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Some investors trade in the stock market on a whim. There are also those who are driven by greed and rely on rumours. I always advise investors to study a company’s fundamentals before making any decisions. Taken from my Facebook posting on 22 Aug 2017:

KNOW WHEN NOT TO BUY: My fellow directors at HCK Capital Group Bhd share a common belief – that a public-listed company can only triumph based on solid fundamentals and good governance. We were surprised with the recent price surge after a share split and warrant offering, giving HCK a market capitalisation of about RM600 mil. The reported profits at this juncture are however negligible. Before I took control of the listed vehicle about 3 years ago, the company’s stocks were valued at less than RM60 mil for many years. Here’s the irony of the situation: share price fluctuations don’t affect the operations of a company itself. But when it comes to public confidence, perceptions do matter. I would advise all stock players to be well versed with the investments they’re considering. The stock market is an adversarial system of trading. For every gainer out there, there’re probably several losers lurking somewhere nearby.


Selected followers’ comments:

Beng Lin Lee: Still remember when our economy was booming in the mid 1990s and every initial pubilc listing was a sure win for the investors after the stock wad listed. Banks were offering high intetest deposit rates to compete for the money market. Then came the Asia financial crash that led to many companies closing down and bank mergers. So do be careful all investors.

Kenneth Fernandez: I missed the stock run up 😅. Did que my private banker to study to pick up but being a company below 1b, they don’t usually issue coverages … I guess some parties started noticing . The stock market is a zero sum theory . It does not create wealth , only redistributes it …invest in fundamentals and study the companies Balance sheets carefully before taking the leap to invest and ensure there is a holding power available to see through market difficulties, otherwise we would end up with the shorter carrot stick …funny thing is … the stock market is truly like a legalised gambling platform 😂

Fong Kl: Good Morning Tan Sri. UBER is losing money for marketing and cornering business and fighting Competitors. But valued at USD 60B. Now big ideas big relationship with big bankers makes big money…


My other FB postings between 21 Aug 2017 and 27 Aug 2017:

21 Aug 2017

IGNORANT AND BLISSFUL: A corporate bigwig was complaining to me that a few of his business heads didn’t even look worried in the worst of times. They seemed “ignorant”, and since ignorance was bliss, he’s assuming that his happy managers were “shallow” and weren’t smart enough to realise there were pressing issues in the company that must be quickly resolved. Here’s part of the problem: everyone knows someone who’s brilliant and unhappy, and also probably someone who’s successful and miserable. That can lead to the perception that happy people aren’t the smart people, because they’re the ones “who just don’t get it.” I think this is a very wrong assumption. Being ignorant may make you happy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be happy if you’re not ignorant.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: 🤔Then it’s times for these corporate big wig to ask themselves have they been promoting the wrong people all this times. Are they the “shallow one” who were’t smart enough to realise corporate hiring and planning must be executed long before the worst of times? After all, the head of the Dragon controlled the movement while the body and the tail follow the head only 🙈🙉🙊

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” – Unknown

“The prettiest smile hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. The kindest hearts have felt the most pain.” – Unknown

Latha Ravindran: Sometimes people just ‘look’ happy and perhapa thats their way of dealing with stress and remain calm in facing crisis. Knowledge is power and that includes not only knowing facts but to be able to deal wth it wisely.

Krizian Lim: Smart and happy people , may be we just call them “WISE”. 🙂

The wise ones are calmn and serene even when faced with challenges. Solutions are found in calmness, not worriedness.


23 Aug 2017

A ZIP WOULD HELP: We all know people who talk without listening, who think what they have to say is as fascinating to everyone else as it is to them. I had a drink with a federal minister the other day, who asked for my view on the economy. Before I could utter a word, he started a long sermon on the economic prospects of this nation. Politicians survive and thrive by the gift of the gab. People who talk too much might not even realise it. That to me isn’t necessarily a big problem, unless their favourite subject is themselves. Talking about their own self just makes them feel so good. If you’re answering most of your own questions all day, you’re someone who needs help to keep quiet. A zip might do fine.


Selected followers’ comments:

YK Cheah: Most of the politicians often ask for your views to siok themselves only. They don’t intend to know your views. Our ministers’ talk are more often than not devoid of any substances. The more they talk the more they expose themselves how shallow they are and how despicable they are.

Steven Tan: Good Morning,they say empty barrel make a lot of noise. Bad on our culture is expect free gift or buah tangan. Personally I believe there are plenty smart ppl out there to run the country. Forgive them for they know not what they are saying.

Ravi Kumar: Here’s my take ministers and politicians are only good for NATO=No action Talk only. No facts just lots of speculation. They aren’t listening , hearing only. The hearing part is called is not using your brain. People nowadays have access to information and this is where most ministers and politicians alike fail to realise that we can sense tall tales and aren’t going to buy their stories anymore. They should come to their senses they never will know what’s best for us because they are only hearing not listening


24 Aug 2017

A 3-MILLION DISTRACTION: As my Facebook Page hits 3 million “Likes”, it dawns on me that social media has been playing a big part of my life since I started sharing my thoughts on FB. Social media has done a great job connecting people, and it has likely improved the life experiences of many of us, though it has also exposed some unsightly aspects of humanity. Having 3 million followers is a nice milestone in this digital journey. It has taught me a lot on human interactivity and responsiveness. I find going online to be a good distraction from my daily routines, but that’s not to say we should stay glued to our phones or iPad all the time. Too much of anything isn’t good for us. How has your personal experience been with social media?


Selected followers’ comments:

Kf Lim: Wow…3 mils. If each of us contribute RM100 (minimum), we may build do a project consists of Orphanage, Retirement Home, Elderly Care Centre, Library, holistic education center, organic gardens, etc…:)

Syed Kach AlHabshee: Tan Sri, I am taking care of my mom 24hrs a day and am confined within home most of the time. Social media allows me to share my life experience and offers my encouragement to the youngsters. So far the vibe has been positive.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Congrats Tan Sri. I don’t think there’s any high-level entrepreneur who’s as active as you on social media, not just in Malaysia, but the whole world. Some tycoons still ask their secretaries to print out emails for them to read!


25 Aug 2017

RUDE AND CRUDE: There’re people whose main talent is making others miserable. They’re insensitive, constantly saying and doing something which hurts or irritates. These “geniuses” take delight in causing pain, and they can vocally sting like a bee. We’ve friends, colleagues and even family members who’ve no issue with being outrightly rude and crude. As a young man bulldozing my way through the corporate maze years back, I might have at times been careless with my language with staff and associates. It didn’t take long for me to realise the hurtful way wasn’t the right way. Life isn’t about finding the worst in everyone or pointing out their flaws all the time.


Selected followers’ comments:

Josephine Morris Enchana: Most relevant picture, big mouth, small head. 😉😉 The next time a rude and crude person crosses my path, I would probably picture this hippo on his or her face. 😆😆 And maybe quietly mouth, ” Oh, it’s just you, gummy hippo”. This post is most timely, Tan Sri. I have been admiring your patience. 😀

Molly Toh: Good pleasant Friday morning,Tan Sri Clement n to all my fb friends here..Smile n Respect now but you another..Why have to be rude n crude,I think that’s depends one upbringing of one individual. Nobody is perfect is this world.As we aged,we grow in wisdom n knowledge. If we can’t correct those rude n crude ones,we feel sorry n forgive them.The best ,we avoid them..Anyway, well said,Tan Sri.Everyone have a nice weekend.

Priscilla Presley Tan: I would say I’m honest & direct in my dealings but to some people they might get offended by my direct approach. Some direct remarks are good but some just cannot accept them.

Anyway, we cannot please everybody. There will be certain percentage that does not like our ways of doing business.


26 Aug 2017

SIN & SIM: Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian treated me recently to a hearty breakfast of laksa, which he called his “weekly sin”. Politicians have been known for worse sins, but of course there’re good as well as bad apples in any barrel. The heart surgeon turned SUPP President & Sarawak state minister has ploughed back sizeable public support for his party, but he knows his political journey ahead remains an onerous and daunting task. The public tends to be generally skeptical if not cynical about political bigwigs. Trust has declined because technology has made it harder for officials to hide the truth. But Dr Sim is a breath of fresh air, and he appears more authentic and forthright than many other politicians I know. I’m confident he’s among the few who’ll work hard to restore our faith in our political leaders.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: We know the sincere and honest politicians whose mission is nothing but a simple “Berkhidmat untuk Rakyat” (service for the people). The bad apples are the hypocrites who go around and claim they “Berjuang untuk Rakyat” (fight for the people). We don’t need politicians to fight for us, we just need them to serve us.

If only each and every politician serves the people with sincerity and honesty, though this is certainly an unrealistic expectation, we could all live in peace, harmony and prosperity. There is no longer any reason whatsoever to fight for anything.

Tan Tee Kuan: Good morning Tan Sri and All. Reading your post has become part of my breakfast now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do enjoy and learned. I hope the rest of your 3mil fans feel the same. Have a nice weekend ahead.

Andrew Chan: Datuk Prof Dr. Sim Hui Kiam is the son of Tan Sri Sim Kheng Hong, our former Deputy CM. Like his father, Datuk Sim serves with humbleness n dedication n helmed SUPP when the party was at its lowest after a breakaway by a faction led by Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh. Actually the fear of SUPP going into oblivion was v real in the last S’wak Election but riding on a rejuvenated new group of younger set of leaders n the immense popularity of TS Adenan Satem, the Malays n Dayaks rallied to help SUPP win a couple of seats from DAP. Going forward, SUPP is still the underdog n has lots of convincing acts to draw Chinese support. The era of cutting ribbons, looking at drains r over; SUPP must be brave to fight for Chinese interests. Recognition of UEC, absorbtion of Chinese into the State Civil Service n allocations of scholarships if successful will endear SUPP to them.


27 Aug 2017

A THOUGHTFUL TEST: If we’re lucky enough, we’ll get to associate with thoughtful people at the workplace or within our social circle. I find it great to be around thoughtful individuals, because they’re always considerate and naturally emphatic. They tend to think pretty much about everything and everybody else, probably except themselves. At work, it’s the thoughtful leaders who know how to turn careful plans into meaningful action. They know that too much thinking without execution is both selfish and wasteful. I feel thoughtfulness is a true test of a person’s character. Those who are thoughtful are usually the ones with kind and gentle hearts.


Selected followers’ comments:

Albert Leong Kok Chaw: Thoughtful person is a Giving i/o Taking character that ever willing to share and help others.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

A test of one person’s character,
Tested on himself and others,
Surrounding challenges faced,
Leading to conclusion and execution;

A thoughtful test put together,
Tasted in her flavours and others,
Leading circumstances laced,
Considering all perspectives in his captives;

Being reflective and contemplative,
Things are considered in multidimensionality,
Only through inclusiveness,
People are central to totality;

Being sympathetic and emphatic,
Mission is attended in rationality and emotionality,
Only through progressiveness,
Vision is lateral to humanity;

We fail our characters,
If only looking at own good,
A thoughtful test,
Tested to make ourselves feeling good;

We fail to be thoughtful,
If thought makes us stooge,
A thoughtful character,
Characterised by win-win situations.