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When HCK Media ventured into the print media business, with business weekly Focus Malaysia making its debut in late 2012, some of our friends thought we were was foolish. They felt that print media was a sunset industry as more people migrate to online publications to get their source of news and information.

The following year, HCK Media launched news weekly The Heat and an online news portal, Theantdaily.

Next month, we are launching four more publications – Top Class (featuring higher education); Opulence (high society); Living and Property (property projects and living) and Style Plus (latest trends and fashion). They are aimed at filling in the gaps between industry updates and consumer awareness.

Print publications are a lot more expensive to produce than their online counterparts, especially after you factor in the printing and distribution costs. So, why is HCK Media defying convention by going into an industry where many are moving away from?

For all the online hype, the money is at the moment still in print. Advertisers are willing to pay for prized spots in a product which they can feel, touch or even smell. The critics are right. The migration from print to digital is coming, but the advertising dollars will still take some time to follow.

The magazines which we are launching are also available for digital downloads. With the experience HCK Media has in leveraging its online reach, we are optimistic these magazines will be able to take off. And when the migration from print to online reaches critical mass, our publications already have one foot in cyberspace.

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