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In life, you often do not know what comes your way. Usually, the things you worry about do not happen and the things you do not expect, takes place.

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care had this experience recently. The Home has been opened for just over a year and was barely known outside KL, let alone the world. But it provides shelter to a rapidly growing number of children, so much so that the Home’s resources were stretched at the seams.

A few months ago, the Foundation’s manager received an offer from two French women to volunteer for three weeks at the Home. The timing couldn’t have been better. Medical student Alix Roquette and dentistry student Anais Falque, both from Lilee, France flew halfway across the world to provide much-needed help in caring for the kids.

For three weeks, they lived under the same roof as the children. The duo helped the kids brush up on their English and taught them hygiene. They also shared their experience in France with the children, many of whom had never left Kuala Lumpur, let alone went overseas. Naturally, the children bonded with Alix and Anais.

Nobody expected a Home, which had just started operations would be able to draw the attention of those who live thousands of kilometres away, much less host two foreign volunteers for three we

eks at a time when the Home could use with a little helping hand. The episode is a useful reminder to stop worrying about what can go wrong, but get excited about what can go right.


The kids had developed a strong attachment to Alix and Anais by the time they left.