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When I first decided to embark on starting the Peninsula International School, I was determined to see it through. I have always had a passion for education. Taken from my Facebook posting on 12 Feb 2018:

NEW VENTURE, LASTING THRILL: I went on an inspection of the new campus for Peninsula International School Australia @ Setia Alam and was satisfied with the finishing touches. We spare no expense to create a most conducive learning environment for our students. Founding principal Clive Rogers is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the human resources and facilities are of highest quality level. As an entrepreneur, I’m always drawn to the challenge of starting a new entity from ground level and building it up. The team of mostly expatriate educators is showing such high energy and enthusiasm in being part of quality K-12 education in Malaysia. While our new venture is an exciting challenge and a big thrill, it certainly isn’t just a new fling. We’re all in a serious relationship to create a thriving community of promising young minds.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ling Liong Ming: I hope you will put in more civic courses to educate our youngsters to be more civic minded towards each other regardless of races and religions.

Alice Yeoh: It is a shame that our Malaysian national education system is in such dire straits with their flip
flop policies, causing many parents to resort to alternative options in private and international instititions. Many can ill afford the exhorbitant fees and a big chunk of household expense actually goes towards private education or tuition. It shouldn’t be that way. All the same, it is a welcome option for those who can afford it. Congrats TS and all the best. I am sure it is very exciting to see the new venture come to fruition.

Cherie Tan: Glad that you who have the resources to make things happen create the necessary changes for the society.

“Be a gamechanger. The world has enough followers.” – Unknown

“Around here we don’t look backwards for very long… we keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious… and curiousity keep leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney


My other FB postings between 13 Feb 2018 and 18 Feb 2018

13 Feb 2018

DON’T GIVE UP OWNERSHIP: Sometimes, we fail to take control of our lives, leaving everything to chance, fate and everybody else except ourselves. That’s when we put ourselves at the mercy of other people who may not have our best interest at heart, because their own personal agendas take priority. We become spineless puppets. In my initial years in business, I felt I was mostly going with the flow. Then I realised I needed to be firm about what I wanted, and to go and get it. There’s no sitting around and waiting for someone else to make it happen. When we’re in control of who and what we are, we’ll feel empowered and independent. Giving up ownership of our own lives can lead to a level of destruction which we won’t realise until it’s too late.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Today’s topic brings me back to memory lane. Being in control of my own destiny rules true for me. In an era where education were reserved for sons, I remembered I was asked to stop school after I had finished my LCE (Form 3) to help support the family because dad had retired and we needed to pay school fees. Those days education wasn’t free so paying my school fees was an extra burden to the family. I was very dissatisfied because I had just got the results and had done very well. I applied to the school for fees exemption and got it! From then onwards right until Upper Six my education was borne by the government. Because of this dad had no reason to stop my education. I took control of my own destiny uprooted myself to work in the big city and paid my own evening classes accounting studies after work. The rest is history! I had never been jobless 44 years down the line.
Yes we must take control of our lives. Perhaps because of being in an era of sons being favoured more than daughters, I knew my future must be in my own hands.
Friends, the current trend of pampering our kids don’t bode well for their future. Teach them instead to know what they want and to work towards it. Then only they can have survival skills. Let them be in control of their lives by fighting for what they want not by their parents giving in to all they want

Ron Juliet: Happy Morning Tan Sri Clement Hii and All the Buddies here.
During my younger years,I would say that I was quite naive and green. Easily to trust others and be taken advantage of.
A person I thought was a relatives and whom I trusted,turned up to be someone who had his own agenda and motive.
And this experience had taught me to be wise and not to be so naive. And I have learned to differentiate the character of a person through verbal communications.
Therefore,standing alone doing things our way can actually bring more good than we expected.

Teh Lawrence: If we want something we must want it badly enough to own it. But it’s our comfort zone that stops or slows us down. Or fear that stifles us. Or it demands too much of sacrifice to deter us.
Some takes to astrology for help . But a good astrology guru will tell you unless you go and persevere to do it, no good omens will befall on you if you sit still .
It is with us what we want to do with our lives.


14 Feb 2018

A BORING STORY: People who say “I never get bored” are lying through their teeth. I’m sure that’s not true – the real issue is how easily each of us gets bored. I work hard to make conversations and meetings as interesting as I can, for myself and for others. And when I don’t try, it’s like my brain isn’t functioning and the air in the room is stale. That’s why I avoid official functions and social events as much as possible. My subconscious mind will always tell me there’re more important things to do than sitting through those dull speeches and fake smiles. The 1st time we do anything is usually exciting, but as we see and do more in life, we become harder to impress. If we know how to increase the intensity of the experience each time we do something, then maybe we won’t easily get bored.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: Those dull speeches and fake smiles – you’re right, Tan Sri! But let me be honest, I like to dress up once in a while 😉…. Haha… Just to remind myself, I, too, can be pretty…. Haha… just kidding.

How not to be boring doing the same thing over and over again? Add varieties, I think. Also, increase the flow of blood circulation. I have been exercising, dancing, yoga…. for years, never get bored with these. In fact, the more we do, the more we understand /feel our own body and soul. This leads us to want to do more and become better. That’s a good thing, I hope. To each his own!

Wishing Tan Sri and all my friends here GONG XI FA CAI and Happy holidays! Good health always!

Alice Yeoh: I think life becomes a bore when we lose our sense of purpose and go about everyday as a matter of routine without injecting newness and zest into it. Relationships especially get into a stale mode for the same reason. I guess we choose how exciting we want life to be, how we want to spice it up and how to keep boredom at bay. It takes effort but for me, that is exactly what makes life challenging, fun and interesting at the same time. In any case, Its Valentine’s folks and just two days away from Chinese New Year! Perk up and have fun!!! Happy V Day to all!

Linda Cheung: Your postings are touching every aspect and angle of our lives, Tan Sri. A great reminder to us that we should do things differently and feel each experience with greater intensity than the last.


15 Feb 2018

Selected followers’ comments:

Christopher Tan: This is Chinese New Year eve. Even the worst of enemies should be restraint in their manner and behaviour. We can fight again after the celebration is over. Haahha!

Frankie David Chieng: Dealing with difficult people is unavoidable. When we deal with difficult people, it’s easy to respond with pride in our respond. But that just brings out the worst in us. How much better to allow our dealings with difficult people to bring out the fruit of goodness in us.
The book of Proverbs provides much wisdom in dealing with difficult people. Proverbs 12:16 promotes patience in our relationships: “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.” Proverbs 20:3 commends peace-making: “It is to one’s honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel.” Proverbs 10:12 encourages love: “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.” Proverbs 17:14 values foresight and deference: “Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.” If possible, it might be best to avoid the situation altogether by choosing carefully whom we associate with: “Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered” (Proverbs 22:24).
Have a good reunion today with good and happy family.

James H K Ooi: I came back to Malaysia early this week to celebrate the CNY. I am quite shocked when I was driven to the town but I see how rude motorist on the road has gotten. Things become so ruthless, it’s almost like the jungle law is the only law on the road. Multiple factors lead to this. Mainly human nature is selfish, each one think their time is more important than the person lining up to turn right. There is lack of enforcement, so getting away with breaking the law is a norm. Driver education was archaic when it comes to licensing new drivers. I remember a time when someone that cannot read, can still pass the licensing test. Poor traffic planning causes stress on the road and people resort to being rude to get ahead. These are a litany of factors and perhaps more that contribute to our road culture in Malaysia. I hope to see change in the education and enforcement. The problem is tractable, do our leaders have the will to solve it?


16 Feb 2018

AND HERE WE ARE STILL! Chinese New Year comes with a host of superstitions that will dictate how the next 12 months will play out for us. Cleaning clothes, using scissors and sweeping floors are a no-no, as they will bring bad luck. But have no fear, the Dog is here – the animal symbolises luck. Plus, all those lion dances will chase away ill-fortunes. These superstitions, to me, just show the human’s desire to have some “control” over what lies ahead, because the future is unsettlingly unpredictable. Sometimes, I also wonder why the start of a new year carry such special significance. Maybe it is rooted in our motivation to survive and make a fresh start whenever possible. Phew! Another year over, and here we still are!


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Passing a year,
A new year welcomed,
We start afresh,
Resetting the calender;

Making us sure,
A new thing ensured,
We continue new lapse,
Reflecting the best;

We’ve made the culture,
Culture in turn moulds us,
Beliefs in superstitions,
Never superseded by modernisation;

We take control,
Control has taken us,
Future of our uncertainties,
Ever unveiled by customisation;

And here we are still,
Surviving after past year,
It’s our conviction,
Carrying our motivation to survive;

And there we aren’t standstill,
Striving towards a year ahead,
It’s our confidence,
Confiding our credence to revive.

Tuck Meng Choong: For everyone here, I wish you all great Happiness throughout the Year of the Dog!
With Happiness, Good Health will naturally flow in, hopefully.
And I wish for every one of us to have Enough of Wealth and Prosperity, yet there be more to go around for everyone else out there who are less fortunate than us.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!


17 Feb 2018

THE PUT-IT-OFF BRIGADE: I’ve a grossly overweight friend who’s forever talking about getting into shape, while on eating and drinking binges. Another guy wants to renovate his mansion but still couldn’t find the “right time” after a few years. I admit I’m part of the “put it off” gang when it comes to diet and health checks. I’ve always some pain here and there, but too stubborn, or maybe just too lazy, to do anything about it. It’s a good thing I don’t put off work, whatever the volume or intensity. But with technological advances, our young people might be getting lazier and more inclined to avoiding difficult tasks. Everyone wants tangible results or achieve some goals for themselves, but not everyone is prepared get their hands dirty and do the hard work. I’ve this realisation hard working individuals might become rarer species in the near future.


Selected followers’ comments:

This is the joyful morning of the 2nd CNY day. Many elderly wake up early to do the marketing for their fresh supplies of meats, prawns, chicken, big fishes and big freshness best vegetables. They are to prepare for a grand day makan for the daughters and families as open-house this morning. Welcoming noisy grandchildren and lion dances is the morning joy for Angpow Nan Lai. SMILE.
WISHING Shen Ti Jian Kang and Wan Sir Ryu Hi. Many greetings. Nothing in the put it off gangs as many are really know that healthy is number one by putting down their weight with their health advices from near and far…
Everyone has their goals and priorities and by setting it right step by step to reality often changes due to environment. Hardworking and attractiveness is a way to start with passions than to enjoy a dream to come true. SMILE

Low Keng Lok: Putting-off health checks is a definite no-no. We tend to believe that we are always in good health so no need to check so much. But this is not good practice. Four years ago, I had a small pain on the left side of my chest that doesn’t seem to go away, but I didn’t bother checking it because of work. Only during a long weekend two weeks after the pain first appeared did I get to my family doctor to have an ECG done and he immediately sent me to a cardiologist who found that I have a blockage. An angioplasty was performed two days thereafter and I was “saved”. Don’t put-off health checks!

Ron Juliet: Blessed Morning Tan Sri Clement Hii and All the Buddies here.
During this Chinese New Year many of us may put on some weights because of the delicious home cooked foods. And most of us will normally tell ourselves,”eat first and then go on diet later”. But as usual we will not be bothered after that.
And as for me,I knew I have to go for the routine medical check up,but I have delayed in making an appointment with the doctor many times. Mainly because I always perceived that I am always healthy and at the same time has that little fear of hearing something I do not want to hear from the doctor. I think I have to make an effort this time around after CNY to make an appointment with the doctor because it has been overdue for almost two months already.


18 Feb 2018

THE DAY I GRACED HUMANITY: My teams at SEGi and HCK Groups have made it a yearly ritual to do a drunken rendition of the birthday song and offer me a forbidden sweet cake. The day I graced humanity was 18th Feb, which was on a 1st day of CNY many decades back, but colleagues and friends always chose to celebrate it in advance for me. In the “olden” days, few people knew when my birthday was. That way, I could pretend to be ageless, and save my celebrations (and money) for occasions that really mattered. Now, we get daily social media “alerts” of birthdays of our contacts. Next to pictures of cats and scantily clad models, I think birthday greetings are probably the most popular postings on Facebook. I might be getting my 15 minutes of fame today.


Selected followers’ comments:

Nur Ainee Muhammad: As always, your words are very aptly put. You have indeed graced humanity in all sense of the word. You have left a mark at least in the history of Malaysia’s education. Congratulations Sir. May you continue to be blessed being the person that you are with good health and great joy.

Chris Cheong Ean Hwa: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen TS Clement Hii. And Happy Valentine’s. And Happy Lunar Woof Woof Year​. May good health, great wealth, abundant blessings of the best things in life come your way. With blessing of peace and harmony to you and your love ones. And will Tan Sri grant me a wish on your birthday ?

Alice YokYuen Wong: Blessed birthday to you Tan Sri. We all wish you the best of health with everlasting wealth and prosperity. May your life be filled with happiness and most importantly may Love surround you at home and in your workplace.
God knows your heart, Tan Sri, so He showers you with abundance to bless others. I want to thank God on behalf of all those (my niece included) who had benefited from the scholarships and the underprivileged taken in by the orphanage set up by your HCK Foundation.
Happy birthday again Tan Sri. The day you graced humanity is indeed a blessing to Humanity!