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Recently SEGi University had the privilege to host YB Theresa Kok, Minister of Primary Industries as she engaged with students of SEGi University in Kota Damansara which has joined the ministry’s Palm Oil Student Ambassador Programme. The programme is one of the many outreach initiatives under the ministry’s year-long Love MY Palm Oil Campaign.


Promoting the benefits of palm oil

Y.B. Teresa Kok initiated an engagement with the students from SEGi University on palm oil issues through the unique Palm Oil Student Ambassador Programme, organised by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council at SEGi University.

YB Teresa interacted with the audience and informed them on the campaign which aims to create awareness of oil palm as our important and valuable commodity among Malaysians because their support and appreciation of palm oil is needed in Malaysia’s efforts to counter the aggressive and heavily-funded anti-palm oil campaigns by the West.

During the session at SEGi, agronomist Mr. Teoh Cheng Hai gave a talk on the significance of the palm oil industry in Malaysia while Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia dietitian Mr. Khor Ban Hock gave an interactive talk to the students on healthy eating and palm oil which included quizzes to spur their interest in the topic. Planters United representative Mr. Jimmy Teoh also motivated the students with a talk on palm oil youth advocacy.

Among the panelists were SEGi students who imparted their knowledge and ideas on the palm oil industry. YB Teresa participated in a question-and-answer session with the student audience who were keen to know the Government policies and stand on issues related to the palm oil industry. SEGi University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Patrick Kee Peng Kong was also one of the speakers.


SEGi students spearheading palm oil “Ambassador Programme”

SEGi University in collaboration with The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) engaged students to advocate Malaysia’s biggest commodity – Palm Oil. The Student Ambassador programme aims to rope in students to advocate for palm oil and spread awareness among their peers, family and community on the nutritional benefits of palm oil as well as its role in our economy. Palm oil contributed to 52.82% of the country’s total agri-commodity exports last year.

The programme was launched by MPOC as part of its on-going efforts to educate tertiary education institution students with accurate knowledge on palm oil and its benefits, instil pride and appreciation of the nation’s biggest commodity, support the Malaysian palm oil industry in terms of sharing knowledge with peers, and counter misconceptions of the Malaysian palm oil industry on digital and social media.

This event offered an important avenue for the youth to engage in quality discussions and share knowledge on the Malaysian palm oil industry. After the event, students were welcome to sign up to be a Palm Oil Ambassador.