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Sometimes, having everyone speak with one voice is helpful in an organisation. But there are also times when diverse views allow ideas to flourish. Taken from my Facebook posting on 29 June 2017:

THE UNANIMOUS DECISIONS: The recent annual general meeting of HCK Capital Group Berhad, of which I’m the executive chairman, was kind of a warm breeze. 100% of the votes were cast in favour of all the resolutions. (Voting at all AGMs must now be conducted by poll, and not by an open show of hands). I joked to the shareholders that the political parties must be envious of our voting results. I don’t believe that governments or organisations should be about dysfunctional infighting, but consistent unanimity in everything may not be healthy. While the pretty routine matters can easily get the consent of all, some debate or dissension on major issues could be a good thing.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: You are right Tan Sri. Some debates, controlled heated ones even, are not necessarily dissension. You can see that some people are so passionate in major issues and only want the best for the company. We should then see such discussion in their proper perspective. But after that, once a motion is adopted and passed, 💯 % support must be given , dissenting views notwithstanding.
Also be mindful though that it’s not unexpected for some people who will dissent even in the face of given facts n persuasions. These people have warped definitions of the democratic process.
Happy for HCK. Go for it !

Susan Quat: For routine matters normally in a meeting they will be agreed and supported. However for certain issues a debate is necessary so that the opinions from both sides can be considered and further action can be taken or to set up a committee to look into it and to come back again to a final decision.

Shenna Dot: We see many shareholders meetings which are noisy and rowdy because there are different factions trying to get their ways. It happens when the minority rights are ignored.


My other FB postings between 26 June 2017 and 2 July 2017:

26 June 2017

THE CONSUMMATE LIARS: Almost everyone, at one time or another, has lied. The most compulsive liars will tell you they detest lying, which of course is another lie. As a kid, we lied to avoid being punished. But what I don’t understand is when adults lie for no clear purpose, and when the lies could easily be disproven. You’ll probably know a few individuals who’re consummate liars. I think people are by & large honest by default. But there’ll be those who deceive others when they desperately want people to like them, or very badly want something to be true when it’s not, or when greed gets the better of them. Why do you think people lie even when they don’t have to?


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: I always lie.. i always tell my friends and colleagues that i will diet.. and they tell me they heard this sentence for countless times since many many many years back 😆😄😃😂😁😊 so i tell them i did diet but just don’t know why there is no results. See it? i cover with another lie 😊😀😁😂😃😄😆

The funny part over, below quote is to answer your question in today topic.
“The truth, and reality, hurts. So we lie, to everyone but especially to ourselves.” – Unknown

Linda Mei Leng Boey: Good morning Sir. Apparently there are 5 types of liars.

Sociopathic liars who lie all the time to get their ways. No care and concern for anyone.

Compulsive liars whose habit is lying. They cannot tell the truth no matter what the situation they are in.

Occasional liars who lie once a while. They tend to feel guilty over the lies and will confess as soon as they can. They will ask for forgiveness and and will be humble and contrite.

The careless liars who lie and never bother to cover their tracks.

The white liars who lie so that they do not hurt other people’s feelings or to protect someone. Sometimes only part of the truth will be revealed.

Frankie David Chieng: Events of today’s should not surprise us. People react, act with emotion and promote violence. Greed for power, wealth and materialism overwhelmed them. People don’t think anymore. Truth does not matter anymore. This scenario is matured and ready for manipulative, controlling leaders to appear. The consequences are destructive to our society and eventually country.


27 June 2017

THE AVERSION TO AGEING: I think the most difficult years of our lives are between the late 30s and the late 40s. It’s a period when we’ll be on the last lap to make it in our careers or businesses, paying off mortgages, raising teenage kids & avoiding making more mistakes. It’s not until our mid-50s that we would start to look forward to enjoying life with the same intensity we used to in our teens. I feel as we age, our happiness level may actually go up, having achieved what we want in life. Either that or we’re resigned by then to accept whatever fate brings us. If age brings experience & wisdom, why are most of us still having that extraordinary aversion to ageing?


Selected followers’ comments:

Yuk Choi Lee: Good sharing, Tan Sri. I distinctly remember discussing about birthday with one of my friends many years ago, and this heartfelt comment from her grabbed my attention: “I don’t want to grow old”. But why? Why do people fear growing old?
Mention the word ‘aging’, and the immediate emotional states that get wired up are fear, sadness, negativity, aversion, helplessness, etc.

All of us have goals and dreams. When we were younger, we would have consciously or unconsciously envisioned ourself being somewhere at a certain age. It may be to earn a lot of money, achieve a certain amount of success and have a family. Growing older comes with loss – seeing people pass away, losing what they have now, losing their youth, losing their health.

Ultimately, what’s the end of our physical existence? Death. People fear death. Death means losing everything we have. Everything we have built. It also means the end of our existence.

Soon, I’m turning forty—- nothing but a new beautiful number, a time for brand new opportunities and a gift from life. Getting older is a reality… I know I’m going to end up with more wrinkles. True self-love is valid at any age; there’s no expiration date to that. Cheers and truly be living our life to the fullest!

Shirley Storie: Good morning Tan Sri. A very good sharing for all of us to reflect in our journey of life. Everyday is a gift from God for us to live another day and I truly agree with you that our happiness level increase as we age.


28 June 2017

THROWN INTO THE DEEP END: A friend who considers himself a corporate newbie is nervous about accepting an offer as CEO of a listed company. It reminds me how in 2001, I was asked to head the entire listed education group which had just months earlier acquired my small Kuching college. To survive the swift shove into the deep end, I made friends quickly, worked harder than anyone else and shamelessly ask around whenever I didn’t know or couldn’t find anything. When you’re thrown into the deep end, you’ll somehow find ways to keep your head above water. It’ll be a stressful time initially, but you’ll soon figure out what you’re supposed to do, and how to do it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

When we’re thrown,
Into the deep end,
Whether we swim or sink,
Only known in the end;

When we’re blown,
Growing bigger and bigger,
When we inflate or deflate,
Only the end knows better;

There seems no way out,
As if we’re encaved in blackout,
Yes, no doubt we’ve doubt,
But we’re still proud of our pride;

There seems no turning point,
As if we’re engulfed in joint,
Yes, no matter we’ve mattered,
But we’re still creators of our manner;

It’s how we view,
Our circumstances are demanding,
Another set of skills,
We deal as tools to make it true;

It’s how we deal,
Our circumferences are changing,
Another set of realities,
We seal with trust and confidence;

Only through patience and perseverance,
Understanding gaps and lacks,
We know our survival,
Learning the unknowns;

Only through strength and wisdom,
Keeping our heads above water,
We know our kingdom,
Seeing from far ahead.

Mohamad Abdul Rahman: As they say, just make the jump and the net will appear below. Hesitation and lack of confidence get you nowhere. Bur once you are thrown into the deep end, be humble and hide your ego so that you can learn from the more experienced people. Get one or two of them to mentor you as well.


30 June 2017

BE IN THE THICK OF ACTION: I’ve met many young tycoon wannabes who think they’ve great ideas that could change the business landscape & their own lives. The problem is, they always overthink things & are slow to act to realise their dreams. I recently declined a guy’s proposal to invest in his project after I found out he’d been sitting on his idea, which I thought was plausible, for years. It doesn’t make sense to be a full-time thinker when the world out there is full of go-getters & doers. You might be the smartest & most creative person around, but unless you get into the thick of action, your talent is a waste. When you don’t act, you’re making a conscientious decision to stay where you are.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Good morning Tan Sri. Your topic today is basically on NATO – No Action Talk Only. Great ideas without trying it out remains just an Idea, it’s all hypothetical. Put action into movement and the results will speak for itself. Action speaks louder than words.
The reason for inertia is Talk is cheap but Action needs investment in time, energy and finances. Talking or rather bragging boosts a person’s ego on the short term. So why not forget about all the talk and zero-in on the action. Even if that idea didn’t work out, at least you had tried. Being in the thick of action will give you more credibility. Am I right Tan Sri?

Emil Lee: Good morning and an enterprising day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb buddies herein. Business ideas are like consumables, they are with expiry dates once past that they become obsolete. Strike while the iron is hot rings a bell here.

Rohaty Majzub: Exactly Tan Sri the world is speeding dramatically with orange ocean after blue ?
Who does not take action will be left behind ;of course one must dream ,must visualize to wake up d deep seated power of sub consciouness
We have thinkers who conceptualize but we need doers too to implement the project; thats why we need collobration of both categories of people plus an experienced mentor and coach : Why dream too long ? Because he may not have the support system or he does not trust anyone else or he is a perfectionist who wants nothing less than 100 percent perfection; by the time the ideas are stolen or they are absolute or they become impractical to do
Successful realisation of big dreams need a very effective team unless one is superb above excellence with skills knowledge and experiences with the competetive advantage above everyone else


1 July 2017

QUENCHING OUR THIRST: We all know water is essential to good health, and yet not everyone knows how much water we need to drink daily. My doctor advises me to consume at least 2 litres or 10 glasses of fluid a day. I love coffee but get gastric pain after a few cups. Plain tea is my favourite, and I’ll also have my regular fix of iced milk tea. It’s easy to overlook, but fizzy & instant powdered drinks are high in sugar content. It’s better to choose healthier drinks to ensure a balanced diet. For many of us, water quenches only a part of our thirst. Always, through my whole life, I’ve had a thirst for more knowledge & bigger pursuits.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Always, through my whole life, I’ve had a thirst for more knowledge and bigger pursuits”
-Clement Hii
When i did fully realized, that my body reaction for certain food and drinks, i did stop and adopt more caution, like i stop drinking cold water for the past 10 years now, carbonate/gas drinks or sweet drinks for the past 20 years now, trying hard not to take coffee for the past 5 years but sometimes tempted by the coffee aromas, hahaha. Only warm water go through my throat, no cooking oil or red meats in my daily food if possible, same as no negative thoughts in my mind, if possible.

Gone through so many ups and downs in life, i decided to be a Book Writer, Fiction and nonFiction, for my retirement age. So i came to KL after finished my research contract with Sabah State Library, five year ago, my body mind, Soul and Spirit trying the best to have more knowledge and enjoy the process of knowing new things in my late fifties, Spiritual and Health especially. Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Saturday

Annie Chin: Good morning Tan Sri. Everyday after drinking my morning coffee, I will read your sharing in fb. And your never fail to give me surprises as if I m reading a letter from an old friend. Your words can touch people’s heart. Well, life is still very interesting.. thank you.

Yuk Choi Lee: Coffee is my wake-up call. Coffee as part of my breakfast works well with morning meal to boost my energy for a long day. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is my favorite place…

Whether it’s to wake yourself up for the working day or relax into weekend mode, many of us consider coffee/ tea as an integral part of the morning routine.. Who doesn’t crave a cup of coffee/ tea in the morning?

While a little caffeine can be good for us and help keep us awake, too much isn’t a good idea. As with any health advice, people should drink coffee and tea in moderation, as too much of a good thing can be…well, dangerous.

“Thirst for knowledge”…Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement. A very wise friend used to tell me that “Knowledge is Power and Time is Money”. Time is a fascinating dimension. How wise we make use of it is how rewarding one will get….The mastery of time is always a never ending story. Cheers and have a good weekend!


2 July 2017

WE ARE SO GULLIBLE: It’s difficult to comprehend why so many people fall for those money games that promise ridiculous returns. A tycoon friend who himself gives millions to charity just reminded me not to be taken in by “sob stories.” In short, Malaysians shouldn’t be so gullible. Not everything we hear is useful or even true. There’re so many ways for people to get conned, misled or tricked, for profits or political gain. In this age of unlimited & unfiltered information, it’s hard to decide what’s true & what’s not. But it may be time to reflect on our gullibility & why our threshold of trust is so low. You may know people who’ve believed the most absurd stories?


Selected followers’ comments:

YK Cheah: Yes it’s completely true that Malaysians are gullible. They may be bullied and cheated for five years, but just before a general election, they can be easily bought over and deceived into voting the wrong government into power. Just for a few bags of goodies and a few hundred dollars, their eyes can only see the short term interests

Mohamad Abdul Rahman: If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true.

Chai Moi Moi: Nowadays, there are too many crooks who always trick people. They can make up very touching stories to gain your hearts. Once you are touched and too greedy, you will be traped and lost. Be careful and smart, don’t get into their trapes. Cheers.