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When I started business weekly Focus Malaysia in late 2012, many were skeptical it would take off. They were skeptical that the market could support another weekly business publication in print at a time when online publications appeared to be thriving. Cynics had said that there was only so much ad revenue to go around for a niche market. Besides, the market leader was way ahead, whether in terms of size, circulation or brand recognition.

Fast forward three years later, and Focus Malaysia has been certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulation as the market leader in the English business weekly segment. This comprise 16,028 for paid print sales and 22,811 copies for paid subscriptions of the digital replica or e-paper. Combined, Focus Malaysia has a circulation of 38,839 per issue.

Many had asked how Focus Malaysia was able to pull off such a feat? The short answer is knowing what you want and staying focussed at achieving it. One must not let skeptics and cynics derail one’s plans. It is when one keeps soldiering on despite all odds and by coming up with out-of-the-box solutions, that one will be able to survive and hopefully, thrive.

Ultimately, we want to be able to say we did our best to win the hearts and minds of our readers.


The top three editors of Focus Malaysia (Group Editor-in-chief Chong Cheng Hai flanked by his deputies, Toh Lye Huat and Charles Raj)


Focus Malaysia ran a Best Under Billion Award to honour small and medium enterprises in a glitzy event officiated by Minister Datuk Paul Low last year.


Focus Malaysia’s circulation figures, as certified by Audit Bureau of Circulation