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This week is a particularly meaningful one for Christians as Good Friday falls on 19 April, and Easter Sunday, three days later. Besides Christmas, these two days are particularly important in the Christian calendar. It’s a reminder about the importance of sacrifice.

For many, “sacrifice” carries with it the idea of pain and loss. In fact, economists have come up with a jargon which means the same thing – “opportunity costs”. Call it by any name, we need to make sacrifices in life, some bigger than others.

But all around us, we see many who are not willing to make sacrifices but yet expect good things to come their way. For example, many young adults today continue to live with their parents, some playing computer games all day because they couldn’t land a job they find “suitable”. These are the same people who complain about not making headway in their careers.

These people are not willing to sacrifice their comfort zones by venturing into careers which are different from their fields of studies or which they are unfamiliar with. Others are not willing to put in the hours to realize their dreams, yet wonders why a major breakthrough still eludes them.

The road to success does not have shortcuts. There has to be blood, toil and tears if we want to achieve what we set out to do. Sacrifices need to be made. On that note, here’s to wishing all Christians a blessed Holy Week!