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HCK Properties may be a new kid on the block, but we are growing fast and the industry as well as the public are starting to take notice. Taken from my FB posting on 28 Nov 2016:


BUILDING STRUCTURES, CREATING DREAMS: Our property development arm is expected to overtake the other divisions in term of revenue & profits within the next 3 years. Construction has commenced on 2 major projects, while the concepts & planning for our other pieces of prime land are being finalised. I’m optimistic the current soft property market would pick up in 1 or 2 years’ time, particularly in the Klang Valley where most of our projects are located. A relatively new player, HCK Properties already have integrated developments (institutions, commercial hubs & residential towers) worth RM8 billion in gross development value, under construction or in the pipeline. The super structures of today were once mere drawings and miniature models of impressive buildings not yet built. It’s the same with our dreams. They’re imaginations of remarkable lives and great things not yet created.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Tan Sri, give your regular FB friends a good discount for your property projects. I think we deserve it. Turn it into a media stunt. Imagine the headline.. “Tycoon offers discount to loyal Facebook friends”. Free publicity for your projects!

Raveendran Subramaniam: It has often been said that what man can conceive, he can achieve. And that by no means is mere rhetoric. You have dared to dream, and have taken the first step; there being magic in any beginning. Wishing you well for fruition of your said projects and beyond Tan Sri.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “It’s the same with our dreams. They’re imagination of remarkable lives and great things not yet created”
-Clement Hii
Definitely, Sir. Remarkably imagination for future lives, must be dreams of today, no dreams humans will perish.

Congratulations. Property market, also like humans emotion, there is little down and up again for another good life. Cheers!


My other FB postings between 29 Nov 2016 and 4 Dec 2016:

29 Nov 2016


DRUMMING UP SUPPORT: The people at the next table in a hotel cafe were talking and laughing very loudly, and from their accent, it’s obvious they’re tourists from mainland China. I’m quite used to dealing with loud individuals, among them some close friends. At first, I’ve found them to be rather annoying & irritating. Then I realised no-one has ever been injured or bitten by loud mouths. Somehow, words which are spoken loudly (without setting off the fire alarm) become a little different in meaning. In the commercial sense, we have to be loud to be seen & noticed. We would be drowned in a sea of competition if our products & services aren’t outstanding and bold in visibility. A business is like a drum, and the drum has to make enough loud noises to tell everyone it is there.


Selected followers’ comments:

YK Cheah: Loud mouth people are just inborn and sometimes they are just harmless. Unlike some people who speak softly and smile sneakily, but with sharp daggers hidden. Of course these loud mouth people are disgusting when the environs are not appropriate for them to be loud mouth.

Teh Lawrence: By all means, a good product ought to be brought to everyone’s attention- loudly, clearly and convincingly. Over time the quality will speak for itself and company involved. And soon it’s the consumers who will do the talking.
It won’t help f you just wear a particular colour T-shirt & scream nothingness, gets aggressive and then looks pathetic.
Quality , pricing and the delivery of promises – never can get wrong on that. And Tan Sri definitely on this page.

Rod Lim: I tend to disagree. I think there’s a viable niche in being quiet and let your work speak for itself. Create a proposition so powerful that people will seek you out. Not easy but it can be done.


30 Nov 2016


WHEN YOU CAN BE SHAMELESS: We can do many things as many times as we want to – trips, jobs, businesses, even marriages. But we only can live once. And because we only get one life, we might as well dream big. Everything big begins life as a dream. It takes a bold person to think in high altitude and wide latitude. It might even make us dizzy and not make sense, to aspire for millions when all we have now are “a necktie, nice collars, but pockets no dollars.” At the start of my corporate journey, I told friends that I would eventually acquire the listed company I then worked for, and diversify into different industries thereafter. They thought I was thick-skinned at best, or a mental case at worst; I was a few years ahead of my planned schedule. I don’t see anything wrong in dreaming big, and then pursuing our dreams almost shamelessly.


Selected followers’ comments:

Latha Ravindran: It is heartwarming to know that in pursuit of your dreams you have remained ‘human’ without losing your soul , your humility and virtues. Not many people can do that.

Andrew KH Hoo: The reason most people fail in life is because they give up before they have tried. The fear of failure crippled them and before the real battle begins, the mind was set to accept defeat. We need to try and learn from there as mistakes are the bridge between inexperience and wisdom. Winner never quit and they stay positive even when the cards are down. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have negative thoughts but just that they don’t let those thoughts control their life. They are not afraid of what could go wrong and they are excited about what could go right as long as they stay on course.

Rajah Murugaiah: Tan Sri, all mega and successful achievements started off with big dreams. Martin Luther King had a dream, a dream which many thought was impossible during his time. King had dreams of freedom and equality in a land of slavery and hatred. Many thought he was nuts. But his dream turned out a reality and he joined in the ranks of several American leaders who helped shape modern America. So, it’s not a sin to dream big. I have a dream too…that I will have a successful newspaper of my own.


1 Dec 2016


A SOCIETY THAT PROMOTES MATERIALISM: Each time, I speak to young people (at my university SEGi, alma mater Sacred Heart or other forums), I will remind them that nothing is more important than getting a solid education at this point of their lives. Schools play a big role in preparing our youths to go forth into the world and build a life. But once out there, their biggest challenge is the moral choices they have to make. They are faced with issues that could pull them away from their families and place in our nation. Good is seen as being uncool, and evil is being celebrated as a form of diversity. They enter a working society that promotes materialism. The result is many of our young people are putting integrity, filial respect & moderation on the back-burner. I feel our traditional values have never been more threatened.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: You strike a chord with me again, Tan Sri. I am sure many other readers feel the same. Like you say, “We live in “a working society that promotes materialism.” Many equate success to material possession.

While material possession is what we are seen from outside, the value and the moral that we hold inside are what keep us walk talk and reach high.

“I feel our traditional values have never been more threatened.” Tan Sri, I feel the same too. I see people chasing after money in a way that they once believed it is morally not right.

Parents and formal education play an important role. Children don’t follow what we teach, they learn through what we are. In my opinion, it is true that many youngsters today are neglected and influenced by parents’ own attitude. Formal education emphasizing on conceptual knowledge and give little attention in nurturing the conscience and moral as a human.

What we feed our mind become who we are. These days, we have more junk news and advertisement flying around in the social media promoting the evil or the weak sides of us as human being, ie the greed, the fame and all that. Tan Sri, I thank you to also use the same platform to uplift the thought of many. This is noble. That is the reason why I am here. Cheers!

Wan Shamsudin Wan Yahya: Very true, Tan Sri. The mental model need to be changed..We need to change to a cultured society where respect, truthfulness and integrity plays an important role, ultimately more important then any other role or model…


2 Dec 2016


A CURIOUS CAT IS A GOOD CAT: We’re curious about many things, and that could be a gift. In business, we’re curious, even anxious, to know what it will take to bring us to the next level, or why the competition is doing better than we are. Curiosity is also key to making dreams come true, because you have to scale new heights to find out what’s up there. I would want my team members to always be itching to explore ways to improve their work results. As a newbie in the corporate scene years back, I was eager to know what made my peers tick, and to feel the pulse of the business world. Curiosity may kill the cat, but the satisfaction of finding out will not only bring it back to life, but will make it stronger and more learned.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tay Cheow Hwang:

We’re to be busybody,
If we want to be somebody,
Prominent in our respective fields,
As we feel the right way to go;

We’re to be busybody,
Or else we’ll be nobody,
Immigrants hidden behind own shields,
As we deal in the bright way to show;

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat,
And cat doesn’t simply die there,
We’re to be catchy and itchy,
To know where to catch the itch;

Normality doesn’t make you excellent,
And excellence doesn’t simply exist there,
We’re to be adverturous and venturesome,
To know where to venture in adventure.

Chai Moi Moi: Tan Sri, I like your topic about curiosity. Curiosity is the motive to learn, discover and invent new things. It is very interesting to see how little kids learn new things. Kids are very curious about their surrounding. Kids learn new things or experience through curiosity..


3 Dec 2016


PIPING HOT & THE MAGICAL MOMENTS: When we were young, a few friends and I would have our monthly challenge of who could eat the fastest, usually of a piping hot bowl of Foochow soup noodles. The last person had to pay, so it was a choice of forking out a month’s allowance or having a burnt tongue. I guess most Chinese love their food served hot, and the love for hot soup uniquely belongs to my Foochow clan. With the “training” I had, I definitely want my broth so boiling hot that most people won’t dare to put it into their mouth yet. Most Chinese restaurants serve wonderful luxurious soups with expensive ingredients (shark fin, abalone, scallops) and elaborate cooking techniques. But I think the magical moments happen with homemade Chinese soups. They’re traditionally-styled, with simple ingredients, cooked and served with passion and love. That’s the real gastronomical experience.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: My wife is a soup ‘specialist ‘. Told her to write a book on it. Asked what made soup so good? She says it’s just a blending of the simple, whatever that means. Taking it while it’s hot is mandatory.
Have a great weekend dear friends!

KK Aw: It looks like “piping hot soup” is not only a Foochow favorite but that of the other dialects also. Thing is, I distinctly remember my non-Foochow friends telling me how you can drink such a hot soup. I suppose it is all relative.

Emil Lee: Good morning and a fun filled weekend to you Tan Sri Clement. In my opinion nothing beats home cooked food as the the cooking is prepared with the two most important ingredients that is love and passion. Yes restaurant may serve you food with elaborated cooking style but are the two most important ingredients present there? Generally the Chinese would prefer to eat their food warm if not hot coz they believe that they are much tastier in that condition and it is especially more if it is the soup. Whatever it is different people have different eating habbits. Enjoy your food but watch your health. Cheers to everyone, have a fun fill weekend as the feeling of Christmas is in the air.😘😘


4 Dec 2016


DON’T BE A VERSION OF ANOTHER PERSON: You have heard of double trouble or double whammy. In life, negative things seem to come in pairs. I just knocked my head against the mirror as I was shaving, followed almost instantly by a phone call from a friend with some bad news. But each human being is positively an unique individual. Even twins are their own persons, looking alike yet different, with their own mind & experience. It’s obvious no-one is better than ourselves or no-one is born to represent another. So we might as well be the best version of what we can be.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Yes, we r all but one of a kind ie unique in our own ways as each has his/her individual DNAs. Each has the inborn inherited characteristics both physically n holistically, character-wise aka EQ n IQ. Both can be fully taped n to a big extent expanded to bring forth the best in us. It is for us to know ourselves well n work on our weaknesses while strengthening our strengths further. Cheers n let’s be the best we can be.

Choon Pin Yoong: Not once in my boring existence have I wished to be someone else. Others may think their idols or icons are leading extraordinary lives, but that could be mere perception.
Preferring to be oneself is still more reassuring. The only nag is asking oneself why one hasn’t tried one’s best. Maybe one is easily contented with small achievements.
Everything is personal and subjective. Dining with royalty can be uncomfortably hot under the collar while drinking hot kopi O at the yu char kuei stall with Ah Seng and Botak can be hilarious!

Linda Cheung: Double trouble and let us stay clear of such bad luck. Being who we are is a most logical advice, sir.