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Many of us wish we have telepathic powers so we can know what others are thinking or size up a person in a short time. Taken from my Facebook posting on 4 May 2017:

OUR EXTRA SENSES: Not everyone will claim to have a 6th sense, or a telepathic ability to read minds. But often, we need to ascertain the intentions of a stranger in a spilt second. There’ll be times when we somehow get a feel of some people before they even utter a word. Some subconscious signals tell us if we will get to like those strangers or if they can be trusted. It looks like we have some sort of extra “senses” that we either never use or don’t notice when we do.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: We call it sixth sense because science taught us that human has only five senses.

Sixth sense, is a decision our brain make base on the past experience and knowledge faster than we can articulate or analyze it in a logical way. Such as, a decision telling us whether a person is a good or bad guy. We may not have the time to analyze why. But, our brain, the most efficient CPU, has process all the data, from his appearance, facial expression, body languages and a lot more information, to give us a conclusion whether we should trust this man.

In business or investment, we sometimes make decision base on “gut feeling”, a decision that is roughly right, rather than precisely wrong, often proven to be correct later.

Sixth sense is human’s innate surviving skill which has been buried as we advance in science and technology. Practice to sharpen it, we can trust it more.

Patricia Cynthia Wong Wong: Good morning, Tan Sri Clement Hii.
I remembered in 1992-1993, I think. There was the biggest bull run in stocks. I was buying many shares then.
Then…. suddenly on a Friday afternoon, while I was there at SS, my hair all stood up, I felt really funny that something bad was going to happen.
I sold all my shares. And I asked all my friends there to sell all their shares. But they didn’t trust me.
So I sold all and left.
On Monday….. it plunged so badly… it never recovered from the golden days.

Ong Phaik Kim: Having 6th sense or 7th sense or both can be a burden. We can never fight against destiny n karma… even through we know n see into future.
Some people we met, we know will be our allies and some god help us…

I learned to shut up least people think i cursed them. No fun seeing event not yet happen but unable to stop it. A divine gift or a curse?


My other FB postings between 1 May 2017 and 7 May 2017:

1 May 2017

OUR COLLECTIVE STRENGTH: In property development, crucial components like location, concept and quality won’t count for much without strategic marketing & sales. Property “gurus” offer a wide spectrum of services, and Dato’ Sri Seow K.F. is an “expert” who has a big following. His company, WHC Group, says it helps people avoid mistakes in property investments. They get insightful training and co-invest for bulk property purchases. In any industry, enormous wealth can be created by leveraging on collective strength, good foresight and continuous innovation.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: In a huge business undertaking like construction, excellent marketing skills is an important component besides of course the products. Bulk purchases is wise as big discounts r given for such purchases thus saving quite a substantial amount. Disemination of informations regarding the properties will help purchasers decide the prospects of a good investment. Properties is all about location, quality, good ROI, prospects of capital appreciation, right entry points, affordability, availability of prospective tenants n loans etc. All these informations must be made available to prospective buyers by these marketing personels. Cheers, success in business belongs to those with foresights especially in tough market conditions like now. The world’s wealthiest r usually property investors n the best hedge against inflations is still properties.

Teh Lawrence: Businesses are like big wheels of fortune. While all precautions and risks are considered and taken, political and government policies and confidence also play a part to certain extend the success of the business. Of course if one is a visionary with prognostic skill one would be ahead of the game even under difficult circumstances.
Both Tan Sri and Dato’ Sri are such entrepreneurs with these foresight.
Happy Labour’s Day.

Hanson Lee: Tan Sri, appriciate for the sharing! There is different between ‘Buy property’ and ‘Invest property’. No learning, no investment! Thank you DS Seow and WHC group for the efforts and contributions to all.


2 May 2017

SLEEPLESS IN MONEYLAND: Sleep deprivation is common in the corporate world. I’ve seen big-time entrepreneurs nodding off in meetings. I don’t fare too well myself on certain days, when I tend to be irritable due to a lack of sleep. Business friends tell me they don’t sleep well when they work late nights or are under stress. Maybe we shouldn’t be just seeking simple wealth and luxuries, at the expense of our physical wellbeing. It may be time to take our sleep more seriously.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Do you think that Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan’s son can sleep better now that he’s a monk in Thailand or before he became one? Before he gave up his worldly possessions, he probably could sleep on the best mattress money could buy. Now, I read somewhere that he doesn’t even have a mattress to sleep on. But as a monk, with no possession, no business to run, and little headache about balancing the cheque book, he probably can sleep better than most of us because he has very little to worry about!

YK Cheah: People are deprived of sleep because of their insatiable desires. Even in their dreams, though rarely, they dream of ways to amass more millions. You come to this world wailing with nothing on and you are going to turn to dust bringing along nothing.

Philip Lim: It is very old fashioned to say “Health is Wealth” but for those who had been through that rough patch, they could easily testify that. A close relative worked very hard till the last drop of his sweat only to be confronted with a stroke recently. He spent his entire life saving for his medical bill that comes to more than RM100k and he is now penniless. For the ordinary folks, this is the cruel reality on life uncertainties.


3 May 2017

OUTER SPACE’S NO LIMIT: China is the 3rd country after USA and Russia to have successfully sent its astronauts into space. I could see on a recent private tour of their national space centre in Beijing that the country takes great pride in its space program. The race to the moon & other planets happens not because it’s easy but because it’s hard. It’s a test of our extreme human skills and endurance, traits useful in life & business. Not even outer space deters those who aren’t afraid to fly.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: I realised i learned what is hard work by growing up watching Jackie Chan’s movies and other role models in tv such as Anita Mui, Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung, Lydia Sum, etc. These people are what we called legends and their legacy will be remembered long after they are gone.

“What comes easy, won’t always last. What will last, won’t always comes easy.” – Unknown

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” – Unknown

Emil Lee: Good morning and an amazing day to you Tan Sri Clement and to all my fb friends herein too. A thousand miles journey begins with a single step. Man has always been adventurous and an insatiable appetite for exploration of a new frontier. It is this pioneering spirit that propels us to greater heights into the unknown. We are all here for a reason, some have already found their missing piece of the jig saw puzzle and some are still searching.

Linda Cheung: It is incredible that countries spend billions of $$$ on space research and travel and yet many of their own people remain poor and hungry. Is outer space so important to us now, at least for the next few generations? Or is it is all about egos and pride?


5 May 2017

WE CAN’T BE PUSHY: We’re putting the finishing touches to the spacious sales gallery at the site of Edusentral @ Setia Alam. The RM1.3 billion project has 6 towers of about 1700 serviced suites for sale, apart from 44 retail blocks ( In the competitive (and often chaotic) world of sales, it’s essential for our team to be armed with the right collaterals & mental outlook. The HCK Group is more interested in creating long-term relationships with its clients, not just in closing sales. Pushy sales tactics rarely work these days.


Selected followers’ comments:

Latha Ravindran: Excellent Tan Sri! Most of them are only inteterested in closing the sales and are not bothered beyond that. Gaining customers trust and maintaining good relationship with them is very important.

Shenna Dot: I hate it when sales people try to get me to buy something without letting me have time to think about it. I also hate those endless phone calls from strangers who want to sell me something which I don”t need. I am your team won’t push away customers with such pushy behaviour.

Jennifer Chan: My brother owns a real estate agency and he says though Tan Sri’s HCK Group is a new player in development, your company has a good reputation in the market, and agents and buyers have good impression about you and your projects. We hear you have many new projects.


6 May 2017

WHEN INTIMACY IS MISSING: We might be spending a lot of time with close colleagues or friends, and yet nothing personal is exchanged. Intimacy is missing, as there’re no shared moments or closeness. I think to be intimate with people we’re acquainted with, we’ve to know them in depth, their interests and the manner they would react to situations. It’s also about knowing ourselves, our inner selves, and sharing ourselves & our experiences with them.


Selected followers’ comments:

Zainab Zir: We must find it ourselves because intimacy is done by us. We can do it by the way we talk to each other
By messaging,by giving cards,by smiling So many ways.Say it aloud show it with nice words. But nowadays we just let it pass by.

Shir Teo: A big hug for friends in need of one create unspeakable bonding and it’s a chain reaction.

MarknJo Ang: Intimacy is being comfortable in the company of people we are in. Being able to speak our mind and not being superficial just to sound good Even in silence there is comfort and not awkwardness.


7 May 2017

CLOTHES & CONFIDENCE: Occasionally, I would drop by my tailor’s and get a few new shirts or trousers made. Nothing fanciful or stylish, as I think fashion is actually quite frivolous. Women obviously are more dictated by fashion than men, at times wearing things that can’t be good for them, like those super-high heels. Yes, people often feel good when they know they look good. But I believe clothes become less important when we become more confident. We just need to carry our confidence better than the attire we wear.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: Putting on the right attire for the right occasion rather than following the fashion or trend should be practiced unless someone is trying to grab the attention. Comfort always is the first choice instead of the brand to me and I prefer flat shoes too. If a person have confidence what he / she wears comes secondary as others will detect it more than what that person is wearing.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

If we’re confident,
We bring cloth out,
Nobody bother what you wear,
Anything smart will do;

If we are not confident,
Cloth has to bring us out,
Somebody will bother what you wear,
Fashionable to attract attention;

Confidence is inner,
From our trust and thrust,
If we’ve no confidence,
We’re naked in cloths;

Cloth is outer,
From brand and fashion,
If we’ve no prudence,
We just hide behind cloth.