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The prestigious Peninsula International School Australia, renowned for its holistic and technologically-advanced curriculum is fast gaining popularity with discerning Malaysian parents. Taken from my Facebook posting on 14 Nov 2018.


TAKE A PEEP AT THIS SCHOOL 😜 I think this video tells a good story of the institution that is enabling promising young minds at Setia Alam. It features real teachers and students at Peninsula International School. I think what appeals to our audience is what matters in any marketing effort. We have to tell something right if we want to get their attention. We hope for this short clip to be noticed, watched and acted upon.

Posted by Clement Hii on Jumaat, 9 November 2018

I think this video tells a good story of the institution that is enabling promising young minds at Setia Alam. It features real teachers and students at Peninsula International School.
I think what appeals to our audience is what matters in any marketing effort. We have to tell something right if we want to get their attention. We hope for this short clip to be noticed, watched and acted upon.

Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: Parents will always try to give the best education that they can afford to their offsprings. Congrats Tan Sri for providing the opportunity to build the minds of the future generations.

Shenna Dot: Using your real teachers and students to do a marketing video definitely is a plus, and looks more convincing !

Christopher Tan: After watching your video, I wish I had the opportunity to go to such a school in my younger days, but my parents could only afford to send us to government schools.


My other FB postings between 12 Nov 2018 and 18 Nov 2018:


12 Nov 2018

“AMBITION” SHOULD BE THE REAL MANTRA: Some critics say greed is what drives entrepreneurs to push into uncharted territories and take big risks. It’s the yearning for more, be it cash, equity or fame, that motivates people to work hard to build their businesses. If that’s true, then greed has evolved and taken a different form. I agree there’s some greed, or a lot of it, along the entrepreneurial path. But I’ll argue that “ambition” should be the main thrust for business owners. Ambition is not self-serving, unlike greed where any means justifies the end. It’s about serving the community and our stakeholders, creating opportunities and making a difference. Greed has never been good, and it often leads to an unhappy ending. It’s the ambitious, not greedy, individuals who deserve to succeed and make their companies and this country great.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ahmad Ziakari: Agreed. Everybody should be taught to have the highest ambition of his or her choice in education, profession, spiritual and love life.

Long Thien Shin:  “Ambition, greed” that tired old clichés that drive the motivation to succeed. But, don’t forget to ask yourself what is success for? Sometimes one has to know how much is enough?

Low Keng Lok: To me, it is Passion that drives successful entrepreneurs more than anything else.


13 Nov 2018

LEAVING THE CRAZINESS BEHIND: A peer in the rat race has disposed of his business to a private equity and, loaded with a ton of cash, surprisingly tells me he’s planning to live a “simpler life.” He intends to move into a home on the outskirts, enjoy nature and stay away from KL’s hustle and bustle. We all live in such crazily busy times, where busyness is always glorified. My associate has opted to step out of the high-stake game and leave the luxuries and craziness behind. But I think we can simplify our lives while we remain in a modern world, without relocating to a kampung or village. For a start, we can stop needing everything to be better, bigger or more. Forget about the fine dining, branded goods, working long hours and those huge dreams. In fact, I believe things could become less complicated if we take everything down a notch, while still fulfilling our purpose as a boss, parent or friend. Share with us what you think we could do to live a simpler life.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ng Hong: I hve learned to rmbrace a more minimalist lifestyle w focus on one goal at a time.Less buying n spend time on reading n gardening.

Linda Cheung: If your friend does not need any more of his assets, tell him he can donate it to us here for charity, LOL!

Lee Keen Kung: Retired to a simple life after making your fortune is a wise move. Escape from the noise,pollution, traffic jams and especially stress. Its like living again and living longer n healthier. Life is short.


15 Nov 2018

HE COULD BE BRUTALLY BLUNT: I’ve gotten hold of a copy of Tan Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s autobiography and would read it in due time, and it’s not because I bother much about the politics of MCA (or what’s left of it). TS Dr Chua has always been known as a straight talker, and like the book’s title says, you’ll either like him or hate him for his bluntness. He was elected MCA president in early 2010, when I was head honcho of The STAR media group. Towards the end of my 2-year STAR stint, I had a major surgery in a Singapore hospital, and I had to dodge his adamant requests to visit me there. My senior surgeons in a Malaysian public hospital vouched he was the “most decisive” health minister they had dealt with. I personally prefer frank talkers like TS Dr Chua, provided they’re not abusive or overly aggressive. At least we’ll know where we stand with them. What we resent are people who smile, won’t say what bothers them and then actively stab others in the back.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cornelius Lo: I think majority who just smile and won’t say what bothers them do not later stab others in the back.
Maybe I have been too naive, which I definitely hope I am not.

Low Keng Lok: I have dealt with Tan Sri Dr Chua before and he come across to me as a person who talks straight – can help, he will say he can; cannot help, he will say he cannot. I surely can live with this type of person. No taking you round the bush.

Reje Michael: Chua soi lik still the best MCA president compared to liawwwTongglaii😀😀😀he was sabotaged before.


16 Nov 2018

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT PLASTIC BAGS: Some fast food joints have banned plastic straws, and supermarkets are asking customers to bring their own recycled bags. That’s pretty inconvenient but it’s done in the name of saving the environment for our future generations. I’m unsure if fewer plastic bags are being used now, but I’m skeptical if such a simplistic approach will solve our environmental woes. The globe’s population is growing rapidly and as it becomes more affluent, the demand for products that contain plastic goes up. I think plastic bag littering is only the tip of the iceberg – we’ve so many other plastic things. Just as my companies are going paperless in stages, I guess we all have to start somewhere. But a single product ban shouldn’t give society the misconception that the problem is solved. We’re still happily polluting the environment with plastics.


Selected followers’ comments:

Catherine Chih: A small step is better than nothing. The plastic ending up in seas and oceans is destroying marine life and our food source. Do you know that plastic is in the flesh of fish we eat? Cleaning up the ocean is near impossible . We can stop further pollution.

Jonathan Keung: Plastic drinking water bottles another major waste contributor.

Chan Whan: I hope you will implement UN sustainable development goals across your organization, and let us know the progress.


17 Nov 2018

WHEN THEY CROSS OVER TO OUR SIDE: If you believe in ghosts, you’re not alone. As a kid, our elders used to scare us with ghostly tales when we misbehave. Friends talked about missing keys, doors closing on their own and other eerie experiences. Cultures everywhere believe that spirits survive death to live in another realm, and occasionally cross over to our side. I’ve met people who would swear that some bodiless souls have intervened in their lives. As an adult, ghost becomes a dirty word to me. Personal “experience” is one thing, but scientific evidence is another matter. I could hardly even find an universal definition of what a ghost really is. Are they spirits of the dead, poltergeists, shadow people or what? I suspect the belief stems from people who seek comfort that their deceased loved ones are still looking out for them. Do you think ghosts really exist?


Selected followers’ comments:

Doreen D’orville: Yes they certainly do exist. Its difficult to share as I do not want to recall these past experiences.

Choy Khim Lhadron: Buddhists believe in 6 realms..The eighteen hells, the pretas, the animals, the human, the asuras and the gods.

Ling Liong Ming: I really don’t believe in ghost. If there are ghost, where are they now, and how many would be around by now?


18 Nov 2018

WHY DO PEOPLE RISK LIVES FOR A PHOTO? There is nothing some people won’t do to get that ultimate shot. Taking a photo is harmless, but doing it in daredevil or life-threatening situations, I feel, is crossing the line. There have been many reports of injuries and fatalities as a result of people falling from heights, being mangled by wild animals or getting into unnecessary accidents. It’s hard to imagine a spot where no one has taken a selfie yet. We begin to wonder what makes people feel so compelled to snap the perfect picture that they’ll risk their own lives or the lives of others. My deduction is that they do it for the rewards – admiration for their courage (I’ll call it stupidity) and that shot of adrenaline. I think the victims of dangerous selfies are normal people who are probably over-eager to show proof of an exciting life. They placed a bet and lost the gamble.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lee Keen Kung: Many of us want to be in the spotlight for a change. Blame it on your ego. Would smashing of coconuts help ? 😞

Eugenie Ang: I think the internet or social media is the main thing they outfits with to looks more attention and gain popularity.

Jamel Rajah James: Living illusion a threat to real thing in world!