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Many publications are going digital to keep up with the latest consumption pattern. Focus Malaysia, which now has a new partner, is also taking the same route to keep with the times. Taken from my Facebook posting on 11 May 2018:

THE RACE TO THE FUTURE 2: The new digital version of Focus Malaysia has gotten great feedbacks for its enhanced features. Now readers can expand the stories, see additional pictures related to the articles, watch videos and get different displays with just one tap. Even ads are interactive and provide hyperlinks to their own sites. Please go to to get one month of free digital access to our business weekly. Showing off copies of the revamped Focus are Editor-in-Chief Charles Raj, CEO Dan Loh, Executive Editor Prathaban V and Executive Director Clifford Hii. The printed copies are still available in selected retail outlets and for corporate subscribers. After 5 years mainly as a printed paper under the HCK Group, Focus has now, with new partners, fully embraced the technological revolution. Digital transformation is inevitable for businesses to stay competitive in the race to the future.


Selected followers’ comments:

Christopher Tan: Print media is certainly on the way out. Who really read the Star and NST anyway? By the way, what will happen to the two national papers now that their masters MCA and Umno have lost the elections?

Shenna Dot: Your group is very diversified, Tan Sri. I hope the new government will be fair to all businesses regardless of their political beliefs.

Linda Cheung: Congrats Tan Sri! Digital is the way to go. Most of my friends don’t read newspapers anymore but still consume digital content of newspapers like Star and Malaysiakini. Focus Malaysian is certainly going in the right direction.


My other FB postings between 7 May 2018 and 13 May 2018:

7 May 2017

WANNA GET OLD FAST? JOIN BANKING: Banker Mok Juan Chek got a surprise birthday cake at a lunch last week with a few of my managers and his colleagues. The head of mid-corporates wholesale banking coverage at Ambank Group, at 62, doesn’t look his age, and that’s quite an exception for a veteran in the industry. In fact, I think few people realise that the world of high finance requires its players to have deep-seated motivations to persevere and succeed. Judging from the long hours and high level of stress its key executives have to put up with, I’m not surprised if premature ageing comes with the territory. Successful senior bankers like Mok need patience, resilience and empathy to thrive in what’s probably Malaysia’s most heavily regulated industry. I’m fortunate to have great long-term relationships with many local and foreign financial institutions. It’s obvious banking today isn’t just about financial acumen and profits, but also a lot about personal relationships.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Bank employees are known to spend their entire career in that industry. My aunty (mum’s elder sister) worked in Maybank during the 1950s until the early 1970s. My brother Philip too had been in banking from the 1970s until his VSS in 2005. I have a friend too who joined the bank after leaving college and is still there after 34 years now on her first and probably last job. So for those who think there aren’t loyal employees anymore, just look at the banking industry.
At the blink of an eye bank employees will wonder how did time pass so fast! Anything involving money is stressful because you can’t afford to make mistakes, one additional Zero (or the absence of it) would spell Doom! It’s so stressful yet employees are all so loyal.
Well, I guess just like being in the govt sectors, banking employment is an “unbreakable” rice bowl no matter what.
So you wanna get old fast, yes work in a bank.😃😃😃 On the plus side it’s all about Security – a secure job in secure settings.
Good morning everyone. Happy Monday, and getting nearer to GE14 Countdown.

Jasmine Ang: Good morning TS and all.
I have 2 daughters in banking line. The older one admin side, I look after her son so she can further her career and younger one, account in for nearly 2 years. Both of them facing stress from work. Now which one of us don’t other than banking work😄.
Sit at home babysitting also can be stressful. Those days we say difficult life now it’s stressful life 😄

Cornelius Lo: To a rustic like me, banking business is selling money to get money. Of course, to the bankers, they are venturing into a very noble business of helping others financially.


8 May 2018

ARE ENTREPRENEURS CLOSER TO GOD? A tycoon friend is donating a prime piece of land to a religious sect to build a temple. Another big-timer says he would be visiting the Vatican soon to pray at a chapel there. I know a Muslim businessman who performs the umrah almost every year. These cases contradict assumptions that hard-driving business people are too busy for religion and would only worship money, preferably lots of it. Then, is it true that entrepreneurs are more likely to believe in God than others? Maybe, because running a business exposes people to a lot more uncertainty and might heighten their spiritual leanings. I’m unsure if praying more would help our businesses, but the idea of a direct relationship with God could give some kind of confidence in facing pressure. What we can be certain is that God doesn’t bless dishonesty and He cares about good ethics and morals at the workplace.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: Our Constitution gives us the freedom to choose whatever religions that we want to practice . It is up to every individual to decide and his/ her rights are protected under the laws. No religion asks for the believers to do bad things that harm others so it all boils down to the person to carry out the teachings of the religion. I truely believe God will certainly bless those who seek him who cares about good ethics and morals wherever we may be.

Ong Shuh Chien: I have a joke to share :
1 taxi driver and 1 preacher both went to heaven and met God.
God allowed the taxi driver to stay in Heaven, HE directed the preacher to Hell. The preacher protested: WHY, MY LORD?
God replied: Your sermons in the church put the congregation to sleep. Every passenger prayed for dear life when in that taxi driver’s car.
So remember to say thanks to the taxi driver when you reached your destination! 😂
The above is a joke I read some time ago. No offence meant to anyone.🙏
I don’t frequent places of worship despite my belief. I am more into listening to religious talks via CD or MPs at home alone or while driving. I feel this way I can have a better understanding of my faith after repeated playing so I can ponder over and sometimes I might capture some good points I missed earlier.
A true believer, to me, is someone who found peace in the heart through understanding of the true essence of his (her) religion to walk the talk.
Happy day to all and wishing all
Happy Voting tomorrow! Finally can have normal life after tomorrow without being bombarded with political talks and rhetoric, online or off line. 😌

Cherie Tan: I am not an entrepreneur yet but i am usually closer to God when I am travelling. No matter which country i went i always drop by to pay my respect to God, whichever religion it is as I believe all God is good and they will protect me regardless of my ethnicity. I believe the reason why entrepreneur feel closer to God is most probably due to the same reason I feel when i am travelling.. a traveller (*traveller is different from tourist) and an entrepreneur share the same risk taking spirits, in which both throw themselves into open water with calculated risk but the outcome of each journey is always not guaranteed and we can only believe God will blessed the honest, good ethics and good moral people with happiness, though the journey is always not easy but the destination will always beautiful 😊

“God exist or God does not exist. Leave it for us. Your task is to learn how to live peacefully.” – Dalai Lama

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” – Dalai Lama


9 May 2018

THE POLLS ARE ABOUT OUR CHILDREN: Malaysia goes to the polls today to choose a new government. I’ve among the candidates many casual acquaintances and good friends on both sides of the political divide, hoping to be among the Chosen Ones. I feel this crucial election isn’t as much about them as it’s about the future of our children. Have we wondered what this country will look like when they’ve grown up, and what opportunities and challenges would there be awaiting them? We’ll not always be around – one day, each of us will pass on. We have a duty to serve our society as best as we can, and that includes choosing the right leaders and government that will shape this country by either bringing it to new heights or ruining it through bad practices and self-interests. Our children are our legacy for the future, and we need them to grow up with a clear sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wan Shamsudin Wan Yahya: Yes, Tan Sri. We need to do the right things so as not to be cursed by our future generations..What’s going to be seen tomorrow, starts from today…So we are fully responsible for the picture of tomorrow..

黃英样: Today, I cast my vote for my fellow Malaysians. My vote goes out to all of you who are looking forward to a change in Government. Whatever the outcome may be, do remember that your future lies in your hands. You are your own destiny. That also includes the future of our children and their future depends mostly on their choices in life. Happy voting fellow Malaysians.

Gee Jakee: That’s why I choose my beloved Sarawak above all else. I can stand up and tell my children , your Daddy did vote for your future ! It may be the Right or Wrong choice but I vote with a clear conscience ! 😁
Good Morning everyone, go out and do your civic duty. Choose your own choices with your Heart !


10 May 2018

BREAKING OF A NEW DAWN: The entire nation is still trying to absorb the gripping & shocking election results. We’re praying for a peaceful transfer of power, as a new federal government and a few new state governments by Pakatan Harapan are taking shape. The winners must restore stability on all fronts after a bruising “mother of all battles.” They need to quickly rebuild a resilient society underpinned by moral values and ethical leadership. Today, Malaysia wakes up to a new beginning. Its people hope to finally get political leaders they could trust their future with. Only upright and capable MPs should be appointed to the cabinet, not yes-men and warlords. While we should learn from the mistakes of the past, it’s also time to move on and restore confidence – in our economy, governance and institutions. Dr M & his allies must keep their campaign promises. It’s time that Malaysians get the life that should have been.


Selected followers’ comments:

Agatha Tan: In the midst of carrying out my duty as both POLLING AND COUNTING Agent, the heavy rain and thunder strike in the afternoon for more than half an hour, washing away all dirt. May Malaysia be a Clean country Morally and environmentally. A multi-cultured nation with respect and tolerance. Finally a new dawn has appeared in Malaysian land.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Yes, a new dawn for Malaysia! Top on my wish-list: revamp the education system. Let’s have one that keeps up with the demands of the 21st century and does away with rote learning and memorizing. Tan Sri, the new government should make u advisor in education given ur vast experience in that field!

Philip Lim: A new hope. A new beginning. A new era.

I hope it is not too early to say that the nation is now ready to embrace meritocracy and excellence in all our pursuits


11 May 2018

THE RACE TO THE FUTURE: If you ask me, I’ll say the main concern of the 7th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, is the legacy he’ll leave behind, if we put aside the vicious spat with ex-PM DS Najib Razak. At 92, he doesn’t need more wealth or power. He probably feels he needs Malaysians to think more kindly of him when he’s gone, and that’s a good thing. The freshly minted PM and his incoming cabinet would have to work hard & fast on improving the relationship between the government and the people. The previous regime has been ousted because it had not, among other ills, listened enough or sought better participation. Dr M knows he doesn’t have much time to carve his name in our hearts, and he has to get it totally right this time.


Selected followers’ comments:

Sebastian Simon Lim: First of all, I am a Singaporean staying in KL and I feel so blessed to witness this historical event. I would say that Tun M has touched many peoples lives. The effort and commitment he has put out shows that he is really sincere about the change. I salute Tun M and pray for his good health. I also pray for the new Malaysia with prosperity and success.
I really envy Malaysia now because, they can join together as one nation to accomplish this feat, it’s amazing…Again I am so glad to be able to witness this part of history in my lifetime. This is a great story I can tell to my fellow Singaporeans. Cheers!

Terry Ngan: My humble opinion, he is not craving for our understanding or lasting affections. The important thing for him now is to batten the hatches and right the ship of Malaysia so that she is set back on the right course. A 92 year old man just ran a gruelling election campaign with Kryptonian effort and the demands of the office of PM will ensure at least to my mind that he has no time for such selfish sentimentality. To me, he has secured his legacy and I would be ashamed to ask for more from this remarkable man.

Jan Raj: During his first term as PM, Tun Mahathir carved M’sia’s position in the World map. Otherwise, for a long time, Malaysians, were considered to be living on trees. Now, being our PM again for the second time, I’m sure he will bring back the glory to our M’sia. We have laid our trust in you. We are all praying that GOD grants you good health to complete your role as our PM for the second time.


12 May 2018

THE BEST & THE WORST IN US: When I read about a little boy needing urgent surgery that his parents couldn’t afford, I made contact to ask if I could chip in. The reply was unexpected: thanks, but the full sum had already been raised within days, all from strangers. That’s when we see human nature at its best – people doing incredible acts of kindness, for no reason other than it’s the right thing to do. We often hear of acts of heroism that emerge even from tragedies and sufferings. But we also see the worst qualities in people, often in politicians, when they disregard other beings in pursuit of what they want. They destroy people and destruct things in their path. There’re countless stories that represent the best or the worst in human nature. We all want to believe there’s a moral line we won’t cross, but will we stick to it when faced with a difficult decision? I believe who we are as individuals aren’t cast in stone. We all can choose to change – for better or for worse.


Selected followers’ comments:

Zaihas Amrizad Bin Hasfar: In each human being, we have “conscience”, the voice at the back of our head that tells us what we are doing is wrong whenever we do bad things. Follow that conscience and we will turn out to be better human beings.

Michael Stanley: Very sad to say that some well to do people who are successful forgot about the moral line. There was a good example in Malaysia when a successful individual tend to be biased while others kept quiet during the election. Most often when we are growing with success, there is a tendency of losing moral lines and principles for the sake of success. But what really is a success?

Tay Cheow Hwang:

The best situation,
We see the worst people,
Taking advantage,
For their own good;

The worst situation,
We see the best people,
Making disadvantage,
Of their own bad;

The conscience is missing,
Using dirty tactics to achieve,
Losing humanity,
To their self-serving dignity;

The conscience is winning,
Walking within moral line,
Preserving dignity,
For our civilised humanity.


13 May 2018

THE LESSONS WE TOOK AWAY: When my high school teacher Michael Chong told me he’s now 88, I realised how true it was that “time flies but memories last forever.” I could still vividly remember his Geography classes at Sacred Heart in Sibu, when I would struggle to stay awake. But those were the days when we truly respected our teachers, and the lessons they imparted grew more meaningful over time. It’s committed educators like Chong who motivated their students to learn things beyond their textbooks. The single most invaluable lesson that I took away was there’s great joy in reading. It’s an interest that had been ignited mainly by my English and Literature teachers, and the pauper boy that I was, having a book was like holding a dream in my hands. The habit of reading is our fuel for creativity and the quest for knowledge provides the inspiration to pursue our passions.


Selected followers’ comments:

This is a blessed Sunday morning after the rain, as the light at the break of dawn into the cloudy sky. The rushing water noise from the nearby stream from the hill, echoing by the sing birds in the quietness cool breeze whispering in joy. It’s is refreshing and SMILE.
The lessons of knowledge we learned from schools is much appreciated and is increasingly rich in memories. i often pondering the year one at school. My teacher Mrs. Wong, who is so kind and generous to forgive and to forget, as specially when i once tore her tracing card where i first learned how the used a pencil to trace alphabet. She was and is my mame teacher indeed. Whenever i face my grandchildren, her warm loving, forgiving SMILE reminded me of wishing all mama’s A Happy Mother’s Day and SMILE.

Teh Lawrence: It’s hard to quantify how much of my life is shaped by my teachers. Indisputably a good extend since parents were busy running the sundry shop.
Some teachers are more like friends. I remembered some coming over my kampung to do fishing over the weekend.
Dedicated teachers are national assets for they helped to engine the growth of knowledge and personality to drive human resource development of the country. We salute them!

James Jaba Potin: Teachers in the old days are not only teachers but act as guardian to me. Especially my Headmaster Mr Kung, I call him Mr Kung Fu Tze. Not only that they teach, but act as guardian with which he advice, leads us and with profound character. Thank you teacher Mr Kung, Miss Kuan, Mr Hii, Mr Lee and many more that I can’t remember. Thank you teacher once more.