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Sometimes, our faith in God is challenged, especially when things don’t turn out the way they should. It is normal for our belief to waver, but the challenge is whether we can keep the faith. Taken from my Facebook posting on 7 Sept 2017:


A CONFESSION TO MAKE: I have a confession to make. As a baptised Christian, most times, I believe in God and miracles. God exists because there’s a living universe, and He gives life meaning and purpose. Yet, there’re the occasional moments when I feel God can’t, but should, be proven in scientific terms, and there seems to be little tangible guidance from Him. It’s almost like believing in Him because that’s what we’re taught to believe. Our faith may waver at times when the spiritual morale is low, but it doesn’t mean we’re hardcore non-believers. The recent furore over atheists (with a deputy minister jumping into the fray) is cause for concern. Each person has his or her own reason for believing or not believing in something, either from the religious or rational standpoint. The answer lies somewhere in ourselves.


Selected followers’ comments:

Maureen Lee: Whether it’s good or bad, have faith in God, for He knows what we are going through. Yes, the truth is sometimes very bitter but never doubt the power of the Almighty.

Vincent Cheong Kam Weng: The freedom to believe or not to believe should be the fundamental right of all human beings.

Ling Liong Ming: I believe there is a creator, and I believe in the big bang theory. What’s before the time of the big bang, no body can tell, that has to be left for God to reveal. There is definitely an end to our solar system, and probably an end to our universe too.


My other FB postings between 4 Sept 2017 and 10 Sept 2017:

4 Sept 2017

THE REAL INTENTIONS: I’ve always believed most people have the best of intentions when they want to work with us. And if they fail to eventually deliver, it’s because of issues beyond their control. So far, I’ve made some wrong judgements, but there’s no reason to give up on mankind yet. On the other extreme, I know of individuals who think other people’s intentions towards them are always dishonourable. They’ll take any remark, offer or action the negative way, always concluding whoever say or do those things are trying to belittle or cheat them. It’s as if humiliation and dishonesty are routinely directed only at them. We can’t be distrustful and resentful with everyone all the time – that would be a miserable way to live our lives. I’m confident there are many people out there who do act on good intentions.


Selected followers’ comments:

Sobendran Vengadasalam: Hurt leaves us with a strong memory whether from being cheated or betrayed. I believe the trick is to focus on the connections that do turn out well. Humanity how ever beautiful or stained is only defined by the light we shine on it.

Lynnet Lai: The adage of “still waters run deep” aptly apply. Though this proverb literally has a positive meaning; but it could also mean appearances are not always what they seem to be. We bound to have good or bad people or friends around us, and sometimes subconsciously we really can’t determine their motives and are unable to distinguish who may have something up their sleeves… We’re merely social beings with feelings and emotions, thus, there’s always a little clarity or revelation with us to balance our lives…just forget and forgive, for no one is perfect.

Tan Tee Kuan: There always bound to have such negative thinking person in an organisation. I try many times to convince if fail, I will advice them to leave the organisation to look for a place where they feel more comfortable. Suspicious or distrust your teammates doesn’t help you to grow physically or mentally. Live a happy life.


5 Sept 2017

SHARING THE SAME VALUES: We’re rushing to get our international school at Setia Alam in time for the January 2018 intake. It’s isn’t just the campus construction but also the assembling of a quality curriculum and top-notch expatriate team. I hosted lunch for Stuart Johnston, principal of Peninsula Grammar, Melbourne who visited last week to check on the progress. He’s adamant about bringing an exact Australian learning experience to the Malaysian shores. My personal commitment is to ensure that the Peninsula institution here becomes a melting pot of cultures, with local and foreign students developing a worldview at an early age. Already, the HCK Group is looking at other possible sites for new campuses. We believe there’re many families out there who value the same things as we do – a holistic education and enriching growth for their children.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tuck Meng Choong: This just further my awe and admiration for the missionaries in bringing real education to the people wherever they go. I had the good opportunity to study in one La Salle primary school, and looking back I’d say the education I received back then was very well rounded and prepared us very well. If only we had allowed them to continue and had not screwed up the whole education system in our over-zealous drive to rid ourselves of all things western or colonial.

Most of us, including my son, will probably not be able to afford your school, TS but I wish you well and hope your school will be a roaring success. Hope the teaching staff and all employees there will be oozing passion in everything they do, so that a truly rewarding educational experience can be imparted upon your students. Impart and Impact! All the best!

Soo Min Vai: I hope the tuition fees will be affordable.. majority of families are in the middle income group who wants better education for their kids but can’t afford to put them in better school. Private schools in Malaysia is so commercialised until the cost per annual for primary is equivalent to mba program or more. Doesn’t make sense… I have studied overseas and it cost only a fraction of the cost… good education is the basic rights of all Malaysians.. ( i just don’t understand why our local govt schools have so much funding but yet its still the same year after year … )..

Kelvin Phang: Your noble intention is well applauded. However, having said that as like any International School only the well to do can afford to enjoy such privileges. This is to cater for a very niche market. Indeed there are many families out there who harbour such ambitions for their children but held back financially.


6 Sept 2017

ON THE LAST LAP: A foreign conglomerate wants me to co-invest and set up a “retirement village,” a housing development for senior citizens with facilities and services to match. There’s a real need for people to be able to continue their lifestyle as they grow older. I myself shall be a retiree one day, and I begin to wonder what I should have or do to maintain a healthy mind and body then, after a lifetime of mobility and independence. Old age is something very real, with each passing year. Joints start to ache, the mind becomes forgetful and you’ve to stand nearer to the urinal. I believe it’s not just about medication, doctors or caregivers. We may have stressed ourselves out to make a living or build a fortune, but in the end, all we need are simple lunches, slow walks in the park and especially, close ones to talk to. In our life’s last lap, good companions can smoothen and sweeten the tedious and uneven road ahead.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, was talking to my wife on where to stay upon full retirement ; she choose to live with one of my sons n as for me, alone in one of my condominiums ie eventually when one is taken by the Good Lord. Came across on post on FB once on an interesting article ; an old octogenarian choose to retire on a luxurious ocean liner, travelling round the whole world n according to her, it’s cheaper than living in a luxurious retirement village ! More interesting some more; meeting different sets of folks, being served courteously every day n can see different countries !

Tay Cheow Hwang:

We’re racing against time,
But it seems not our last lap,
As if we’re still far away,
From our run away;

We’re aging against age,
But it seems like our last lap,
Even if we’re still engaged,
From our routine attachment;

We’re approaching last lap,
At different stages of life,
It’s just a matter of distant future,
Stretching far beyond our future;

On the last lap,
What we can ask for more,
Some are free from any obligation,
Some still have unfinished dedication;

On the last lap,
What we don’t want anymore,
Continuing our rat race,
Stagnating in our enclosed cage;

On the last lap,
We just want to slow down,
Pacing our space,
Embracing age with grace;

On the last lap,
We just need to be authentic,
Living our own lives,
Staying in our own confines;

On the last lap,
We just have our temperament,
Tempering our temperature,
Listening to our lecture;

In our life’s last lap,
Good companions to smoothen,
Good companies to sweeten,
Yet tedious and uneven road are ahead.


8 Sept 2017

NO “WOW” FOR THEM: I’ve great employees and I’ve also not-so-great members on my team. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the workforce are those I would put in the average or mediocre category. They’re the people who’ll show up on time, leave on time and do what they’re paid to do. Occasionally, they’ll step outside for a smoke or a coffee break but they won’t fake medical leave. They will get the job done, but they’re not going to take over the company anytime soon. I wish I could see more passion in some of them, because they’ve got the talent and great potential. They’ve the knowledge but lack the intention. We charted and set out on a planned course, adjusting the sail as we plotted along, that saw me and some of my peers taking over the businesses in which we were once mere employees. People have to walk away with a “wow” and not a “nah” if we want to be seen as sexy in the work or business we do.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lee Lin Wang: Sometimes, i feel i am a parent to my employees too. Every time, i think how to push them and inspire them to be better in the most gentle receptive way because of the great potentials they have not utilised. But having said so, this provided me the opportunity to train myself to be a good leader.

Dexteq Lim: Every individuals has different goals and aspirations or direction…..some may like laksa, some Nasi lemak some vegetarian food…..all are foods but just different… not because they are lazy, not intelligent enough, lack motivation …..etc…..many bosses failed to understand that in an employee as they think of the company and maximisation of profit most of the time…

Emil Lee: Good morning and an incredible day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my experienced fb associates herein. Everyone of us is fighting our own battles for survival. Our destinies may be different but our journey is the same. Some are meant to be followers and some are leaders. It is all in our mindset and most of the time, it is value for money and that goes for me too.


9 Sept 2017

A THORNY ISSUE: The price of durians is a thorny issue right now, with durian lovers greatly pricked by the high prices amid high demand. It costs RM85 to 95 per kilo for Musang King – it used to be half the price just two years ago. It’s my favourite fruit too, but visits to the stalls are rare as I could easily get heartburn and bloatedness after a durian feast. The rainy weather and Chinese tastebuds have contributed to the soaring prices. The mainland Chinese (again!) have been importing huge planeloads and they’re willing to pay top dollars. Years back, I was offered a few large durian orchards for measly sums but I thought then, why need to buy a cow just to drink milk? That has been one of my many missed business opportunities. 🙂


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: My mom in law told me to boycott durian because the mainland Chinese has caused the price to soar!
Tan Sri, even now, a lot of people are still talking about investing in durian orchard. 🙂

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Why need to buy a cow just to drink milk?
-Clement Hii
Everybody has their own analyst, no right or wrong. Business as usual, some interested in AgriBusiness related and some Education.

Definitely, if you are a kind of passion in the farm, you had bought the farm already. But, if you missed that opportunity, no worry Tan Sir, buy hundred acres of empty land, and design your own Durian farm, beautiful and gorgeous place to retreat during your retirement, hahaha sound very very interesting.

Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Saturday

Kent Yee: I LOVE this beautiful morning, it is light and easy on durian. The good sweetness of high grade is beyond the reach of an average earning to feed with a few mouths. Those time had past after the greedies sold them to China. Sad, it is the same to all those high graded local fruits are beyond the reach in Malaysia. Why things goes beyond the control? is those rainy season grade and poor kampung grade is for better Malaysian to eat? Above all are we consuming more fruits at the benefits of the greedies. I have stopped eating for years due to the hidden sugar in it that is not good at all.


10 Sept 2017

CHRONIC BOREDOM: We’ve often discussed here about life being a journey, and the need to live in the moment. But there’re many of us who’ve found the journey to be mundane and dull. There’re numerous reasons why life could become so boring – and you might not even know the causes. I’ve known individuals whose boredom has become a chronic condition, leading to binge eating, alcohol abuse and even gambling or family problems. I think people get bored when they have no goals, or refuse to evolve or change over time. They do the same old thing everyday and often aren’t creative enough. Boredom over a long period will magnify their own flaws and lower their self-esteem. If you’re one of those who don’t feel excited about anything or anyone anymore, it’s about time you figure out what’s wrong with your life.


Selected followers’ comments:

Christine Muk Kim Lee: Besides work, join the church members to bring joy and comfort to the elderly and sick one feels joyous and meaningful in life. Always meet old friends, classmates, college mates, former colleagues for breakfast or even chat with them through WhatSapp etc. No boredom !

Shir Teo: Good morning, Tan Sri, though l am not rich but l love life cos’ life is so beautiful considering an average 80 + years life span with our withering bodies. Love life to the fullest with each other seconds. There is no time for boredom.

Latha Ravindran: Its miserable to set in to a predictable routine without excitement. There are many things to learn and its important to find ways to keep our life exciting. Even retired people these days discover somethi g new to do everyday. What’s our excuse? Happy sunday to everyone.