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There is no excuse for continuing your adult education in the millennium as there are so many flexible and online academic courses offered by reputable institutions of higher learning. Taken from my Facebook posting on 28 Sep 2018.

NEVER TOO OLD TO GO BACK: Of its 20,000 students, SEGi University has a robust adult student population. It has an online component with approved courses that could be conducted by distance learning or hybrid methods. Today, most institutions have policies that meet working adults’ needs. I myself went back to college in my early 30s to get an external law degree. On completion, I bought the Kuching college for a nominal sum, which had 6 students then. That was the start of my SEGi story. Today, I’m still a firm believer that you’re never too old to go back to school. People didn’t get a tertiary education earlier for a host of reasons, but getting one now could do wonders for their future. Without a degree, I would never have become an edu-prenuer. Adult learners acquire credentials and competencies, not just a parchment. The tenacity to complete a degree while handling adult responsibilities is far more telling about our ability to persist and persevere.


Selected followers’ comments:

Low Keng Lok: After graduation, I was undertaking my MSc as well as working as a tutor in a local university when I was offered a job that paid me 50% more than what I was getting. I took up the job offer. Now in my semi-retirement years, I am thinking of going back to varsity to get a post-graduate degree and end my career as an educator…

Latha Ravindran: I went to UM at the age of 36 to get my PhD and had two kids. It was challenging with a full time job but looking back I am glad I persevered. Paper qualification alone doesnt make us competent as experience matters as well. Quoting Robert E. Lee “The education of a man is never complete until he dies.” That makes life interesting and intriguing.

Cornelius Lo: I hate going to school. I remember as soon as I stepped out of the examination hall, finishing my SPM, I told myself “That’s it, no more studying life. My real life begins this very minute!”
Forty years had passed since then, and I still have the same aversion to studies. Guess that’s the main reason I stay a small fry whole life.


My other FB postings between 24 Sept 2018 and 30 Sept 2018:


24 Sept 2018

FLAUNT IT, BUT DON’T TALK ABOUT IT: Wealth seems to be a pretty fickle thing. There’s a cultural phobia in talking about money. Those who have it want to flaunt it with a luxurious lifestyle, but it’s still considered rude to talk about it. Most people also won’t want to disclose how much they actually have, or rather, how much they don’t have. We should be happy for those who’re blessed with generous means, but it is quite another matter if they brag about it. I know many tycoons who’re humble and down-to-earth, and these are the people who deserve our respect. I once had dinner with a Forbes-listed billionaire who asked to pack some leftover food so it won’t be wasted. Openly discussing about money can make people uncomfortable, particularly those who don’t have it or as much. I guess it isn’t anyone’s business what you can or can’t afford. Don’t you think it’s rude to talk about money?


Selected followers’ comments:

Kpo Junnie: I said to my children and friends that you should not brag when you are rich or feel ashamed of being poor. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

Philip Lim: Bragging, in whatever forms, will not do good to any relationship. When you brag, especially on your wealth, it only goes to show how far behind you are in your wealth acquisition. Your humility speaks louder than words.

Wong Alex: No. It’s not rude at all to talk about money with a client who drags on your given Credit Term. Haha..


25 Sept 2018

OUR COLOURFUL OCTOGENARIAN: Each time I see Katherine Ong, I see a woman full of colour and life, who’s always well-dressed and coiffured. She’s isn’t contented with an idle retired life, so she practises yoga, takes morning walks, hangs out with friends and gets involved in taking care of her grand-kids. True to her roots, the granddaughter of the late Kapitan Ong Thian Swee of Kuching ensures all are treated to splendid nyonya delicacies at every pot luck party. By the way, auntie Katherine is 80 years old. The octogenarian is among the older adults I know who have a purpose in life and a reason to get up each morning. They’re not defined by the obstacles that come with old age. The mental health of those who’re full of positivity remains high. Katherine is the opposite of what we might expect of aging, and she shows that people need not stop doing what they love to do, at any point. Thanks to people like her and our PM Tun Dr Mahathir, we now know getting old isn’t all about gloom and doom.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning everybody. For Madam Katherine Ong is timeless beauty. Rich people, time is money and our PM TD Mahathir is time stood still. Ordinary people like us is time waits for no man 🤣
Eat healthy, sleep well and stay positive. Be happy and be grateful for all the little things that comes our way.

Shenna Dot: Compared to his earlier days, TunDr Mahathir do sound and act slower, maybe not as mentally sharp anymore. It is clear from his speeches.

Philip Lim: Getting old with a purpose and getting old for a purpose. That’s the way to go.


26 Sept 2018

ONE TOPIC THAT’S A NO-NO IN PUBLIC: I was in a cafe when I overheard one guy admonishing his friend for being a vegetarian due to religious beliefs, as it’s “so difficult to order food.” This nation is a melting pot of ethnicities and beliefs, and I strongly think people shouldn’t get into a raging debate in public over the pros and cons of each other’s religion. The atheists aside, religion is extremely important to most people, and it’s unavoidable for the topic to sometimes enter conversations. I’ve learnt my lesson after I offended a pastor friend because I joked about being an “outstanding Christian who’s always standing outside the church” once too often. People and countries go to war over conflicting religious beliefs, so I now think not speaking about it is a precautionary measure. If you find yourself in a situation where the talk moves to religion, what would you do? I would run, and not just walk, away from it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung: Tan Sri, I think the pastor should relax a bit and chill. What’s the harm of laughing at oneself? And I think the joke is rather funny!

Emily Chia: Thou shall not judge , lest you be judged. This day a sinner, next day repent, another day a saint. Your faith saves you .1 John 3 : 21

Vijay Kumar Victor: I have always enjoyed reading sacred scriptures of all the great religions of our world, I have a basic understanding and great respect for all of them.


27 Sept 2018

SHAKING UP THINGS NOW & THEN: I couldn’t remember when someone asked me how long I’ve been on Facebook, so I checked and found I created this Page on Nov 1, 2012. That’s almost 6 years ago, and I’ve made over 2100 postings! That speaks a fair bit about my consistency and persistence in doing things that I believe in, but I’m also mindful of the improvements I need to further make for this platform to be more effective. I get envious when some celebrities and public figures just need to post a selfie or write a two-liner to get 10k likes, while I’ve to right-angle varied topics to garner similar interest. Everyone loves a little controversy – which means stirring things up now and then, by being both inspirational and provocative. One thing’s for sure: to retain your interest, I can’t be redundant. You won’t want to be served the same soup for every meal.


Selected followers’ comments:

Frankie David Chieng: Good morning TSCH and buddies. Your fb forum becomes my 2nd devotional daily bread. Everyday your meal is different in taste and variety. Thank you for I enjoy in your humility and sharing.

Kuan Hock Lee: TSCH…Keep it up and thank you for all the interesting postings. It’s like having breakfast for me now every morning…Food for the brain, I guess!!

Ryan Lew: You could have been a prolific writer if you wanted to, Tan Sri. It is people like you who could make a difference in our society. Please continue to be inspirational. May you be blessed with with good health and longevity so we may benefit from you. Heh! Heh!


29 Sept 2018

A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE: Raja Teh Maimunah Raja Abdul Aziz is one woman who walks into a room and commands your attention. She’s someone who has a sort of presence you can’t ignore. The Managing Director of Wholesale Banking at Ambank Group studied law, worked in an audit firm and had a meteoric rise in banking. She has shown that women can spearhead their own path and live their life on their own terms. Raja Teh has often been cited as an icon for women’s accomplishments. People who’ve worked with her know she’s not one to back down from challenges. She reportedly doesn’t think women should use discrimination as an excuse not to pursue their dreams. I admire women in intellectual jobs who’ve a lot of self-confidence – and a good dressing sense to match. I notice Raja Teh’s always immaculately groomed, and wears clothes that nicely complements her intellect.


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung:  A woman in a male-dominated industry (banking)… she must be one tough lady. From her name, I think she has royal blood? Still an admirable achievement for her!

Birtha Blasius: She looks gorgeous, and there’s a lot in common too to other gorgeous women we have known. She looks elegant. TS’s coat is same colour as her cosy bag inside and out.Perfect! Good afternoon and blessed Saturday.

Shenna Dot: Successful women should be encouraged in this New Malaysia, where gender would not matter. Afterall, we have a woman DPM!


30 Sept 2018

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR AT THIS MOMENT? I was in a hot shower after a gruelling day, when I suddenly remember my childhood when there was only cold water which I scooped from a pail when I bathed. It was one of those moments when I paused to appreciate what I have in life now. Being literate is not a given, but a gift. Living in a peaceful country is a blessing, and we’re fortunate to have our five senses intact. The many things we take for granted are those which the unfortunate ones could only dream of. I’m sure you too have a long list of things you could grateful for. Mine includes my comfy pairs of jeans, great office snacks, quiet weekends, awesome employees & friends and yes, getting lost in a good book, like the Billion Dollar Whale. In this rat race, there’s so much more we want to have that we sometimes forget to be grateful for what we already have. Many of us focus so much on the negative that the positive loses its place in our hearts.


Selected followers’ comments:

Christopher Tan: I am grateful for my children and my wife, and my small abode. Most of all, I am grateful for all the little blessings from God through the years.

Jennifer Chan: If it rains on a weekend morning and I don’t have to go to work…. that’s bliss. Nothing else matters, for me. But unfortunately, such occasions are few and far between.

Quah Poh Lin: I uphold this principle in life, “be grateful for that pair of shoes I have as there are people without legs”.