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After work, we let our hair down in different ways. Some prefer the loud din from nightclubs, others prefer a more quiet environment to let their body and mind settle. Taken from my Facebook posting on 22 Aug 2018:

DO YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE NIGHTLIFE? The swanky club on the rooftop of Bayan Tree Hotel, KL was a happening place, offering a friendly ambience, dance-worthy tunes, well-behaved crowd and above all, an imposing view of the iconic Twin Towers. As usual, alcohol wasn’t for me, but I got to admire the stunning skyline and watch a guy making a “marry me” proposal to his girlfriend. I even bumped into some regulars who said they were my FB followers. All habits can be of a good or bad variety. Nightlife or nightclubbing needn’t always be seen in a bad light. I’m not a clubbing fan, as I dislike loud music and rowdy crowds. But I agree there’re also positive benefits from an active nightlife – socialising, letting loose, exercising through dancing and making new friends (or mates). The best things that happen at the night spots are often unplanned and spontaneous. When you’re having fun, you’ll wonder how it gets so late so soon.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Active nightlife to me, like Tan Sri had said, is socialising in night clubs and other happening spots. To recap, during my younger days, coming from small-town backgrounds, I remembered my first time going to such places was in the 1970s after I had uprooted myself to work in KL. Those days we called such night spots as discotheques or discos in short. The loud music, drinking and scantily dressed people there scared me stiff but being young then I just went with the flow. I took sips of liquor and even had a few puffs of the cigarettes to blend in with the rest!
Come to think of it now, it’s amazing that I wasn’t influenced to turn bad!. It’s a good thing too that I wasn’t the outgoing type craving to patronise such joints as otherwise I really can’t guarantee I would have remained what I am today. Sigh . … the company we hang around with often can change us, so it’s a blessing that I wasn’t the extrovert that friends would want to invite to such activities all the time!
Good morning everyone, as today is a public holiday, most of you might have spent last night clubbing in classy joints. Hahaha . .. . for me? I was glued to my TV watching the Palembang Asian Games! This is my choice of a nightlife!

Krizian Lim: Bojio, Tan Sri! 😂 Thanks for the recommendation for my night gathering or celebration venue which will only happen occasionally (or I should say once in a blue moon nowadays).

Sometimes best things that happen at night are often unplanned.
Sometimes best things in life happen when you least expect them.
Sometimes bad things happen is to prepare us for the best things in life.

Teh Lawrence: I am not much of a ‘night’ person. Usually when friends from overseas drop by I will take them out or occasionally there are celebrations or wedding dinners to attend to.
Unlike in many other countries, in Malaysia in big cities life only ‘starts ‘ at midnight! Fun while it last and yes indeed time flies by very fast.


My other FB postings between 20 Aug 2018 and 26 Aug 2018:

20 Aug 2018

WHERE ARE HIS APPLE POLISHERS NOW? There are just too many apple polishers in politics. But the moment a leader loses power, those who made a beeline to kiss his hand are nowhere to be seen. The former PM Dato’ Seri Najib Razak cuts quite a solitary figure when he now appears in public. The flatterers (I know a few of them), having reaped the rewards for their efforts, have moved on to sing undeserving praises of more worthy targets. Reckless praising can leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. BN lawmakers in my home state Sarawak used to refer to an ex-CM (and current TYT) as their most “beloved” YAB. I sometimes wonder why people, in different aspects of life, need to stoop so low to gain attention (or affection). At work, it isn’t a crime to please our superiors but we’ve to take care not to be mistaken for an apple polisher. I guess people who thrive on shameless flattery wouldn’t know that it could one day ruin them.


Selected followers’ comments:

Emil Lee: Good morning and a cheerful day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb friends herein. In my opinion apple polishers are at every level of our society. They are like flies to a carcass but at least the flies are scarvengers in our eco systems but humans, they have hidden agenda. Time will tell the fake from the fact. I would say apple polishers are pathetic human beings as they stoop so low to achieve their design.

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, There’s a fine fine line walking on the path of polishing apples, some people do it well, balancing the act with superb skills, some go full force with no concern how they look from the outside, and some just don’t believe in polishing apples~

For what I have seen in my years of working in a few different companies for years, those who shamelessly Polish apples usually gets the promotion, and those who work hard and hoping to be recognized by their dedication never get noticed or recognized~ XD

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, was having a mini reunion dinner with our beloved IAAF Coaching Committee German Coach, Mr. Hans Peter Thumm last night together with two other fellow state coaches.. Not surprising only three Ex S’wak Athletic Coaches attended and we all have similar personalities ie we are honest and truthful beings, and aren’t apple polishers. Mr. Hans Peter Thumm is also likewise. So, it’s no wonder too, we became the rejects n persecuted resulting in one becoming a State Basketball Coach n the other two State Palalympic State Coaches instead of normal Athletics coaches. We can hold our heads high n are well respected for our high principles on life. Leaving a pack of wolves is no shame but a dignified thing to do. Man leaves a legacy n apple polishers left behind a bitter taste.


21 Aug 2018

Selected followers’ comments:

Cornelius Lo: I had read an article decades ago about a Japanese supervisor or manager demonstrating to a cleaner the attitude she should have towards her job.
He cleaned the toilet bowl by himself, after which, he bended down to lick the bowl; most probably telling the lady what it meant by putting your whole heart into the job.

Philip Lim: I just love this saying – If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.

Hoong Wai Leong: Tan Sri I agreed with you. But the real world is different now. Greed leads to short cut to all matters and no principle in life. I hated it but life still need to carry on…


23 Aug 2018

FOR SOME, THEIR DREAMS NEVER CHANGE: I remember a secondary school teacher asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I told the class I wanted to be a famous lawyer. That was then, and obviously, my priorities as an adult had changed. Now, at the tail end of my working life, I think I’ve accumulated a wealth of wisdom, learning and growing from every experience over the years, and hatching new dreams in the process. Dreams are valuable commodities, because they give us energy and make us enthusiastic. Some people will willingly describe their dreams in great details, while others seem embarrassed to talk about them. I’ve known individuals who’ve, unlike me, never changed what they hoped to achieve since they were young. When that childhood dream still burns in you in your adulthood, you probably owe it to yourself not to change course but to continue pursuing it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning TS and everybody.
I have a dream, a dream just like everybody but dreams are just dream caused reality is cruel. I’m only a simple woman who realise one can’t have everything without giving up on another thing. Put them behind me and concentrate being a good wife, mother and homemaker. So here I am, continue day dreaming and say if only.. It’s ok, I’m fine and happy as I am in my dreamland 😉. I have dreamed of becoming an air hostess 🤣

Kpo Junnie: My son wanted to be a teacher during his school days. Once in U he changed his mind. I would really like to know his real reason. When I ask he said he is scared of children but I believe the real reason is the parents and not the children. Dealing with parents is harder.

Michael EA: In some parts of the world, floors are made of mud, getting clean water isn’t as easy as turning on a tap and kids study in make-shift classroom under a tree. For them, life is a struggle and a dream, however small is a big challenge. And it’s so touching to read stories about their passion, hard work and dedications. Their dreams for a better life, through one step forward at a time, however small, is indeed admirable.

We are very lucky to live in a land where dreams are as wide as your imaginations, although challenges and competitions are getting tougher. Let’s be grateful of the wide-ranging opportunities available to us.A good dream makes us comes alive and stay alive. Dream on and may all your good dreams come true.


24 Aug 2018

MAYBE WE SHOULD DO IT STANDING UP: I’m not a huge fan of long meetings. In recent times, I’ve conducted a few stand-up meetings and realised they’re usually shorter, sweeter and more to the point. When people get too comfortable sitting down, agendas are forgotten, topics go amiss and I’ve even caught a few characters nodding off. I guess if you’re standing up, you tend to talk less and disperse earlier. My ideal workplace is where there’re less time-consuming meetings and more hands-on work-time. Sometimes, I find myself having walking meetings, literally. A few managers have the habit of catching me while I’m on the way in or way out, to give some updates. The rapid pace of doing business these days means everyone should be in a hurry. As we discuss strategies, chart directions or make decisions, we might be able to do it faster when we are standing up.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Shuh Chien: Meetings are necessary in the running of an organisation as a means of sorting of issues facing a business or a family. However top-level meetings held routinely, say once a month, in a company can be most boring especially when no clear directions come from the CEO. Many heads, often, may come out clueless about what they are supposed to do to achieve the target set.
I remembered when I asked my departmental head for more details, a day later after the meeting, about the new directives on the revised long list of year-end staff performance appraisals, she reverted her eyes upwards with a terse remark: You think I know?!? Looking at the whites of her eyes, I knew better than to press her further. So as I closed her door as silently as I could and retreated to my workplace, I gave her a silent retort in my heart : “You don’t know! Then how ?!?” 😂
Meeting needs to be short, sweet and to the point to solve rather than drag on whatever issues. Otherwise there’ll be endless follow up meetings after the 1st meeting.
So I opined functional departmental meetings on related issues are more effective in solving specific problems and show concrete results.
General meetings in a company are more for the CEO to give directions it is expected to head. My two sens.
Have a great day and enjoy your meetings, whether in your office (formal) or at home (informal), my friends! 😁

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Sometimes, I find myself having walking meetings, literally”
-Clement Hii
Walking is a very very healthy ways of body and mind, exercise. There is no mandatory rules that meetings should be in sitting position, so it will be free styles, like Standup Comedian,😃😇, effective. Cheers another sweet gorgeous Friday.TGIF

Derek Andrew: Goh Thks 4 sharing such interesting stories as usual,TS Clement.I still remember when I did the Corporate interiors design for one of the big pharma the M.D. told me to design their conference room without chairs.That way his people will stay alert n finish off the meeting as soon as possible without side tracking.And guess what that company sells the blue pills,😂


25 Aug 2018

DISLOYALTY AMONG FRIENDS: There’s no mistaking that man’s best friend is of a four-legged kind. But do we have humans who’re as close and loyal to each other? Staying true to friends requires a lot of patience and generosity. Of course, there’re people we’ve known for a long time who’ll only reach out when they want something. They’ll stick around in good times, and somehow disappear during bad periods. I’ve instances of associates who have short memories. One contractor grew his business rapidly from the large contracts I gave him. I got an ambitious individual appointed to the board of the listed company he was working for. I didn’t expect such favours to be returned, but I do consider their talking behind the back of a friend who’d helped them to be dishonest and disloyal. For me, loyalty is to be taken seriously, and it has to be mutual.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: My neighbor asked me this morning. Why you don’t get visitors?

Well i used to allow people place to stay until a fellow guide from penang steal my yellow sapphire ring!

That’s it, no more guides allowed! Only offer a place to my lawyer who is undergoing a personal turmoil. With husband just passed away, sister in law n brother in law asked her when leaving the house!

Told her, she can always come n stay with me. After all I have 3 spare rooms! Pass her my house keys if she need a place to stay.

She pass her personal documents n laptop to me for safekeeping. Never open the bag to see what the documents are because she passed to me based on trust.

Loyalty n trust once abused will never be the same again!

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Worse than friends who betray us are public officials who rob us of our trust eg politicians. Unlike betraying friends who usually only cause personal damage, politicians can inflict long-term harm to the people that can last for generations.

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, I’ve always battled this situation with disloyal friends, it seems that I have very little luck in making friends that is true, even though I gave my best of efforts. Some recent friend broke my heart bad, it took me a while to get over with. And now I’m stuck with my cat~ XD


26 Aug 2018

LIKE DIFFERENTLY, LOVE WHOLLY: When I did a posting on Audrey’s wedding earlier this year, a few comments were made that, as the youngest, she must be my “favourite child.” As this photo shows, taken during a recent trip back to KL, Audrey can be pretty “manja” with her old man. She cheekily says she aims to one day own a similar fleet of luxury cars like her dad’s. She and hubby Ken operate two dental surgeries in Brisbane, while her older siblings Adeline and Clifford are based in KL. Most people would refuse to admit they prefer one of their children over the others. But consciously or not, many do have a favourite child, and usually that could be their last-born. However, favouritism within a family can be a taboo subject, and I feel it’s grossly unfair to favour one child and neglect the others. I think parents may like each of their offsprings differently, but they should love them all wholly.


Selected followers’ comments:

Doris Wong: Parents will never admit they love one more dearly than the other. I think it boils down to “kap” – chemistry. No two children are the same. I have two dogs, both were saved from the streets. We care for both equally but one is very intelligent and seldom barks but extremely aggressive and possessive. The other is just an affectionate dog who barks incessantly whenever he greets us at the gates. Each has his specialty, one can sense rains hours away and that aggressive one, chickens out in this month of the hungry ghost.

A blessed Sunday morning with white clouds and grey sky. The greeting of calm breeze and fresh air with melodies of birds in the nearby trees would prefer to snooze further and SMILE.
Many favouritism promote jealousy among the families and to children who might be lacking in bonding among siblings and often choose to be alone with impact being challenged by others.
This is all about their bring up as one family, like it or not that leaving with not much choice for who is their favorite parent does matters most and SMILE.

Frankie David Chieng: Good morning TS and buddies.To be a good parent can be a difficult and challenging venture, but at the same time can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing we ever do. Children who grow up in disciplined households always feel wanted and love. They have direction and discipline and as they get older they will respect authority able to distinguish between good and bad. Have a beautiful Sunday.