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Portable communication devices such as smart phones and tablets are fast domineering the marketplace with its convenient size and wide range of versatile apps. Taken from my Facebook posting on 1 Oct 2018.

MOBILE IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD: I carry an iPhone and an iPad with me all the time, and if you put them side-by-side, you can tell the main difference is that one is a few times bigger than the other. Both devices obviously have many overlapping features, but I use the smartphone mainly for phone calls and messaging, while the tablet is useful for emails, surfing and work-related matters. The iPad’s larger screen gives a higher resolution, and is easier on my old pair of eyes. I actually find the iPad to be even better than a desktop computer, as I believe the world is changing in favour of things that are mobile – devices, apps and operating systems. Of course there’re still many users who’re set in their old ways and would never forsake their bulky PCs and laptops. But each year, millions of “computers only” users retire from the workforce, while millions of “mobile only” take up employment. So there’s no prize for guessing that things that are mobile are taking over our universe.


Selected followers’ comments:

Latha Ravindran: You look deep in thoughts in that picture. That’s what happens when people are engaged in their devices. Hardly notice anyone around them. Must agree that it has made our lives more convenient and a lot faster. Integrating technology in teaching is fun too.

Peter Wong: Good monday morning everyone.. Indeed mobile n iPad taking over.. Working from home is becoming very popular in some companies especially for the Y n Z generation. Soon office will be redundant and out of fashion.

Linda Cheung: Wearable technology is the next wave. No need to carry anything, whether laptop or tablet. We could be wearing them or they could be implanted in us. Scary!


My other FB postings between 1 Oct 2018 and 7 Oct 2018:

2 Oct 2018

FEARFUL AND YET FASCINATED: This little kid cringed in fear before an injection by a doctor. Adults aren’t laughing too, when they see needles. I think fears of something are pretty common, but when an individual has too many of them, it becomes difficult to deal with all of them. We have those who’re afraid of the dark, public speaking, poverty, flying and even spiders. Fear’s purpose is to keep us from harm, but it can also hold us back from what we really want. I’ve noticed that fear often gets packaged with curiosity and even enthrallment. We don’t look away from accidents or physical fights – but instead give them our rapt attention. This sets me thinking – one way to inject more zest into our lives could be to seek activities where fear and fascination overlap. For me, this could mean sky-jumping or eating snake meat. What would be your “numinous” experiences?


Selected followers’ comments:

Jennifer Chan: Most of our fears of our fascination is unfounded. We just need to get over it. I think if you have eaten a few live crickets, it would not be a big deal anymore, hahaha….

Lily Dublin: The picture of the little boy shows that not only he is in fear but also worried. I also fear the needle. Even before I was pricked I would scream. The kind Technician will say “belum lagi”.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: This is why television shows like Fear Factor is such a hit. And dash cam makers are doing a roaring business!


3 Oct 2018

JUDGED BY THE COMPANY WE KEEP: A group of Kuching friends were with me at one of my KL residences and you can see we’re having a good time. One thing I’ve realised is that hanging out with positive and upbeat people can lift our mood. There’s this emotional influence which means we absorb the feelings of those around us, as it’s a natural tendency to mimic their behaviour and expressions. I won’t want to spend time with “downers” who’ll drain us of joy and energy. Personal branding is the name of the game, with people perceiving us not just by how we present ourselves, but also by the company we keep. I will vouch these very decent Kuching buddies, like Melvin Wee and Bertram Chew, are fun to be with. Oftentimes, others will form opinions of us based on the company we keep, good or bad. I feel guilt by association is a grossly unfair concept, but then life has more to do with perception than reality.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Birds of a feather flock together. As kids, our parents warned us against mixing with bad hats and for good reasons. Najib mixed with people like the Whale. While the latter is still out swimming undetected in the oceans, the former is beached, fighting for survival. I think Najib should have paid more attention to his parents’ advice!

Peter Wong: Good Wednesday morning… Indeed it’s important who are the friends we mixed with. Sometimes they are motives behind… Can be both ways.. As a 6 series I just need a few good friends and family…😁

Low Keng Lok: It’s the company we keep that becometh us. Law of attraction. Positive brings positive, and negative negativity.


4 Oct 2018

POVERTY SHOULDN’T BE A CRIME: Former PM Dato’ Seri Najib Razak is a free man meantime as he could afford to post the multi-million ringgit bail. (We’re sure his wife DS Rosmah Mansor will also be out on bail when she gets charged today). That gets me wondering about those who are imprisoned for being poor. That’s what is happening to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of individuals who can’t raise bonds or give sureties while they’re awaiting trial. Most of them have been accused of petty crimes – it’s mostly the white-collar criminals who’re able to post bail and hire “hotshot” lawyers like TS Muhammad Shafee. How about those illegal foreign workers held in long detention pending trial or deportation? Many of them have no previous criminal record, but have been merely conned by unscrupulous middlemen. The sad reality in our society is that economic status can determine the type of justice an individual receives. We’ve a court system that seems to punish people of lesser means, as they’ve no hope of paying the high bonds or fines imposed on them. To them, imprisonment is the only other option.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cornelius Lo: That’s why in Malaysia “Cash is King.”
To me, there is a “Final Judgement” awaiting each and everyone, rich or poor. And I am sure by then the punishment will be more severe on the rich.

Abi Muthalib: I read something about law way back in 1982.
It reads as follows:- The law is like a spider web, the rich and powerful can tear through it, whereas the poor and weak will get entangled in it. I was then 20 years old, now I realize how true are the words written by those before us.

Jassend Jantom Sendar: Poor people are always victims because they are cannot able to pay for the bail. The rich people can use the money to get free ..


5 Oct 2018

DO YOU WHIP OUT PHONE & TAKE PHOTOS? There have been occasions when strangers took photos of me in public places without my knowledge and posted them on social media, or sent them to me, like this coffeeshop scene. That isn’t a big deal to me, if it has been innocently done without any malicious intention. I told my aides to back off a few times, when they noticed “secretive” photographers nearby and wanted them to delete the photos. But it does raise the issue of the legality and ethics of taking pictures without permission in public. Our laws provides for our right to privacy, but when we appear in public, we automatically consent to being seen by other people, and I feel that could include being captured on camera or video. Of course it’s a different matter when people use our photos in some questionable ways. I believe most people won’t want someone else making the decision for them on where and how they should appear. They likely would ask that you post your own pictures as much as you want, but you leave them out of it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Kenneth Fernandez: Our beloved celebrity entrepreneur… it’s very good to see the fan page growing and it’s always good to read the content on this page daily.

Lee Swee Lian: Good morning Tan Sri. To some people will be scared of their life to ask your permission only can quietly snap one for remembrance sake being able to see you.

Jennifer Chan: That’s because you are a star in your own right, Tan Sri. Nobody would want to take photos of regular people unless they were caught doing something wrong like getting involved in a fight or road rage case.


6 Oct 2018

FOOTWEAR TO GET HEARTS RACING: A woman wearing flashy stilettos, probably Jimmy Choo’s, once nearly stepped on my toes in a crowd, and she came across to me as a materialistic female in a hurry. It also created a debate in my head if people should wear shoes that are comfortable or stylish. I’ve no doubt many of our ladies in those high heels have to suffer sores and pain in the name of foot fashion. I notice, however, many men have taken to wearing sneakers, which are most comfy and now a sort of status symbol among the younger set. I’ve gotten a few but don’t wear them because of those time-consuming shoelaces. I guess when people check each other out when they first meet, they’ll form an impression based on, among others, the clothes and shoes the other party wears. I’m not too concerned about my footwear, as long as the feet in my shoes steer me in the right direction.


Selected followers’ comments:

Shir Teo: Good morning, Tan Sri and all, the first thing l did before buying a pair of shoe or slipper was to weight it with my hand. It must be light-weight and easy to put on.

Vijay Kumar Victor: I was a proud and loyal wearer of Obermain shoes, the standards have declined greatly since, my current drivers are Clarks and they, look, feel are generally great pair of vehicle to get me places I want to be at.

Jennifer Chan: Some women wear high heels to stand out in the mating / dating game. These people want to subject their feet to such torture when I think being pleasant is more important than your appearance.


7 Oct 2018

THE JOKERS & VILLAINS IN REAL LIFE: Someone superimposed the Joker’s face onto one of my pictures and asked if I could imagine myself as a super villain, because it’s “boring to play the good guy” all the time, and it could be “fun to be evil” once in a while. I don’t appear in action movies and I don’t conjure evil plots in real life, so I obviously don’t make the cut. So who does? We have seen leaders and their henchmen who’ve been relentless in their quest for wealth and power and are willing to rob or steal to entrench their dominance. They’ve no morals or empathy, and have no qualms about sacrificing the rakyat’s interests to further their own. Now, there are books and upcoming movies about the 1MDB saga and its colourful cast. Fine. But we should take care never to glamorise criminals. What those flamboyant and “creative” characters did was despicable.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rebeka E Padan: At first I confused see 2 photos together but the one is joker face looks familiar.. lol..😂😂😂

Shenna Dot: Tan Sri, you are always making light of the moment, and making fun of yourself. Like being the character Joker here, for instance.

Pat Tap: A super-villain role doesn’t suit your face and personality though ‘that someone’ might be prepping you up for Halloween. Stay Blessed Sir.. ☺☺