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Numbers don’t lie and in SEGi University & Colleges we are proud to have produced hundreds of students who’s obtained 1st Class Honours. This makes it easier for the graduates to open doors. Taken from my Facebook posting on 7 Aug 2018:

A CLASS OF THEIR OWN: It’s the pride of SEGi University & Colleges to have hundreds of graduates who’ve obtained 1st Class Honours in their respective programs over the years, mainly in twinning degrees with overseas institutions. Parents would love to see their offsprings graduating top of the class, while many students themselves have the “as long as I pass” mentality. Do your grades matter in the job market, or is it actually your skills that count more? My enlarged Group & related companies employ a few thousand people, and I can say candidates with a 1st class degree would certainly be more noticeable at the point of application, and for promotion prospects later. The high achievers themselves think they’ve a certain kind of prestige, like they’re sitting in the business class of a plane cabin, in front of the economy passengers. There’re top jobs, often in multinationals and consulting firms, which are restricted to 1st-class degree holders. I’m not saying top grades will ensure future success, but they can open many doors.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jeffrey Cheah Kwet Hiong: Tan Sri that you put up your posting on this topic of your SEGi University celebrating its 900+ graduates with 1st class Hons, let me add some more icing to your “Celebration Cake”!
Your University (its forerunner, Systematic College) was fortunate to absorb Prime College which was the Premier College to provide the Cambridge A Level and the Foundation/Certificate and First Year equivalent Diploma in the late 80s and early 90s, these students from Prime College were first twinned with Nottingham University in UK, many of them went to Nottingham and got First Class Hons, later many of the universities in UK like Bath, Sheffield, UMIST, Southampton, Birghmingham, etc open up to students from Prime College and these students scored First Class Hons!
Many of my peers friends sent their children to Prime College and they continued their degree studies in UK scoring minimum 2.1 Hons in the late 80s and early 90- mid 90s!
These children are now in their late 30s to about late 40s to near 50 by now!
Prime College has left a very good legacy of meritocracy and standard for your SEGi, TSCH!
My eldest son, a product of Prime College was also a First Class Hons from a UK University and he is doing quite well in overseas whom I am quite proud of, the child whom I am carrying in my arms in my profile picture is his son!
My nephew following his footstep in joining Prime College also obtained a First Class!
He came back with a PhD and became a lecturer with a private college and he has just migrated even after Pakatan has come to power .
Tan Sri, I really congratulate you for able to keep up with the legacy which you have inherited from your predecessors of Prime College and Systematic!
You are a master of “game-changers”.

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, Progress report, my Sister who took your twin overseas program and I ferry her to school everyday, is now working in the medical industry, her salary is at RM12K < per month, she is at 27 of age right now. We are so glad that we have made the right decision to choose Segi.

Susan Quat: Having a degree open up more doors to the top jobs in any multinational companies here / overseas. But having said that it is still how a person carry himself/ herself , the work attitudes and how the other soft skills / trainings , interpersonal skills also are important to ensure the person will contribute to the organisation. Brain and brawn must works together as they are interconnected.


My other FB postings between 6 Aug 2018 and 12 Aug 2018

6 Aug 2018

THE HERO OF OUR OWN STORY: I’m a huge fan of the Avengers, and my favourite hero is Iron Man. Of course they’re fictional characters who happen to be ridiculously good looking, built like a tank and fly around in colourful outfits and capes. Our Marvel heroes can do no wrong, and they always arrive in time to save the day. The idols we admire or worship could be from our imagination – or they could be real-life heroes. In fact, we don’t need to terminate villains to be heroes. To me, real heroes are people who’re fine with their good deeds and actions going unnoticed. These unselfish individuals are ready to act when others are passive. This country fortunately has a good number of activists who’re willing to confront injustice straight on. I think people become heroes because of the path they’ve chosen, not because of some innate ability. Each of us has a story, and we can choose to be the hero in it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: My super heroine was the late Mother Teresa who worked in the slums of India . She walked the talk. The poor and destitute and ostracised were her priceless gifts of God whom she cared for without reservation and the very little she had. The dirt, the filth and the stench – she knew and dealt with them all.
It’s a life given and lived for many.

Ong Phaik Kim: Sometime circumstances pushes us to come forwards! And out of the closet.

Just like the recent Land grabbing cases on orang asli Land! All purportedly for planting musang king!

Beside Gua musang there is another plot of land with huge massive jungle clearing between simpang pulai to Cameron!

The orang asli have come out n asked for help! Since their water source n livelihood affected.

They too are displaced! How to turn them down n walk away?

Still pondering whether I should uses my network in china among my guests to boycott musang king! Only way to bring this land grabbers down to their knees! With prices hit rock bottom, make them lose their pant down! N abandon the land they grab!

And report these companies since some collect investors money from China without appropriate license from bank negara!

Agatha Tan: I used to buy the t-shirts with my children’s heroes on it. Perhaps hopefully they will become a hero when they grow up, be it superman, ultraman, Bat man or Iron man.


8 Aug 2018

I CAN’T STAND THE SLOW PACE: It was early evening in downtown Brisbane, and I could hardly see people in the streets. Except for the crowds at eating places and nightspots, there usually isn’t much foot traffic elsewhere, and I would wonder if most Australians are staying home to watch Netflix. The malls close by late afternoon, and we could hardly find anything to eat late at night in the cities. I believe the pace of life in most places in Australia, New Zealand and many European countries is much slower than that of Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. The vibrant night life in downtown KL makes it a city that never sleeps. I love our mamak stalls and food outlets which are open almost 24/7, saving our hungry lives many times over. One main reason why there’s no place like home is the sense of familiarity. Our country still isn’t perfect, but I’m familiar with life in its fast lane.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”
Whenever I go for a longer overseas trip, i would miss home after about a week. I would missed my nasi lemak, char kuey teow and Hokkien Mee. Whereas, in real life, i don’t really fancy about food. Then, I realized, it’s not the taste of food that I was missing. It’s the smell of home.
What makes a home? The familiarity, the memory, the feeling with each and everything we see; every path we take and all the people we’re with. Not just our family , the friends and relatives, the neighbors and even strangers we meet. It’s just not the same. Home is not a place. It’s a feeling. Travelling widen our horizon. Perhaps one of the things I learn from traveling is that I love my home even more than before. 😊

Alice YokYuen Wong: Having worked in the city of KL for 45 years now the slower pace of life even in my hometown Seremban seemed so sleepy.
But if you think KL is fast paced then Singapore and Hong Kong must be at Formula One speed!
Life for us in these cities is hectic but we are used to it. Because everything is in a rush we are attuned to such rat race lifestyles because under such circumstances only the fittest will survive! Hahaha .. so that made us “survivors” or else we lose out!
Good morning everyone, when I look back now I am surprised at myself, a small town girl, being able to get employment, buy a house, have my own four wheels and pamper myself with the occasional one or two holiday trips abroad each year. Whew…. how did I survive? It’s simple actually….. I take one step at a time and live one day at a time too! This philosophy won’t put stress on my life because it’s only a step by step and day by day process! After all like I used to say – only today is ours because tomorrow may not come!

Ron Juliet: Happy Morning Tan Sri Clement Hii and All the Buddies here.

Life in our own homeland is much more happenings any hour of the day or night.
Somehow you will find a eating shop open 24 hours at any corner of town unless it is a festive holiday.

In Asian countries you will find people having the culture of eating non stop.
We are always hungry even in the wee hours of the day.

Unlike western country or for that matter nearest to us,Australia, lives will come to a standstill at nightfall.
I think it is their culture that family times are important to them so much so supermarkets or grocery stores are closed early for families to spend time together in the evening.

That is why many times when traveled to other countries,we always missed home because we are so used to our own ways of life.


9 Aug 2018

THE PERILS OF ONLINE DEALS: There’re a number ot times when my credit cards had to be replaced because of fraudulent online transactions. As more people shop online, fraudsters are able to steal the security codes, but not the plastic itself, and go on shopping sprees. I now designate an account with a low credit limit just for news subscriptions and app purchases. I’m sure many FB friends have fallen victim to such thefts, and gone through the annoying process of cancelling compromised cards and nervously waiting for fraudulent transactions to be rescinded. Online shoppers also run the risk of getting counterfeit goods, or making orders which never arrive. I think old-fashioned shopping is still the best and the safest. We just need to walk or drive a distance, stand in line, breathe and smell the store, and be treated indifferently.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning TS and everybody.
I’m an old timer who definately will quere up to pay my bills not because l like it but to know personally, confirmed paid. Since retired most of my bills are paid by my daughter, cucu’s mother who works in the bank, thro online transactions, safe 🤣. When use my credit card, the bank will notify and if it’s a not normal transaction to my daughter’s eye, she will call me to confirm. She really took care of her old mum’s hard earned money 🤣.
Online buying, I don’t do then cause I like to see and feel the actual product than a picture. If do, it’s done by my girls too. I have seen mostly good with some bad buys. With low price offered online, its a win win situation. Modernisation 🤔, with age catching up I don’t think I want to quere anymore. Looks like l have to adjust. Wanted to learn but they say, mummy don’t worry we’ll take care of it. Just tell us what you want and we will do for you. Maybe they are worried their old mum got cheated. I’ll learn anything I want to know my way. At the moment its bliss, no worry 😉.

Ong Shuh Chien: I don’t do online shopping unless I am allowed to pay cash upon delivery subject to being allowed to return without reasons on whatever I had bought in its original condition within 7 days upon receipt. And I confine my purchases to not more than RM1,000.
The reason for my caution was a bad experience I got from my credit card issued by a bank many years back. One day upon receipt from my credit card statement, I found two items I never bought converted from USD. I called up and was told to pay up nevertheless pending their investigation or I risked being charged interest.
Agitated, I drove down to the centre and asked for an explanation. The officer told me the overseas charges were made possible because the facilities available in my card allowed direct online charges, both for local and overseas purchases. I told them I had my credit card with me at all the time, 24 hours and I had not been overseas anywhere during the said period. So I requested for a new card be issued in replacement and online purchases be totally blocked. The officer in charge of credit card centre was kind enough to reverse out the disputed amount In the following statement without the need for me to settle first or to show further proofs.
I had heard of stories of long wait for reversal of questionable amount charged from friends. I supposed I was lucky and I was a good old paymaster, clearing in full whatever I owed on time.
Admittedly credit card facilities allow its holders much conveniences. But nothing beats the ‘I am rich’ vanity feeling when counting hard cash to pay for a purchase. 😂
Happy day, my friends! 😁

John Tan: Thieves who steal security codes are not innocent. Can anyone live in the pristine ignorance of childhood as an adult without being shaken by the hand of fate and the sharkish people whose being in the world threatens us in whatever way? Once bitten, twice shy! In this life, we develop bugbears. Do we search for a savior in technology when we find we are losing ourselves, or are the knowledge and gadgets to distract us when the lenses of our perception are dirty or do we seek simplicity in detachment? I do not merely mean, using bank notes. Cherish life, even the moments of pain, when money is stolen, because life happens in moments as we step into the dimensions of our inner selves! 💜Does this happen when we are distracted, psychologically and gadgetly and when we gain materially and monetarily? Or when we strip ourselves of all the things and thoughts we hang on to? Is this search for connecting up a breakneck affair or a withdrawing, a reaching inside that when we strike the flint we have fire instead of just flying sparks? How many are there of us, that have clean lenses of perception, which is to have remained free from all emotional scars or pain? Isn’t pain a good preceptor, which, when we allow it to take us in hand, will lead us up the high mountain so that in our dreams we can see what’s on the other side?


10 Aug 2018

IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE, NOT PRODUCTS: Companies have found that launching new products or services aren’t what they used to be. In the “good old days,” they could issue press releases, invite guests to the launching ceremony and watch the publicity roll on. Today, the pace of digital news is like the speed of light. Getting attention is extremely difficult, as newer news will push the event out of the collective mind share in a matter of minutes. Over the years, my Group has its hits and misses, and we’ve to constantly fine-tune our launch strategies. Apple product launches are legendary. I admire the way the late Steve Jobs did his act on stage, focusing not on the product features, but on the solutions they provide for consumers, who after all care more about their own problems. It’s a strategy I’ve adopted fairly well for HCK Properties’ projects. A good launch of course can never overcome a flawed product. People have to be shown a compelling picture of how it’s going to make their life better. I think that’s what will get them excited.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “People have to be shown a compelling picture of how it’s going to make their life better”
-Clement Hii
All kinds of Strategy, good old days or digital era. But still billions of Humans lives their Life with all kinds of MISERY, they haven’t met the ULTIMATE STRATEGY to know God the Creator, and transforms the Life for better Health; Spiritual and Physical. Cheers another sweet gorgeous Friday. TGIF

Michael EA: Just my 2 cents. Nowadays, products or services are very competitive. And such competitiveness gives rise to another challenge – competitiveness in marketing. Marketing needs an effective strategy of connecting products or services with the consumers. Invariably, the connecting point is the solution or any new innovation or excitements offered.

As society and lifestyles evolve, the solutions needed keep changing. Not only that, the people’s needs (or wants) and expectations keep changing as well. And the bar gets higher as society gets smarter. As a result, the industry involved that can progress better is one who leads the crowd rather than the one following the crowd. Industries need to be ahead of people but they can’t ignore people. Instead they need to touch base and understand people in order to be ahead.

Chris Cheong Ean Hwa: Very true. All the advertising in the world cannot sell a product, if it is flawed.
And Steve Jobs , understood human psychology, the human psyche, how we think , what motivates us..


11 Aug 2018

DO YOU CAVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE? It’s not uncommon for us to do something we normally won’t do, but we do it because we want to be accepted by our friends. Peer pressure isn’t something that only applies to adolescence. In adulthood, we often succumb to doing things because our colleagues or the people we hang out with do them as well. It can influence the way we behave in most aspects of our lives. As a teenager, I luckily didn’t cave in to pressure to smoke, drink or do drugs though some companions then were taking substances. It need not always be a bad thing, as friends can similarly stop us from doing dumb things. In business, I’ve always incorporated peer referrals as an important part of our marketing strategies. When we need to, I think we can always say “no” to our peers and calmly explain why something’s not for us. We shouldn’t judge too, as respecting other people’s choices may also help them respect ours. Hmm… when was the last time you did something because just everyone else was doing it?


Selected followers’ comments:

Khoo Kah Hin: Take responsibility in work, indulgence and enjoyment. Alert, aware and accept diversity.In the mid ‘70 hanged out with RD 350, GT 250 bikers indulging in all sort of enjoyment but they would not get me involved. Play, drink, smoke etc responsibly because life cannot be so dull by “church dos/donts” Some pastors who preach “dos/donts” are the worst culprits.

Lee Lin Wang: I always try not to let this happens, doing something because everyone else was doing it. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easy. So far so good. 🙇‍♀️still able to remain truthful to myself and my life. Thank you to my friends and family who accept me as i am lovingly. Feeling Blessed. Thank you Sir for this question to ponder upon.

Rohaty Majzub: Peer pressure exists clearly in politics too
the ” follow d group syndrome” : not because one believes in such stand stance or ideology but because the team says No Avoid, Dont follow ,or Abide ! In adolescence it is too common in the process of going up to be adults or one gets kick out of group membership : peer conformity or acceptance is a powerful tool : so even if in bullying peer ganging follows regardless of the morality and morbid consequences : in politics people change their so called peer loyalty as can be seen right now before our eyes
When one is no.longer in power goodbye and one can check who are true friends: at times one therefore gas to be a loner loyal to the truth:
one has to be courageous amidst the negativity in the environment to blow a different trumpet or tune


12 Aug 2018

WHAT A ROJAK LIFE! A 5-star hotel cafe isn’t the best place to get the best rojak in town, but I sometimes make do when I couldn’t make it to my favourite stalls. Rojak is a truly Malaysian dish, as it’s known by the same name in all local dialects. We’re blessed with abundance of fruits and vegetables, and putting together a good mix will give us a tasty salad. Different outlets seem to churn out different textures and flavours. I like the mamak version the most, with its addition of potatoes, boiled eggs, tofu and fritters, drenched in a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Penang serves great rojak too, with its thicker sauce and generous helpings of cuttlefish. As a social dish, I don’t see people eating it as a main meal. You don’t even need to dig into it to get the rojak feeling. Life after all is like rojak lo – it can be sweet, spicy, bitter, salty, fragrant or stinky.


Selected followers’ comments:

Frankie David Chieng: Good rojak is fruits salad blended in right choice of sauce with cuttlefish will be complete for me. Oh.. yummy yummy… salivating just by dreaming. Life is like that with the tastes of the experiences but what makes it great is something special in life you found. That precious moments of life that you’re willing to pay all you have to get. There is a parable of a merchant looking for fine pearls, and how this is similar to finding the Kingdom of Heaven. When you find the Kingdom of Heaven, your salvation is like a precious pearl! There is nothing more valuable than security for your soul. Just as in the parable when the merchant found just one pearl, he sold all he had to purchase it. Likewise, when you discover the Kingdom, it is worth everything you have to give up because you gain eternity with the Lord, the Creator of your soul, and without Him you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wong Kimchoon: Malaysia is such a blessed country. No natural disaster, except occassional floods, moderate climate, with abundant human and natural resources, diverse race, religion, culture that bring along a wide variety of foods, festivities. Blessings are there….and should not be taken for granted. An advantage can be a disadvantage…and a disadvantage can be an advantage. Social media can change ones destiny if carried to extreme and unchecked. Mindfullness and moderation are virtues that will bring greater blessings.

Andrew Chan: Was with a few close friends last night n were at one point talking of the big dreaded C. Thomas told us the shocking revelation that he has 6 siblings dignosed with Colon Cancer n three had passed on; all within a year ! Presently only 4 are cancer free. He went for a colonscopy n is presently still clear of it. Now that’s definitely a stinky stuff poured into his spicy mixed rojak of life. Folks live each day like it’s your last n you will appreciate life to the fullest.