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Recently, the HCK Group launched third residential tower in edusentral, an education city in Setia Alam. Despite the soft market, home buyers and investors responded positively to the launch. Taken from my Facebook post on 19 July 2018:

STAYING ON TOP OF THE GAME: The 300-odd units of condominiums in Imperial Tower met with good response at its recent launch, following the earlier successful launch of two other towers late last year. The project, Edusentral @ Setia Alam, with a gross development value of RM1.3 billion, is progressing well, and the HCK Group as the developer intends to deliver completed units ahead of schedule. It’s ( part of the series of education cities which HCK is developing across Malaysia. I think we’re able to compete well in the property market, despite the current headwinds, because we’ve a robust marketing strategy. Businesses use cutting-edge technology or research to create good products, but the reality is that their growth depends on their sales. Clients have become more discerning, and marketing methods have to be multi-faceted, realistic and consistent. The concept of marketing may be immortal, but the trends are constantly evolving. That’s when entrepreneurs need to be always on top of their game.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “The concept of marketing may be immortal, but the trends are constantly evolving”
-Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. Marketing of old school or the digital ways, Sales is the ultimate goal. In humans life, digital or old school – happiness and fulfillment is the products of Spiritual understanding. Cheers, another sweet gorgeous Thursday.

Cornelius Lo: I happen to be in an Entrepreneurship convention right now. Shameful to say, I catch no ball, haha….I understand much more by reading what TS has just written.😜😜😜

A nice Thursday morning, a blessed weather with bright sun lighted morning sky of clouds and the calm breeze, the freshness indeed and SMILE.
Congratulations to you, Sir. One needed to stay on top is well progress and consistent delivery of your HCK Group always ahead of schedule that sell by itself by the people or your customers’ words more than the sales department can imagine in 1 to 3 system means to perfected after sales and purchase with customers, the most effective to stay on the top of the chart at all times and SMILE. Syabus.


My other FB postings between 16 July 2018 and 22 July 2018:

16 July 2018

GETTING OUT OF THE TUNNEL: We all go through life suffering from some emotional pain at one point or another. It could be a job loss or an end to a major relationship. A friend says he feels hopeless after losing his spouse to illness. I know that helpless feeling very well – after my first few entrepreneurial failures, I thought nothing would go right ever again. There wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. But people who hang in through the storm will eventually see a rainbow, because setbacks won’t last forever. Sometimes, the lights are there but may not be so noticeable. I think in our most difficult times, a positive mindset helps a lot more than constant moaning. It’s looking for the good behind the bad, and being grateful for the things that are going right in our lives. To come out of the tunnel, we’ll have to focus on the glow that illuminates and avoid the glare that obscures.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: Life goes on and life is beautiful. Yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and in this case, beauty lies in the heart and mind of the beholder.

Krizian Lim: Successful people are ordinary people who hold on a little longer.

When things don’t seem to be right, remember that there are always people who’re struggling more than we do. Remember that people all fall, but success awaiting people who are willing to stand up after the fall. Just walk one more tiny step, then, another and another.

If you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel, yet, find the light from within. It’s always there, and will always be there. Just don’t give up. Hang in there, it’s almost over.

Andrew Chan: Life is never a bed of roses ; even the priviledged are facing uncertainties n heart breaks sometime or other through their journey. Cheers, what’s important is a positive mindset to tackle any obstacle along life’s path. All good/bad times will only be temporary, there’s alway better/bad days ahead; it’s a reality. Learn to appreciates life n life will be kinder to our soul n mind.


17 July 2018

MAKING THEM FEEL SOMETHING: I agreed to give the 1st talk in its PowerTalk series for students who aspired to be entrepreneurs in future. SEGi University came up with the brilliant idea of a club for tycoon-wannabes, and it drew hundreds of participants. What they need foremost to eventually achieve their dreams is motivation, and big doses of it. I think motivation is a powerful tool, and it works better than intelligence, ability or even financial reward. Money definitely is a great motivator, I agree. But when rewards aren’t there anymore, money-minded people stop. Motivation is more about the feelings inside us. We rarely do anything we don’t feel, and it’s difficult to resist something we do feel. In my sharing sessions with the youths, the focus would always be on emotions. To drive them, we have to make them feel something.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: It’s always the “feel good” factor that makes us do things well.
When young, getting praises from our parents and teachers motivated us to score good marks. At work, it’s the yearly increments and bonus that pushes us to give our all. Among friends it’s the reciprocated love that makes us want to continue the friendship.
To cut the story short it’s all about the feelings of appreciation, that the extra efforts we put in has been greatly valued. The pat on the back by our parents and teachers, the good increments and bonus from our employers and the strong bond of friendship among our circle of buddies are simply different forms of Appreciation. So for me the greatest motivation is being valued – appreciation means being valued or treasured!
Good morning everyone let’s be genuine in whatever we do. Because only genuine responses that comes from our hearts can motivate. God bless you all. Hahaha….. that’s my sincere wish to everyone on this platform. Happy Tuesday friends.

Chrissy Yuen Cici San: When you said a club for tycoon-wannabes, it sounds like a snobbish club. Although not all tycoons are snobs, but I don’t think it’s a brilliant idea to describe a club for tycoon wannabes. If the purpose of the club is to encourage people in general to be motivated to aim for their dreams then money should not be the emphasis but their dreams should be the objective because not every entrepreneur aim to be a tycoon, some just want to bring their idea to the world and seek to contribute to the living improvisation for mankind. And we should always encourage ppl to be entrepreneurs with the objective of bringing a change to society and the world, instead of just aiming for the bucket of golds.

Alan Poon: Putting yourself in the same light, could TS share your most memorable motivation which you experienced that ignited the feeling to strive forward before everything falls into place? What was the something that kicks off your actions as a student leader?


18 July 2018

LEAVING THE LOOSE ENDS BEHIND: Many people prefer to take the easy way out. They run away from their problems. These “runners” probably believe that not all problems, queries and puzzles need solutions or answers. For a moment, they feel “empowered” because they’re getting their life back by ignoring those parts which cause them discomfort. A guy I know who says he’s heart-broken hits the road and a corporate figure who couldn’t cope with work pressure takes a long leave of absence. The world isn’t always a friendly place. Sometimes, we’re under siege from all sides, and we think we need a change of situation or scenery to get away from the despair or confusion. You’ll probably know how it feels – the battles we fight alone in our minds are some of the hardest. So we choose to stay away rather than stay put to face the challenges. But to move forward in life, wouldn’t it be necessary to tie up all the loose ends?


Selected followers’ comments:

Latha Ravindran: Running away doesnt solve anything but taking a break does. It helps us to look things from a different angle. I try my best to solve my problems but sometimes the problem stems from other people’s attitude or work ethics. In this case we cant solve the problem. When i am really faced with a serious dilemma I go and stand in front of my altar for a while. After that I just go by whatever my intution is. Different people deal differently. Happy wednesday all!

Kuan Hock Lee: On today’s topic, I suddenly recall what my ex GM/director used to say…”u got to grab the bull by its horn”…haha, something like tat and whatever tat actually means… anyway, better face the problem/issue early on than to face it later as anyhow we need to solve things or there shall be no peace!…err… Chinese saying goes something like… better short hurt than long hurt!…have a nice day, everybuddy!

Teh Lawrence: Running away from a problem may bring temporary relief of the mind but the problem remains unresolved. Take that time to rethink, reenergise,re-strategies and rebuild . Seek help or consult.
Agree with Tan Sri that the most difficult is to deal with mental distress within us. But we must have the determination to seek ways to overcome it. Easier said than done but try we must.


20 July 2018

HE RISKS THESE GUYS SHOULDN’T TAKE: A wealthy pal of mine believes in living life on the edge – he calls it a “feel-good lifestyle” but I think he’s over-exposing himself to physical, mental and other kinds of dangers. How else do you describe his passion for extreme sports like skysurfing, BMX and BASE jumping? These “edge dwellers” are searching for “adventure” or “adrenalin” but to me, those with vast personal and business commitments are risking too much just to feel good or excited. There’re of course those who’re probably already over the edge when they risk their fortunes at gambling or their liberty by committing crimes. Most times, I’m risk adverse, where personal safety is concerned. The only moderate risks I take on are within the entrepreneurial arena and even then, there usually must be safety nets nearby. I think people who love living on the edge aren’t making intelligent decisions and refusing to enjoy what they already have, including their future.


Selected followers’ comments:

Poh Khee Yiong: Interesting sharing sir. Most times many successful people have the stimulant (dopamine?) to keep their mind active to keep moving further and higher. Although it can be dangerous as you have shared, it could be the main source for the maintenance of their enthusiasm. This blind enthusiasm must have cost many entrepreneurs their sustaining success. Interesting to learn of your risk adversity sharing which I am sure is just calculated ‘entrepreneurial risk with safety nets nearby’. Good sharing on risk taking; too late for some, never too late for others, good advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Lawrence Lee: For me, it is a mixed feeling when I watch the videos of people engaged in extreme sports. On the one hand, it scares me. I admit, I’m not a physically strong person (building muscles is not my interest). On the other hand, I respect these individuals for performing what majority of people would not dare to venture into. Just last week or before, I read about someone saying that it puts these people into a certain realm. I had several dreams of flying (just myself without any apparatus or even the wingbat suit). It felt so good. For me extreme sports also demonstrate what humans are capable of. While I appreciate the extreme danger, somehow our body can cooperate and be programmed to perform. Do you know that our skin can see? Yes, there are people who had been trained to do that. With regards to their responsibility to their family, they should have adequately prepared for it. Or the family is prepared for accident. Culturally, the western hemisphere people I think are more receptive to such risks. Actually, such risks had been undertaken by people in the East. Look at how structures are built at mountain areas. Certainly, these builders are not doing it for enjoyment, but just for a day’s pay. I’m full of ultimate respect for such individuals.

Eugenie Ang: Risky not your life. Don’t be at the edge but be at the angle .The edges lead no path but angles lead to path.Treasure your life be it a little while, it could lead to longer journey


21 July 2018

EATING NOT JUST WITH OUR MOUTH: I was probably trying to figure out how to finish the whole fruit. Like millions of Malaysians, I adore durians, particularly the Musang King with its thick and creamy flesh, combined with a hint of bitterness. The current bumper harvests have brought down the prices to as low as RM20 per kg. The huge crowds at the durian stalls, like those at SS2, will likely ensure the supplies run out in weeks, and the prices will go up again. Of course gobbling down too much durian may bring about some undesirable side effects. It raises my sugar level and causes stomach discomfort. It isn’t easy to follow PM Tun Dr M’s advice to stop eating when the food starts to taste good. The problem is, we eat with not just our mouth, but also our eyes, heart and cultural norms, causing most people to choose large portions. Durians can taste heavenly, but maybe we should also pay attention to how our body actually feels when we’re eating.


Selected followers’ comments:

Frankie David Chieng: Durian attracts or expells because of its alluring smell.The fatty, creamy, sticky, mouth watering flesh is supplying much happy hormones, vitamins and minerals to our saliva to digest before swallowing down for your gastric juice to process further. Oh… durians the king of fruits the heavenly gift of our Creator.

Amy Hoo: 2 pieces of durian caused voiceless next day. 2 durian for my friend flushed till next day. Different people different reaction to certain fruits. God say share it with others.👌

Wong Tuck Song: Just pack the balance and put in the fridge and eat over the next few days.


22 July 2018

WHY FUSS OVER THE SMALL THINGS? I used to spend hours being mad at those who messed up their work or mine. Then I discovered a secret – I didn’t have to give myself such a hard time. Something had happened that wasn’t ideal, but it was worth forgetting right now because it would be something I would forget by the end of the day anyway. People can choose to take life’s small setbacks with a shrug or blow up. I believe there’re two types of people in this world. There’re those who’ll let an obstructive car in front slowly pass and then continue on their own merry way, and those who can’t wait for a minute without honking or cursing. I’ve found that mindfulness is a great activity that can deflect any negative thoughts we might start to have. If we look at things in front of us in a non-judgemental manner, our mind is able to relax and find a non aggressive solution.


Selected followers’ comments:

Eric Wong: Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s tough when we are overly sensitive It’s okay to be sensitive because we are emotional creatures. Learn to let go. In quiet times, you learn more about yourself. Give yourself a break. Give yourself some credit.

When I drive, irresponsible drivers irritates me when they don’t signal, simply cut lanes, etc. It’s tough. I’ve to remind myself to not go to their level by being all tensed and angry. Let go! Eric Control your emotions. Don’t let the emotions control you.

Once I was sitting in a convenience store, I bumped into my girlfriend with another man. I was surprised no doubt. I took a deep breath and pretended nothing happened. After they left the shop, I congratulated myself. I’m slowly but surely gaining power over my emotions.

My mother gets irritated at many things. I understand why her blood pressure is high now. Me? It’s 112.

Learn to let go. Control your emotions. Let’s mature gracefully and not getting older by the day. Yes! You can.

Jasmine Ang: Love your picture. Looking deep into it tells all. Sometime don’t give ourselves such a hard time by setting our rules and standards.

Lily Poro: Peaceful afternoon everybody.
Thank you TS for the reminder. Unfortunately, im not the type that can easily let go small significant things that happen around me. Till now I am still learning to be mindful and not carried away by those little things. Cheers.