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In any organisations, leaders are expected to motivate and inspire their team members. But I am gratified that in SEGi University and Colleges, I have been able to draw inspiration from my fellow board members. Taken from my Facebook posting on 29 May 2017:

INSPIRED BY PEERS: Public-listed SEGi held its board of directors’ meeting, AGM & EGM , all on a same day last week. The key item approved was the issuance of 5 bonus shares for every 7 existing shares. The free new shares has been described as a windfall for shareholders. There’re 8 directors on the board of our university group, which in turn has over 1700 employees. No matter how big your team is, often at working level, it’s just you as the leader, to look inside yourself for motivation. I’m glad to be able to also draw inspiration from my fellow directors – they’re the people who’ve been there, done that … and done it well.


Selected followers’ comments:

Poh BP: Hope you will make Segi The cheapest and affordable place for student to have chance to pursue their study even they are poor but with excellent brain. Do always give the younger children chance otherwise it will be sad to see their dream zoom.

Krizian Lim:
Inspired by peers

I sometimes imagine human beings are a body of seeds, many different kinds of seeds, the good and the bad, the strong and the weak. Whichever seed you water, it grows.

Surround ourselves with the negative people, we feel sad, angry and depressed. Surround ourselves with the happy people, we laugh, have fun and always hopeful. Surround ourselves with the successful people, we are inspired to be one. Yes, they have been there, done that. Emulate a little, bring our a little of the best of us. One day, who knows we can be as good as (if not better than) them? 🙂

Latha Ravindran: Well done Tan Sri! Among all your business entities Segi holds a special place in my heart. Friends I made in Segi are friends for life. May you achieve many more success in the future.


My other FB postings between 30 May 2017 and 4 June 2017:

30 May 2017

HOW NOT TO BE POOR: This woman reminds me of my own late mother – she had to raise 8 children and supplement my father’s meagre labourer income by working as a rubber tapper in our village near Sibu. Most of us from humble backgrounds would empathise with the poor, because we know what it’s like to live with bare needs. There seems to be skepticism about the gov’t’s anti-poverty efforts or aid schemes like BR1M. Handouts won’t resolve the root causes of poverty, which I think are a lack of skills, education or motivation. Highly skilled individuals are in demand, academic degrees open doors & motivated people constantly seek new opportunities.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, those who came from poor families n survive to be counted amongst the high achievers has much to teach their own children n others. The way out of poverty is education n tons of determinations n definitely not a dependent/subsidy mentality. In M’sia, our half brothers will always envy us, the ” immigrants ” as they failed to get out of that trap mentality which they called their rights n special priviledges turning out to be their curse rather than blessings. For us, we train/ ingrain in our children the need to study hard n strife hard for whatever little opportunities they have. Ironically, the deprived n denied r doing well while the favoured n pampered r struggling in life.

Philip Lim: There are the hardcore poor and those who become poor of their own doing. The hardcore poor certainly deserves any aid scheme like BR1M as any assistance rendered would mean the world to them. By the way, overheard this conversation among a group of ladies at a coffee shop not too long ago… on how they planned to spend their BR1M payment on a hearty meal at a fine restaurant. That is the sad part of BR1M.

Priscilla Presley Tan: If anyone is poor then one must work hard to change lifestyle. One must grab opportunities too.

I believe in life there must be some guardian angels for opportunities and some luck. Meeting the right people in life is important.


31 May 2017

TAKING THE CUE: It’s a sport that’s among the least strenuous, as we just need to lift a stick & walk around a small table. But snooker can be a tricky game that requires immerse skill & nerve, and can even be likened to a commercial venture. The table (business) usually begins as a mess, and we have to methodically put the coloured balls (problems) out of sight, one by one. The deciding frame (success) is always the one that’s the hardest to win. I think it’s a situation & sequence that entrepreneurs can most emphatically relate to.


Selected followers’ comments:

Frankie David Chieng: Cue has many meanings: TSCH ‘s “cue” is a leather-tipped tapering rod for striking the cue ball (as in your pic billiards and pool). Take your cue into action to strike to get points to win the game. But first you must have a plan of how win this game before striking. Mind and actions must resonate in order to win just like playing a game of chess and business game alike.

Anthony Tan: Tan Sri, sorry for being technical, but your photo shows you’re playing pool, not snooker, hahahaha 🙂 I win 7/10 times I play snooker or pool… I’m willing to give Tan Sri free lessons if Tan Sri can give me free lessons on how to make money (I mean business-wise, not hustling at the tables hahahaha) 🙂

Susan Quat: Snooker although looks simple , but require skill, a sharp mind and strategies in order to win or not letting your opponent to have an easy way . Life n business likewise too we need proper plan and to execute it at the correct timing and be flexible .


1 June 2017

THE PIONEERING BUNCH: He was the very 1st media staff I recruited for Focus Malaysia in mid-2012, when it was still a concept on my drawing board. Chong Cheng Hai has just completed his contract as editor-in-chief, and Focus (, part of the HCK Group, has grown to be a premier business weekly. Succeeding him is another media veteran Toh Lye Huat, assisted by Charles Raj. It usually isn’t easy to convince old talents to join new ventures. Pioneers are those who have the courage to leave the crowd & their comfort zone to do something new, different & worthwhile.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tuck Meng Choong: Without Fear No Favor. This oft-quoted line is hard to subscribe to for most mainstream media here simply because our media is not independent enough, with the yearly licensing that has to go through the political masters and its constant threat of losing it, should they not toe the official line. We have unfortunately, seen the demise of TMI for reporting issues in a more truthful manner.
FOCUS has done very well so far and that’s kudos to the team. I hope it is able to stay that way, going forward.

Where truth is concern, go for the jugular. It’s not our fault that some people just cannot handle the truth.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: You obviously made the right decision with Chong Cheng Hai’s appointment. In any organisation, it is often the head that matters most. For Focus Malaysia to not just survive in the so-called sunset print industry but gave its competitor a run for its money certainly speaks volumes about Chong’s leadership. Likewise, a country led by a capable visionary will thrive. Untested and erratic people like Donald Trump makes for uncertain leadership. But Time magazine recently named someone closer back home as being more unpopular than Trump…

Emil Lee: Good morning and an awesome day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb friends herein. Media is a very powerful propaganda tool and a seasoned campaigner will be able to attract readers with their articles and garner strong support. It is like a trapeze act, it is their skills that get the crowd roaring and keeping them on their knees. It is about giving what the customers want and not what you want to give to the customers. This is where experiences and wisdom come in.


2 June 2017

THROUGH ROCKY ROADS: This latest email from FB friend Abe reads: “You’re of course too busy to think of daily topics and write about them. Surely you’ve a team of staff to do that for you?” Abe, I do each & every write-up myself. It doesn’t take much time, neither is it difficult when you love what you do. In school, my English teacher used to read out my essays in class. My first job as a journalist taught me to be concise with words. Now, I write because I’ve gone through life’s unexpected potholes, twists & turns, and what I’ve learnt & shared might help others through the rocky paths. I also think I sound smarter when I write than when I speak. 🙂 And why do you write?


Selected followers’ comments:

Jennifer Chan: And seriously, I can’t think of another Tan Sri or another tycoon who can write as well as you can. I read the Pages of other public figures too, and most times, I cringe as I read their writings, with incomplete, broken and wrong English. No offence meant here.

Vincent De Silva Tan Sri the pen is mightier than the sword. Your sharing is of benefit to us. Of the few authors who are careful with words I think Anthony Robbins is my top choice, though he is a guru on goal setting he has a way with words to give us enthusiasm.

Vincent Cheong Kam Weng: You have been an inspiration to many and a cause of disdain to few. You would be doing society a bit of a disservice if you choose to stop Sir. Write on TS Clement!


3 June 2017

FLYING WITHOUT WINGS: There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big dreams. We want to soar up there with the eagles, but it’s seldom about having one big idea and suddenly we’re a high-flier. I think no matter how gigantic our vision is, we’ve got to do a lot of small things right every day, so that we get better over time. Today’s big-timers are those who’ve spent years trying to make their ideas happen, even when they aren’t good ideas in the 1st place. They would’ve to resolve a lot of unexpected problems along the way. The most successful people are those who take small & smart steps to get to where they want to be.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: I always believe is setting a good foundation (character building) when doing big things or anything. If the foundation is shaky (take short cut, cheating, etc), then whatever that i build (business, relationship, etc) will be too. If we take the easy way out and forget to build a solid foundation, then we will always be scared that the building we build will collapse one day.

“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid”. – Thomas a Kempis

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Tay Cheow Hwang:

We wish to climb high,
Higher than currency,
But we’re shy,
Always we sigh;

We wish to dive deep,
Deeper than present,
But we don’t know how to swim,
Always we sink;

Flying without wings,
We’re lack of foundation,
To stand and withstand,
Our action and emotion;

Crying without tears,
We’re slack of conviction,
To strive and thrive,
Towards our destination;

Flying without wings,
We sing whims and fancies,
Crying with tears,
We fear of own dreams and histories.


4 June 2017

ONLY THE REAL THING: Imitations of branded products are very common, and they’re so alike it’s difficult to tell the difference. We patronise stores operated by the brands themselves to ensure we buy the originals. We want the real LV bags or Rolex watches, sold at inflated prices, not because they look or work better, but because they’re … well, authentic. I think we crave authenticity because our human brains calculate value based on our faith in what’s real. Of course there’re people who’re snobbish & just want to show off. There’re also others who use pricey accessories to hide their own insecurities.


Selected followers’ comments:

Poh BP: Hahhaha I don’t carry any branded bag neither do I want any branded watch. Times can be seen in the hand phone. I prefer my old bag full of money instead of carry a branded bag with no money inside. Selling imitation goods for same value of the real one is sinful. Thinking of GST is hurtful to my pocket. Pity all those Who are still unable to earn a living also have to pay for GST, is robbing from young and old without mercy.

Imelda Billie: Am still amazed at human’s vanity by decking themselves with ‘branded’ stuffs. Could be because these people have an epic lack of self worth and need to cover themselves with luxurious finery to boost their confidence when they need to face others.
When one buys an original item for its quality, then so be it but does one need a luxurious handbag in every colour available to match one’s clothes? The money is much better donated to charity to help the underprivileged. Have you encountered the street children digging for food at restaurant garbage bins in Sibu, Tan Sri? Or the children sitting on rainy nights on the five foot way asking for food? My eldest daughter once encountered two homeless boys outside Sugar Buns Gateway, Sibu who looked hungry and cold when she was out with her friends and spent her last few ringgits buying food for these boys while she cried the whole way home and recalled the whole incident to me when she got home.
Hence, I find it epically ridiculous seeing a magnitude of people out there paying for expensive branded items just because they fancy them and not buying for quality while there are people who could barely survive each day.