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HCK Capital Group’s “V Biz Hub” is taking shape fast. The commercial component of the Edusentral mixed development project in Setia Alam has generated a lot of buzz. Taken from my Facebook posting on 29 March 2017:

BE AN INVESTOR, NOT SPECULATOR: “V Biz Hub” is the commercial phase of our ongoing Edusentral project at Setia Alam, and comprises of 44 units of shoplots (4 & 5-storey) that will serve the self-contained education city of about 12,000 people. Edusentral sits on 12-acre of prime land, and the gross development value of RM 1.3 billion also includes an international school & 6 residential blocks. Pre-booking inquiries for the shoplots can be made at The HCK Group: 03-7451 8000. I may be the prime mover of this & other HCK projects, but I’ll still advise investors to generally act like investors and not speculators, and make decisions based on real facts & analysis. No-one can really predict the future & we therefore shouldn’t indulge in risky & speculative forecasts.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: Buying property required good planning / research , and it won’t be so easy to dispose as shares. A wise investor will reap huge gain but a wrong decision can have a huge impact for a long period.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “No-one can really predict the future and we therefore shouldn’t indulge in risky and speculative forecasts”
-Clement Hii
The problem with us, countless of humans want to get fast return, which led to speculative mindset and many burns fingers, even billionaire, some commit suicide due to lost of assets in speculation. Cheers, we speculate today is an awesome gorgeous sunny and rainy day.

Jennifer Chan: Tan Sri, I passed by the area and I saw big movement and activity on the construction site. Your projects are worth RM billions, that is big business.


My other FB postings between 27 March 2017 and 2 Apr 2017:

27 March 2017

SELF-ESTEEM & THE WAY WE FEEL: Sometimes we have to assess our own level of self-esteem. There are people with so much of it that they’re seen as proud & arrogant. Those with too little aren’t going to make much headway in life. I’ve many employees & friends who fall into these 2 categories. The best of course would be somewhere in the middle – where our confidence level is solid and consistent but not over-bearing. That way, I think we’ll be less defensive about things generally. Because we feel authentic and truthful, we’re less worried about being exposed for what we are not. Self-esteem obviously isn’t something that’s fixed. Changing the way we think about ourselves can change the way we feel about ourselves.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: I know of an orthodontist whom the head of a state would see whenever he needs to. Obviously he was bestowed with titles. But he only wants to be addressed as Dr. Xxx. He & the wife live simple exemplary lives. No airs. Well respected. Everyone he knows find reasons to celebrate with him – birthday, anniversary, festival etc as he exudes confidence, humility and esteem. What you see is what he is.
Just to add to classmates reunion. Attendance is somewhat affected by self- esteem issues. One wants an Vvip room with expensive menus. Others swing the other end of menu . So in the end it’s moderate menu, lol. There was this famous surgeon who would openly declare he is not a surgeon for the next 3 hrs!
I guess sometimes one is kitten and sometimes a lion . Both can be cute or ferocious. Just be authentic and humble.

Basil Siing: Yeah you are tan sri…we need to be aware of our surrounding..people that we mix around and environment that around us.. make sure that it gives positive is essential to create a healthy mind and soul..for this we can build our self esteem..some might blame the past for what happen to them right now.. it might be true but as long as we are breathing nothing can stop us from shining..develop postivity in life takes time but eventually we will get there if we persevere.. in the end we feel satisfy and increase our confidence level.. we know it we can make it just dont give up.. good morningtan sri

Latha Ravindran: A certain amount of self esteem is good and necessary to make progress in life. Over confidence on the other hand only shows a person is too full of himself or herself. Realities are multiple and both types of people exist. We should carve our own path knowing our strength and weakness.


28 March 2017

FINDING IT AT AN UNLIKELY PLACE: Most entrepreneurs are always busy, whether they’re in the office or not. There’ll forever be problems to confront or solutions to look for. For years, I’ve found it difficult to take even short breaks. I’m envious of my peers who take long periods off & are heartless enough to whatsapp me pictures of their sojourns in faraway lands. I guess we all want to find ways to withdraw from the stress of working life and rest our body & mind. We seek peace, but may not necessarily find it in the world’s best tourist spots. I’ve found mine, in a corner of my favourite KL cafe, with my iced green tea latte.


Selected followers’ comments:

James H K Ooi: Green tea latte from Starbucks is one of my favourite too. Whenever I feel like taking a break from coffee, I would ask for a green tea latte. It’s sometimes necessary to break away from the norm to rediscover new things in life.

Chai Moi Moi: Tan Sri, you are a superman. You make yourself busy and tight up with your work load. Actually, you can change your life style if you want to do so. You are a smart business man. You can manage yourself better than anyone. You want to be free or not, it’s your own choice. You can train your successors whom you can trust before you can hand over your duty. You just monitor and guide your successors on to the right track. You will regret very much if you are not proactive now. I would like to advise Tan Sri not to take cold food or drinks. Remember always take hot or warm food or drinks, never ice cream, ice green tea, kopi Peng, peng, peng. All those peng, peng, peng can cause heart problems. Forgive me for being too gei po. Sorry and forgive me. Tq.

Cherie Tan: LOL..I am the heartless one to whatapps one photo of a lake in Switzerland to my MD and say, “boss, i found a nice place for you to retire” 😄

“She was an angel creating chaos, he was a demon seeking peace” -Unknown


30 March 2017

EATING OUT HABIT REFLECTS WHAT WE ARE: As a young boy, my family rarely ate out, even just for noodles in coffeeshops, as it was an extravagance we couldn’t afford. I now find eating out to be a good social engagement with associates and friends. At my favourite dining outlets, I get to choose live seafood, so dinner can’t be any fresher. Eating out has become quite habitual for a big segment of our society. It can be tough at times to decide what and where to eat, but we’ve made the larger decision to consume food in public space rather than the privacy of our home. That I think is a reflection of how our community has come to behave & interact, and the manner we manage our relationship with each other.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Most of us don’t like to be alone,
Eating lonely in confined spaces,
We’re happy to be seen,
While enjoying our meals;

Most of us don’t like to be left alone,
Confining ourselves in private places,
We’re more than happy to be deemed,
Whilst accompanying other dines;

Food tends to taste better,
If being shared with others,
We tend to feel better too,
If others share our meals;

Food tends to be appealing,
If being complemented with warmth,
We tend to be appearing in fest;
As if others are there to celebrate;

Food is human,
And human is food,
When we lose appetite in food,
We’re too lose human touch.

Tuck Meng Choong: Demographics have changed and evolved. More women are working and holding careers. The traditional family structure where the lady is the chef at home, no longer holds.

Some ladies these days, never pick up any cooking skills so that too will be another future paradigm where such a phrase as ‘mom’s cooking is the best’ will draw blanks from the future generations.

Eating out may be great, occasionally, but nothing beats a good home-cooked meal at home with loved ones.


31 March 2017

THE RISKS WE SHOULDN’T TAKE: People perish unnecessarily because the speed that thrills is also the speed that kills. I notice aggressive drivers and Mat Rempits are mostly teenagers who have a penchant for high risk behaviours. It’s not just on the roads that some individuals are proving to be a menace to themselves and to others by taking unnecessary risks. Their bad attitude extends to work, decision making and relationships. We all need to take calculated risks sometimes, but that’s different from being reckless and thinking we’re invincible. We’ve to know how to evaluate risks and walk away from those we shouldn’t take.


Selected followers’ comments:

KK Aw: Folks from the developed countries do partake in extreme sports. These are highly skilled professionals who are testing out the limits of human endurance and know-how. In general, they may be taking great risks but they don’t endanger the lives of innocent bystanders.
Recent examples that come to mind include the guy who travelled round the world in a balloon and the single-handled yacht race around the world, In the most recent race concluded in January 2017, the winner set a record time of just over 74 days.

They are a world apart from the Mat Rempits.

Christopher Tan: You are right. It is not just on the road that these risk takers are reckless. They make decisions in life that affect other people without due consideration for the rights and well being of others.

Zaludin Morshidi: Tan Sri…how to overcome this menace…it has been in the limelight for so long..lots of efforts by PDRM to erdicate


1 Apr 2017

DATES OF BIRTH DON’T MAKE WHO WE ARE: There’re people who believe in the Chinese zodiac, with its repeating cycle of 12 years, each represented by a different animal. Those born in a certain animal year are said to have the attributes of that animal. My late mum used to say as a “dog”, I should be humble and everyone’s good friend – I’ve been trying to live up to that expectation. But I don’t think we should use zodiac to determine compatibility between persons for a romantic or business relationship. Our destiny lies in ourselves, not dates of birth. When we truly believe something can be done or will work out well, our mind will find the ways to do it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Patricia Cynthia Wong Wong: Good afternoon, Tan Sri Clement Hii. You look cute here. I don’t believe in horoscope too. I believe in my destiny in Christ alone.

Kiew Soon Lee: Tan Sri, you very Y generation today. You look young! HP is a must to you not to play games but business opportunities out there. Congrats Sibuan!

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: In the absence of modern psychological tools, people in the old days employed a variety of tactics to motivate and to build confidence in its people. “Predicting” a person’s fortunes and traits based on the alignment of the stars is but one tactic. If you notice, none of the “predictions” explicitly condemns one to perpetual misfortune or endless streak of good luck. They are all premised on the principle that “if you work hard, you will get what you want”. Today, we may laugh at people who believe in such folk traditions. But it was a crucial psychological crutch that helped countless people get by, in the past and even present day.


2 Apr 2017

HEAVEN, REGRETS & REMORSE: We all want to go to heaven, but whether the place exists or not has been in dispute for centuries. It’s an entity in the spiritual world, and the belief in heaven boils down to a person’s faith. Of course, it’s impossible to prove its existence in the same way we’ll prove that Malaysia exists. And we don’t all get lined up to be called to God’s kingdom. But when I do stand before God at the end of my life, I hope I would be able to say that I’ve used up all the talent He had given me, and I’ve no regrets or remorse. And I would want to make sure it’s the same destination my loved ones would be going. Heaven won’t be heaven to me if I don’t eventually meet them there.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim:
Heaven. I am not a religious person by common definition. But, whether or not we believe in any particular religion, we want to be happy, this life or afterlife.

I am not sure heaven exists and I am not sure whether I will have the privilege to be there when one day i leave this place, if it does exist. One thing for sure, in my existing life that I am currently living, I know the heaven is here, the hell is also here. It is all in our mind and it is our approach to our life that makes the difference.

Tan Sri, same here, if one day I have the chance to be in heaven, I hope I could say that I have done my best in this world and have no regret. It may not be a great way like you do. I hope I will at least have done small things with great love.

Alice YokYuen Wong: We have always been reminded of this beautiful place called Heaven. At the same time there is the deadly scary place called Hell. If you believe there is heaven you will also believe there’s hell. Do they exist? None can prove that.
We are living here on this earth but are always thinking of another dimension, the after life. My question is why dwell so much on the “after-life” when there are many hurdles to overcome in our present life. Why not make the best of our life on this earth and leave the after life for the AFTER life. Surely doing good without harming another is a better guarantee of heaven opening its doors for us. Can a murderer still go to heaven just because God had forgiven all his sins? I wonder.

Lim Eu Gene: We shouldn’t view of an afterlife, heaven, hell or god. Instead, live to the fullest here on earth, be with your love ones, make friends, explore the world, achieve your life goals and be at peace with yourself. Heaven is in your mind and hearts rather than it is a place.