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The home food delivery phenomenon has taken to the streets by storm. With the help of modern apps, we can order our favourite dishes from restaurants to fast food take-outs at the touch of our finger-tips. It is changing the way we eat or enjoy our meals. Taken from my Facebook posting on 9 Nov 2018.

HUNGRY? MAKE A FEW CLICKS: It wasn’t too long ago that we needed to feed our hunger by searching the fridge for something to cook, or get dressed to go to nearby eateries. Now, meal delivery services are one of the hottest ventures, and a great variety of food is just a few clicks away, on online apps. It’s a matter of time before our next generation misses out on essential cooking skills. I know both students and working adults who think they’ve more time to work, play and sleep without having to buy groceries and prepare meals themselves. It’s beyond convenient, and added to that, there’re much wider and tastier choices, as long as we’re willing to pay higher costs. Life is endlessly delicious because food is always our common ground, even when it’s home-delivered and not home-cooked.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jennifer Chan: Home-delivered food cannot compare with those cooked at home. They will definitely taste different. These days, we are so busy to cook decent meals when eating is an important way to keep us alive.

Catherine Chih: No one likes to slave in the kitchen but our health is compromised when we eat out regularly. We need to learn to cook simple but nutritious food. Eating a balanced diet keeps us healthy . Sickness start with what we put in our mouths.

Linda Cheung: One day, our foods may come in tablet forms, just as Vitamin C is now, not just from food like oranges.


My other FB postings between 29 Oct 2018 and 4 Nov 2018:

5 Nov 2018

ADMIT IT, IF YOU’VE BEEN SCAMMED: Recently, I got a text saying my credit card had been used at an outlet at KLCC and if it wasn’t me, I should call the given card centre’s tel number. I did, and was told to “lodge a report” with the authorities. They immediately put me through to a “Bank Negara officer,” who asked me lots of personal info. That stopped me in my tracks. The civil service had never been known to been super efficient in Malaysia, and here I was talking to the monetary regulator at the touch of a single button. It was a scam of course. Billions of ringgit have been lost each year to scammers and online frauds. The crooks have upped their game, and in this age of mobile money, funds are easily transferred with a few clicks. And what leads us to be so gullible to such scams? The main reasons, obviously, are greed and ignorance. Despite all the warnings, there’ll still be no lack of naive victims. There’s a sucker born every split second. Don’t be shy, tell us how you have been conned, or almost.


Selected followers’ comments:

Christopher Tan: I believe there are syndicates that sell data and personal details, taken from our registration with banks or government departments.

Jonathan Keung: just ignored all this so called bank or credit card calls. you be better off than talking to these scammers

Latha Ravindran: Scammers, users, Parasites, piggy back riders you name them all. They are all around us in their various avatars. We need to be careful about them.


6 Nov 2018

POLITICIANS SAY THE DARNDEST THING: It’s difficult to gauge the reasons why Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein would want to volunteer to track down and bring back that fat boy on the run. To me, politicians, like kids, can say the darndest things sometimes. I’m trying to say it’s something amusing and surprising, but certainly not very clever. After all, the ex defence minister didn’t make the slightest whimper about 1MDB when his cousin Dato’ Seri Najib Razak was in power. Why does he all of a sudden have the urge to help nab Jho Low? And what can he as an individual do that countries like Malaysia, US and Singapore couldn’t? On the few past occasions I spoke to DS Hishamuddin at official functions, he seemed to me to be high on people’s skills but less willing to go deep into the topics being discussed. That’s the shortfall that’s plaguing our whole political scene then and maybe even now. We need more leaders who are prepared to go long on substance and cut short on their rhetorics.


Selected followers’ comments:

Choon Pin Yoong: A last minute act of bravado occasionally works well for some mavericks. Indiana Jones didn’t tell a soul but just went to do it. And, he only had a whip! Haha, a keris needs many gongs!

Andrew Chan: Sometimes, am wondering whether he is really that plain stupid or what’s he up to ? The whole world has already pronounce the sentence.😂- ” Guilty as charged. ”

Kenneth Fernandez: Looks like history is simply repeating itself . We are not short of rhetorics in the current scene too


7 Nov 2018

INSPIRED BY THOSE ACTION MOVIES: Those were the days when going to the cinema to watch a movie was an adventure and much anticipated event. Now, there’re thousands of streaming movies at our fingertips, whether we’re at home or on the go. The movie-theatre industry isn’t exactly dying (not yet), but it isn’t flourishing either. Operators are using new technologies and gimmicks to enhance the movie watching experience, and get people back in the seats. I used to play truant from afternoon tuition classes, to sneak into cinemas for those kung-fu and romance shows. Saving 50 sen, and going hungry for days at school, in order to buy a ticket gave me a thrilling high, at least for two hours at those old, smelly cinemas in Sibu. Today, I still feel nothing beats the full brick-and mortar experience. Those action and drama movies I’d watched in real theatres probably shaped my young mind. They motivated me to live out my dreams. I think movies, like all art forms, have the power to inspire.


Selected followers’ comments:

Doris Wong: In fact, getting dressed was a norm. Get dressed to go to the movies, to the airport and yes, for dinner…the as read in old novels of the English aristocrats.

Mike Hosc: Morning n Greetings Mr Hii.
Yes, with movie streaming now easily available, l no longer “willing to queue buy cinema tickets” … as l’ve the patience to wait till it’s available to watch online. Bravo to new technology 👏👏👏

Zainuddin Monseri: Reminisce of good olds in TLC when a group of Hindi film addicts escaped fr board curfew for midnite show


8 Nov 2018

KEEP MOVING TO KEEP OUR BALANCE: It’s just an old trusty bicycle, and it’s a far cry from those passenger cars which many of us are accustomed to using in our daily routines. But it was our main means of transport in our younger days, and that was what got us to destinations on bumpy roads across villages, kampungs and small towns. For my parents, the only mobile machine they’d known or owned their entire lives was the bicycle. I guess cycling can be a great form of exercise, benefiting not only the individual doing it, but also the green world at large. Once we know how to cycle, the balancing skill on two wheels stays with us for life. Bike-sharing is getting popular in some cities, and it’s as if people are going back to basics. I guess life with all its ups and downs, is like riding a bicycle. We have to keep moving, in order to keep our balance and not fall off.


Selected followers’ comments:

Chiu Ha Chong: Yes. A bicycle was the first thing I bought with my first pay check. But it’s a pity it is not safe to ride along the road with cars etc and lousy drivers on the road too.

Andrew KH Hoo: Looks like the picture with old bicycle is taken in Pulau Ketam ? Enjoy all that are there like the fresh seafoods and walking alone houses in water. Fishing villages are all over M’sia and a reflection of the olden days of coastal living. Cheers !

Ong Phaik Kim: Still remember masuk reban ayam! That was the last time attempt riding bicycle! Enjoy walking instead!


10 Nov 2018

HOW NORMAL IS IT TO FEEL LONELY? An acquaintance told me he had seen me eating alone in coffeeshops or sitting in public places by myself, and asked why a “high-profile personality” like me should be “lonely.” He couldn’t be more wrong. If we’re not surrounded by people, it doesn’t mean we feel alienated. Likewise, we could feel very alone even when we’re with a crowd. The truth is, the time I felt the loneliest was when I was socially most active, years back, with many “buddies” to hang out with. I quickly realised most of them either didn’t really care or were hoping for some direct favours. That hit harder than the times I was broke and had no friends at all. Just because we’re feeling lonely at times doesn’t mean we’re different or weird. In this fast-paced, selfish world, I think loneliness is naturally getting more common.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: In this fast paced society, every one is getting busier and sometimes forget to slow down to quiet his/her mind. “Me time” has become the most luxurious time.

Mel Lim: Sometimes we need to be alone esp in your case wheb you deal w so many people each day. We need tine to reflect etc

Vijay Kumar Victor: It’s dangerous to be feeling lonely and never underestimate to negatively powerful effects of depression


11 Nov 2018

IT’S A SILENT COMPETITION, ACTUALLY: My aides seem to be taking less pictures of me doing my routines or at events, and I might have to resort to selfies as I’m running out of photos to accompany my postings here. Taking snaps of ourselves doing whatever, wherever has become something of a obsession, with apps designed to touch up and perfect our images before we post them online. It’s said that the younger people, and women in particular, are more into selfies. We might be creating a superficial generation that values looks above everything else. More and more people are taking to social media with their self-portraits to look for likes and comments. I think it’s a silent competition of who’s having more fun and looking more impressive. 😜


Selected followers’ comments:

Eugenie Ang: Selfie looks good for an interaction of memoirs and travels but it do more harm to show off in social media onto the danger of limited line

Christopher Tan: I saw someone taking a selfie at the edge of the rooftop yesterday and I think that is crazy.

Ding Mee Ling: It can be fun, competition, addiction, job function, self gratification.