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Many just drift along in life, not knowing where they are headed. When you have no idea where you are headed, you tend to end up where you don’t want to be. Taken from my Facebook post on 18 May 2018:

WHERE IS YOUR LIFE HEADING? Our parents used to remind us when we were young: “Study hard, find a good job and work hard.” I guess that’s how society wants us to live. I don’t know about you, but I quickly found that doing “the right things” sucked the joy out of my life. I didn’t want to stay in a situation that I thought would undermine my potential. So at 22 years old, I quit my cosy job as the founding Chief Editor of The Borneo Post and plunged into business, with less than RM500 as working capital. Those initial small ventures were big flops, but I’ve never regretted taking the path to discover who I really was and what I could or couldn’t do. Many people today are so wrapped up in their daily routines that they give little thought to where they’re heading or if they’re stuck in a dead-end place. All the positive thinking, good habits and hard work won’t mean a thing if we have no idea where we’ll finally end up. Where do you think is your life heading?


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Where is my life heading? At this stage of my life I am heading towards Retirement in comfort and good physical and mental health.
I still haven’t retired because I choose to keep my mind active as I am in a job that I considered my hobby – juggling with figures in Accounting. Hahaha….. one man’s meat is another man’s poison!
Indeed my mental health is in tip top condition through this 😀😀😀.
I am working now more towards keeping my physical health in good condition so as not to burden my family later on in life. I would like to be (if possible) like Tun Dr Mahathir in such fantastic physical health at 92 years of age!
That’s where I am heading.
Good morning everyone, this subject should make the young ones on this platform think and ponder on where they are heading. 😃😃😃. Retirees are no longer heading anywhere now career-wise.

A calm beautiful Friday morning, the sun scratches her soft light into the clear sky. The scent of fresh green wafting by the breeze, while the intermittent bird’s calling harmonious into the busy day, SMILE.
Where are we? In the mid of the ocean blue taken over by political weather at the beginning of an old boat. Doing the right things that once looking deemed. Study hard, working hard and striving to succeed at the early age is almost a dream of the past. Stuck in the path of uncertainties with those foreigners employed by many that captures the low wages standstill than minimum starting salary of the local giving little thought of those 50% who living with RM2k and below would finally end up without much regrets about it. Sad are those fall in the painful pinch. Reset and SMILE.

Teh Lawrence: Everyone naturally aspire to reach for the sky . Realistically though there are always limitations and challenges that are known to oneself. Some people rise above these with visions , guts, endurance and perseverance. Others will subscribe to the principle of predestination.
If we have run the race happily, given our all and in so doing help others, the finishing line is a welcome end with no regrets.


My other FB postings between 14 May 2018 and 20 May 2018:

14 May 2018

A POLITICAL MINEFIELD FOR ENTREPRENEURS: Sridevan wrote, after my posting on the election results last Thursday, there hadn’t been a “peep” from me on the “wrongs of the previous administration.” A few followers also emailed to basically ask why I, with my big FB following, didn’t speak up or take a stand. I think there’re many avenues where we can try to make a difference, and this forum isn’t exactly meant for political debates. In late 2013, one of the publications in my media stable got suspended for running a cover story on “big-spending PM Najib” (plse google “The Heat suspended”). I met up with then home minister DS Zahid Hamidi and told him that the paper was running at a big loss, and if he could reinstate the licence, the further losses would be “punishment” enough. He gave in. I also got frequent “friendly advice” from then PM’s operatives, whom I knew, to tone down the “anti-BN” articles in our online news portals. It was mainly a commercial decision to eventually take down those news outlets, but it was also felt they were too constrained in what they could publish, and they shouldn’t exist just to apple-polish. (Focus Malaysia is strictly a business weekly, and wasn’t under similar pressure). Criticising or backing a political horse publicly, whatever the intention or reason behind it, may not always work out right, as DS Stanley Thai and TS Tony Fernandes have learnt the hard way. I hope Pakatan will practise what they preach about freedom of speech & the media. For entrepreneurs wishing to tread the political minefield, it’s not just knowing what to say, but also how, when and where to say it.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Business n politics are like water n oil ; they don’t mix. DS Stanley n TS Tony Fernandes might have apologised but like an unfaithful act of adultery in a marriage, the deeds will be irreversable n the damages done permanent. Today one can expect Air Asia shares to be hit hard. Thus it’s said, ” Fools rush in in places even angels dare not tread. ” Air Asia instead of ” Now Everyone can fly. ” will soon be ” Now Nobody Flies AA. ” Big question is ; will M’sians truelly forgive DS Stanley n TS Tony Fernandes.

Cherie Tan: As a staff, I learnt the hard way of when and how to say it the hard way. My big boss told me my points is always right but the way I say it make it difficult for people with ego issues to accept the points I make. Due to I don’t know when and how to say the valid points, I had lesser bonus than certain apple polisher and had my salary increment freeze when other staff are having increment across the board. But I don’t regret my action thought i do learnt my lesson the hard way. As a staff who only responsible for myself, I am glad I learnt this lesson early instead during the later years where and when I am running my own business where I need to be responsible for the welfare of people working under me. When we are not responsible only for ourself but also for others, the consideration factors suddenly become more complicated and difficult. Today is my 38th birthday and I know this year mark another beginning of a new adventure in my life which I am going to make some major changes. Preparation is undergoing for this major changes to be happened by end of this year 😎

“For a successful entrepreneur it can mean extreme wealth. But with extreme wealth comes extreme responsibility.” – Richard Branson

“Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream.” – Unknown
“You know you are on the right track when you have no interest in looking back.” – Unknown

Philip Lim: And for most businessmen and entrepreneurs, they say it best when they say nothing at all in politics.


15 May 2018

THE RIGHT THINGS THE RIGHT WAY: I hope the “talent pool” of about 50 SEGi middle-level executives and managers had as good a time during a recent “sharing session” as I had in facilitating it. All bosses and CEOs want to positively impact the lives of those around them, but I think most are unsure what they should do. It’s untrue leaders must possess strong charisma to attract people and push them to achieve great outcomes. Though good articulation plays a part, I feel we can inspire our underlings by expressively expecting the most of them, challenging them and yet caring about them. Talent pools like SEGi’s are a good place to train and eventually pick the cream of the crop from. Leaders should give a clear picture of the future and exude energy and passion. The one thing we should never fail to do is to be a powerful role model of doing the right things the right way,


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: A good leader / boss could push the employees to give their best in their respective tasks and get them motivated to be the best that they can be. We can take pride in our job if we feel that the boss is on our side and given us the trust and freedom to carry out our responsibilities. We mirror a person that we admire so good role model will lead us to do what is right and not the other way round.

Ong Shuh Chien: The starting on a right footing is crucial to any entity in the setting of the right organisational culture. Top leaders in all fields must be seen to walk the talk in upholding high moral values, clean governance and result oriented. Only good leadership by example with proper successor plan can confidence be gained of its continued existence.
Already there’s public concern calling our new PH government led by Dr. M NOT to turn itself into BN2.0. Finally the citizens of Malaysia are no longer afraid to speak up! 💪💪💪
So what a fresh breathe of new air it is to see ALL Malaysians standing up together demanding the government of the day to bring our new nation to great height so we may stand tall and proud in the eyes of the world.
Big corporations too need to provide goods and services of excellent quality so that their employees can hold their heads high in their workplace whilst customers are proud owners of goods and services bought.

Krizian Lim: Like it or not we are always influenced by the people surrounding us, good or bad. So its important that we begin with ourselves to do right things the right way. Doing right things doesn’t mean make no mistakes but acknowledging the mistakes genuinely and learn from them. Doing right things doesn’t mean perfect, it means accepting that we are imperfect but continue to polish ourselves to be better. Doing tight things means never give up untill we have exhausted all evenues in every task that we undertake.

We are all learning from people we surround ourselves with, even without us realizing it. So, be sure to surround ourselves with people who can inspire us to a greater height or spend time with people whom we can contribute a little to benefit them. Our spirits, energies and attitudes are contagious.


16 May 2018

ANIMOSITY IN THE WORKPLACE: A senior staff complained he didn’t expect a subordinate he had mentored closely to badmouth him at a meeting. At work, people that we’ve easily built a close rapport and share secrets with may not always be a friend after all. We can’t avoid such characters in our professional life. Enemies at the workplace are not easily recognisable, until they show their true colours. In the early part of my corporate career, I quickly realised that comrades, detractors, allies and adversaries all wear the same sheep clothing in the same office. I suppose the hardest thing is to decide how to respond when there’re wolves among the pack out to cause us harm. I think allowing action and performance to speak for themselves is a surer way to come out unscathed. We must have control over how much anyone can interfere with our future.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Some companies resort to holding team building exercises to enhance camaraderie. To me, it’s a colossal waste of time and money. How a 3D2N camp can restore work relationships harmed over months or years of animosity is beyond me. Can someone explain how kayaking in the jungles for 40 minutes with your sworn enemy at work will make you embrace him or her with a heart wider than Rosmah’s hair? To me, putting in place clear systems and guidelines can reduce workplace friction. Team building exercises are just a scam by the operators. Sorry!

Philip Lim: I once had a mentor at my workplace when I was a young manager. He once said this to me when I confided in him on some work-related problems and till now what he said still rings in my head.

He said, “You know Philip, what is your problem? Your problem is you don’t have any problem. You are doing everything just too well and that becomes a problem. People will give you problem because of that”.

The point is our asset could become our liability in some work situations if we are not careful and the worst part is that we don’t even know or realise if we have courted any ‘enemies’.

Jennifer Chan: If our conscience is clear, we don’t have to worry. All efforts to undermine us will fall through. In fact the true colors of the instigators will be clear for all to see.


17 May 2017

THIS PLACE ISN’T A ZOO: Sometimes, you would almost believe that our political arena resembles an animal zoo. In fact, when I visited Zoo Negara recently, I found it to be well kept and very orderly, something we can’t say about the politics of very recent times. Politically, we had the hopping frogs, chatter-class monkeys, scheming foxes, poisonous snakes and all types of animals, reptiles and birds that could fill a zoo to the brink. We hope that with the new Harapan government in place, the political temperament of this country will change to resemble more of a civilised community than a wild jungle. We’d enough of racist and religiously-bigot politicians mainly from Umno and PAS, an inefficient civil service and a corrupt political system. We abhor the many switching of allegiances that’s still happening after the just-concluded elections. I know centuries back, Aristotle had said that “man is a political animal”. In this modern age, let us not take him literally.


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung: What is a grown man like you doing in a zoo? Did u go there with your grandkids? People like you should visit wildlife parks in Africa where you can see animals in their natural habitat up close. It’d be interesting to see those photos on your FB!

Agatha Tan: We just can’t condone corruption for personal gains at the expense of the poor citizens. Malaysia is bless with rich in resources and talents. Many successful Entrepreneurs and corporation are willing to contribute to the development of their beloved country. Poverty should not be happening in Malaysia. It is awakening time for those who are complacent in delivering their services and gift mentality without real contribution. Earn your rights and living in an honest manner and Morally.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Politicians are animals,
Escaping from zoo,
Into civilised space,
Sneaking here and there;

Politicians are opportunists,
Taking every advantage,
Through oppression,
Advancing own interests;

Politicians are corrupt,
Siphoning every wealth,
In the name of democracy,
Hiding behind development agenda;

Politicians are seasonal,
They’re not permanent,
We keep them in check,
For every election to determine;

Politician are still animals,
They’re tamed from wilderness,
We keep political animals,
Locked with chain of people power.


19 May 2018

WHEN WE HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS: I’m sure we all experience, time and again, mixed emotions. There’s this good friend with an erratic behaviour, and I’m sometimes torn between hugging him and killing him. I just met a bereaved spouse who, despite his apparent sadness, still showed moments of humour. I recall the mixed feeling I had as I was about to leave secondary school – wanting to preserve current friendships and yet desiring to connect with new people outside. I guess we get mixed emotions because there’re many things going on simultaneously in our minds. That’s when we get two or more different feelings blended together: love, anger, fear, hatred, disgust, contempt, sympathy and more. Not all emotions are positive, but I think some bad feelings are inevitable and may even be healthy. We don’t have to feel good all the time to live a fulfilling life.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rohaty Majzub: We are totally humane and human Tan Sri
Not just bestowed with the faculty of the mind
Although of course thoughts control emotions and likewise interactively : the most important thing is we can accept our emotions and cope with them such that they dont lead to depression or over excitement: check your moods off and on daily and what stimulate them
Avoid situations where leading to negative emotions and choose situations leading to positive ones

Christopher Tan: No one can be happy and satisfied all the time. That is only a pipe dream. But mixed emotions teach us to be patient and to think matters through before we react.

Shenna Dot: Each morning, as i go to your Page, I have this feeling of curiosity and anticipation. Throughout the day, my thoughts and feelings will change as I meet people or do different things. Our mind and emotions can never stay the same throughout the day!


20 May 2018

AS THE STORY CONTINUES TO UNFOLD: Their fall from power and grace was abrupt and spectacular. From the police raids and declassifying of the AG’s report on 1MDB, Malaysians are treated to details of the alleged excesses of the ex Prime Minister and his wife. If I’ve one question to ask, it’s “How could they be this stupid?” If there’re no consequences for our actions, all of us would do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. The revelations of abuses shouldn’t be a surprise, because no one could keep everything under wraps forever. Power corrupts, and people in power often think they’re free to behave in excess. They believe they deserve “forbidden treats” because their status places them above the law. I know a few of the ex-PM’s advisors and his wife’s hangers-on, and I could see most of them have great apple-polishing skills, and little else. Many of us were feeling the pain of seeing this beautiful country slowly falling apart, but it’s such a relief now to see justice being served, and this nation being rebuilt.


Selected followers’ comments:

Latha Ravindran: We should always remain humble and live within our means. Its a reminder for the new government in power to not repeat tbe same thing. Greed for money and power will only bring great downfall as all of Shakespeare’s tragedies illustrate. Cant wait to see these two to face the consequences. That’s the poetic justice they have to face for cheating an entire nation.

Ming Jay Lee: Talking about the money they amass and kept off shore, and now being investigate and if they were sentence how they going to use the money?? If they were not sentence they for sure will drag the case as long as they can. While being free to move around except overseas. When age is catching up will they live another 10yrs and start spending the money amass in their 80s… hmm .. what’s the fun actually ??

Jennifer Chan: When they were up there, they believed they were unassailable. They are drunk on power. They didn’t even think of hiding their ill-gotten gains because they were not standing on firm ground but in a contorted reality.