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It is heart-warming to witness the altruistic efforts of many community volunteer groups who have tirelessly conducted many enriching activities at the Hiichiikok Foundation Children Home since its inception in 2013. Taken from my Facebook posting on 2 Dec 2018.

UNDERPRIVILEGED, BUT THEY’RE NOT ALONE: It isn’t just about providing a shelter and an education. We want the kids at the Children Home run by my charity arm to have social interactions and learn new things. Activities such as the Brain Gym conducted recently by Apex Club of PJ (pic) help to build self-confidence. Raising the underprivileged kids takes a lot of parental skills and patience, and I’ve left it entirely in the good hands of manager Diana Ooi and her team. Each of the kids has a heart-wreaking story to tell. They don’t deserve the brokenness life has given them at such a young age. I know they desperately need good role models – perhaps my senior staff and I should spend more time with them. The Home is incredibly fortunate to have voluntary groups like Apex who’re ever ready to offer altruistic services and time. We shouldn’t leave the orphaned or marginalised kids to carry their burden alone.


Selected followers’ comments:

Evelyn Lai: Guiding them is an effortful task as some may have deep emotional scar. But with the love and care showered by you and your team, I am sure they will grow up happily. GBU TS.

Rose Kho: Fault falls on their parents, to make these kids underpriviledged. They’re lucky to have you, Tan Sri, to provide them their needs. Thank you Tan Sri, you’re a human with heart of gold.

Roger Ong: Very magnanimous to help society in need. Giving the children a future is wonderful initiative.


My other FB postings between 2 Dec 2018 and 9 Dec 2018:

3 Dec 2018

MY HEADACHE WITH CHIEF EGO OFFICERS: I just closed a mega deal that required me to engage with a few parties simultaneously. I didn’t know the size of their bank accounts, but I was sure the egos of some of the personalities involved were pretty over-sized. Over the years, I’ve met many CEOs of a different kind, and it has taken a lot of my patience and tact to get these Chief Ego Officers off their high horses. To me, an important trait, especially among the upcoming entrepreneurs, should be a lack of ego. No doubt it’s important for us to be confident in ourselves and our abilities. But I think that shouldn’t come with an attitude that we’re better or more superior than everyone else. Not being egoistic will allow us to be comfortable with our own capabilities and at the same time, focus on others and their needs. I think that is when we can begin our best growth.


Selected followers’ comments:

Doreen D’orville: Tan Sri, it is most admirable to be humble and be sensitive to the needs of others.

Low Keng Lok: We are on Earth so we should be down to earth. If we look at people from up in the sky, you’re either an angel or you are dead.

Latha Ravindran: Love your definition of CEO. They are all around us. Would love to see them fall off their high horses and crack their bones.


4 Dec 2018

VIOLENT PEOPLE FORGET WHO THEY ARE: The violence that erupted over the relocation of the Seafield temple at Subang Jaya shouldn’t have happened, but all said and done, it could have been worse. We’re thankful the weapons used weren’t as deadly as guns, otherwise the rioting could have escalated into mass shootings. It’s fortunate that Malaysia has strict gun controls, unlike those countries which allow almost all its citizens to carry guns. My security aides and I are licensed to carry firearms, but all these years, never once did we have any need to touch them, except for the mandatory shooting practices. This is a peaceful country, and we must keep it that way at all costs. Violence leads to more violence, and it usually doesn’t solve the problem but sows the seeds for more problems. The moment we become violent, we’ll forget who we are and what the consequences would be.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, yes, peace is very prestigious, yet many do not value the peacefulness we have in life. Many admire our country and the peaceful life we have.

Christopher Tan: We hope the new government and the police will leave no stone unturned in the investigations to bring to book those responsible for instigating the riot.

Fathiha Johan: When power and greed stand in the way of living in harmony.


5 Dec 2018

ALONE, SHE RAISED 2 PRETTY DOCTORS: They were little kids when I first knew their mother Geraldine Kho, a Kuching-based banking executive. Yasmin Liew and Nathalie Liew have not only grown up but are now doing great at their punishing careers as medical doctors at Singapore General Hospital and Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital respectively. Suddenly, in their bubbly and jovial presence, ”Uncle Clement” feels so old and ancient. What’s remarkable is that both had been raised single-handedly by a divorcee mum who had to juggle between a demanding career and seeing her two daughters through medical school. It’s only not-long-ago that Geraldine finally found a new and supportive spouse in Bertram Chew. Dr Yas and Dr Nat have shown that they didn’t need two parents to become achievers in this world. Single mothers, for all their self-sacrifices, are deserving of all the applause and none of the stigma.


Selected followers’ comments:

Shenna Dot: From your Page, we get inspired each day. The story of Geraldine and her two doctor daughters is a fine example. Very inspiring posting today!

Jasmadi Omar: Nothing impossible with strong determination,Make it happen.

Lee Siewlan: You have two pretty daughters, Geraldine, you brought them up well, Well done, you can sit back, thanks GOD for all thats given to you.


6 Dec 2018

WE LIKE THOSE WHO’RE LIKE US: We probably know of people of the same gender who’re always together and enjoying a close relationship. That’s when tongues could sometimes start wagging, even though the friendships are intimate only in the sense of closeness and trust. Men especially are conditioned from a young age that intimate friendship with other men could be misunderstood or mocked. I’ve met strangers whom I’m quickly drawn to, as if we’ve known each other for a long time. I guess it has to do with chemistry, and sharing the same approach to life. Friendships that come together organically would require little maintenance, so to speak. I’m unsure if there’s a scientific influence at play when we take a strong and biased liking of certain friends. I guess we’re attracted to them because they embody our personal traits and mirror our social identity.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Be careful whom you choose as an acquaintant ; he/she makes or breaks you. A tainted person is like leprosy ; once contacted, the stigma sucks n its effects is life long.

Christopher Tan: Friendship has it’s many types of uniqueness. Likethe one we have here among all the millions of us.

Ong Phaik Kim: There are people we hit off instantly! N become life long friends.


7 Dec 2018

THE KOPITIAM & THE KOPI-C: In the cities, the trend among the younger set is towards hanging out at the likes of Starbucks for good coffee and conversations. For many of us, it has always been the good old coffeeshops, those non-air conditioned places crowded with food stalls. They’re still a main fixture in smaller towns like Sibu, as expounded by this breakfast scene with ex students of my alma mater, politician Senator Robert Lau and Hong Leong senior regional head Moses Wong. The chattering and eavesdropping that go on in these outlets have given impetus to the term “coffeeshop talk.” In KL, I often notice college students eating their economy meals and trying to read their textbooks. They probably get their caffeine from the kopi-c or kopi-gau to fuel their educational endeavours. I often would enjoy my plate of noodles and teh-peng while working on my emails or work schedules. The plain kopitiam could be a place that stimulates our mind and palate.


Selected followers’ comments:

London Irene: My favourite kopitiam in Sibu has to be Sing Ming Kee 新明記, if I’m in town I’ll have my breakfast there every single day, I just love their kampua, biannui, kompia and Tah-Chieng, nothing can beat this …..

Akira Liu: I like to go to kopitiam because it’s more calm over there and I like the environment there.

Rohaty Majzub: Yes i do venture into kopitiam to enjoy the kopi the kuehteow goreng and the toasted bread with butter and kaya:price is comparable abd reasonable: at times admire the coffeecup with old designs of 50s.


8 Dec 2018

A RANKING WE CAN DO WITHOUT: Each time my chauffeurs go too fast, I would remind them I’m not in a hurry, so they shouldn’t be too. Thousands of people die in road accidents each year, and most them are caused by human errors. Malaysia has been ranked 3rd worldwide for the deadliest roads, behind Thailand and South Africa but more than China (pic). Accidents have become a big menace to our society, causing unnecessary losses of lives and grief to families. The multi-million ringgit efforts in road safety awareness programs and preventive measures don’t seem to work. I’m unhappy with my own drivers who at times collect speeding summons when I’m not in the vehicles. Bad driving habits, ingrained in many people, aren’t helping the situation. Hardly any festive season goes by without a big spike in road fatalities. Do you think more can be done to ensure the safety of our road users?


Selected followers’ comments:

Bobby Ang: A very high percentage of our road fatalities are from B roads and motorcyclists. Very low number comparatively in cities. Hence it is a combination of infrastructure, education, and road designs.

Tan Ching Hua: The picture above terrifies me. No wonder a friend of mine says that when she travels by bus, she would pray each time the bus manouvers a corner.

Lai Francis: It was once said, if you want to check a person’s characters, put him/her behind the wheels on a slow busy road in the middle of a hot sunny day.


9 Dec 2018

TRUE MEANING OF CELEBRATION IS LOST: Malaysia, with its diverse cultures, has many celebrations and public holidays. That is not necessary a bad thing, as we need all the reasons to jubilate and make merry. I make it a point to send cards or gifts to close friends, key managers and aides on their festive seasons. Throw in their birthdays and other special occasions, and I end up a big client of gift shops and bakeries. Christmas of course is next, and I think it’s the most commercialised holiday in the calendar. It’s meant to be a religious holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ, but I think people are more into religiously shopping and spending. Shopping malls start throwing “special sales” months ahead, and people compete in getting the best clothes or gadgets, even when they could ill-afford the buying sprees. I’m not trying to be a fun spoiler, but don’t you think our Christmas approach has become too materialistic?


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Shuh Chien: So very true indeed, sir. To many, especially for children, X’mas has become so commercialised such that the festive season has already lost its true essence of healing broken spirit and renewed faith in God’s Love for mankind in this materialistic world.

Geraldine Minjoot: As long as we celebrate the birth of Christ is good enough Merry Christmas.

Peter Tait: This year ..I have decided to close my restaurant on Xmas Day with no plans….just time to reflect and savour the feeling of Xmas. I will only entertain on Boxing Day….