with you, AND with me hoping to spot you in public place and request for a photo together, you are definitely in the “Celebrity” category 😉

“Stardom isn’t a profession; It’s an accident.” – Lauren Bacall

“Fame has only the span of a day, they say. But to live in the hearts people, that is worth something.” – Ouida

“Great men have not been concerned with fame. The joy of achievement that comes from something new in the universe is by far their greatest joy.” – William P. King

Philip Lim: TSCH, if your humility tells you that you are not a celebrity, you are without doubt a ‘Celebpreneur’ as in ‘celebrated entrepreneur’. This is different from the rarely used ‘Celebpreneur’ coined for ‘celebrity entrepreneur’.

Doris Hi: ” Popularity in this society can be very fleeting- here today, gone tomorrow ” – totally agree with you , Tan Sri. Society is very realistic . When you’re rich and famous, everyone wants to gather around you. The minute you’re on the downside of the wheel , all those fake people will be gone. Only the true friends remain…


My other FB postings between 16 Oct 2017 and 22 Oct 2017:

16 Oct 2017

DON’T PUSH IT: The irony with some people is they’re most eager to change their lives drastically, and yet they would only talk about it and never get around to doing it. And there’re also individuals who’re in such a hurry that they want to go from pauper to tycoon in a few months. And they get easily disheartened when they see a slow transformation to being a greater being. We can get overwhelmed and drained trying to do everything at the same time and at great speed. The journey from average to great isn’t an overnight affair. I think most people can make positive strides if they just take one simple step at a time. The highway to richness might have no speed limit, but it’s still fraught with speed traps and traffic congestion. So what’s the big rush?


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: This scenario is most common with the younger generation, Gen Y and the Millennium Gen. Both these generations never had to face hardships so when they see success stories of people making it big in life they also want to be one. Hence, a lot of them get into trouble with debts and through easily manipulated get rich schemes. The fact is, they don’t realise that wealth can never be acquired overnight but only through years of hardwork, step by step and slowly.
Sigh. … the baby boomers and the Gen X know what is hardship but not the later generations who, being sheltered and pampered throughout their growing up years, think money grows on trees.

Ong Shuh Chien: Any surprise that the age of bankruptcy is getting younger in today’s world? Youngsters today, nicknamed Strawberry group, learned to spend lavishly before they even know HOW to earn. They do not know how to fall and pick themselves up for their parents will always be there to clear the mess for them.I shuddered when I read FB news how a toddler was able to do online shopping using and unlock her mom’s handphone using the latter’s thumbprint who was fast falling asleep. Such cunning mentality at such a young age!!! 😮 Irrespective of the amount the toddler had swiped and the poor mom had to try cancel the orders if not settle, I feel this is NO laughing matter. The wrongs done at tender age if not corrected will become big problem when grown. Take heart.

Yaacob Ariffin: Ha3…..Tan Sri you put it right, only those who know how to manage their fund will succeed…work hard save hard….


17 Oct 2017

NOISY PEACE: Where do you go when you need a quiet space to think? To begin with, I don’t really think there’re truly many quiet places left, free of the din of noises made by humans and their gadgets. We’re always within earshot of the traffic and other people or nearby our ringing handphones and buzzing devices. Ironically, people turn on the music or even the TV when they should be doing work in peace, like writing or reading. I’ve realised that doing many of our regular routines like brushing our teeth, eating meals or taking a bath can relax our mind and allow us to think peacefully. Even in a crowded place, I could be in my own world, doing things like reliving events in my head or making mental-to-do lists. It seems most of us are so accustomed to all the human-made noises that we actually want them more in our lives than we ever did before.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lynnet Lai: Being at peace is being comfortable with “Whatever Is” – It’s not the absence of discomforts, disturbances or conflicts. If we have a peaceful mindset, we’ll find our inner tranquillity whatever situation or environment surrounds us. We’ll be oblivious to the impact of all the atmosphere noises. I personally feel that sitting at a little corner, be it at a cafe or even at the park, just to get in the zone of doing something to give me peace, to leverage my passion, to engage in a little “art therapy” is what that made me feel at total peace. I used to have a mini sketch book and a little journal with me … I would just grab some colors markers , or a pen and put all my feelings on the page and this kind of scenario has been a calming routine for me whenever I wish to be in a world of my own “solitude”; enjoying my own “company”. Well, would you rather bother to give someone a “piece of mind” or having your own “peace of mind” is just a “matter of mind”… if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter at all. Honestly, “peace of mind” is “peace of mine”. 😊 Have a tremendous Tuesday folks.

Krizian Lim: To read or think deep, what we need is the quietness within us. If our mind is focus, the chatter from outside has no power to disturb our peace.

Kevin Tam: It seems like the guys need quiet environment to think deeply or doing Maths questions whereas gals n ladies can do it even at more noisy environment .. Many working adults r rushing here n there, maybe only do some thinkings at home or while driving ( going to outstation)…

18 Oct 2017



Smoking among school kids and teenagers has become quite prevalent. They think it’s cool because their friends or parents do it. They’re convinced it makes them look older or independent. Most adult smokers, I’ve learnt, initiated smoking while still in school or university, and many female smokers believe tobacco use is good for coping with stress and weight control.
Smoking affects the health of everyone involved, even those standing close by. My office buildings and campuses are no-smoking zones but cigarette butts are still seen in corridors and stairways. Despite the restrictions imposed on cigarette advertising, the marketing efforts of tobacco companies ensure that for every smoker who dies, a new smoker (or sucker) is born.

Posted by Clement Hii on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Selected followers’ comments:

Roger Ong: Non smoking initiative is something we have carried out to encourage our colleagues to stop smoking. There are some successes but the ones picking up are much faster. So far there is no country that can stop smokers & this money wasting & health damaging habit would only worsen. But we shouldn’t stop encouraging to stop 🙏

Kent Yee: What a wonderful sunny sky, spilled out the warmest love of Deepawali. GOOD MORNING Sir, SMILE.
The trend in smoking in class has been here for more than half a century history. Good luck those wouldn’t give up your smoke and willingly be scaring victim of that monster. Why not make a visit at the hospital warded the lung disease patience. It is a slow process to hell lots of suffering and fear of losing their lungs.
This is where curiosity kills and experiencing is too costly for me in 1993.
SMILE, when there is sunshine and love.

Alwin Yao: Every RM burn in a cigarette is a waste of money. Should a smoker quits smoking and invest every RM in a valuable dividend stocks like Nestle or Dutch Baby companies, you will become a millionaire faster upon your early retirement age.

My former bank client, an IT engineer who quited smoking since 1990 after he suffered bad throat ailment and invested his money in dividend stocks is able to own 3 properties and he retires young and rich to achieve his dream.

Say NO Smoking! This bunch of cash notes is yours soon. Just Do It!


20 Oct 2017

A STATE OF MIND: I know there’re smart people who’re poor and not-so-smart people who’re rich, and I begin to wonder if poverty is actually a state of mind. Those who’re not satisfied with what they have will think they’re poor when in reality, they aren’t doing too badly. And there’re others who’re resigned to always not having enough, and hence won’t do anything about it. To escape poverty, I believe one must foremost have the right mindset. Poor people can and will feel helpless and hopeless. I know of students who give up on their studies due to financial problems, and families who become poor after making bad choices or decisions. But sadly, they won’t fight back or pursue other options. As long as we accede to poverty, we are never going to come out of it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Raveendran Subramaniam: Never succumb to any handicap or setback. Rise each time you fall. One was quoted as having said he rose eight times for seven times he fell. And history is littered with have beens who have become ‘The Beings’ just for showing up in full gusto each time they fell. Watch the movie starrring Richard Gere in the ‘Officer and the Gentleman’ as an example, and one will begin to comprehend what i mean. My eight year old nephew from Hobart was bitten superficially by my dog yesterday in a case of misadventure. After the fracas had settled, I told him he will grow up to be a strong man. No pain no gain Sir. It being a case of simply accepting no excuses and moving on. BTW I too had been bitten by a friends dog when i was about that age. Am i strong now? I know i am resolute like many of you out there.

Teh Lawrence: My late dad has never forced me to do anything I don’t want to. He was a man of little words. But seeing him working so hard everyday taught me that he wanted today to be better than yesterday- pacing slowly but surely in rhythm with what his aching body could take.
Contentment isn’t about giving up life as being fated. It’s about doing rendering to Caesar what’s Caesar’s and to God what’s God’s.

Emil Lee: Good morning and a relaxing day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb friends herein. I believe that when it comes to the word poverty we quickly think about material wealth. Wealth can comes in many forms, one can also be rich physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe most of us understand the phrase ” health is wealth”, be happy, stay healthy and enjoy life as nothing is permanent in our journey of life except our legacy.


21 Oct 2017

PRICE OF TASTE: My liking for hawker fare and simple food is a given, but I do indulge in the occasional fine dining in trendy restaurants with colleagues or business associates. At more than RM1000 or more per pax, you begin to wonder why food can be so pricey. Well, we’re told we’re paying for highly trained staff, good interiors and quality ingredients. I personally think expensive restaurants aren’t worth the money, as far as my taste buds are concerned. I’m not taking into account the beautifully-plated food or unique recipes, or the need to impress someone. I once asked for Tabasco sauce and the French chef came to the table to persuade me not to “spoil” his steak creation. Say what you like, the dining public nowadays knows more, expects more and is impressed less.


Selected followers’ comments:

Peter Wong: I do go to expensive restuarant when entertaining just to make sure my clients are happy n impressed. After dinner, sometimes they would go for their whisky and cigar etc. I always find these official dinners uncomfortable and wish they end faster. However, have we ever tried asking our clients what is their preference. Interestingly some of them like us too prefer hawker food. We all know where we started off. I do get entertained too. I prefer simple food. As I know these expensive bills will find its way to you. Nothing is free. Anyway, try asking them next time to go for hawker food. Go for a change. You will be surprised! The best dinner is still with family and friends!

Tay Cheow Hwang:

We pay the price,
For the food,
We deem classy yet costly,
For every dollar spent;

We pay the price,
For the taste,
We feel good yet healthy,
For every cent spent;

Taste can be pricey,
We’re the only who make it so,
Price can be tasty,
We’re to make it that;

Price of taste,
We tag with status,
Taste of price,
We taste with tongue.


22 Oct 2017

NOT GUARANTEED: Many people go through a lifetime of mediocrity and a lack of achievement, because their self-doubt and fear of uncertainty are holding them back. I’m rather amused that there’re actually individuals who would only put in their best efforts if results or success is “guaranteed”. They won’t follow through with their tasks at the slightest hint of hurdles ahead, or when the “what if” questions crop up. I think these perpetual worriers are more concerned about wasting time if things don’t work out. But ironically, if they aren’t working towards something tangible or substantive, their time and their life are already being wasted. We just have to work twice as hard and twice as smart if we want to double or at least increase our chances of success. For the habitual procrastinators, today might be a good day to get started.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “I think these perpetual worries are more concerned about wasting time if things don’t work out”
-Clement Hii
For me, I’m rather amused that many individuals, works hard, they are not lazy or procrastinators and even honest in their mediocrity lifestyle. But the Big Big question is, they don’t have, “big dreams or they don’t have giants goals” they just honestly do their job routine, day in day out, rain or shine.

Those high achievers or the very rich people, no self-doubt or can overcome the fear of uncertainty, nothing holding them back. But were many times lost in their journey to the richest, which Jack Ma said, lack personal LQ, especially to their private life involved immediate family. Most of them, had problems with their private life, which I am sure they were looking for happiness in their wealth but can’t find within, so their private life will not be as beautiful and gorgeous as achieved in Corporate life. Hollywood movie mogul? #MeToo

Hahaha, i am sure Tan Sri had no secret deeds in private affairs, cheers another fantastic gorgeous Sunday to enjoy.

Kevin Tam: True, besides knowledge n wisdom, guts play an important role to be a successful entrepreneur or businessman… Many ppl may have bright ideas but don’t have guts to execute it or lack of resources to execute the plan… The big environment of a country also plays a part of it…

Nancy Loh: Success is not guaranteed. Opportunities are given and sometimes we experience that feeling of “almost there” and didn’t make it. Well, at least we tried, otherwise it’s failure from the start. Sometimes listening to “What if” and what not, negativity around us can be dampening. Better be like that deaf frog who thinks everyone is cheering and giving him encouragement until finally, he succeeded and got out of the deep well.