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On 1st October, festive spirits blossomed at Imperial International School Ipoh. Organised by Mandarin teachers, both students and teachers partook in a Mooncake Festival event with festive-theme talks, cultural dances and celebratory snacks.

The joyous event began with students giving talks on the traditions of Mooncake Festival. According to one of the Mandarin teachers, public speaking helps the students to be more articulate and eloquent, which in turn will boost their self-confidence. A good public speaker can establish networking, access opportunities and build up reputation more easily in the future.

One of the speech topics was about must-eat foods during Mooncake Festival. Clearly, mooncake is the most popular and important food during the festivity. The roundness of mooncake and its sweet flavours symbolises completeness, togetherness and prosperity for all.

The event was followed by cultural dance performance by students. The poised dancers ushered in Mooncake Festival with elegant choreography, accompanied by mesmerising tunes of traditional Chinese music.

“Mooncake Festival embodies the traditional values of Chinese philosophy and culture. It carries the desire and pursuit of Chinese people for peace, unity and harmony,” affirmed Miss Kok, Imperial’s Mandarin teacher.

As a dedicated education institution, Imperial’s greatest asset is its people. The teachers are passionate educationists, with proven track records in educational leadership and teaching excellence, constantly strive to improve well-rounded curriculums for their students.