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March is usually a hectic month for those in the tertiary education industry as that’s when the SPM and STPM results are announced. Those who sat for these two major exams last year would have gotten their results last week. That’s when the scramble for admissions into tertiary education institution gather pace.

For institutions under the SEGi Group, March is a critical period in boosting enrolment numbers. The team will go all out taking part in education fairs nationwide and organizing other related activities during this crucial window.

As Malaysia has a thriving private tertiary education industry, staying competitive is necessary to stand out from the crowd. In the sea of colleges and universities, prospective students are spoilt for choice. This is why I always tell my key managers that we needed to position SEGi University and Colleges as the go-to institution that provides solutions to today’s needs.

Staying relevant to current needs is one way we stay at the top of our game. The education landscape has changed dramatically over the years, largely due to technological advances. When learning was confined to lecture halls 20 years ago, today it can take place anywhere so long as one is connected via Internet. In SEGi, we use the Blackboard system for distant learning.

One of our institutions recently launched a “Future Skills” programme where the modules are catered to help our students thrive in the digital economy and in the face of Industrial Revolution 4.0. In SEGi, we understand the rules conventions in the industry is being rewritten at break-neck speed. We have no choice but to keep pace with the changes.

Our campus in Kota Damansara

In education fairs like this, we need to stand out from the rest


After SPM or STPM, many are headed for tertiary education