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I am pleased to note that edusentral, a mixed development project developed by the HCK Group, sold out within hours of the launch. Thank you for the vote of confidence to edusentral and the HCK Group! Taken from my Facebook posting on 11 June 2017:

EDUSENTRAL: SOLD OUT ON 1ST DAY: The launching of the 1st phase of our Edusentral project at Setia Alam was a great success this morning. All 505 units of Stanford and Yale suites were fully taken up by purchasers within hours. It’s a great vote of confidence in the RM1.3 billion project & the HCK Group. Together, we shall create a great community in a well-connected & intelligent education city.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tommy Koay: Congrats Tan Sri, hck is a very reputable brand that’s why! 🤣👍🏻👏🏻

Siew Wwg: Congratulation Tan Sri ! May bring this great concept development to your hometown Sibu Sarawak

Albert Leong Kok Chaw: Congratulation. EduSentral was a good name + HCK strong branding = SUCESS for the Developer + Purchasers.


My other FB postings between 5 June 2017 and 11 June 2017:

5 June 2017

SPARE US THE SPEECHES: Business discussions, much like personal chit-chats, aren’t meant to be a one-way traffic. But we’ll likely meet people who won’t stop talking about themselves, leaving little room for others to participate. I can get impatient even with those “big-shots” who constantly dominate both formal or casual meet-ups. Most of their recycled jokes aren’t even funny. There’s no free flow of ideas, and I view their overbearing behaviour as inconsiderate. We want others to listen & pay attention to what we have to say too. In a conversation, we want dialogue & engagement, not to listen to speeches.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, came to my observation the wise ones r the ones who are slow to talk but intent in their listening. The foolish ones are the ones holding centre stage and dominating the conversations. Perhaps that’s why it’s said, ” Empty bottles makes noise but a full bottle is silent. ” Folks listen to those who speaks intelligently n their wisdom never fails to amaze and bless the listeners. Those who commend intelligently in social media are standing out obviously too n so are those babbling nonsense !
” One of the highest respect is to listen to what others have to say ” – Bryan H McGill.

Krizian Lim: “In a conversation, we want a dialogue and engagement, not to listen to speeches.”

How true. No one learns by listening to themselves speak. A communication is supposed to be two ways not one way street. At times, when we were “forced” to be a listener, that is because of the authority and the position of the speaker. A good leader do not influence others by authority, they influence others by who they are. Some speak because they want to speak, others speak because people want to listen.

Susan Quat: When we say it is a discussion , we expect those who attend to participate and each would have a chance to speak and bring out their ideas / suggestions . Same goes for meeting , sometimes the same few are talking and dominating and leaving the others no change to speak n wasting precious time. Focus on the topic and keep it concise rather than long winded so everyone will have thier chance to participate.


6 June 2017

THOSE POWER LUNCHES: Many big deals have been concluded over a great meal. Occasionally, I get to host lunches at my office (pic), where I get to discuss business with guests, with good food in the equation. CEOs of PLCs, bankers & other professionals meet their clients very often over the mid-day meal. While we’re busy eating, we wouldn’t want to forget the agenda & objectives of the meeting. I think some personal chit chat can be expected, but business should remain the core subject. Entrepreneurs have to know how to do power lunches with impact.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: I have a friend who once told me that most of the big deals he make is through a cup of teh tarik or during golfing time, the deal is on and then he is to further sort out the details with those who are not the final decision makers in the office.

Your topic today make me almost run out of quote 😅😂

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

Kelvin Phang: If the business lunch does not do the thing, follow up with a glass of wine and cigar will do the job. Premium dining outlets have such facilities as they know how to compliment business folks.

Teh Lawrence: In some parts of China entrepreneurs do business over meals as well. 50-60 dishes of food at one sitting. Though in smaller portions for each dish, nevertheless too much .
At home front , deals concluded in private island over stay and party. Island was closed for ‘private function’.
Heard of a deal concluded in first class cabin of a flight from here to London. Perhaps the ambience helped if not the liquor!


7 June 2017

THE GIFTS THAT HARDSHIP BRINGS: For some people, life can be a constant struggle. Dead ends, banging heads against the wall, unending money problems & the whole lot. The other day, I saw a homeless old man clinging to a carton box carrying probably his entire possessions. His struggles are much different from ours. Our occasional hardships may not be what we need, but they also bring along unexpected gifts. The dark days will pass, but the gifts of greater strength & wisdom will remain. These are personal treasures that can’t be acquired in any other way.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: School of hard knocks. We learned to be streetwise. No university can teach us. Experience brings strength n wisdom. It also teaches us to work hard works. That is how our fortunes was built – hard work n wisdom.
No short cut. Or foolish notions of work smart or money makes money – that is con man mantra! I remember 1st person I heard him say work smart n money make money – he ends up serving time in jail.

Desmond Chong: I have come to realise that everyone will think that their own life is tough, until they see someone else’s struggle.. That is why philanthropy gives peace to both the giver, and the receiver..

Vincent Yeoh: Everyone from billionaire to layman has its own 😂😂😂 of its own struggles to be successful if not live by contention of how much they have.Their no envy & jealous that stand out & keep them “happy” even how little they have.


8 June 2017

ONE SURE WAY TO BE SMART: One reason I tolerate traffic jams is that I get to use the time to read in the car. Not only printed materials but also online stuff on my iPad. Reading is a passion I cultivated as a child, and I believe it has all my life mentally stimulated me & reduced my stress level, widening my knowledge aside. It’s easy to dissect if a person is well-read or not by engaging in an in-depth conversation with him. I’m certain many of our politicians need to pick up the habit, judging by some of the dumbest things they’ve said. Being an avid reader may not assure you of success, but I’m certain most successful people are assuredly avid readers. How often, and what stuff, do you read?


Selected followers’ comments:

KurniaCipta Sarawak: If everybody is an avid reader world will be a better place to live in..

Jennifer Chan: Thank you for giving us daily doses of reading materials that makes us so much wiser and stronger because you share your experiences with us. Your writings are based on real life experiences and it is so rare for anyone in Malaysia to write that kind of postings to share with the world at large.

Mustapha Ong: Thank you Clement Hii for this appropriate reminder that reading is another form to distress ourselves mentally.

I am in my mid 7 series and currently read at least two books for pleasure and another book on Islam which is my religion.

I have just finished reading, “How Starbucks has saved my life” and has just started reading, “China Rich Girlfriend.” I am also reading an Islamic book in the evening, “Kaki Masjid.”


9 June 2017

TIGHTWADS & SPENDTHRIFTS: These kids remind me of my own experience as a roadside vendor selling newspapers at age 9 ( My parents gave me 20 sen each school day, and it was always a toss between a packet of noodles or a bottle of fizzy drink. Earning extra pocket money was the only way I could have both. Ironically, I now have very wealthy friends who are tightwads, who’ll grimace each time they need to spend. Then there’re the not so rich ones who’re obviously living beyond their means. I guess both frugality & extravagance are habits that’ve been cultivated since childhood. At our age, have we really learnt the true value of money?


Selected followers’ comments:

Rohaty Majzub: At this technological age with online banking it is easy to succumb to spending:Nowadays teens at the univ posses smartphones : texts and reference books not in the plan bec google is there so money will be spent on dating smartphones food
I guess it should be a comfortable balance between needs and luxuries because luxuries have become necessities nowadays

Choon Pin Yoong: To those who are hoarding wealth and kiamsiap to the core, there’s no way you can bring it to where you are going to when you leave earth.
And to those who spend, spend and keep on spending, you also can’t send your possessions there by MadEx!

Shenna Dot: This is a very thought provoking question that you are asking. I spend according to my means. I pamper myself sometimes when I do a good job. So my relationship with money is one of respect, love and longing. Does that answer your question?


10 June 2017

THE LAST SCENIC SPOTS: There aren’t many scenic spots left largely untouched in Malaysia. The remaining ones, like this waterfall in Cameron Highlands, are attracting hordes of visitors, and that could spell the end of their beauty in time to come. When tourists come in droves, development follows, with intense commercial activities sprouting up. Unfettered development for the tourism industry can also be bad. I think we should have stronger environmental laws to curb excessive buildings & unsustainable practices around natural attractions. While we still can, it makes sense to take the longer view.


Selected followers’ comments:

Shir Teo: No need to look far, l remember more than 30 years ago a foreign tourist commented to me ‘What a pity the mighty Rejang River is so polluted, it is such a beautiful River.’ We all know who’s the culprits.

Trosero Sergio Lau: Laws cannot stop greedy people. Only people with conscience will not grab thing that is not theirs.

Yuk Choi Lee: Tan Sri, sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on other side. Malaysia is still a country that never failed to surprise me in many ways! We don’t have to go too far to enjoy the many scenic spots and amazing view.

It is great to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life once in a while. Relax and enjoy life for what it is..


11 June 2017

IN OUR OWN HANDS: It’s amazing how we’ve grown from irresponsible kids to mature adults, over the years. It’s like a huge tree that has slowly grown from the sowing of seeds in the beginning. And through it all, we’ve endured different weathers and consistent changes. To become that unbending tree, we’ve been dependent on parents, teachers & friends to put us on the right paths. But I think the final forming of our characters lies in our own hands. Likewise, we’ve to take full responsibility for our own happiness, and never allow other people decide it for us.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: I am not sure if an “unbending tree” is a good tree. Sometimes, we need to be like bamboos. When the wind blows, it bends in its direction but never breaks as it stays strongly rooted to the ground. Likewise, we need to be flexible in life. A major thunderstorm can uproot the largest of trees, but bamboos usually survive by yielding to Mother Nature without breaking.

Beng Lin Lee: When my parents moved from our kampong house to the city flats, it was a dramatic experience from loss of endless space to play and explore to confinment within a small area. To overcome this problem my career choice took me to many parts of the country and overseas as well.

Khoo Kah Hin: Inborn traits just need to be discovered. Some never doscover them. Think you are the thankful one who realized your God-given talents. Anyway, “There child in us’ is always there. God bless.