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The Peninsula International School Australia is set to commence classes with its inaugural batch of students in January 2018. I am confident it will be another success story. Taken from my Facebook on 17 July 2017:

THE OBSESSION OF PARENTS: Founding principal of Peninsula International School Australia, Clive Rogers, was leading discussions at a brainstorming session prior to the opening of the Setia Alam campus in January 2018. I’m excited about the HCK Group’s new K-12 initiative which offers preparatory classes to Year 12. (Enrolment inquiries: +6011 3783 2390 or login: After building SEGi into Malaysia’s largest private tertiary education group, my team & I have no choice but to make Peninsula another success story. The new school will provide premium education that’s well-rounded, more engaging & taught mainly in English by highly qualified expatriates. Parents are obsessed with finding good education for their children, and we’re just as obsessed with meeting that rightful demand.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: “True Educator locates the intelligence and abilities within another, drawing them out for all, even the student, to see. And then steps out of the way, allowing them to develop, create and pursue their talent.”
– L. Ron Hubbard

I never thought of sending my children to private school but an incident changed my mind.

School should emphasize on education , not just teaching and controlling by authority. There is a difference in mere teaching and and educating, teaching means “I teach you follow what I say” , educating means, teacher act as a facilitator for children to learn, to unleash children’s full potential of their talent (instead of memorizing knowledge blindly) , motivating them to be more courageous to express themselves, to try out new things, to know that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from it …… Let them learn the ability to learn.

Boon Ng: Tan Sri, brainstormings involving only ‘fathers’ would not be a perfect idea. You will be surprised that mothers’ ideas for this new school could be much valuable and beyond the thought of us fathers. Moreover this is a school for the age of below K-12. Wishing you a successful journey.

Beng Lin Lee: It is sad to see the slow death of the English language schools and eventual death of the sixth formers. Since it is so difficult and politically impossible to change the National school system, bringing in international schools is the way to improve our backword National school system.


My other FB postings between 18 July 2017 and 23 July 2017:

18 July 2017

ALWAYS LOOKING & NOT REALISING: There are people who are always looking for something better or trying different things, because they just aren’t happy with whatever they’ve now. I’ve seen people who change jobs, businesses, cars, friends & even spouses all too often. I guess being on the constant lookout for new things that make us happy isn’t exactly a disorder. But when we have something good, we should protect, understand and know its true worth. I think we can be too distracted by all the new things we keep looking at. We won’t get to appreciate what we already have, or realise what we have is already the best.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: There are friends who appear to be forever unhappy with what they have although they seems to have everything already. Their continuing search for happiness bring them unhappiness. They say standing cow eats no grass!
In reality it’s hard to draw the ‘ line of enough’ .
Tan Sri is right. At least, even for limited time , take two steps back and enjoy the fruits of your labour and the relationships with your friends and spouse.

Shenna Dot: So early, and so many comments and Likes on your posting today. DON’T your followers have things to do in the morning when they wake up – like having breakfast and getting ready for work? 😂 Haha!

Latha Ravindran: While it is imperative to keep improving oneself, try new things and even expand our wealth there is a limit to it. We should realise nothing in life is too perfect. One thing is for sure what you dont value will not stay with you for long be it money, material things or even relationships. So cherish what we have and treasure them before we lose it.


19 July 2017

GIVING UP A PIECE OF THE PAST: It was with a heavy heart that I told my Kuching SEGi team that I’ll be giving up my office at the branch campus, which I’ve kept intact though I’ve moved to KL 15 years ago. I’ll also miss the adjacent private meeting room, where I recently held a discussion with the dept heads (pic). They’ll renovate the under-utilised space for use by senior staff. It’s difficult to let go of a piece of the past, especially if that piece is what gave us the break we needed in life. It’s good to glance back occasionally to remind ourselves where we came from. But I realise if we’re to only look back at the past, we’ll likely not notice the crucial landmarks & opportunities that come along in the present & the future.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: Wow..indeed this is a hard call to make as you obviously have the luxury of choosing not to let go if you want. Usually i will ask myself whether giving up that piece of my past will make me more happier or more sad and the answers is usually quite clear afterwards. There are certain memories I will always keep in my heart and there are certain memories I am glad they are forgotten. As for things and people, it is quite true that often it is “out of sight, out of mind”. That’s why i am crazy with taking photos during gathering time, whether with families, friends or colleagues 😀 a few hours gathering can take up to hundreds of photos 😅🤗😁😆

P.s.🤔 maybe you can have a pre-renovation party with your staff in your old office and take as many photos as you can 😉

“Letting go isn’t about having the courage to release the past; it’s about having the wisdom to embrace the present.” – Steve Maraboli

“I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now.” – Unknown

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Past is gone,
Glancing back occasionally,
Present is now,
Dancing forward eagerly;

Memory does stop there,
At times reminding the past;
Melody does play here,
Oftentimes recalling in the present;

Giving up a piece of the past,
Burden of pressure released,
Moving on for the present,
A way out is available there;

Holding out every piece of present,
Wonder of pleasure recapped,
Moving forward for future,
A long way to reach there;

Missing the essence,
As if present is left behind,
Crucial landmarks and opportunities,
Found only in the present and future;

Kissing the present,
For sure hope is to shine,
Critical lives and livings,
Down on earth of realities in clarity.


20 July 2017

BEGGARS: TO GIVE OR NOT TO GIVE? Almost all big cities have their fair share of beggars. I used to have a habit of dropping them some notes, thinking those spare change would mean more to them than they would to me. Giving is a nice thing to do anyway. That is assuming they’re for real & need the money for food and not drugs. But begging has become big business (in China for instance), as many beggars are members of scam gangs. They actually make more money than those with honest jobs. I now begin to think that for every ringgit we give to a beggar, the more lucrative we make begging, and comparatively, the less lucrative we make working. Would you give beggars money, or just ignore them?


Selected followers’ comments:

Poh BP: Good morning Tan Sri. Yeah China even bring beggar to Malaysia to beg. Mostly at the market and also at pasar malam. They sing nice song for you also. Well they make very lucrative money than those who work in the office also. I did ask one of the beggar who are young but without both hands, why do you people want to come to Malaysia to beg ? He say because Malaysian are generous. To give some spare dollars is no sin, you gain merits for your good will. But for those who begs and go to nite club at nite are sinful. Don’t worry give from your heart. I usually give to the old, blind and limbless. How much they earn is their business. May god bless them with plentiful to eat and to lives. Life is precious they need to lives on . Have a nice day’s! 😉😉😉

Krizian Lim: Most of the time, I don’t give. It is a dilemma between helping the needy or feeding the greedy.

But, there were two incidents that moved me to tears. About ten years ago, during a cold season in China, a child at the age of around 6 -7 year-old carrying a baby in his arms , begging me for a token to feed them. Another one in our homeland, Jalan Alor, a hunchback old lady, appeared to be at her 70-80, walking bare foot , guided by a middle age man. Who on this earth would make use of people like them to make money? Even though I suspected they were controlled by syndicate, I couldn’t help but to give them some money. It is only that much I can do.

Azzlan Ismail: I am very selective to whom I give charity. It is not so much about being unsympathetic but rather a repugnance towards the habit of earning effortlessly. Public begging is a social ill as far as I am concerned. They can be a nuisance on the streets and a threat to public safety as well. Although we cannot totally eliminate these vagabonds, at least City Councils should have a strategy to deal with this problem. I believe City Councils can create housekeeping jobs for them on adhoc basis. There are many sanitation issues in Selangor and KL left unattended and why can’t a special government program be initiated to let beggars earn a decent living?


21 July 2017

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IN BUSINESS: Some people seem to survive all weather types without a sniffle. I’m however very vulnerable to cold, flu & sinus. I’m fortunate to have my inhouse medical officer, Dr Nik Ishak, to keep an eye on my low immune system, which I believe is a result of my surgeries. Our body immunity can also be affected if we’re seriously stressed, obese or sleep deprived. I can see how business leaders need to operate like an immune system. All too often, unnecessary red tape, restrictions & other distractions are imposed on employees, which prevent them from performing at their peak. We need to stop anything that can hurt the creativity & morale of team members, from entering the internal organs of a workplace.


selected followers’ comments:

Mohamad Abdul Rahman: You’re spot on, Tan Sri, about business leaders placing numerous restrictions on their employees. I have seen many sad cases where the leader tries to micromanage the organisation, thus stunting the growth of creativity and innovation at the workplace. To me that is also a sign of distrust to the employees; no organisation can thrive on such distrust.

Alice YokYuen Wong: Talking about our body immune system, I think mine is good because over my 4 decades of employment history except for my 2 months of maternity leave in 1984, I was seldom on medical leave.
Let me deviate a bit from the immune system of the business to our career immune system in the event of an economic downturn. From past history, apparently for every 10 years there’s bound to be a recession. I was affected once in 1999 and lost my job due to VSS.
With the present economic situation, my current employer’s financial standing showed another downsizing is on the way due to GST and our dwindling ringgit value that had resulted in lower consumer spending, hence slowing down business. So friends, are your career immune systems strong enough to withstand this economic downturn?. Mine, I am no longer certain!

Susan Quat: When businesses imposes strict rules n denied their staff to think / work out of the box , new ideas cannot be developed that’s when works became mundane n morale is low.


22 July 2017

THE BEGINNING MATTERS MORE: Many people will say they want a new beginning, and that could come about with a new job, a new venture or giving everything up to start anew. But when they do have something new, they’ll tend to take it for granted. The irony, I’ve noticed, is that we tend to pay more attention to the endings than to the beginnings. We’ll always forget how priceless the present moment is. It’s not until a chapter of our life, or even our entire life, is almost over before we start to count all the lost opportunities & wasted days.


Selected followers’ comments:

Nur Ainee Muhammad: You are right Tan Sri. People are so obsessed with the endings that they sometimes forget the journey itself and the lessons it brings. Every part of the journey from the beginning , the journey itself right to the ending has its own significance. How that whole journey brings us forward in our lives is what needs to be recognised and treasured.

Yuk Choi Lee: Tan Sri, thanks for sharing a chain of empowerment words. Truly agree… After finishing my degree, i felt pretty directionless. I felt like i graduated with more questions than answers, and i really didn’t know what career i wanted, or where. I figured i should take whatever opportunity came my way, so i accepted a low-paying job; which didn’t work out for various reasons, and ended up leaving after only eight months. Thereafter, i reached out to a lot of people to ask for advice. I knew that if i quit the job, it might take a while to find another hopefully better one.

With the consistent and persistent approach, i set a realistic goal- get a master degree, doing a good research and look for a high demanding job. I cruised through hard times and today i’ve the fulfilling career, enjoy and treasure every moments.

Two lessons that I learned about the future are, we cannot predict it and we cannot control it. Focus on today and what you can do to live life to the fullest. Settling into the journey forced me to treat myself more kindly and give myself the time and space to craft meaning in new ways. “Relish the journey, regardless of the destination”.

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: The grass is always greener on the other side. When we crave what we don’t have, we will never really appreciate what we have.


23 July 2017

A LABOUR OF LOVE: Managing a business is almost like tending to a garden or nursery. It requires patience, utmost attention & tender loving care. The plants & flowers do not grow on their own, but thrive because the gardener has expended great efforts on them. While it’s necessary to know what the competitors are doing, I won’t want to be too obsessed with what’s growing in my neighbours’ gardens. That would distract me from my core objective of nurturing my own green plot. It’s very time-consuming & a labour of love, to watch the flowers slowly bloom. An entrepreneur without patience & passion won’t see his business grow.


Selected followers’ comments:

Agatha Tan: “The plants and flowers do not grow on their own, but thrive because the gardener has expanded great efforts on them”
-Clement Hii
As parents, we should also equate myself as gardeners. Our children need our attention, guidance, tender loving care to grow into a Healthy, Responsible and loving adults.

Azzlan Ismail: Absolutely. Achieving entrepreneurial success is a journey. A journey that comes with trials and tribulations. Every single challenge has to be overcomed and every opportunity need to be seized. Riding through the journey requires patience, passion, perseverance and above all divine blessing. Like your analogy, a garden will not mature well without constant watering, manuring and pruning. A business that is not attended well will look like a dilapidated garden where nobody want to associate with.

Tommy Lee: Sir you seems to have that Midas touch. Am sure whatever you grow in business will turn to gold 😊